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In Today's Episode... Revealed - the reason behind Talona's mystery desert mission, as we learn a little more about one mystery, and another emerges...

Release Notes... On time, as promised. In a movie or TV series, The Grey Man would most definitely be played by Seasick Steve.

This particular chapter is a classic example of spontaneous plot emergence - can you guess which element of this chapter sprung up from nowhere, creating a future story-line?

Development News... I wrote some more for TDD-606 The Ragged Edge at lunch, but last night's major focus of attention was a piece of story that may feed into continuity maybe a year from now. It's an encounter that will change everything, as a protagonist makes a truly startling revelation...

More of that nearer the time (cue maniacal laughter).

And the rest... Damn. The main computer is getting increasingly... "quirky", most likely because of its agonising lack of RAM - when I bought it, half a gig was a pretty decent amount, but since then, I've acquired two 1Gb Ram machines, and both of them work just fine, handling absolutely everything I throw at them, whilst "The Box" is now frequently tripping over itself. I do have plans to acquire better hardware, perhaps even building my own, as per
59 - Learn to upgrade PCs
60 - Revitalise one PC, or build an entire new one
Now, craft projects - let's see if I can move ahead with one of those this weekend. I may have to consider breaking out that protable sewing machine I bought years ago, but never used yet - and that's another task on the radar...
52 - Complete some craft projects I've started
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I will probably NEVER have a better boss.

At his suggestion, I'm taking Monday off. A three-day weekend after two weeks of (effectively) one-day weekends sounds just fine to me.

Think I'll plan my activities, and come back later. There may not be much planning to do for three lie-ins, but there's the rest of the time to think about, too - maybe some craft-work will be in order, and a bunch of writing and web-site planning...
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That's Work Slot 2 done...

...the latest pay slip is here (dated tomorrow which means a cash influx is indeed imminent)...

...and ground has been broken on the as-yet untitled TDD-606! Add to that a very nice lunch, a bath on my return home, and things couldn't be much better. Yes, it's back to New Work tomorrow, but that's not a problem - although I will be investigating some kind of extended break in the VERY near future.

I'm in a positive frame of mind, especially now is underway - maybe I can devote a bit of time tonight to a craft project - yup, it's Mission 101 time again...
52 - Complete some craft projects I've started
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Back shortly!

It's been a crazy day. A busy day, too. Two full three-hour exam sessions, barely half an hour for lunch (but what a lunch), topped off by the presence at a regular venue of an extra-time student who bore a stunning resemblance to "Johnny The Boy" from Mad Max, when he goes to court...

"Johnny The Boy" stayed behind for only ten minutes, so no harm done. Lucky him - well, he didn't suffer anything like the final fate of the original character - but the last thing I needed, today of all days, was to have an added delay to my getting home. I wanted to 1) get some fresh water, 'cause the water at the hall is sh8; 2) get home and a) get washed, b) get fed, and c) watch Doctor Who. Mission accomplished on all fronts...

So, what about Task 65...?
65 - Celebrate each and every Spiritwalk (May 22) and Patent Saturday (December 1) like they really mean something (which they do!)
Well, is operational, albeit in a very limited form, and it's really not easy to get your head around things after the rather intensive, and intense day I've had. If I can get some actual content up and running at the new site - probably another Wordpress blog - within, say, seven days, I will count this Spiritwalk as fulfilled...

Ah hell, why not...?
94 - Make a PD-worthy pair of boots from scratch!
That's something I've had in mind for a while, and I even bought the leather, but research into techniques somewhat ran aground. Okay, let's see what we can do about that...

Okay, let's call Spiritwalk 1 a done deal on that basis... and get that content in place!
65 - Celebrate each and every Spiritwalk (May 22) and Patent Saturday (December 1) like they really mean something (which they do!) (1/3, 0/2)
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Heh - nearly snapped my streak there. This time, the blame lies with a double-bill of new Family Guy, and some Ultima Online house-keeping. Earlier, plans for writing rather fell through, as the Monaco Grand Prix required my attention (bad luck, Jenson Button, tough luck Michael Schumacher), followed swiftly by making a start on compiling a reply to one of the key decision-makers involved with giving CLAN the go-ahead - just 'cause the county council gives it the green light doesn't mean everyone is okay with it...!

Mission 101 News... I am giving serious thought to quite literally making progress with
52 - Complete some craft projects I've started
- sketching out what I had in mind crystallised the idea in my mind, helping me to address one problem with the design, and I just need some uninterrupted time to do the necessary heap of sewing involved. I could, just possibly, have a wearable result in time for Spiritwalk.

Okay, time's running short, so I better get posting. Tomorrow, Work Slot 2 continues!
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So much for a nice relaxing weekend.

This is me going online, and in fact touching a computer, for the first time today *cue gasps of horror and disbelief!* 'cause I have been busy being creative, or more correctly crafty...

Yesterday, my trusty zip-up pencil-case thingy suffered a zip malfunction that can only be described as terminal, and this morning it struck me that there was no reason to go out and buy a replacement when, with tools and materials readily available to me, I could make one.

This doesn't quite fulfill a Mission 101 task, but it does "get my hands dirty" for tasks like:-
51 - Create something to sell, and sell it!
52 - Complete some craft projects I've started
I'll be posting "in progress" photos and the like when I get a moment to process and upload them.

I may even get some writing done.
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The Meeting... A "sorry you feel that way" rather than "we apologise for screwing up", but what needed to be said was said.

And The Rest Of The Day... A search for project materials was moderately successful, partly due to time constraints. Hollow plastic sphere for Blue/Red Lantern Power Battery project? Nope - couldn't even find a hamster ball. Large jewel for cosplay/prop Mane-of-Night energy-whip (Task 88)? No, but I did get some solid polystyrene eggs that could be used to form a mold for casting the necessary item - now, how about some resin casting supplies...?

Meanwhile... Mission Objective 79: Protest against CLAN continues, as local journalists continue to address the total lack of residents' involvement in the decision to allow 2010's CLAN Gathering. The latest news article featured someone who didn't want their name used, but I personally have no problems in that respect - especially when I'm going to go around the houses surrounding the site, asking for opinions and support. Given the way recent summers have gone, peace and quiet is about all we can hope for - and it's NOT for sale.

Task 55... Took some new photographs of my favourite piece of sculpture in the world - the dragon in Dundee. I even did a video clip this time - something will find its way online soon enough.

Coming Soon... The CSI Trilogy - all three "flavours" contributing to a single story-line. The story starts in Miami on Tuesday on Five - an episode from next season out of sequence...? Hope it doesn't blow anything about last season's cliffhanger.
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Last night's TV... Last night, I managed to catch up with the first UK showing of Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland Show, and... well, I wasn't all that impressed. I geninely have no idea why this doesn't seem to work - I do know that no, it's not because of the black main characters, before anyone starts that crap - but I will give the show another go, on the premise that it takes every show a few episodes to find its feet.

It doesn't bode well that, just a few "notches down the dial", a trendier channel is showing Season 1 South Park, and boy is that goooood.

Coming up... Tomorrow sees a rather sensitive gathering - our compensation for the failure of the venue to deliver to our satisfaction on the "tea" after my great-aunt's funeral. We'd expected a lot better than we got, courtesy of a change of management...

After that, the next excursion will be the hospital meeting, with a side-order of shopping. Project materials are my main target, but funds are a little lower than I'd like, so my buying options may be somewhat limited - not that I'm going to be pushing the boat out just yet.

Oh, and Avatar is back on the big screen at my local cinema, but there are no weekend matinee showings. Pity - but at least that leaves the weekend open for some serious writing.
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Yep, More Mission 101 Updates...! You can spend HOURS searching for (and failing to find) JUST the right components when you have a specific project in mind, such as
88 - Create usable stage/screen/cosplay props of three pieces of costume or equipment from my own projects (0/3)

and then you can just trip over exactly the technique you need for something else...

Wheeeee, this is becoming a whole bunch of fun - thanks! I may be needing more notebooks to cover everything - or maybe I should use some of the library of books I already have...

More later - time is short, 'cause of all this project stuff. Haven't had much opportunity to write today.
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Spent this morning exercising my other creative talents, and successfully created a calendar to hang on my wall. It's not exactly what I meant when I added
50 - Create "proper" pieces of art, fit to hang, or give as gifts

to my Mission 101 list. That's something I plan to set in motion shortly, along with
55 - Take more photographs

For that, I need a functioning camera, and I'll be seeing about that on Tuesday. Pity that the art shop in town has closed down - another sorry symptom of New Liebour's "F--ked-Up Britain" - I'd been going there for supplies for as long as I can remember, and would surely have been a regular customer again. Screw you, Tony, Gordon and Alistair - I shall very much enjoy helping to give you guys the boot in May...

Development News... I have a few paragraphs to type up, but other than that, the only thing I've done since posting Chapter 1 of TDD-605 "She Returns" is give the project a "fresh coat of paint" - a brand new backdrop, and a few other tweaks... and no, that doesn't count as
62 - Totally revise my blog template

It's going to be a busy time - all this, the upcoming appointments, the wind-up of my great aunt's estate...
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Development News... The "pushlet" has been a success, bringing Chapter 4 of TDD-605 "She Returns" to a conclusion this morning, and ground has been broken on Chapter 5. I haven't quite put the current story thread "to bed" yet, but I'm pretty close, and if I make further worthwhile progress this week (meaning more than one or two paragraphs), there will be a first chapter posting this weekend. Things are going pretty well, despite the ongoing "grey-out" - we've had maybe half a day of sun since before Christmas, and that's hardly inspiring...

Mission 101 Update... I'll be updating my list with at least one new objective today, once I'm finished with this - this well be:
88 - Create useable stage/screen/cosplay props of three pieces of costume or equipment from my own projects

- I've seen an item that could just form the heart of a "hero" Omnisensor, and I could be in a position to acquire said item and begin work when I go over for the hospital meeting.

Also due on the list could be:
89 - Create a portable list of tasks for on-the-hoof reference and updates
90 - Go to at least five concerts
91 - Create a "personal goddess"

90 should be a task in progress, as I should already have a ticket for Kiss in May, and 91 is something I will be expanding upon on the new web-site (Task 57) - a new art form...?

Meanwhile... Talking about Kiss, it appears that they will be making their European gigs this year available immediately after the show on a flash-drive - sign me up, guys!

Okay, time for the Mission 101 update - I think I'll just do monthly updates at The Mission101 LiveJournal Community, each featuring new tasks, tasks in progress and completed, and explanations of those things that might not immediately be clear to the casual observer. Yeah, that works...
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Okay, that's that rather tiresome Government business dealt with, leaving the way clear for a good wind-down weekend - and, I imagine, a good deal of writing and other creative work. One of those is a new bedroom calendar, which I would have put together digitally, were it not for the complete failure to function of the computer hooked to our printer. I could piece something together on here, port it to the laptop, then hook the printer up to that...

Meanwhile - On Mission 101... 28 - Watch one "classic" film a month...

Oh look, there's a likely candidate - Brighton Rock, on next Friday! I could have had Sands Of Iwo Jima yesterday, but I did have to drop that ball. At least digital TV gives me plenty of movie-viewing options. If I succeed, in seeing this, I'll do a review.

At the current rate... I'm on course to complete 66 objectives, with a penalty of £85 to pay to charity for the uncompleted tasks (£1 for each missed task, with an additional £10 for every ten failed)... but it is early days yet.

I'll do a full first month report some time next week. Stay tuned!
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Not much to report, to be honest. I am picking around a rough version of Craft Project #1, typing up the latter stages of Part 2 of TDD-603, watching the Spanish Grand Prix, Family Guy and American Dad...

Guess that's it for this evening. Tomorrow should be more productive.
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In Today's Episode... The truth about "The Curse" becomes clearer as Mane-of-Night and Asor seek more expert assistance, and the relationship between the Gara-Morsa and the Gara-Laserma takes an alarming turn for the worse. More than one collision seems imminent...

Development News... I'm moving forward with Part 2 of TDD-603, making a good start on Chapter 2 (5 of 9) - but I'm not going to set any finish dates this time. This ends when it ends, and there'll be plenty of time AND opportunity to push onward with writing projects very soon (see below).

Meanwhile... So far, my craft projects haven't kept up with my literary creativity. Not even close - Craft Project #1 is still just a sketched pattern, some leather, and two packs of padded insoles (you may see where I'm going with this...), with no official measurements on record so far. A previous project, involving the conversion of one garment into another, has caught my attention again, but it looks like that will require more work than originally envisioned. Doesn't mean that that is a non-starter, no sir; this particular piece of work - I'll call it "Craft Project #0" - should be a lot easier to carry out than the "big baby", and both should/could, with some application, be ready for when the "Hallelujah Chorus" arrive... hee hee hee.

Elsewhat... The usual appointments with The System have been causes for mild weekend anxiety in recent months - not that they've been giving any hassle - but next week is the one and only time I have to face them in May. The next time I'm due, I'll actually be well into Work Slot 2! Yippeee! Add to that the start of Blockbuster Season, and things could only be better if certain financial obligations were met at last (coughs), and we got the "hot, dry summer" we've just been promised...
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In Today's Season Premiere... "Mane-of-Night And The Dark Child's Descent" begins! Can Mane-of-Night get a grip on her unexpected change in circumstance before someone takes advantage of it?

Release Notes... Decided to get this moving earlier than anticipated. I'll just tack some more "down time" on the end of the posting cycle, or not, depending on circumstances.

Development News... TDD-603 has made it through to the "roughed out" stage, and several characters are being moved into place as the foundation for TDD-604, which will be an important story involving The Traveller, and a former acquaintance of his who may have a critical part to play in the struggle against The Pandemonicum. As far as continuity goes, TDD-604 comes directly before MoN-203, which complicates things a little more. Guess that's the way it's got to be...

And the rest... There are several things I really wanted to do today, but yesterday got so screwed up that it's leaked into today. I decided not to push matters, and thus avoid a frustration cascade, and so far, it's sort of working. Once I'm done with this post, purely brought on by the latest story post, I'll try to advance Craft Project #1. Wish me luck.
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Not a great deal to report: watched Tales From Earthsea (not bad), Primeval (they NEVER...), and the last part of the Red Dwarf revival (lazy - very, very lazy). Rewatched Doctor Who (not exactly a classic, but fun - I suspect there won't be a whole lot more fun in the last three of David Tennant's specials)... and that's pretty much all. There was supposed to be festive content in Ultima Online, but I either missed it - not that it was very well publicised - or my interest in the "Easter Bunny Quest" ran aground before I even got close to being finished.

Going to try to move projects along tomorrow, in particular Craft Project #1. I'll try to provide "work in progress" pictures whenever possible, if suitable progress occurs. Stay tuned...
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If it's "Good Friday" for everyone else, it's Good Friday for me, so I basically vegged this afternoon away in front of WALL-E, and watched the first of the new Red Dwarf episodes this evening - the former remains brilliant on the small screen, the latter doesn't let itself down, even despite the higher set budget, which means the whole thing just doesn't quite seem right.

As far as other highlights go, what is there apart from buying a little hollow Easter egg filled with Mini-Smarties, and finding that the package not only contained a complete egg with contents, but the "wreckage" of a second egg. A genuine "two-for-one" deal!

Anyway... it's tomorrow that really matters, as we get part two of the new Red Dwarf, and the first of David Tennant's "final four", "Planet Of The Dead". Once those are out of the way, progress can be made with other things - I want to get on with the Captain Dominion "snapshot" for The Darkhawk Diaries, and maybe do some rough plotting for another, that may just "rope in" some recently unused characters...

If these "shorts" work, there may be an opening for similar Mane-of-Night "inserts", too. All in all, should be fun!
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Aha! Comic delivery!

And yet again, I seem to have managed to miss something. *sighs* It's probably mostly a result of leaving the sending back of orders in a hurry, at the last possible minute - but that might not be much of a problem, as titles head for the chopping block.

Firstly, a word to Marvel. Knock off the flotilla of "Dark Reign" limited series, willya? I'm NOT buying them all - actually, I'm not buying any. Tie-in issues of titles I already buy? Sure...

With that out of the way, I can make a few preliminary comments: "War Of Kings" has started well, with interesting tie-ins interlinking through Guardians Of The Galaxy and Nova, probably Marvels' best titles at the moment. I didn't read the X-Men titles leading up to this, but the preliminary "Kingbreaker" series, finishing this month, has set things up well enough. I can always track down the preceding material at a later date.

Next, another Marvel gem. After last month's Avengers/Dark Avengers confrontation that never happened in New Avengers #50 (good, but booo, cheat!), I'm looking forward to the scrap between Osborn's bunch of fakes and the star of Incredible Hercules next month. Go, Herc - GO!.

Now to prove I'm not a total "Marvel Zombie" (but hey, it's my money) - Green Lantern Corps #34 continues the run-in to another cosmic epic - DC's "Blackest Night" - and delivers a bit of a shocker; someone has been busy, and there are going to be consequences that aren't going to be pretty.

Also... Ground has been broken on the first of those "snapshots" for The Darkhawk Diaries that I mentioned last time. Expect an interesting insight into the life of a young hero, now that his parents are in on the whole thing...

Elsewhat... Dropped the ball on craft projects today. Tomorrow may be out, too, as I'm teaching Parental Unit the interweb, and playing a critical role in an event in Ultima Online.
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The high-point of the day's exertion should have been waking up early - ON A SUNDAY - to catch the Malaysian Grand Prix (well done, Jenson Button!), but I actually managed to get in a bit of development work for MoN-203 "tba" - a first-draft story outline is on paper. The evening was exclusively Ultima Online, and that suited me just fine.

Dunno what tomorrow will be all about. Maybe it's time for some advancement on my main craft-project... we'll see in the morning.
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In Today's Episode... Mane-of-Night faces an old adversary as war threatens to break out on Wyridaen, in the penultimate chapter of "Mane-of-Night And The Darkening Storm"!

Development News... Not the "big push" I'd expected, thanks to an appointment lodged slap-bang in the middle of the day, but MoN-202 advances. If I stick by the tried and trusted rule of "write something every day", I should be able to get through this rough patch fairly soon. Fingers crossed...

Craft project news... My original design for Project #1 may need a rethink, but not a serious one. It does mean a bit more sewing - maybe another scaled-down test version is needed to iron out the trouble. We shall see...

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