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My Minecraft set-up is well and truly bollocks-ed up. All this modding has, I fear, royally fucked the whole thing up, and it's now time to start again from scratch. So long, all I've been working on these past weeks, and months...

This, clearly, is not a good time for me. Guess I'll just go and do something else for a while.
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Fucking marvellous. My primary Ultima Online account is having billing problems. I should've expected something like this, now that my back is getting better...
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Oh well, that's another birthday come and gone, and this year, no movie to go and see on the day. Shame, that - but next year may just be different...

In the meantime, videos - of the Minecraft variety. Episode 14 (from Friday):

Episode 15 (from Sunday):

Tomorrow, Day 4 of a four-day weekend. Considering how Friday and a decent chunk of Saturday were taken up by sorting out a fairly substantial Minecraft malfunction, I very much feel I'm owed the Monday, bank holiday or no.

Still Sick.

Apr. 3rd, 2014 03:42 pm
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Yup, still coughing and sneezing and generally feeling sh8 right now - and to make matters worse, I may just have broken Minecraft as well. I went to take on the fabled Ender Dragon, and *boink* no sound in game, before, during or after...

Wonderful. I've posted an enquiry on the MC boards, but 99% of the time, my requests for help get ignored there, so I'm not holding out much hope. Update - sorted by a relog. Weird, that.

Meanwhile, I stick to the schedule...

Sunday, Tuesday AND Thursday, as planned...!
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Starbound seems to be saved. Yes, I still lost a bunch of stuff, including a full load of precious fuel, but the game works as it should once more. Chalk one up in the "win" column, I suppose - and right now, that one looks a bit lonely there.

I would follow this news with something about the casting of the next Fantastic Four movie, but all of a sudden, it's gotten late...
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Remember that Starbound "Episode Zero" I posted earlier in the week? Don't hold your breath for more, 'cause this game just managed to piss me off intensely. Being in early development, it had had a tendency to have wipes of characters and worlds as things changed in the game, (but hey, they did warn us)... until a recent announcement that that wasn't going to happen any more, to the delight of many, myself included. And then, just a day or two ago, one of the game devs broke something, and now my saved game is crippled, with a bunch of stuff now missing, and irretrievably GONE.

That's enough for me to want to walk away, and for a while, that's just what I'm doing. Last time that happened, I never went back to the game that screwed me (hello, Kerbal Space Program). I simply DO NOT have the time to waste on a game that keeps biting me, and I'm not getting back that *checks Steam* EIGHTY-NINE HOURS I've already put into the game.

And just after the highs of the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY trailer, too. Way to trash my high, bitches...
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Let's Do The Time Warp Again... Yeeeeeah... *sighs* I am no closer to a solution to my Minecraft tribulations. I have been able to track down the approximate source of the issue - having both 32- and 64-bit Java on my system, both of which now seem to want to run when Minecraft starts up. I kicked the 64-bit Java out, and the game wouldn't start, so I restored the 64-bit software and yes, the game runs, but with the same problems I had at the beginning - hence the Rocky Horror (Picture) Show references...

I turned to the game community for help, but so far, the problem just doesn't seem "sexy" enough to merit anyone's attention. This is a real pain in the ass... but it does give me time to do a bunch of Star Trek Online stuff, such as get the 4th anniversary starships for my Science characters all fully equipped with their Special Episode reward components. Just one rerun of the mission left to do now...
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Ooooohkay. So, it looks like the current incarnation of Stargazer Project: Season 4 is dead. A nasty conflict, between two of the key mods involved, has set off a highly irritating "chain reaction", and I'm now going to try and "debug" the whole mess, to try and see what I can put back in. I was going for a Pacific Rim kind of vibe, which required new mobs, particularly of the more powerful kind, but I may not get to put those back in - unless omitting the "prime suspect" in the whole mess means I don't get the same trouble again...

We shall see - but that doesn't stop this from being an unholy train-wreck that's cost me the last eight or nine days' work, and invalided all the recordings involved. Of course, I could use it all as "dream sequence" footage.
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Okay, it looks like my Minecraft set-up is screwed. One mod seems to have buggered everything up - and I mean EVERYTHING. Apart from the recordings, of course, but that doesn't help, when the game itself is arsed.

Ah, fuck it. A whole bunch of stuff is NOT going to plan. Happy 2014 everyone...!
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I'm actually thankful that yesterday (AKA Saturday) is over. It's been a fairly shitty day - a mod crash took my Minecraft save with it, and four days' worth of Season Three development... including *sob* all that oil, and the fuel I produced from it.

So I cheated in an expensive piece of equipment, and a bunch of diamonds to fuel it. I'm not going to apologise for that, not for one second...

Now, let's see how Sunday and Monday go. PLEASE let's have the rest I've earned...
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Terrific. Minecraft is getting another patch, which will probably break the game as far as my Season 2 mods are concerned - and just as things are getting interesting... although I did have a serious scare earlier, when my experimental Nether-ship - in development in the "surface" world, experienced a horrendous bug-out, and for a few minutes, I was seriously worried that my character was completely stuck, and the whole project - the whole of Season 2 - was heading down the toilet. Thankfully, I was able to rectify some of the problem, saving the map at the cost of dismantling version 1 of the "Dauntless" - and I may just open a fresh Nether portal to make a test-flight in operational conditions just a bit more comfortable.

On other matters... well, there's very little to report. Damn, it's unexpectedly warm right now...

...and the Redskins are 0-3. Great.
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The laptop started making a very unpleasant noise last night/this morning. Switching off and restarting did not seem to fix things - cue a second straight early night, plagued by the fear that my gaming machine was about to fail on me.

Perfect sodding timing, right?.

So far tonight, following a trip to the local repair shop that revealed nothing (and thankfully cost nothing), things have been fine. No industrial-type fan noises, Kerbal Space Program still hates me - at least there's new Family Guy... awww, it's finished... (and followed by many-time repeats of American Dad)

Oh. Joy.

Jul. 1st, 2013 11:58 pm
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So, there it is - Minecraft 1.6(.1)... and it's back to the freaking Stone Age, *sighs* and just as I feared, all the work I'd put in to my projects is stuff I can't do anything with until the mods are all brought up to speed. great.

And there's no visible progress on the windows. *growls*
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So, the embedding for videos (see yesterday) is bugg(er)ed now, just like Star Trek Online and Marvel Heroes, for some screwy reason. I've also spent much of today doing a virus check to see if that's anything to do with the gaming issues (it isn't), and... yeah, I've really had my fill of all this crap.

I should be in a better mood. On Friday, the new desk for "Ace Labs" (aka "The Office") arrived, less than ONE DAY after it was ordered, AND I was told it would be next (very shortly to be THIS) week. Now that is service! Hopefully, our window-fitters will be able to lift the mood as we go into another week of hopefully final upheavals...

Ah screw it. I'll watch some more videos, then maybe head to bed early(er)...
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Tomorrow? Can it be true...?

(And it's actually Day 10)

Meanwhile... Several developments in Minecraft - it seems that the texture issue I had when first experimenting with mods is a transient thing, fixed by a game restart, and not the result of mods clashing as I'd expected. I can therefore restart my experiments...

...BUT there's bad and good news on the horizon: the next big update of the game comes next week - and that means all the mods will need updating, and I'll have to wait until the creators have modified their work to include the new material and methods. How wonderful.
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No news on the windows. Big news, that...

Elsewhat... My Minecraft projects aren't going as well as expected. At the weekend, I went ahead and gave the mods I wanted to use for Season Two a try. Both seemed to work... until some textures went missing, and reappeared when the second of the mods was removed. *sighs*

Time for a break, maybe?
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Today has been mostly this. I did manage to get in-game long enough to purchase the Original Series Uniform Pack, and equip my new character with said outfit...

So much for recording a bunch of "Let's Plays". I sacrificed much of my day's playing time to the great god External-Drive to make space for the raw videos, so I am far from Happy-Bunny Land.

Okay - guess I'll be doing some shopping tonight, then. I now have the time, after all.
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Done: watching over the exams!
Done: received my Rush ticket!
Not Done: Star Trek Online patching. It's "Legacy Of Romulus" Day, but I haven't had the chance to play yet. maybe before LOR-Day becomes LOR-Yesterday...?

There's no real hurry. The next three days are intended to be seriously laid-back, especially tomorrow - which just happens to be personal "sacred day" Spiritwalk...

Later, Dear Reader...!

Update: Patching done! Let's go (or very possibly crash in a heap of binary soup)!

Update on the Update: "Unable to log in for an unknown reason" - America is AWAKE, maybe? Gods, this is like Ultima Online's "Age Of Shadow" expansion all over again, but in stead of necromancers and paladins, it's Romulans...
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Well, Minecraft is now broken, because of all the crap you have to go through to make a texture pack function - or not, as in my case. The game is probably screwed now, and my hard work over the last two weeks lost. And that, boys and girls, kinda counts as a game-breaker for me...

To make matters worse, Star Trek Online now apparently hates my game-recording software, slowing to a shudder after only a couple of minutes. Oh JOY.

And just when the announcements break about the new update, and all the nifty new Romulan stuff...

Update... Crisis semi-averted. The texture pack I've been trying does seem to slow stuff down a HELL of a lot, and I haven't even loaded Fraps yet. *sighs* Back to the original graphics, I guess.

nd finally... WHY, whenever Warehouse 13 is on, is it almost ALWAYS the same BLOODY episode that I already watched???

Welcome to the weekend, sweetheart.
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Lonely This Christmas continues, as the Fulcher family Christmas takes an unexpected turn, with an unplanned guest - and elsewhere in Tony's world, the effects of this unanticipated arrival are felt by someone else...

Release Notes... There we go - the OFFICIAL release of the final version of Chapter 2. Only four days late, but at least it's out there, and work on the final Chapter will commence today.

Gaming takes a definite back-seat until Tuesday night. I thought I had hit a "game killer" last night in Terreria, accidentally triggering the "end-game" well before its time, but consulting the gaming community has eased my mind some. Even so, I am very much in need of a break from all that digging...

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