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Sunday's been something of a day for recovering from yesterday, and so it's not been entirely constructive - BUT a variety of things have been going through my mind, and hands. I've been...
- pursuing some crafting endeavours, using my expanding knotting abilities to equip a new flash drive case with a strap/belt loop (courtesy of the excellent knot-tying blog by Stormdrane)
- finishing off the repairs to a paracord bracelet I had to cut off, replacing the Monkey Fist button with a Celtic Button Knot (that's for the knotting enthusiasts)
- giving serious thought to refreshing my footwear options now that I have a satisfactory storage solution at Site B
- considering the final touches to the craft project that will see me able to put a *SCORE* beside my Mission 101 Task 52 - Complete some craft projects I've started, and
- contemplating an approach to something that could just count towards Mission 101 Task 88 - Create usable stage/screen/cosplay props of three pieces of costume or equipment from my own projects
- so not a wasted day, all in all. Writing hasn't made it out of the starting gate, however, but I'll see if I can get something done this evening. Oh, and I'll be needing to assemble a Mission report for October at some point, too.

I've taken something of a leap forward in the crafting field, mostly thanks to the excellent web resource that is Instructables. I'd looked into its value for my Mission craft tasks, but only now that I became a subscriber, the full potential has been unlocked - ah, the joy of being able to print out customised instructions!

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