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Got my "Peace And Quiet Camp" bedding, but that's about all I have to report on the Task 79 front
79 - Protest against CLAN
Remember that letter, and accompanying article last week? This week's response...?


Maybe I should've used the religious angle. People would have at least tried to confront the "hate-filled atheist". My letter this time last year was a bit more geared in that direction, and someone criticised me for "wanting to limit the ways people expressed their faith" - my answer to which was along the lines of "not at all - I don't mind what CLAN do if they're too far away to bother me".

No-one can say I haven't tried. I have received an e-mail or two from another concerned resident, confirming my feelings that the Council have had a very snooty attitude about this whole business...

Listen up, neighbourhood: you better get the most out of me while you can, 'cause this time next year, it'll be YOUR problem, not mine. As long as I'm here, I'll fight. Next time, I'll be in my office with headphones. You have been warned.

At least I'll nail another Mission 101 Task, at the very least, maybe even THREE - Task 79 (see above), Task 52 (craft projects - I'm getting to that), and
23 - Camp outside at least once
Better throw together a pre-campaign timetable - but for now, it's back to the craft projects - one of which may be my "NOBODY ASKED US" banner, if the weather holds...

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