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It took nearly three hours to patch Ultima Online on the desktop. Laptop and netbook? About fifty minutes each... and then I started tinkering with a few things in-game, and oooops, it's mid-afternoon, and there's not a syllable of writing done. Poo.

What's happened to the last couple of weeks? I'm getting VERY close to the proposed "night shoot" date (Monday morning, actually), but I've done bugger all preparation for it. I've not exactly been at my best recently, and that's going to put a dampener on things no matter how focussed you might try to be. Depending on how I feel, and whether the weather holds, I might carry out the plan next week - I may even have an appropriate craft project ready by then, but that's going to require some extensive sewing sessions...
52 - Complete some craft projects I've started
95 - Go on a early morning/dawn photography expedition, and come back with good pics
Starting to think I'm needing to be more serious with my time-management, especially when late nights seem to be a "No Go Zone". If I plan to do something at a certain time - writing, crafts, whatever - that's what I need to be doing, and if I have any "empty slots" (like this morning), then I need to be filling them.

Hey, at least I did something Mission-oriented this morning...
63 - Do some more RP in Ultima Online
in that I managed to make and engrave a trophy for a possible darts competition, the seeds for which were sewn last night. Not a total loss, then.

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