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And now I hurt in TWO places...

Warning - this is icky, but not otherwise offensive... )

Yeah, my elbow now looks like a false-colour image of a nebula taken by the Hubble. Sticking a plaster on it was A Bad Idea, it transpires.

Elsewhat... That's the AVENGERS BluRay on its way back to Amazon.

Oh, hold on...

I forgot one book on my "buy a book a month" Task list, and therefore yesterday's buying binge took me to the completion point for Task 29
29 Buy one book a month from an actual bookshop.
Okay, I might not have strictly bought "a book a month", but I did for most of the time, and and the end of it I had purchased 33 books, so that's as good as a *SCORE* for me.

That makes it one-third distance, with one full week to go. This weekend, I'll do some wrap-up, deciding which Mission-long Tasks are done, and which aren't. Right now, I'm scoping out some original comic art - maybe, if I win the auctions, I can snatch a victory, and another *SCORE*...
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According to rough calculations, I completed Mission 101 Task 3
3 Complete 100 one-hour outdoor walks in each year (and 75 in the partial final year)
sometime in August - and most likely before London and my completion of my "walk to the nearest town and back" Task (Task 4), too!

More details of this, and other *SCORE*s, once I work things out properly...!
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Today, I sent in the September comic order, nine days before its due date - and completed Mission 101 Task 42: Get comic orders in early. This was one that was easiest to complete, but took longer than most. I would've added a special prize for completing the Task, but as my "fails" are likely to outnumber my *SCORE*s, I don't think that is warranted. We'll see how things are this time next year, as the "gap year" winds down.

I think I may actually call Mission 101.1 "The Gap Year". It kind of fits.

Meanwhile... The story surrounding the AVENGERS home release gets more and more annoying. Now, it seems, there will be NO director's commentary on the UK DVD/BluRay - perhaps the only commentary I might actually want to play. Grrrrr...

Still no sign of delivery. *sighs* I'll still watch it, commentary or no, spear-tip or no.

Development News... Writing is starting to pick up - via smartphone! I have a text editor app that does all I need it to do, and I email myself each version as I finish work on it. A Shadow City episode for the run-in to WORLDS COLLIDE is underway!
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Yes - success as I nail Mission 101 Task 4: Walk to another town and back in a day... and it nails me right back, just inside the town boundary on my way back. The pavement-dive was my own fault, not helped by my exhaustion although that is not entirely to blame, and whilst I must say thank you to the couple that came to see that I was okay, I must also say a colossal FUCK YOU to the prick on the bicycle who MUST'VE seen what happened, and just kept on going.

Fucking student. Has to be. Only they would be so self-absorbed to not give a shit about another human being in distress.
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Yay! Good news for a change!

8 - Grow my own vegetables/fruit

And here they are...

DELICIOUS (and life-size, too). And make no mistake, there are more to come!
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First things first...

65 - Celebrate each and every Spiritwalk (May 22) and Patent Saturday (December 1) like they really mean something (which they do!) (3/3, 2/2)
Today was Spiritwalk the anniversary of a very special day for me. I may not have "pushed the boat out", but I 1) took the day off, and 2) bought a new starship for Star Trek Online, which I named the "Great Spiritwalk", and gave the registry number NX-220598. Not a "two nights at the best hotel in town", but hey, it works.
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Cross off Task 98 - it is DONE.

The Review... This would be a 10/10 movie, but for one thing...

***MAJOR SPOILER*** R.I.P. Phil... ***END SPOILER***

AVENGERS has punch-the-air moments, laugh yourself silly moments, "Whoa!" moments, and a round of applause from the audience in a packed house tonight. The movie wastes no time, setting up the threat and protagonists in their own cameos... with one exception - but he shows up all on his own, and doesn't need much of an introduction (***SPOILER*** - that would be Thor. ***END SPOILER***)

Ah, what the heck - JUST GO AND SEE THE DAMN THING. It's Joss Whedon, ferfecksache. There's no need to stay to the VERY end, as usual, but hang about for a couple of minutes for something of a revelation...

Technical Issues... 3D? We don' need no steenkin' 3D. Everything just overawed you too much to notice, but was the print we got not quite the right height for the screen?

In Closing... I don't know what else to say - once I stop bouncing off the walls, I may have more coherent thoughts to share. The critics will probably go more for Prometheus, but what the hell - this kicked all kindsa ass. I LOVED IT. 9.5/10
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I'll be brief.

and by that I mean...

Jeans To Skirt: Pics follow! )

Finished my key "log jam" craft project after, oh, a couple of years...
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The time was fast approaching for another end-of-month Mission report, and I had little to show for it. Time for drastic action...

So I went to Edinburgh Zoo in search of Binturongs. At first, my quest hit a rocky patch...

On finding the right enclosure, there was not a single Binturong to be seen...

...but then I found a ramp leading up to an indoor viewing area...

Yup, they were asleep. Three facts about Binturongs:

1) They are also known as Malaysian bear-cats, although they are actually neither, being the largest representative of the civet family...

2) Yes, the male's musk DOES smell like buttered popcorn, and...

3) Binturongs have no sense of ceremony.

My quest was, even though, at an end. The weather earlier in the day had probably discouraged them from going outside, so they just caught some "ZZZZs". Can't blame them, although it turned out to be a very nice day.

Star of the show were most definitely the Amur Leopards...

Now they gave 110%.

And finally... All together now:
Binturong binturong la la...
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73 - See a binturong in the flesh
Details and pics tomorrow. I'm just too freakin' knackered to do it now...
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I've been writing pretty frequently about one Mission 101 Task in particular, and that's
85 - ...and make my own books!
Today, I write something I've sometimes thought I never would, when addressing this particular Task...


- A7 size, 96 pages, glued and blanket-stitched cover, with a double layer of repurposed leather from the back of an old office chair. It's not the masterpiece I'd intended, or the main version I've been struggling with for the last month or so, but it meets the conditions, and I intend to do more.

Also today... We had sun. We had maybe 25 degrees C. I sat on the pier and watched the sun on the water. Life was good.

More please.
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50 - Create "proper" pieces of art, fit to hang, or give as gifts

"Essence Of Darkhawk", acrylic on watercolour board, 2011.

In progress... )

I'll post a better photo soon.
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Hey, here's a task I haven't even looked at previously...
62 - Totally revise my blog template
- so now, I've gone ahead and switched templates! First impressions are fairly positive, although this isn't entirely what I'm looking for (a customer header image and more control over the colours would be welcome for a start) - even so, can I perhaps declare a *SCORE* here, all the same...?

Oh, go on then.

On Other Tasks... I'm still struggling with
28 Watch one "classic" film for each month of my Mission (9/33)
- I was trying to watch The Lion In Winter (1968), but the cold, and the somewhat frigid theme rather sapped my enthusiasm. I'll watch out for another showing of this, and stick it on the DVR, for future consumption - alongside Kind Hearts And Coronets, the original Solaris and currently recording North By Northwest - oh, and another I can't recall the name of right now...

Yeah, diligent, aren't I? Well, at least one of my Patent Saturday 2010 gifts should help me along with that (check back on Wednesday for the full story!).
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23 - Camp outside at least once
Okay, so the tent is pitched in the garden, but hey, it meets the conditions!

Excuse the quick post - I have work to go to...

...oh, and a Task 102 to consider.

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