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In Today's Episode... The Pandemonicum Symphony: First Movement draws to a close, and the battle is, in part, decided. Some have paid a heavy price; others leave the field of conflict burdened by the knowledge that this struggle is far from over, and far more complicated than it first seemed...

Release Notes... Stay tuned for an epilogue. Trust me, this one matters.

Elsewhat... Right now, I'm busy avoiding the Korean Formula 1 Grand Prix result. Oh, the joys of "Create and Craft"...

...talking of which, I'll be hunting down all kinds of projects to carry out using the modest supply of 550 paracord I just got - I really need a new "keychain" - and I'll be continuing my furniture hunt. The Bedroom needs shelves, The Office needs... oh, a decent office chair, that non-metal computer desk I've been wanting...
87 - Get a decent computer desk that DOESN'T have a metal frame!
...stuff like that. A "wish-list" is on the cards, I'm thinking.

But first, it's time to master some more knots - I've already had a few goes at the "monkey fist"...

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