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Bit sneaky, this entry, as it covers me until next year *grins*, but yesterday, I actually managed to put a dent in a problematic Mission 101 Task, and chalk up another movie for
28 Watch one "classic" film for each month of my Mission (10/33)
namely From Here To Eternity (1953). So many of the movies that fit my criteria are either cowboy movies (which I have no love for) or war films (which I'll watch if they're any good) - this fits in the latter category, but From Here... was good - Frank Sinatra was particularly surprising as the hero's seemingly solitary friend in the world, and the whole setting, Hawai'i prior to Pearl Harbour, melted into the background until the very end as military men show themselves as either all too human, or all too inhuman. Definitely a "war" film for people who don't like war films. 8/10

I could possibly fill my quota for 2010 with some effort tomorrow - I should have sufficient movies "on file" - but naaah. It's not like I have anything special planned for tomorrow night - apart from sitting down with Scott Pilgrim and an onion bhaji sandwich - but I'm not needing any stress. Unlike previous years, we're not expecting anyone for "the bells" on what's going to be the last New Year at this address...

No. NOT going to be as "heavy" as it might sound. Goodbye "Year of Change", hello "Son of Year of Change"...

And finally... Here's a new Task!
99 Reach an audience!
More on this very soon!
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Well, here it is - the first proper day of the Christmas hols. A weekday with NO work... and I'm unable to inspire myself, or even summon up the energy to relocate upstairs. It's really NOT good enough, I have to admit. Tonight, I change that.

Today is apparently a "Bank Holiday", and I guess that means that the next postal delivery is likely to be tomorrow. Will I see the missing Amazon consignment, or should I just call it quits on that? It's annoying little things like that - and too many others - that gnaw away on my concentration...

...gaaaah - I'm just not used to this holiday stuff any more. Kenny's dad in South Park pretty much hit the nail on the head when he said "When you're unemployed, weekends are meaningless", and this is like a big weekend. Yeah, I'm working now, but I've only had a couple of extended weekends since I started, and by those I mean May for Kiss, July for CLAN, August for Seasick Steve and October for Doctor Who Live, none of them a proper getaway. A serious lynch-pin for the whole mess is, as always, The Move, and I'm thinking that will be delayed and delayed, and that uncertainty will gnaw and gnaw... and gnaw.

I'm starting to think that, in order to get ANYTHING moving, I may have to make The Move unilaterally, and relocate to Site B even if I have to do it on my own. I think I know the reason for the delay - a promise a certain member of the family is going to have to keep when The Move takes place. A little something to do with a certain health issue that's something of a thorny matter...

Right. I'm going to do a few bits of business once I post this, then I'm logging off until 1) I've completed some writing, 2) I've finished watching last night's football, and 3) I have watched Die Hard 2 in its entirety.
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Anyone looking for political commentary or heavy-duty opinions can just wait 'til New Year. I'm done with all that for the rest of the year, unless something truly catastrophic and world-changing happens - and that doesn't include "heroic" hackers turning on each other, the US assassinating "Captain Leaky", or the spontaneous combustion of every student fees protestor on Earth...

I'd much rather spend my time writing, or collecting iron to make cannons in Ultima Online, or making my way through the growing library of "classic" films I've been gathering. As far as the former-most (does that actually exist in any dictionary?) is concerned, I'm thinking I've made sufficient progress to start posting Part 2 of The Secret Adventures of Mane-of-Night: Flight 102 Is Overdue. Tomorrow seems like as good a time to start as any.

Must admit I'm feeling rather liberated, writing-wise. I no longer have an artificial dead-line to meet, and the first product of that liberation has been a good deal more satisfying than some pre-"deadline" material. "Year Of Change" - maybe the year of getting my focus back? One can but hope.


Dec. 15th, 2010 08:30 pm
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Advice to interface designers for anti-virus software - do NOT make your End Live Support Session button look like a SEND button, and DON'T put it in a place where it can easily be clicked by accident! I just wasted a whole HOUR of my precious 'net time trying to address a (hopefully) non-critical problem, and in the end it all came down to Big Shiny Button Syndrome...

And now I'm too pissed off to do pretty much anything this evening.

Oh, and I utterly HATE Windows Vista (file under Work Related "Where The Fuck Is (insert program name) On This Piece of Sh8?" Incidents).

This is just the wrong time of year for this kinda crap. And tomorrow, another viewing - which means I have to "clear the decks" before I go to work. Great.

Update! Sod it. I'm watching Dogma.
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Mission Update! I pulled my original Task 64 a couple of weeks ago, and now I have a replacement!
64 - Complete The Move without any serious drama
- a lot of the stresses and strains involved may be beyond my control, but at least I can not make things worse.

Yep. Happy with that.

Meanwhile... No chapter posting today. I'm taking a catch-up break. More very soon!
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This Just In! Just received the final components of the "Seven Gifts of Patent Saturday"!

Recommended for the adventurous and open-minded only! )

Guess that'll be me finished spending for this year...

...but then there's the VAT hike in January. I may have to do my audio-visual purchases for The Move before New Year. Grrrr...
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...we have a winna!

Thanks to and City-Link.

Now I have my "boot-locker" for The Move...

Meanwhile... That's one festive Mission 101 task
14 - Take Mum to the University Christmas performance of Handel's Messiah at least once
knackered for this year - unless they cancel, and reschedule for next week (please?). Maternal Unit isn't in the mood, after this morning didn't go as planned. Pooh.
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Ugh. Weather-wise, today has seriously sucked. Cold, slippy, snowy - now windy (Siberian, apparently), and tomorrow's not going to be any better, by the look of the weather reports. I'm giving serious thought to not going in to work tomorrow; hooray for flexible working!

So, what's the score today? Presents arrived = 0. Phone calls received re: delivery plans for auction items = 0 (mobile reception at work is dire). Need I say more? I bloody hope not, 'cause that's all there is...

Oh, there's still development ongoing for Mane-of-Night: Flight 102 Is Overdue", and another chapter due for posting tomorrow - probably for bed at this rate.
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Hey, here's a task I haven't even looked at previously...
62 - Totally revise my blog template
- so now, I've gone ahead and switched templates! First impressions are fairly positive, although this isn't entirely what I'm looking for (a customer header image and more control over the colours would be welcome for a start) - even so, can I perhaps declare a *SCORE* here, all the same...?

Oh, go on then.

On Other Tasks... I'm still struggling with
28 Watch one "classic" film for each month of my Mission (9/33)
- I was trying to watch The Lion In Winter (1968), but the cold, and the somewhat frigid theme rather sapped my enthusiasm. I'll watch out for another showing of this, and stick it on the DVR, for future consumption - alongside Kind Hearts And Coronets, the original Solaris and currently recording North By Northwest - oh, and another I can't recall the name of right now...

Yeah, diligent, aren't I? Well, at least one of my Patent Saturday 2010 gifts should help me along with that (check back on Wednesday for the full story!).
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Ah, sh8. All this snow down South - there's barely an inch on walls and car roofs here - is bound to delay the more expensive elements of the Seven Gifts of Patent Saturday plan. Guess I should be glad I was able to get gifts 4 to 7 in town, and my "stocking" won't be empty on the day.

Heavy snow is expected by/during tomorrow. Maybe work will be "snowed shut" this week, but I'm not counting on it. The current weather looks to be curtailing Move-related activities today - I have an unpleasant history with icy pavements...
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In Today's Episode... "Mane-of-Night: Flight 102 Is Overdue" commences in earnest, as we witness a family reunion, and Shadow City's initial reaction to a quite unexpected event. The Lady's Eagle takes wing...

Release Notes... Possible image outages may be experienced - reminders about hosting renewal got "kicked under the bed", so to speak. I've always been going to feed some more funds into the hosting operation, and once I'd paid the outstanding fee, I did just that. *sighs* Gonna be a bigger bill in the post next month than I'd planned, but it can't be helped.

Development News... Chapter 9 is underway, and our cast fills out a bit more!

Meanwhile, the weekend development situation got a kick in the head when I was on the way home - we have a viewing tomorrow lunchtime, colliding with intended Move operations. At least its a proper family this time, and not more property moguls looking for a student accommodation cash-cow in town. At least something will be going right this weekend...
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It's "Yay!" Time... So, I'd thought I'd won a £10 prize off the Lottery a couple of draws ago. Today, I remembered to go and claim it...

Actually, it turns out my Lucky Dip on the same ticket was so similar to my main numbers that I ended up with two three-number prizes - £20 in total! Not my luckiest day, but the good fortune is most welcome.

Move News... The general opinion is that The Move won't be happening as soon as planned, which is annoying. If we're going to do this, I'd rather have it over and done ASAP - guess I'm going to have to indulge myself to make up for the protracted chaos. Patent Saturday isn't very far off, but I don't think I have time for any truly "extraordinary measures" (high-end hotel weekends and the like)...

Development News... Chapter 7 is GO as MoN-205 Flight 102 Is Overdue moves into its next phase. Some of our cast are still to "report in", but that's about to be rectified in the next few chapters as this particular train keeps a-rolling!

Following on a railway-related theme, the success of MoN-205 has rather derailed plans to get Season Six of The Darkhawk Diaries completed by year's end... BUT if the current story gives me a real creative kick-start, it'll be a small price to pay. It's not as though the world will end if I miss this target, which was wishful thinking rather than a set-in-stone do-or-die deadline. It would've been nice to start 2011 with a clean slate, but given the upheavals there have been, and will be between now and the New Year, it's really not achieveable - unless I surprise myself yet again. Hey, it could happen...
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"Come on, chum. There's not. A moment. TO LOSE!"


Anyway, back to Development News... Ye gods, this is pure Space Utilisation Survey stuff, this new Mane-of-Night story. I may not be doing my usual autumn Work Slot, but I am definitely channeling the spirit, now that I'm starting on (holy crap) Chapter 5. I may even start posting this soon - and the "star of the show" hasn't even appeared yet...

Elsewhat... Move-related goings-on tomorrow - and TWO viewings for "Site A" - could compromise weekend writing, as will the final F1 Grand Prix of the season in Abu Dhabi on Sunday. All the same, I'll give it my best shot.
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Uh Oh... I'm three weeks and three days away from Patent Saturday 2010, the first of two that qualify for a particular Mission 101 task
65 - Celebrate each and every Spiritwalk (May 22) and Patent Saturday (December 1) like they really mean something (which they do!) (1/3, 0/2)
- but so far, I have nothing particularly special on the cards. Again, The Move influences things, even though the actual relocation may not happen this year - but I certainly have the funds to make something above and beyond the norm happen. I do have some Move-related luggage in mind, but that's hardly exciting...

Again, I'm surprising myself by wishing The Move was progressing a whole lot faster than it is. Work still needs done at "Site B", and our success rate with workmen keeping their appointments isn't that great so far, and there just seems to be one or two "key-stones" that need to be shifted before the present "log-jam" gives way. Somebody get their finger out so I can start getting things in order - there's a whole heap more needing done... and I've lost count of the number of comic boxes that'll need shifting!

Meanwhile... Ye gods, the trophies for the Brazilian Grand Prix are bloody awful...


Nov. 5th, 2010 06:51 pm
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First Saturday in three weeks that I've had the opportunity to kick back, and properly relax... and we've got a last-minute house-viewing. That'll be the lie-in knackered, then, closely followed by a good dose of afternoon arse-up, and ending with "desperately trying to make up for the start of the day".

All of this will, of course, be preceded by a whole bunch of "fall asleep at the keyboard"...

I'm starting to think that "writing hour" may soon become a necessity.

On a lighter note... Found some very useful foam sheeting on eBay, but I'm wishing I'd ordered TWO sheets, given that I have two projects that would benefit from it, but Item 1 of Task 88
88 - Create usable stage/screen/cosplay props of three pieces of costume or equipment from my own projects
seems far more likely to reach fruition soon than
94 - Make a PD-worthy pair of boots from scratch!
- both of which need some careful preliminary design work, but Task 94 involves some extra issues, such as making/getting made some sole units.

Interesting (and busy) times ahead!
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Okay, here goes...

There we go - the official "The Move" header icon, depicting the first thing I hung up in my office-to-be. This cheery face represents a heck of a lot - embracing the key event of The Year Of Change, letting go of the only home I've ever known...

Intense stuff. Moving some stuff in has changed the nature of the whole business, but there's still going to be some difficult moments, and a whole bunch of shipping stuff from one place to another. They say "get one room totally sorted before you do anything else", to give yourself some kind of refuge - well, that's not going to be the office, not by any stretch of the imagination. The bedroom is a better option in that respect...

Meanwhile - on the Mission 101 front... Remember
88 - Create usable stage/screen/cosplay props of three pieces of costume or equipment from my own projects
- well, I'll pushing something special into high gear...

This is going to be fun.

And Finally... Purely by chance, I came across an excellent cover version of Frank Marino's "World Anthem" - the anthem of Dominion!
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Sunday's been something of a day for recovering from yesterday, and so it's not been entirely constructive - BUT a variety of things have been going through my mind, and hands. I've been...
- pursuing some crafting endeavours, using my expanding knotting abilities to equip a new flash drive case with a strap/belt loop (courtesy of the excellent knot-tying blog by Stormdrane)
- finishing off the repairs to a paracord bracelet I had to cut off, replacing the Monkey Fist button with a Celtic Button Knot (that's for the knotting enthusiasts)
- giving serious thought to refreshing my footwear options now that I have a satisfactory storage solution at Site B
- considering the final touches to the craft project that will see me able to put a *SCORE* beside my Mission 101 Task 52 - Complete some craft projects I've started, and
- contemplating an approach to something that could just count towards Mission 101 Task 88 - Create usable stage/screen/cosplay props of three pieces of costume or equipment from my own projects
- so not a wasted day, all in all. Writing hasn't made it out of the starting gate, however, but I'll see if I can get something done this evening. Oh, and I'll be needing to assemble a Mission report for October at some point, too.

I've taken something of a leap forward in the crafting field, mostly thanks to the excellent web resource that is Instructables. I'd looked into its value for my Mission craft tasks, but only now that I became a subscriber, the full potential has been unlocked - ah, the joy of being able to print out customised instructions!
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News From THE MOVE... Guess that's it absolutely official now - stuff has been moved to "Site B", and half a cupboard here is now empty(-ish). There is still a loooooooong way to go - I mean, I haven't even touched on the books and comics yet...

This, of course, means that there are going to a be a whole bunch of "Busy Saturdays" between now and completion - and that means a whole bunch of writing opportunities set aside between now and whenever this comes to its conclusion.

At least there isn't a danger of me getting a dose of whiplash from this endeavour, unlike sitting at my computer and falling asleep at the keyboard.
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Development News... Well, I may not have TWO chapters done, but the prelude for the next Mane-of-Night story is done, and the first chapter proper has been started - with "teaser" material from MoN-202 (another Epilogue). That material was always going to be "installed" in its proper place, and the moment has almost arrived...

However... the Season Six "deadline" draws ever nearer, and it seems less and less likely that I'll meet that target. In all honesty, I'd rather blow that deadline, and get the finish I want, rather than force things, and have a half-assed attempt at a finale. There's a nice juicy invigilation slot in January, after all.

I'm starting to wish that The Move was over and done with. That would finally put a cap on recent tribulations.
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In Today's Episode... The Pandemonicum Symphony: First Movement draws to a close, and the battle is, in part, decided. Some have paid a heavy price; others leave the field of conflict burdened by the knowledge that this struggle is far from over, and far more complicated than it first seemed...

Release Notes... Stay tuned for an epilogue. Trust me, this one matters.

Elsewhat... Right now, I'm busy avoiding the Korean Formula 1 Grand Prix result. Oh, the joys of "Create and Craft"...

...talking of which, I'll be hunting down all kinds of projects to carry out using the modest supply of 550 paracord I just got - I really need a new "keychain" - and I'll be continuing my furniture hunt. The Bedroom needs shelves, The Office needs... oh, a decent office chair, that non-metal computer desk I've been wanting...
87 - Get a decent computer desk that DOESN'T have a metal frame!
...stuff like that. A "wish-list" is on the cards, I'm thinking.

But first, it's time to master some more knots - I've already had a few goes at the "monkey fist"...

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