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Wednesday actually started on Tuesday, with a phone-call. Our DIY supplies had arrived, and Yours Truly took a day off to head out of town to get them. At the same time, I got to do some of the shopping I missed out on the last time I went "over the bridge", and picked up some craft supplies, in particular materials for Task 88
88 - Create usable stage/screen/cosplay props of three pieces of costume or equipment from my own projects
Some serious knot-work ahead.

After that, the main event - quite literally. By that I mean taking myself and Parental to the Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers, in town on the final leg of a substantial and almost Gillan-esque magnitude. Those unfamiliar with the troupe (including me) might have expected a Japanese line-up, but this is an all-European outfit, and I'm quite happy to say no-one will view that as a shortcoming. Not for one second!

Six-strong, this is a group able to make one serious wall of sound, one that requires only a modest amount of stage set-up; just the right amount of lighting and martial-arts style coreography to tie the whole show together. The music does the talking, and when it's music that makes your diaphragm vibrate, you can only sit and LISTEN.

It was particularly refreshing to sit and enjoy something different, in a smaller venue that is usual for me, but when you get that kind of reaction from a couple of hundred people, that just doesn't matter. Sometimes you just have to "take the plunge" - trust me, it's worth it.

The Verdict: Devotion to your art + head-spinning exertion = an excellent evening's entertainment! 8 / 10 and a provisional sub-*SCORE* for
27 - See one stage show a year
because it was preceded by dinner at the theatre...

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