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Oksy, so that's the laptop out of action - it's doing that "can't reboot properly" thing again, and that, combined with other occasional issues, means it's... well, it's fired. I have been looking for a replacement for some time, and will be looking a bit harder in the next few days, with a view to making a purchase before my birthday.

Dammit - that's a bunch of my documents now inaccessible. Brilliant. No story material is affected, but some holiday stuff, some webcomic material, some UO screen-caps... what a wonderful way to end my Easter holiday. I got interrupted mid-UO last night, to my annoyance and subsequent irritation today, and now this? Fine. Screw it - I'm done for tonight.

I did continue my AVENGERS re-caps, having watched IRON MAN 2 again this evening, but the enjoyment of that was blunted a bit. *sighs*
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I keep having to remind myself that this is FRIDAY, even whilst writing this post...

Now, can I possibly fit ALL the AVENGERS Cycle movies in before the 26th? It might be an idea worth pursuing, as it could be that material in Incredible Hulk may be relevant to The Main Event.

Meanwhile... The "summer break" could be a time for celebration as far as yet another Mission 101 Task is concerned, one I will be MOST happy to tick off - even if it does mean I have to buy the someone involved a laptop. I'm talking
13 - Provide genuine support for Mum as she deals with her "health issue"
For the first time, a quitting day has apparently been set...

And Finally... I now have an important part of a major new craft project in my possession. I just need to buy a sufficient heap of the right kind and colour of paracord, and I can make something VERY special...

More soon.

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