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Sent in the comic order. Didn't make that big purchase - it actually worked out a bit more expensive than I'd thought. Oh well, I can spend that on a laptop instead...

Development News... The final part of the current Brighthawk "trilogy" - TDD-704 "title tbc" is moving towards its conclusion, as I find myself "back on the horse" writing-wise. The whole story is going to do a good deal of scene-setting for the post-Pandemonicum/Emperor universe, and NOTHING is going to be as easy as it first appears.

Expect TDD-703 to start posting next weekend!

Mission 101 News... I'm seriously considering taking myself to the Zoo on Saturday to hopefully address several animal-related Tasks - at least I can expect to get some good photos, and do some uninterrupted shopping. I just hope the phone call relating to last weekend's semi-successful outing doesn't come before then... Uh oh - think I may have jinxed things...

Tonight, I've been getting to grips with the one obstacle to my easiest Mission *SCORE* - the long-neglected jeans-to-skirt conversion, associated with Task 52 - Complete some craft projects I've started. I have FIVE days to complete this and get it "under the wire" for October - without annoying interruptions, I can achieve this small victory.

I'll take all the wins I can get. Unlike the 3-3 Redskins.

And finally... A New Jersey F1 race? Sweet.
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In Today's Episode... Pandemonicum Symphony: Third Movement continues, as Darkhawk sends help to Rhagaan, and lays out the welcome mat for The Pandemonicum. Two worlds may now hang in the balance... possibly threatened by those who would stand in their defence.

Release Notes... Eight chapters to go...


The Final Version, as promised...

Task 50 = *SCORE*
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50 - Create "proper" pieces of art, fit to hang, or give as gifts

"Essence Of Darkhawk", acrylic on watercolour board, 2011.

In progress... )

I'll post a better photo soon.
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This Just In... It looks as though an indirect family friend may have suffered a loss in the Christchurch earthquake. This is something of a first for me, and far from a pleasant one, as I've lost count of the number of natural and not-so natural disasters the world has gone through, but this is the first with a real-life impact. It's hard to know what to think, let alone say. Miracles do happen when the Earth vents her wrath, and it's not as though this disaster is in one of those hard-up countries that are the usual victims...

One can only hope for the best.

Development News... Made some "bonus" progress on TDD-611 ...Final Movement Chapter 1 this afternoon - "bonus" in that today's "main event" was the 5th anniversary post for The Secret Adventures of Mane-of-Night. I got an early start on the celebratory piece - a momentous flashback - and nailed the whole thing down over lunch. Damn - this output level amazes even me.

Time is running short for fitting in the last few "teasers", so here's the latest...

MAY 2011

And Finally... Today was, on the whole, a good day, not counting the bad news, of course. We had the best weather of the year so far, and Saturday might just be hassle-free, but my world won't crumble into chaos if there are Move-related things to deal with. Even hassle-active, the weekend could still see some wall-art being worked on - and that's a good thing.
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Watch the skies! Looks like we have a major solar flare in progress, and the possibility of an Aurora Borealis viewable in the northern UK! Pity about the sodding clouds...

Wonder what the chances are of the flares blowing out the mobile phone networks? Heehee, that'd be a laugh. An entire generation, with absolutely no idea how to communicate.

Development news... I'm treading on thin ice with TDD-610 ...Third Movement right now, and things aren't quite going the way I'd been expecting. I'm thinking that ...Second Movement could still start posting at the weekend, but then I'd have the best part of a month to get Part 3 on its proper track. No panic just yet!

And finally: Shopping/art update... Ooooh, I do have some blue paint! Not a lot, mind, but it might be a start. Fingers and brushes crossed!
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Continued from yesterday... That LED light-thing sucks. It worked for three minutes, then switched itself off when I tried to move it. After that, it'd switch off immediately every time I tried to switch it on, so back to the shop it goes for a refund. Just not good enough!

And so, the quest continues. *sighs*

Mission 101 News! I'm thinking I have an idea for
50 - Create "proper" pieces of art, fit to hang, or give as gifts
- a Blue Lantern "mandala" for office or bedroom deployment at Site B. Now, blue paint... blue paint... I bought black and white when I got my brushes, boards and stuff last month, but that was all. I have some old acrylic from my miniature-painting days, but will it be any good now...?

A Few "Meanwhiles"...I had come to a bit of a log-jam in Chapter 2 of TDD-610 ...Third Movement, but a tiny wee bit of rewriting smoothed things out. I could have this Chapter finished tomorrow, and perhaps unlock the flood-gates at last.

But first, I'll be needing to watch my download of Outcasts, episode 4 - my DVR recording from yesterday is a bloody scratch video. It's either that or "new" South Park, but that's repeated around bed-time...
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I honestly don't believe I've heard of Spirit Day before, but anything that addresses, reduces and hopefully in the end stops bullying, no matter who the victim, for whatever reason, gets my support. I've recycled my Mission 101: Task 94 sunrise photo for this noble cause.

Enjoy - but spare a thought for those who suffer. Just because you don't see blood, that doesn't mean it doesn't HURT.
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It's the day after Task 95, and I'm looking towards my next possible task completion. One task also advanced at the same time as Task 95, and that's
52 - Complete some craft projects I've started
- I "fast-tracked" the jeans-to-skirt project that's been in progress for... years, I guess, and which featured in my "Dawn On Vinyl" photo. There's some fastening to complete, a bunch of seams to finish, but I'd count the result as a partial victory.

Also, I've been thinking about
50 - Create "proper" pieces of art, fit to hang, or give as gifts
- all I need now is some inspiration...

Stay tuned...
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Development News... I really need to limit the length of my chapters somehow. The final chapter of TDD-605 "She Returns" now totals 11 "screens" - and the event the whole story has been building to hasn't happened yet. I have had to "make room" for something that will be important fairly soon, which has added at least three screens to the whole thing - but this will lead to the answer to one of the biggest questions in Season 6: "why are The Unified Response and The Confederacy NOT on the same side?"

I am still aiming to have this chapter, and this story, "in the can" by Sunday's end. I want a "clean slate" (of sorts) for Monday, so that I can focus on Work, and get to grips with it on the first day. However long this lasts, I want to do it right, and this isn't work that'll allow for extended writing breaks. I may have been paid for Work Slot 1, but the income is ALWAYS welcome.

And then there's the whole "Mum's broken shoulder" thing. That has gotten in the way of creativity this week, but helping her deal with the injury is REALLY important. She's had WAY too much stress this last year, and this is another kick up the arse that she DOES NOT DESERVE. If the universe has been trying to tell her to take it easy, this is NOT the way. Bad universe - BAD!

Mission 101... Hmmm, got a small problem. I could be about to score my first failed task...
28 - Watch one "classic" film a month (1/33+1)
'cause I haven't been able to catch a proper classic, one I haven't seen, this month. A couple of times, there have been suitable movies on, but I miss them, either entirely or in part - I could count Brighton Rock as an official movie for this task, rather than a "bonus". I'd prefer not to squib-kick a task just two months in...

Meanwhile, I could be about to officially kick off another task (or two)
47 - Refresh my art skills
50 - Create "proper" pieces of art, fit to hang, or give as gifts
as I very much have something in mind, amply helped by getting the printer/scanner operational again. With the aid of that piece of equipment, I can take a work in progress that never progressed, and turn into a real hangable painting!

Oh, and now I've been paid, I can seriously consider getting hosting for
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Development News... Okay, that's Chapter 7 of TDD-605 "She Returns" "in the can" at last - and probably the longest chapter I've written to date, at around 15 screens at 1024x768. A bit of a crude measure, I know, but that's how I work. That shouldn't be much of a surprise, as it features one of the most momentous incidents in the history of The Darkhawk Diaries, and the Dominion "setting" as a whole.

The chapter in question will be posted tonight, and what should be the concluding chapter of the story as soon as it is done. After that, there'll be a three-chapter Secret Adventure of Mane-of-Night, provisionally titled "Mane-of-Night And The Day At The Races" - a race, a visit to Yafornis for Mariella, and another request from Talona...

Elsewhat... Drafting next week's monthly Mission 101 update; researching art commissions (Task 32), maybe working on some art of my own (Tasks 47-50) once I'm finished writing. The University may be needing me again for a couple of days - s'ok, if The Fnajing System doesn't kick up a stink...
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55 - Take more photographs

...and there's more to come. As always, stay tuned!
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My LiveJournal 4th anniversary is just around the corner? Crazy.

Mission 101 Update...
55 - Take more photographs

Today's appointment with The System was proceded by another Task 3 walk, and several great opportunities for taking photos - and look! I found how to get deviantART submissions in here via ready-made thumbnails. There are plenty more coming, including a bunch I really like. Could be looking at the start of another objective...
56 - Create a proper album of best photos

Meanwhile... Oooh, it's that Second Life episode of CSI New York again - pity my experience has never been so smooth and shiny-perfect. I have heard of a Green Lantern Corps operating in-game - now that could be fun, if only my laptop struggled to get a decent wireless connection upstairs, courtesy of my metal-frame desk... and that's why my Mission 101 list includes
87 - Get a decent computer desk that DOESN'T have a metal frame!

Development News... I'm going to have another busy day tomorrow, with the hospital meeting, and so writing time may not be easy to come by. Thursday is my best bet for intensive project work, I'm thinking - but if I can find the time for another interlude, that would work to at least bridge the gap. I'll be thinking about that the rest of the night - could be a chance to debut new "talent".
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Spent this morning exercising my other creative talents, and successfully created a calendar to hang on my wall. It's not exactly what I meant when I added
50 - Create "proper" pieces of art, fit to hang, or give as gifts

to my Mission 101 list. That's something I plan to set in motion shortly, along with
55 - Take more photographs

For that, I need a functioning camera, and I'll be seeing about that on Tuesday. Pity that the art shop in town has closed down - another sorry symptom of New Liebour's "F--ked-Up Britain" - I'd been going there for supplies for as long as I can remember, and would surely have been a regular customer again. Screw you, Tony, Gordon and Alistair - I shall very much enjoy helping to give you guys the boot in May...

Development News... I have a few paragraphs to type up, but other than that, the only thing I've done since posting Chapter 1 of TDD-605 "She Returns" is give the project a "fresh coat of paint" - a brand new backdrop, and a few other tweaks... and no, that doesn't count as
62 - Totally revise my blog template

It's going to be a busy time - all this, the upcoming appointments, the wind-up of my great aunt's estate...
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Development News... Making more progress on TDD-605 "She Returns" - "slow and steady" is very much the current means of attack, and given the recent weather, that's probably the best I can expect. Until the heating comes on, my usual work-space isn't realistically an option, and the seating down here isn't exactly helping the creative process - dealing with that is a 101 List objective...

Talking Of Which... Yes, the Version 1.0 published list is on the way - now, just where do you find shop-window mannequins for sale? I'm in an Allen Jones frame of mind (caution: NSFW!)...

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