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Why? Because of THIS:-

"I've Got No Strings" will NEVER sound the same again.

Tomorrow, things get even better, 'cause AGENTS OF SHIELD returns to UK screens at last! Wheeeeeee....!


Jul. 9th, 2013 02:17 am
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I think you, Dear Reader, know just what I mean...

Friday can't come soon enough...
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I will update this with a "screen-shot" at some point soon, but I'm too pooped to do it just now. Seriously. Updated with appropriate image(s)!

Anyway, back to the action: we may just have our Movie Of The Year...

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS is that trickiest of things - the sequel to a hugely successful movie. It might not help that this one took FOUR years to reach the screen, so is this one worth the wait?


WARNING: DEFINITE spoilers ahead, from the very start! )

The Final Verdict... J J Abrams hits it out of the park. Again. Every major character has more to do, AND the visuals are just as stunning as before. A solution to a key event IS somewhat telegraphed, but that's a small flaw in an otherwise awesome package. 9/10

Oh, and PACIFIC RIM is going to be mind-blowing on the extra-big screen. It's going to need to be, now that it has SERIOUS competition...
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I was stuck for anything to post. Then, I saw this.

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Today, I read a rather poignant Chinese proverb, which went something like: "Every tower starts at the ground." (on a coffee mug, of all things)

I started at the ground eighteen months ago. Today, I got a new work contract that's good until March 2014.

Cue a theme from Top Gun or something.

Now I know what job security feels like. It feels good.

The latest comic order is here, complete with catalogues. I feel the urge to celebrate. I'm having that... oh, and that...

AND it stopped raining. AND I have working blinds in my office at last. Things are on the up...
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Looks like we're back in business. Just need to check my main connection, and I'll be a major step closer to saying "All is well with the world".

So, how was the rest of The Move? All was signed and sealed on Friday, about seven hours after we locked the doors on Number 99 for the last time. I'll write more about the whole business later, once the euphoria of being net-enabled again has worn off a bit.

I will be posting a Dominion chapter later today. Maybe even after breakfast, if you're lucky.

MUCH more later.
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It's been a real pain trying to find something to watch on TV lately - and then two shows come along in quick succession: BBC 4 delivers with a great Thin Lizzy retrospective, and right now documentary Iron Maiden: Flight 666. I will never apologise for being a rock and metal fan, and I'll never stop wondering just what kind of world we might have now if we hadn't lost legends like Lizzy's front-man, Phil Lynott. It's that that makes me want to throw up every time I hear today's "chart music" - where are the new legends? Where are the bands that truly have their own distinctive sounds, like Lizzy, and like Maiden?

Screw joke shit like "Spinal Tap" - whatever you normally listen to, please track down some material by the real great bands. You may hate it - but then you may just love it... and you may be lucky enough to get a chance to see them play live. That's the really great thing, y'see - these guys don't wimp out, they just keep on recording and touring, and there are still many, many fans out there to welcome their heroes to their home town.

And they won't tear you to pieces for coming to the party late. No sir.

And so, the weekend approaches, but it's not going to be heavy on the down-time. House viewings (yup, plural), a bit more Move preparation - a trip to the movies - not much opportunity for a lie-in, and there you have it; a second weekend arsed. Damn it...

Ah, what the hell. Bring. It. On.

But first, I have a story to absolutely finish. The Secret Adventures of Mane-of-Night - Flight 102 Is Overdue is a handful of paragraphs from being OFFICIALLY done.
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It's "Yay!" Time... So, I'd thought I'd won a £10 prize off the Lottery a couple of draws ago. Today, I remembered to go and claim it...

Actually, it turns out my Lucky Dip on the same ticket was so similar to my main numbers that I ended up with two three-number prizes - £20 in total! Not my luckiest day, but the good fortune is most welcome.

Move News... The general opinion is that The Move won't be happening as soon as planned, which is annoying. If we're going to do this, I'd rather have it over and done ASAP - guess I'm going to have to indulge myself to make up for the protracted chaos. Patent Saturday isn't very far off, but I don't think I have time for any truly "extraordinary measures" (high-end hotel weekends and the like)...

Development News... Chapter 7 is GO as MoN-205 Flight 102 Is Overdue moves into its next phase. Some of our cast are still to "report in", but that's about to be rectified in the next few chapters as this particular train keeps a-rolling!

Following on a railway-related theme, the success of MoN-205 has rather derailed plans to get Season Six of The Darkhawk Diaries completed by year's end... BUT if the current story gives me a real creative kick-start, it'll be a small price to pay. It's not as though the world will end if I miss this target, which was wishful thinking rather than a set-in-stone do-or-die deadline. It would've been nice to start 2011 with a clean slate, but given the upheavals there have been, and will be between now and the New Year, it's really not achieveable - unless I surprise myself yet again. Hey, it could happen...
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In Today's Episode... The Pandemonicum Symphony: First Movement continues as the most mysterious members of The Unified Response show their worth without firing a shot, while some of our cast may just be flying into the very storm they're trying to avoid...

Development News... The epilogue for the current story is progressing nicely, setting up the next, possibly crucial stage of The Path To Reignfall. Things are going to get naaaasty.

In Our Headline Story... ...and all of a sudden, I love students. Why is that, one might ask? Well, yesterday I was going to buy a DVR, but the shop was packed out with students, so I didn't bother - but today I was determined, particular after learning that Sunday's football should be Colts @ Redskins.

I got the machine I'd selected for £20 less than it would have been on Tuesday, 'cause today, the Christmas mini-catalogue went live, complete with a juicy saving on my purchase. Sweeet!

"Good things come to those who wait" certainly seems true from my POV.
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Made it.

Problem resolved - and things may get even better. Just don't count blog-posting in that list of improving things, 'cause I just blew my deadline AGAIN.

Anyway, this means that a bunch of stuff just moved a good deal closer to reality. Mission stuff, and more besides...

...but not tonight. I may not be asleep in my chair, but I'm still not quite up to speed. The Move is going ahead, and whilst there's no definite "GO" date so far, I can at least "re-equip" without any hardship.

Development News... I could have another chapter finished tomorrow!
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YES, we DO have NFL coverage this season, from Channel 4! JOY!

Thanks to @NatCoombs and The 'book That Shall Not Be Named.

...well, it's the first of me hearing of it. Excuuuuuuse me while I celebrate this excellent news.
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I came home to some very good news. The "restrictive issue" mentioned in my monthly Mission 101 report was just resolved.

Let's go to work.
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So this is me, putting this week behind me...

Movie Review: Scott Pilgrim vs The World The story...

Guess you could call this spoiler territory... )

The Verdict... Prepare to be amazed. So good, I bought the (first) book! Score: 9.1/10
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Highlight of The Evening... Smallville: "Absolute Justice" Part 2. One of the problems with digital TV is that sometimes, you can't see the wood for the trees - there is just too much stuff on TV! You spend so much time looking for something to watch that you end up getting "listings fatigue", and completely miss stuff you'd have stayed in for specially, pre-digital.

A review of sorts... )

Meh. Dropping off again. Guess I can scratch any TV catch-up tonight...
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Finally! The DVD release of Starcrash, one of my all-time favourite movies (now available from just about any online outlet)! Okay, it's not the best movie ever made, and yes, it does have D*v*d H*ss*lh*ff in it, but Caroline Munro looks stunning in this, especially in the prison and Amazon planet sequences, and that is what really matters.

The movie itself isn't entirely a Star Wars rip-off, although there is an evil empire, a missing member of a royal family, some not entirely law-abiding heroes (substitute Stella Star for Han Solo) and a valiant final battle with the enemy centred around their space station. There's a "heroic" robot, but Robot El kicks the ass of Threepio and Artoo - and he delivers one of the best lines in the whole movie (the title of this post)...

...oh, okay - it's probably more Star Wars than it isn't, but there's an endearing streak of Barbarella in it. It could probably do more with that, and I don't know if they do that in any of the "sequels", but as far as I'm concerned, if it doesn't say "Caroline Munro" on the tin, it simply isn't Starcrash! Anyway, back to the movie...

The performances aren't exactly first-class - even card-carrying thespian Christopher Plummer struggles with lines like "Imperial flagship, I command you to halt the flow of time!" - and the effects are pretty dire for even a film pre-Star Wars, such as stop-motion animation that would make the master Ray "Jason And The Argonauts" Harryhausen choke; the best you can expect from a low-ish budget Italian production. If you want a better Star Wars era space-opera, you should definitely check out Roger Corman's Battle Beyond The Stars (another big favourite of mine).

See Starcrash at least once. Don't expect a masterpiece, but if recent fare is anything to go by, sometimes you can "do more with less". Score: 10/10!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch this gem...
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Mission 101 Update... Okay, that's official:
90 - Go to at least five concerts
will be brought right up to speed on August 1st, courtesy of the Perth Concert Hall, and "The Dog Hisself" Seasick Steve. Travel, accommodation, ticket - all dealt with last night. Yay!

Also, there's already the possibility of a THIRD concert, now that Rush are to release a new album next year, and are kicking off a big Canadian/US tour at the end of June. I'd certainly want to see them again after the "Snakes And Arrows" Tour...

I love it when a plan comes together.
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My Geocities site, the first ever web-site I created, appears to have been saved by the excellent people at REOCITIES! I still have to check that everything is there, especially all the "Phantasia" material, which will become particularly relevant when WORLDS COLLIDE begins - ooops...

So, here it is...

Project development news coming later - got another hopefully small piece of "housework" to do as soon as this goes up...
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Mmmmm - an Amazon delivery! Haven't had one of those for a while, and this isn't an impulse buy of notebooks - today, we're talking a brace of new-release CDs; the latest Seasick Steve - "Man From Another Time", and a definite "major event" in the form of "Sonic Boom", the latest studio album by KISS!

I heard a few weeks ago that the band were soon to release some new studio material, but I had no idea it would be released so soon. Before I knew it, and aided by a UK music market that won't give air-time to anything that hasn't won a "reality" show or been on an advert, the album snuck out on general release. Taking the plunge, I ordered the deluxe version, complete with rerecorded classic songs, and a live DVD - just under £11 seemed like a real bargain...

I haven't sampled the bonus material yet, but "Sonic Boom" has proved to be worth the price of admission all on its own. Just like AC/DC's "Black Ice" last year, a great band has ended the drought with some first-rate material - I've already fallen in love with the anthemic "Stand", and I feel pretty sure there are several other candidates for taking root in this writer's head; you only have to hear "Say Yeah", and you can imagine it in the live set. It's Kiss as you'd expect, honed by all their years of experience - the band you love, with 21st Century polish and plenty of energy. I am genuinely loving this - and not just because it means there's a VERY good chance of a tour heading this way - next summer, I suspect, but please not just a slot at Glastonbury or some shit like that. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING short of DEATH will stop me attending.

No true fan can ever doubt the band again after hearing this - screw all the "Kiss Koffins" crap, this is the real deal. Like Godzilla, there are some things only the force of nature can stop. Highly Recommended.

Development News... Made a bit of progress with MoN-203 "Mane-of-Night And The Wayward Child", but the big creative advance is a future storyline, tying together two seemingly unrelated plot-threads. If I manage to not be ambushed by hassle for, say a week or so, I could get close to clearing the existing story from my plate, and edge closer to more unexplored waters. Let's see how likely that is to happen...

Tomorrow... The Doctor returns in The Sarah-Jane Adventures!
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Lunchtime was fun; a perfect, end-of-summer afternoon, with the sun in a nearly-clear, blue sky, the waves lapping on the shore - various air forces tearing through the heavens (in particular our own, past and present, ably represented by The Red Arrows and Vulcan XH558)...

Lewis Hamilton's on pole for Imola, and Jensen Button has his best grid slot for too long...

...and I'm finally getting to grips with the new Gargoyle-related crafting skills in Ultima Online. This evening saw some decent gains, and a good "springboard" for further development. All of a sudden, the game really is FUN again!

Add to this impending football (Sunday Night!) and hopefully more writing (Sunday), and things are about as good as they're likely to get, even with Great Aunt STILL in hospital, and financial matters still to be addressed. Overall, not much to complain about...!
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At The Movies: District 9. It could be so easy to cry out "Alien Nation!", and dismiss this as a knock-off - but that would be so damn lazy, and would do this movie a dire injustice. Rather than compare this with an entirely different movie from a different era, or go fishing for "references", like some reviewers, the viewer is better served by sitting back and properly absorbing all this movie tries to do - and succeeds in most triumphant fashion.

The film is completely devoid of "big names", apart from that of Peter Jackson as producer, taking that factor out of the equation. There's no Megan Fox-a-like to stick her arse or other anatomical attributes in your face. There are no connections to '80s cult toys. Stripped of Hollywood blockbustery, the film has to stand on script, performances, and how the whole thing just holds together, whilst keeping the cinema-goers' engaged, and despite the South African accents, which can take a while to get accustomed to, District 9 does just that.

What starts as a "documentary" quickly develops into something far more, as man's inhumanity pops its head up out of the rotten woodwork, and you feel a whole heap more disgust towards the humans than you could ever had for "the prawns". True, there's little explanation of the reasons for the aliens' arrival on Earth, but that really isn't important, just as almost everything about the aliens becomes secondary as South Africans come to view the "newcomers" as little more than vermin. Who's the monster now...?

CGI, much maligned of late, is called upon to bring the aliens to life, and the good people at WETA Workshops have done some good work once again, in full daylight and in grimy shadow. Effects compliment the story, rather than being used to tell the whole thing, which is in fact a real rarity - apart from the work of Pixar, I can only think of the Final Fantasy movies. Take off the Luddite blinkers for 112 minutes, friends, and afterwards, just think how hard it would have been to make this work any other way. I think you'll be glad you did.

Unless, of course, you're Nigerian. Some have taken issue with the depiction of that particular nationality in District 9, but I certainly wasn't laughing - and I don't want to get into a race argument that this film wasn't intended to address. Some of the "documentary" footage early on did, however, show human reverting to type with disturbing ease, no matter what their colour...

The Verdict... An encyclopedic knowledge of the genre is not required to thoroughly appreciate this movie, and come away thinking about just how low can humans go...? 9/10.

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