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Back to work tomorrow - and yet again, my day took some time to start to my satisfaction. We had a partial power-outage following ANOTHER bout of stormy weather, but that was all due to a circuit-breaker tripping, not wind or falling trees - and right after that, the Christmas decorations absolutely HAD to come down...

I am only now getting my arse in a seat, to try and make some use of what little remains of my work-break. I'm already exploring options for my loooooong-overdue hardware upgrade - damn all these multi-core processors - and some other shopping may be done before week's end ...ooooh, new LEGO minifigures...

Now may be the time to start planning on, or in some instance complete, some of my major creative Mission 101 Tasks, such as
88 - Create usable stage/screen/cosplay props of three pieces of costume or equipment from my own projects
91 - Create a "personal goddess"
94 - Make a PD-worthy pair of boots from scratch!
97 - Build a diddley bow

- pity we're now short a craft shop...

Time, perhaps, to go looking for more leather and some faux suede, for two projects outside of the Mission "portfolio". Yes, I'm in the mood to make stuff - weather permitting.
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And there it is again - an absolute deluge, making this the wettest summer I have ever known. It's like Monty Python And The Holy Grail out there - "Summer gave autumn a miss, and went straight back to winter..."

At least I don't have to spend half the evening with the curtains closed so that I can actually see what I'm doing.

Concerning the Mission 101 "Push"... I've been focussing on Task 94
94: Make a PD-worthy pair of boots from scratch!
and pursuing a likely approach courtesy of a lucky find on deviantART - Elven boots with embroidery by ~scargeear. The patterns provided do seem to be pointing me in the right direction, and maybe a doll-size test-run will show me how effective my attempts at resizing the image files has been.

I am, of course, not exactly looking for a design with flat heels - or no heels, in the case of this design. Once I tinker with the design I do have, and work out how to craft some sole units...


Damn it, I'm going to have to buy a new cheap office chair. This one I'm using right now is conclusively FUCKED.
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Okay, I'm typing this up at work for a quick deployment - I just do not want to waste time juggling slug-slow LiveJournal pages...

ITEM! Ye gods, was trying to pursue the LJ error a total time-leech last night. Running trace routes, rerunning trace routes so you could actually cut-and-paste them - I really could do without all this right now!

ITEM! Expect occasional blog-posting "drop-outs" over the next two weeks. The broadband needs transferred - that's something to arrange first thing tomorrow - and I'm counting on it not being an entirely straightforward job. Something is BOUND to go wrong.

Assume writing will be taking something of a back seat for a week or so. I am trying to complete TDD-701 A Star Is Rising, having most of the last chapter to do as of time of writing, and I can still find time for pen-and-paper work, I'm sure.

ITEM! Oh, holy shit. I had the impression my comic collection was something in the range of 12 to 14 comic boxes in size - and I could fit most of it under my old computer desk - the metal-framed one.

Some hope. It's approaching double that. Some essential pruning just became a lot of pruning. The collection has to be halved at least - and gods be praised for the invention, and growing popularity, of trade paperbacks!

ITEM! may just have yielded some VERY useful woodworking instructions, which may help me on my way to Mission 101 Task 94
94 - Make a PD-worthy pair of boots from scratch!
And so, the sun sets on another day, to dawn anew on Day One of Operation Herculean Task. Cover me, boys - I'm going in...
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It's a bit weird today - I'm still energised by yesterday, but when I sit down, boy am I tired. THOR gets a full big-screen week starting Friday, so I might just go and see it again on my birthday... :)

The Weekend Of Madness may be over, but where to go from here? There are certainly a good crop of blockbusters still to come, but what else can I cram into the summer? Are we looking at a Summer Of Madness?

I have craft things in mind - I made a set of Emotional Spectrum "prayer beads" in preparation for Green Lantern (June 17), and there is still a couple of Mission tasks along those lines...
51 - Create something to sell, and sell it!
52 - Complete some craft projects I've started
84 - Learn to make my own paper...
85 - ...and make my own books!
91 - Create a "personal goddess"
94 - Make a PD-worthy pair of boots from scratch!
97 - Build a diddley bow
Still got Rush in three weeks, remember (Task 90)... oh, and no CLAN to fanny things up!

Development News... There's every chance I might just have TDD-701: After The Fall finished before REIGNFALL even starts posting! There wasn't a great deal of writing done today - I actually managed to do more yesterday - but progress is progress, and the rest of the story is pretty much writing itself on the scaffolding of pre-planned story threads. A bit more work tonight will push things ahead, maybe even reach completion...


Nov. 5th, 2010 06:51 pm
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First Saturday in three weeks that I've had the opportunity to kick back, and properly relax... and we've got a last-minute house-viewing. That'll be the lie-in knackered, then, closely followed by a good dose of afternoon arse-up, and ending with "desperately trying to make up for the start of the day".

All of this will, of course, be preceded by a whole bunch of "fall asleep at the keyboard"...

I'm starting to think that "writing hour" may soon become a necessity.

On a lighter note... Found some very useful foam sheeting on eBay, but I'm wishing I'd ordered TWO sheets, given that I have two projects that would benefit from it, but Item 1 of Task 88
88 - Create usable stage/screen/cosplay props of three pieces of costume or equipment from my own projects
seems far more likely to reach fruition soon than
94 - Make a PD-worthy pair of boots from scratch!
- both of which need some careful preliminary design work, but Task 94 involves some extra issues, such as making/getting made some sole units.

Interesting (and busy) times ahead!
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Back shortly!

It's been a crazy day. A busy day, too. Two full three-hour exam sessions, barely half an hour for lunch (but what a lunch), topped off by the presence at a regular venue of an extra-time student who bore a stunning resemblance to "Johnny The Boy" from Mad Max, when he goes to court...

"Johnny The Boy" stayed behind for only ten minutes, so no harm done. Lucky him - well, he didn't suffer anything like the final fate of the original character - but the last thing I needed, today of all days, was to have an added delay to my getting home. I wanted to 1) get some fresh water, 'cause the water at the hall is sh8; 2) get home and a) get washed, b) get fed, and c) watch Doctor Who. Mission accomplished on all fronts...

So, what about Task 65...?
65 - Celebrate each and every Spiritwalk (May 22) and Patent Saturday (December 1) like they really mean something (which they do!)
Well, is operational, albeit in a very limited form, and it's really not easy to get your head around things after the rather intensive, and intense day I've had. If I can get some actual content up and running at the new site - probably another Wordpress blog - within, say, seven days, I will count this Spiritwalk as fulfilled...

Ah hell, why not...?
94 - Make a PD-worthy pair of boots from scratch!
That's something I've had in mind for a while, and I even bought the leather, but research into techniques somewhat ran aground. Okay, let's see what we can do about that...

Okay, let's call Spiritwalk 1 a done deal on that basis... and get that content in place!
65 - Celebrate each and every Spiritwalk (May 22) and Patent Saturday (December 1) like they really mean something (which they do!) (1/3, 0/2)

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