Oct. 30th, 2011

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The time was fast approaching for another end-of-month Mission report, and I had little to show for it. Time for drastic action...

So I went to Edinburgh Zoo in search of Binturongs. At first, my quest hit a rocky patch...

On finding the right enclosure, there was not a single Binturong to be seen...

...but then I found a ramp leading up to an indoor viewing area...

Yup, they were asleep. Three facts about Binturongs:

1) They are also known as Malaysian bear-cats, although they are actually neither, being the largest representative of the civet family...

2) Yes, the male's musk DOES smell like buttered popcorn, and...

3) Binturongs have no sense of ceremony.

My quest was, even though, at an end. The weather earlier in the day had probably discouraged them from going outside, so they just caught some "ZZZZs". Can't blame them, although it turned out to be a very nice day.

Star of the show were most definitely the Amur Leopards...

Now they gave 110%.

And finally... All together now:
Binturong binturong la la...
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I'll be brief.

and by that I mean...

Jeans To Skirt: Pics follow! )

Finished my key "log jam" craft project after, oh, a couple of years...

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