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This is the last time you'll hear me mention "The Road To REIGNFALL"...

...because TDD-611 ...Final Movement is IN THE CAN (not counting final spell-check).

And so, for not quite the last time, we dip into the teaser jar...

MAY 2011

Next: There's some type-up due for TDD-612 "fragments", then things get serious. Also, posting for TDD-610 will begin on Saturday!
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Development News... This morning produced some VERY promising results on the writing front; Chapter 4 of TDD-611 ...Final Movement is pretty much done, and Chapter 5 is underway - and if the rest of the evening is kind to me, I may just have the rest of that chapter done, bringing us finally to the end of "The Road To REIGNFALL".

Oh, and part of REIGNFALL Chapter 1 is "on the books". The piece in question was originally intended for TDD-611, but it's a better fit in TDD-612, as we warm up to The Main Event...

Elsewhat... Oh dear; just what is up with Outcasts? It's a decent premise, executed as well as you can expect from a Sci-Fi-phobic BBC - but just when they're finally breaking into the major stuff, what do we get? An episode centered on one character not being exactly who we've been led to believe. Yeah, that's really story arc critical - I don't think.

This is such a shame - a show with potential just withering on the vine in a late Sunday evening slot, shifted from prime-time Monday just as a pretty nifty plot twist crops up - *SPOILER* ...the shit-stirring "evangelist" turning out to be in contact with a transport ship on route to Carpathia with what sounds like a seriously hostile agenda... *END SPOILER* If this survives for a second season, PLEASE GET A WRITER/WRITERS WITH SOME SODDING BALLS.

That is all.
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The viewing was painless. Site B shows no obvious signs of woodworm. I had my first ever Arbroath Smokie (smoked haddock, rather nice, despite my aversion to fish-bones, and bones in food in general). Spent the last hour picking my way through all the damned updates the laptop accrues over a week of non-use...


Development News... Chapter 4 of TDD-611 ...Final Movement is all but finished, including a VERY important moment that sets the scene for just about everything to come. The end of "The Road To REIGNFALL" is in sight...!

I anticipate a serious lie-in/writing session tomorrow, if I don't get Chapter 5 done tonight. If the muse is with me, and my eyelids don't turn to lead, it could happen. I may even have a piece of TDD-612 REIGNFALL written already...

Seeking inspirational music on Amazon- and finding it in the forms of "Molossus", the big chase theme from Batman Begins - I ended up taking a bite out of my Wish List. By the time the order arrives, I'm expecting to have another year's worth of good reasons to celebrate...!

Oh, and I am thinking ahead to Patent Saturday 2011, with a view to nailing down another mini-*SCORE* for
65 - Celebrate each and every Spiritwalk (May 22) and Patent Saturday (December 1) like they really mean something (which they do!) (1/3, 1/2)
- sheer indulgence off the port bow, Cap'n!

NOTE TO SELF: Book hotel for Rush!
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In Today's Episode... Pandemonicum Symphony: Second Movement draws to a conclusion, but the battle is only just beginning. Rhagaan's rescue mission takes an unusual turn, but the shocking result is the same... Darkhawk gets a visit from a powerful ally who brings disturbing news... and Mystalorn prepares for war.

Release Notes... How about this...?

MAY 2011
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No Move business today, so the day is essentially "all mine", and the opportunity presented itself for me to have a look around the shops in my immediate area. The local "garden centre" has a variety of useful gear, possibly important as far as woodworm control for Site B (shudders) is concerned, but the nearby supermarket didn't have any desirable gadget deals, and I came away with a budget hole-punch for work. My, how exciting - but then I don't get to do this all that often.

Anyway - back to the important business...

Development News... I haven't been back to writing since breakfast, but I do have some type-up to do, and I'll be getting on with that shortly. Chapter 1 of TDD-611 ...Final Movement will then be done, and Chapter 2 started - this time next week, given my current rate of output, I could be looking at sketching out the opening salvoes of REIGNFALL.

After that event, the way is clear for all kinds of developments. I really enjoyed writing the Mane-of-Night anniversary "special", with its "in the beginning" flashback, and it's not beyond the realms of possibility that I'll be revisiting that era again. However, the end of Season Six is just that - the end of a "season" (one that has taken just over two years to work through). After Six comes Seven - and that will be an interesting proposition...
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In Today's Special Commemorative Episode..., we go back to where it all began - the first ever meeting of Kiranni Rafiloh, and Darkhawk! PLUS - Learn the origin of our heroine's name!

And then, there's...

...Today's Episode of The Pandemonicum Symphony: Second Movement, in which Darkhawk calls on her most trusted agents to try and decipher the true agenda of The Pandemonicum, and Rhagaan and his team explore the mysterious desert compound on Yafornis - what secret does it hold...?

Release Notes... Double-post day! Please enjoy a glimpse of history in the making as we see the foundation of a beautiful friendship!

Development News... Meanwhile, Chapter 1 of TDD-611 ...Final Movement is almost complete - just a couple more paragraphs, and I will be just four chapters away from REIGNFALL...

Scary, isn't it...?
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This Just In... It looks as though an indirect family friend may have suffered a loss in the Christchurch earthquake. This is something of a first for me, and far from a pleasant one, as I've lost count of the number of natural and not-so natural disasters the world has gone through, but this is the first with a real-life impact. It's hard to know what to think, let alone say. Miracles do happen when the Earth vents her wrath, and it's not as though this disaster is in one of those hard-up countries that are the usual victims...

One can only hope for the best.

Development News... Made some "bonus" progress on TDD-611 ...Final Movement Chapter 1 this afternoon - "bonus" in that today's "main event" was the 5th anniversary post for The Secret Adventures of Mane-of-Night. I got an early start on the celebratory piece - a momentous flashback - and nailed the whole thing down over lunch. Damn - this output level amazes even me.

Time is running short for fitting in the last few "teasers", so here's the latest...

MAY 2011

And Finally... Today was, on the whole, a good day, not counting the bad news, of course. We had the best weather of the year so far, and Saturday might just be hassle-free, but my world won't crumble into chaos if there are Move-related things to deal with. Even hassle-active, the weekend could still see some wall-art being worked on - and that's a good thing.
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In Today's Episode... The Pandemonicum Symphony: Second Movement continues - Rhagaan and friends venture into problematic territory in search of a dead man, and Darkhawk gets a lesson in what other races call "diplomacy", as tensions mount, and the ranks of heroes prepare for battle...

Development News... There we go - TDD-610 ...Third Movement is complete. And TDD-611 ...Final Movement is already underway. The five chapter format for these season-concluding Episodes certainly seems to be working, and covering all the necessary ground - a lesson for the future, perhaps?

Next time: a double post - the next chapter of ...Third Movement, and a commemorative piece to mark the 5th anniversary of the beginning of The Secret Adventures of Mane-of-Night! Now, what might that entail...?

Tune in on Friday to find out!
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In Today's Episode... The Pandemonicum Symphony: Second Movement begins - in which Darkhawk begins her investigations, calling upon some of the greatest minds in known space... but one of them isn't long for this world, or any other. Meanwhile, Rhagaan seeks answers about Counter/Strike - and gets them.

Release Notes... And so, The Road To REIGNFALL continues...!
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Development News... Chapter 3 of TDD-610 ...Third Movement continued its development cycle (fancy way of saying "I'm writing some more") this morning, and that Chapter is now DONE. I didn't wake up as early as most mornings, but a good deal of work was done, and one key scene is at last set.

...Second Movement should start posting some time today - and let's be honest, we are now in "Push" territory. Writing is picking up pace, and the arc-plot is unfolding rapidly - this is momentum I can't afford to pass me by. I fall asleep in my chair all too frequently, losing a chunk of my evening, and I just have to see these "early starts" as "deferred development time". I certainly feel better for making use of that time.

I can see myself breaking ground on REIGNFALL itself very soon. It's been a LONG time since I managed to write A WHOLE CHAPTER in (effectively) a day.

I've managed to impress even myself, and I intend to repeat the experience.
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And The News Is... I should be getting a "cost of living" pay rise!

...but... even though the pay-rise is back-dated, it'll struggle to make a dent in the prices rises brought about by the January 2.5% hike in VAT, and the now 4% inflation. I'll probably eat up my rise in one modest shopping trip... but still, I worked for it.

Development News... I've looked again at the current state of Chapter 2 of TDD-610 ...Third Movement, and as far as I can see, all is well. I'm going to run with it as is, and address any issues as they occur, rather than cripple the Chapter 3 effort by trying to pre-empt them.

Talking of Chapter 3 - I started that this morning, when I yet again woke up before my alarm clock. I'd rather use my time doing that than roll over and try to go back to sleep, only to wake up again ten minutes later and repeat the whole damn process. I am very satisfied with the results, and the work I managed to get in after my lunch-time type-up. Add to this what's looking like a hassle-free weekend (pleeeeeease?), and we could be looking at another "push"...

And Finally... Wheeeee - another THOR trailer!

Okay, so that's THREE pieces of good news. Mustn't grumble. ;-)
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Development News... Okay, thats one chapter of TDD-610 ...Third Movement done, complete with a "little extra" I only came up with on the spur of the moment. I've been doing several pages of paper-based plot breakdowns, and events continue to take shape as we go further down the road to REIGNFALL. I intend to have everything done for Season Six before the May 2011 launch date for REIGNFALL.

Talking of which...

MAY 2011

Oh, and The Move may just be advancing a crucial step very soon.
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Argh. I wasn't in the best frame of mind for today's Move-related business, given last night, but I got on with it all the same. Unfortunately, there wasn't all that much to do, apart from take some old stuff to charity shops, and worry myself sick about woodworm - oh joy...

At least I was able to confirm that I do indeed own a copy of Rush's "Signals". Hardly a cause for celebration, but there you go - you take what you can get.

Oh, and we had an entirely unexpected house-viewing. Hopefully our willingness to accommodate will work in our favour.

I so want this to be over. Even the thought of leaving the first, and only home I've ever known doesn't dampen (ugh, bad choice of word, that) my desire to get the whole business behind us. It doesn't help that there are effectively now three properties in the mix, in one way or another. Excuse me while I throw my hands up in despair - don't think I'll post about this again until something genuinely concrete happens.

Development News... Progress continues with Chapter 1 of TDD-610 ...Third Movement. I am definitely into "the final stretch" for Season Six now, and a dose of definitive plotting is going to be needed. Time for a double-page spread in The Notebook of Awesome, I'm thinking...

With luck - and I could use some - I should be able to have an Episode to post each month, leading up to REIGNFALL in May. At the current production rate, that's definitely achievable.
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Bloody Typical... The Redskins have rather sucked this season, but how do we end it? With cornerback DeAngelo Hall getting MVP honours at the Pro Bowl - the only player we had in the NFC team until the Packers had to pull their players for Super Bowl duties next week. That is about the only positive to having the all-star game in the otherwise empty week before The Big Game, a recent development not many are happy with - what's the point of a big showcase game that isn't going to showcase some of the best talent in the sport right now - on the rosters of the Packers and Steelers.

At least the Pro Bowl is back where it should be - Hawaii. Now just shift it back to the week after the Super Bowl, and all will be well again...

Development News... Didn't do much towards TDD-609 ...Second Movement at lunch, but I did piece together another plot-sheet for the remainder of Season Six - exactly as I told myself I wouldn't do. I do, however, have a solid REIGNFALL outline now, and I am attacking the rest of the Season from both sides. I have added an event to the schedule, which I'm just about to start writing, but I could have everything leading up to the Season finale done well before my "set in stone" May deadline.

For real.

In The News... Well, bugger this - I've been thinking about doing some travelling, seeing a bit more of the world... but one of the destinations I really want to visit is in political chaos right now. Yeah, I'm meaning Egypt. That's a real pain, as a trip to Egypt would allow me to directly nail TWO Mission tasks in one go, and a third indirectly:
18 - Renew my passport
20 - Set foot in another foreign country (not the US!)
21 - Travel East overseas at least once
It wouldn't be the end of the world, or the Mission, to try somewhere else - Jersey looks nice, and it's just East enough to count for Task 21...
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Still no clarification about my contract position for Work Slot 1 - I'll be paying the office a visit when I finish work on Wednesday, with completed contract in hand whether I need to fill it in or not.

Oh, and I so bloody hate 1) those Discrimination and Diversity forms, which now include "sexual orientation", and 2) electronic forms that DO NOT FUNCTION...

Meanwhile... should the Seattle Seahawks be in the playoffs in the NFL?

Skip if you're not a football fan - but even if you're not, you might learn something... )

Post-Season Predictions...
- Saints beat Seahawks (comprehensively)
- Eagles beat Packers (just)
- Jets beat Colts
- Ravens beat Chiefs...

And Finally... As I watched the football, I did some development work, most of which went over already well-trodden ground. "The Road To Reignfall" is pretty much set in stone, and I know where I need to go with The Secret Adventures of Mane-of-Night: Flight 102 Is Overdue. The latter story is not going to be done and dusted in one go - a new "property" may be required to handle that. A team, an individual... something new.
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Well, that's it; the festive season is officially over as Day 1 of 2011 expires, and Day 2 brings... errrr, not a lot. At least the week before Christmas had something to look forward to, and the time off kinda meant something...

Somehow, it's like waiting for the Ragnarok of Back To Work. This year, however, that actually means something - and you gotta earn the money to pay for the VAT hike (to 20% from 17.5%) on the 4th, right?

Anyway. There are a variety of "wishlists" going around, and right now, the one overwhelming essential on MY list would be "My employers getting renewed funding." Continuing funding means continued employment, and that would take a considerable weight off my mind - maybe subconscious anxieties are getting in the way of my free-time activities...

Number Two on that list would be "The Move to be decided finally, and take place without any grief, drama or hassle". The second half of 2010 was like a perpetual Grand Prix starting grid - all revving and overheating engines, but ultimately getting nowhere.

My, aren't you the little ray of sunshine...?

Probably doesn't help to have spent the last three weeks suffering from 1) a trapped nerve in my arse, 2) tweaked back, and 3) a sore throat that made it uncomfortable to breathe. Number 2) still bothers me, but the rest is fine now.

At least I managed to unravel that ...Flight 102 Is Overdue chapter that was giving me trouble. I took the existing ending, trimmed it, and it seemed to slot in just fine.

Now, let's push ahead - this story could be done by the end of Work Slot 1, but I'd love to have some of that time to spare for "The Road To Reignfall". A plotting "sit-down" will most definitely be needed before I go back to work - I may have to skip the computer after dinner one night (best slot, Monday).

And Finally... Do I stand a chance of beating the VAT rise AT ALL? Kinda thinking that I could get some online shopping in tonight...
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ONE day left of work this year - the first time I've ever been in that situation. Feels... different. Someone proposed what they thought would be the worst Christmas ever - being snowed in at work - and y'know what? It didn't sound that bad.

Not that I'm saying home is going to be bad for Christmas - far from it. It's just unusual to have alternatives.

Christmas Update... Still no delivery. There's maybe 36 hours left - and I'm not hopeful.

Development News... Part 3 of The Secret Adventures of Mane-of-Night: Flight 102 Is Overdue is underway, and Part 2 will be finished posting by New Year's Eve. At New Year, I'm thinking of posting a special prologue chapter for the first stage of the final run-in for Reignfall...

Funny I should mention that:

Coming soon...

The Countdown To Destiny begins, January 1st.
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All right - this is how it is... My sleep patterns may be a bit messed up right now, limiting what I can achieve in the evenings, but lunch and the slot post-getting-home and pre-dinner are yielding major writing advancements. I want to continue with MoN-205 Flight 102 Is Overdue (title almost official), as the whole thing is working out so well, and the writing of it isn't such a grind - if completing this knocks the Darkhawk Season 6 "push" off its planned path to completion before year's end, then that's just the way it will have to be.

In the meantime, I've come across something that needs addressed in the war against the Pandemonicum, and that provides me with a bit more story to write for Season 6. The protagonists are there, the motivation is certainly very strong... people, this shifts the balance so significantly, it needs its own "episode". The "Road To REIGNFALL" just got a little bit longer, and rougher.

*shrugs* Deal with it.
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Mission 101 Task 88 Update... So about "The Big Project"...

This will work - I've made two small-scale card mock-ups of the main head-piece, and whilst I may have to tweak the design a bit to give the mask just a little bit more style, the basic concept appears to be sound. The sooner that foam sheet arrives, the sooner I can go to full-scale mock-up - and after that, I'm thinking snake-skin texture leather...

Development News... I had briefly toyed with the idea of postponing the next Mane-of-Night story, as the story will not directly affect The Road To REIGNFALL, but this story is very much a "hot item". It could be "in the can" way quicker than other recent stories.

And Finally... it's Comics Day!

Update! No Move-stuff this Saturday! Yay!
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The opening double-bill of The Event is on again right now, and every time I see that opening sequence of Episode 2, I'm strongly reminded of a certain event of my own, coming very soon, and which has been coming for quite some time. Except my airliner is a Boeing 707...

Development News... Talking of which: the new Mane-of-Night story may have to take a "back seat" to allow a successful, and timely, completion of The Road to Reignfall. It's not the ideal situation, I know, but the events of the former won't directly affect the latter.

Elsewhat... I might just be able to complete a craft project before bed - pity it doesn't qualify for a certain Mission 101 Task...
52 - Complete some craft projects I've started
- this is something quite new, not something that's been gathering dust for a while. Something along that line I can finish before The Move, and that would allow me to cross off another Task...!

And Finally... Today saw the second part of the latest Sarah Jane Adventures story to feature The Doctor, and it was surprisingly low-key. The fate of the Earth/the universe wasn't quite in the balance - nor did it need to be. The two former companions (Sarah Jane and Jo Grant/Jones) worked well together, although I still find it hard to see Jo as a grandmother (!!!), and it was nice for pre-Eccleston Doctors to get some recognition in the context of the "new era", especially Jon "The Real Deal" Pertwee. I can see this as paving the way for new characters joining the SJA cast - c'mon, don't tell me you couldn't see it coming when Santiago showed up...!

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