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First things first...

65 - Celebrate each and every Spiritwalk (May 22) and Patent Saturday (December 1) like they really mean something (which they do!) (3/3, 2/2)
Today was Spiritwalk the anniversary of a very special day for me. I may not have "pushed the boat out", but I 1) took the day off, and 2) bought a new starship for Star Trek Online, which I named the "Great Spiritwalk", and gave the registry number NX-220598. Not a "two nights at the best hotel in town", but hey, it works.
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WHY is it that whenever I take a day off, someone starts carving it up for "those little jobs" that should take five minutes, but take an hour? I gave up some of today to avoid just that. but oh nooooo, here comes "the chopper".

Looks like the only time I get uninterrupted "me" time is when I'm out of the house, in a freaking hotel.

COME ON. There's a Mission 101 Task completion in the balance here...
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I was very naughty last night, and was up 'til about 0300 - ON A WORK DAY - pushing towards, and achieving a promotion to Commander, complete with another new ship. Now, just HOW do I get more Duty Officers? I really don't want to play beyond midnight tonight, but I'd like to know.

Tomorrow sees the end of Work Slot 2. This weekend will be particularly welcome - now, shall I buy myself something nice for Spiritwalk, to commemorate nailing down another Mission 101 task...?
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Took the netbook with me, but never took it out of my bag, let alone switched it on. I am now back "on the air" after a quite splended time - to be detailed in a future post...

Meanwhile... the office curtain is as knackered as it was when I left, despite getting the workmen in to sort it *sighs heavily*. Oh, and another Task just got declared a *FAIL*, 'cause the local annual performance of "The Messiah", Mother's favourite classical piece of all, appears to be some kind of wacky sing-a-long, not a (semi-)professional performance after all, and therefore not her "cup of tea" after all. Terrific. My Mission 101 report for December (also needing my attention this wekend) is going to be a major suck-fest.

I refuse to be dragged down. Things went far too well for that...
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So much for my pre-trip relaxation and preparation. This evening's been a bust so far, courtesy of Christmas tradition,and I'm trying to catch up on sliding real easy into the extended weekend. My writing target has been met, and TDD-704 Every Silver Lining... is, bar spellchecking, ready for a roll-out commencing when I get back from Operation Funplex.

I'm not sure what the IT facilities will be like at my destination, but I am hoping to be able to post LIVE from "Patent Saturday HQ", and maybe feed my fish in Ultima Online. There will DEFINITELY be a post tomorrow of some sort, but I may miss Friday if things don't work out - not exactly a crying shame, but there you go.

May just post again later, or just after midnight. Later, True Believers!
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Working on the "epilogue" for TDD-704 Every Silver Lining... - an early night should see the whole thing wrapped up nicely, and the way clear to the prep for Operation Funplex! I'm already assembling my wardrobe - which'll include (at least) the two pairs of boots I ordered for last year, but which didn't appear until January...

So far, the weather isn't turning as nasty as it did a year ago. It's not great - the rain is pounding on the window right now, and making me feel even colder than I already am - but the S N O W is holding off, and that's fine. I just hope this damned strike tomorrow doesn't screw things up.

And now, we have wind, and quite a bit of it. My very least favourite kind of weather... I just hope it clears up before my walk to work. I absolutely do NOT want to come down with something with just one day to go.
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Redskins win!

Redskins win!

REDSKINS WIN! Washington 23, Seattle 17. Whoooooo!

Meanwhile... Things are slotting into place for Operation Funplex, as shopping for gear yields TWO successes that plug some yawning gaps. My formal dress option is now pretty much sorted - pity I couldn't do a "dry run" this evening. Tomorrow - the packing begins...

Development News... Chapter 5 of TDD-704 Every Silver Lining... is now into its "epilogue" sequence, and that could be finished if I can focus after the football (Chiefs-Steelers). This epilogue is VERY important to what's coming up, so I better get it right. Thankfully, I'll have some "quality time" to shepherd what comes next (the Christmas Special, and work on The Secret Adventures of Mane-of-Night, Season 3) into some kind of order very soon.

And finally... Packing list, packing list... now, which boots do I take...?
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Just been watching G.I. Joe - Rise Of Cobra - fun, but would've been more fun if I'd had the chance to do some catch-up on stuff.

Today wasn't a total loss, 'cause I have managed to complete Chapter 5 of TDD-704 Every Silver Lining.... There is still some story to tell, so what was going to be the epilogue is getting incorporated into Chapter Six, the new final chapter.

Even so, I'll still have the story done before Operation Funplex. That clean slate is a rather desireable target...
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This time next week will be Day Two of Patent Saturday 2011... but right now, I'm nursing a wounded toe - with no problems arising thus far, apart from an occasional tweak - and adding to my prospective trip wardrobe. Nothing excessive - in fact, one could say it'd be the only thing one could say wasn't of that ilk. :D

In the meantime, work on TDD-704 Every Silver Lining... creeps forward some almost every day, but Chapter 5 is still not quite complete. When I get some time this weekend (huh, some hope), I'll try to push ahead, with a view to having a "clear plate" for next week. I had briefly toyed with the idea of reserving Thursday and Friday night for "fun" and Friday morning and afternoon for the "creative retreat" portion, but there's hardly enough time to do both justice. The Christmas Hols are coming up, and hopefully I'll be able to grab some free time.

Of course, that doesn't mean that I'll neglect any good ideas that come my way...
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Errands Of Mercy reaches its conclusion, as our heroes explore the magnitude of the task that lies ahead - evacuating a world, with only days to go until disaster strikes. Can Brighthawk and her companions summon up the assistance they're going to need to stand a chance of completing the evacuation of Tol'Celpres - or is there an alternative...?

Release Notes... Coming in December - the concluding story of this trilogy - "Every Silver Lining..."

In today's headline story... Yikes. ONE WEEK TO GO. One week - and I'm nowhere near prepared. In fact, I'm rather "anti-prepared", having just this afternoon whacked a toe against the edge of the shower door, and yes, there was blood. CRAP Thankfully, there doesn't seem to be any lasting damage - or at least any that will cripple me for next week. I hope.

At least I have all my phone calls dealt with.

And finally... It's ONE YEAR since the start of "The Great Freeze". So far this year, there doesn't seem to be any suggestion of a repeat this time. Again - I hope...
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Operation Funplex News... Holy crap - there's only sixteen days to "Launch"! I'm not going to over-plan this excursion - that's part of the fun; just letting things unwind as they will, and "spur of the moment" is definitely the operative phrase. I just need some outfit options, I think...

Just pisses me off that an eBay purchase associated with this project is still causing some hassle. I want my money back - how complicated does that have to be...?

Development News... The final pieces are slotting into place for TDD-704: Every Silver Lining..., Chapter 5. This, however, may not be the final chapter of the story, as things are taking shape "behind the scenes", and The Future is taking shape.

Posting will commence this week for TDD-703. For real.
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Now this is more like it. Yes, there have been one or two household jobs to attend to, but I managed to deal with those, and extract another hard drive, this time from a dead computer. Data recovery was a complete success, and there are now two "gutted" machines beside my desk - getting closer to counting Mission 101 Task 59
59 - Learn to upgrade PCs
as a *SCORE* - I know what a graphics card looks like now. However, completing this Task will require me to install a new component into a functioning machine, and return that PC to fully functioning condition, and that's the scary part. Right now, I'm running out of operational computers - they're actually outnumbered by the Game Boys and DSes in my possession (monochrome Game Boy, DS Lite, DSi XL)...

More Mission 101 News... My first "prop" (or more rightly pair of props) for Task 88
88 - Create usable stage/screen/cosplay props of three pieces of costume or equipment from my own projects
are coming along nicely, after a mid-week complete about-turn in design. The main components are ready - just about - and all that's needed now are suitable fastenings, which may require some more knotting research.

Operation Funplex News... Gonna have a look at some potential costume options, after one spectacularly fell through last weekend (and I still have no go-ahead to send the offending item back and get my refund). Hmmm...

And Finally... They've done it again - the Rush song "Face Up" on "Roll The Bones" has "Brighthawk soundtrack" potential!
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Operation Funplex? That's my "place-holder" title for my next big adventure - two nights of sheer indulgence at An Undisclosed Location. A packing list will be required very soon, I'm thinking.

What else is there? Not a great deal of news is cropping up right now - although that cowardly piece of shit who was caught on CCTV swinging a cat by the tail better pray he never crosses my path. Still, we should be thankful those extremists that were planning to disrupt Remembrance Day observance found their organisation made illegal today - and don't anyone say that's hypocritical of the West, which is "normally so protective of freedom of speech". Outraging the whole country does not count.
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Went to work. No-one was there.No heating. I came home.

No-one better count that as me taking a day off.

So, here I am, earlier than expected. I'm going to try to make the best of the day - and tomorrow. I'm not going in to work again 'til Monday. Could there perhaps be an open slot for an Edinburgh trip, and a Task completion...? *looks at the weather* Ugh. Windy.

Surprise surprise - now that I'm sitting in peace, with a netbook in my lap, it's time for "Her Indoors" to want to do something, like go out to the garden centre or somesuch. I REALLY hate this kind of crap. I never get the peace and quiet I want NEED. I'd book that expensive Patent Saturday break I have in mind, but oooooh nooooo, it's not frigging available in December is it?

(And now she's buggering about in the living room cupboard - just to annoy me? Well, it's working...)

Getting seriously irritated now...
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Task 65 News... Nah, I'd hardly call today "celebrated like it really means something". I could be looking at my first failed Mission 101 Task, unless...

Okay, I just made myself several promises. Patent Saturday 2011 and Spiritwalk 2012 will absolutely rock, on pain of death - and there'a a little something code-named Task 102...

Certainly nothing to celebrate about in Ultima Online, 'cause Europa was inaccessible for most of the night. Grrrrrr...
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This Just In... The "For Sale" sign outside now has "Under Offer" on it. The Move is drawing ever closer, and there are going to be busy, busy times ahead...

In tonight's headline news... Oh my freakin' gods - I can hear again!

Pity this happy event wasn't this time last week, but I consider the lesson learned. Never again.

At least I'll be fully operational in time for tomorrow's viewing of Pirates... 4.

Now, About SPIRITWALK... Sunday isn't going to be some incredible blow-out, in keeping with the spirit of Mission 101 Task 65
65 - Celebrate each and every Spiritwalk (May 22) and Patent Saturday (December 1) like they really mean something (which they do!) (1/3, 1/2)
but that does NOT mean the task is a failure. I will use the day to do something meaningful, and hopefully fun, then use the fourth and fifth "slots" for this Task to go crazy!

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as our heroes prepare themselves for success or disaster. Friends arrive, bringing hope, whilst others manoeuvre into the positions intended for them - and The Emperor is waiting.

Development News... It's been a busy day, writing-wise, as I complete Chapter 2 of TDD-701 "A Star Is Rising", and break ground on Chapter 3, with the help of some characters from way back. Some intriguing plot-strands are taking shape!

And what about the actual WORK...? All is going fine - and is so much more enjoyable than January. That sh8y weather really did a number on things...

Thoughts on SPIRITWALK... An event requiring Mission 101-based attention is fast approaching - I'm meaning
65 - Celebrate each and every Spiritwalk (May 22) and Patent Saturday (December 1) like they really mean something (which they do!) (1/3, 1/2)
and I have NOTHING in mind that I can feasibly put into effect in time. Again, The Move bites into my plans - or so the excuse goes...

SPIRITWALK 2011 will be the last of these personal events to take place as what is so far my only home, and I'm thinking of just taking things easy, possibly with a modest present that I will have to order VERY soon. It might be an idea to complete a few Mission Tasks, too...
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The viewing was painless. Site B shows no obvious signs of woodworm. I had my first ever Arbroath Smokie (smoked haddock, rather nice, despite my aversion to fish-bones, and bones in food in general). Spent the last hour picking my way through all the damned updates the laptop accrues over a week of non-use...


Development News... Chapter 4 of TDD-611 ...Final Movement is all but finished, including a VERY important moment that sets the scene for just about everything to come. The end of "The Road To REIGNFALL" is in sight...!

I anticipate a serious lie-in/writing session tomorrow, if I don't get Chapter 5 done tonight. If the muse is with me, and my eyelids don't turn to lead, it could happen. I may even have a piece of TDD-612 REIGNFALL written already...

Seeking inspirational music on Amazon- and finding it in the forms of "Molossus", the big chase theme from Batman Begins - I ended up taking a bite out of my Wish List. By the time the order arrives, I'm expecting to have another year's worth of good reasons to celebrate...!

Oh, and I am thinking ahead to Patent Saturday 2011, with a view to nailing down another mini-*SCORE* for
65 - Celebrate each and every Spiritwalk (May 22) and Patent Saturday (December 1) like they really mean something (which they do!) (1/3, 1/2)
- sheer indulgence off the port bow, Cap'n!

NOTE TO SELF: Book hotel for Rush!
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Wednesday - Treasure Chest-style Storage Trunk
Thursday - New Pleaser Seduce 3000s (Black Patent)
Friday - Moleskine Film Journal
Saturday - £10 Amazon Music Downloads card
Sunday - Pleaser Seduce 3000s (Red Patent)
Monday - Multipack of Mini Ritter Sport
Tuesday - Bag of Honey-Roasted Peanuts and Cashews
Items in italics already received. Items in bold due today. Others ordered and awaiting delivery...
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Not exactly snowed in, but it's semi-"bloody cold". Only "semi-" 'cause we get it a whole heap worse than it is right now. Reports say 20cm/8 inches of snow, but we're enduring no more than a quarter of that - not even an inconvenience.

Patent Saturday News... Looks like that's five presents out of seven due on the day. The trunk is officially on its way on Tuesday, arriving Wednesday... December 1st. Now all I have to hope is 1) I get to take the day off, and 2) my "winnings" from the auctions don't arrive at their arranged final destination on that very same day. I want to enjoy My Day...

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