Feb. 28th, 2012 11:33 pm
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Are we just less than two months from...

"Avengers Assemble"???

See the Comic Book Resources report that announces a change of title for UK audiences, because nooooo, we're far too stupid to tell the fucking difference.

Marvel bad. Marvel lame.

And someone still wants to call a certain Barsoom-centric movie John Carter? Surely no-one will confuse that with a certain other Samuel L. Jackson movie about basketball...?
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I can expect an inflated credit card statement this month. Not insanely so - I've had worse since The Move, and the infamous "TV triple-header" - but a bunch of project materials have gone on it, including most recently appropriate footwear for The Personal Goddess. Today, I got comics AND my triple-Play Blu-Ray/DVD of Iron Man 2, which I'll be watching shortly. Still no comic boxes, so some enquiries will have to be made...

Fnaj knows what caused last night's outage. The broadband probably took a huff 'cause it wasn't getting used while I was working on my craft experiment, but the results were worth it - hooray for cling-film and duct tape!

Okay, that may sound rather odd, but I have found a rather ingenious method for creating sewing patterns for things such as gloves. Last Sunday, I was able to use a disposable glove, cover the hand with duct tape, then draw around the necessary seams, cut around them carefully with scissors and BINGO - a custom glove template! I am now investigating giving a certain "Princess" of my acquaintance a make-over in leather...

...and that's a 16" Princess Jasmine doll from the Disney shop - the closest thing I can get, given my limited means, to a Japanese ball-jointed doll. Confusion defused, I hope. If I can make her a pair of boots, that's a BIG step closer to making my own...

And here she is... )

Okay, time for a drink, then a movie.
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The Learning Curve continues, and there is unsettling news for all involved. Things just got a whole lot worse, and Brighthawk's life just got infinitely more complicated...

Something I managed to miss last time... Holy sh8 - check out The Avengers Trailer!

Watched this four times yesterday, and again today. Damn, what a birthday present.

And finally... A craft project that just materialised in my lap managed to yield useful test results. I'm feeling a good deal more confident about one of my other Mission Tasks now, but they are soaking up a big chunk of my free time, and other projects are suffering as a result. I need to better manage my time...

Oh, and this should have been posted last night - but my broadband went down at just the last minute. Grrrrr...
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Checking the situation. Posting regular blogs at

- visit now for the Captain America review!
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Riiiight. So, where to begin?

Hardly an exciting work day - are they ever? Still managed to do some solid writing at lunch-time, and pretty much reach a conclusion for TDD-701 "A Star Is Rising" Chapter 1! There was a stack of comics and a "well done on REIGNFALL" present waiting for me when I got home. Caught a repeat of "Day Of The Moon", whilst doing some more "sampire" training in Ultima Online.

"But wait! There's more..." (to quote Blue Oyster Cult) I happened to come across IMDB's list of movies to come, and 2012 is actually shaping up to be rather interesting. December this year sees a second try at Judge Dredd, in Dredd, then its the Ghost Rider sequel/reboot in February - now hold on, is that a movie of intriguing book Cloud Atlas as well? - John Carter of Mars in March (enjoying the comics right now), then it's AVENGERS in May, followed a couple of weeks later by Alien quasi-prequel Prometheus at the start of June, Star Trek II (or whatever they're gonna call it) later that month, then to round things off for now, Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises in July!

That looks pretty solid to me, but it's still not a patch on this year (but I might revise that if they really get the proposed new Godzilla movie to screens next year). I mean, take another look at the list...

***** THOR...
*** 1/2 Pirates... 4...
**** X-Men First Class...
***** Green Lantern...
**** Transformers - Dark Of The Moon...
*** 1/2 Potter 7.2...
***** Captain America - The First Avenger...
*** 1/2 Super 8... (Cloverfield prequel...?)
(maybe) Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (Andy Serkis might just tip this one for me)
*** 1/2 Dredd.
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And The News Is... I should be getting a "cost of living" pay rise!

...but... even though the pay-rise is back-dated, it'll struggle to make a dent in the prices rises brought about by the January 2.5% hike in VAT, and the now 4% inflation. I'll probably eat up my rise in one modest shopping trip... but still, I worked for it.

Development News... I've looked again at the current state of Chapter 2 of TDD-610 ...Third Movement, and as far as I can see, all is well. I'm going to run with it as is, and address any issues as they occur, rather than cripple the Chapter 3 effort by trying to pre-empt them.

Talking of Chapter 3 - I started that this morning, when I yet again woke up before my alarm clock. I'd rather use my time doing that than roll over and try to go back to sleep, only to wake up again ten minutes later and repeat the whole damn process. I am very satisfied with the results, and the work I managed to get in after my lunch-time type-up. Add to this what's looking like a hassle-free weekend (pleeeeeease?), and we could be looking at another "push"...

And Finally... Wheeeee - another THOR trailer!

Okay, so that's THREE pieces of good news. Mustn't grumble. ;-)
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Yay! It's Blockbuster Season...!

Pity there's a pretty thin crop this year. However, the fight for top movie could already have been won...

Spoilers at six o'clock, Tony! )

The Low-Down: Enjoyed the first one? Here comes more of the same, and a bit more thrown in. STAY TO THE VERY, VERY END. The Road To "Avengers" really begins here! 8.5/10

*Reaches for the Mission 101 List...*
98 - See the each "Avengers" cycle of movies on opening day! (Iron Man 2 (2010), Thor (2011), Captain America - The First Avenger (2011), Avengers (2012)) (1/4)

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