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Back on the exams again, and do I have these mini-deja-vu kinda things that make it feel like it's the lead-in to Christmas all over again... Same venue, same team. I'd go into more detail, but I'm behind on a bunch of things as it is - I'm uploading what should've been TUESDAY'S video right now!

Tomorrow (almost today) - GODZILLA. Yeeeeeesssssss...

One negative: it's a day off, but I don't get a lie-in.

Tomorrow, I'll post the links to the last week's videos, and present a movie review on Saturday - hopefully.

And Finally... Brace yourselves: I have been writing. I may have actually FINISHED something that's taken over A YEAR to do. "Back on the horse"? We'll have to see...
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"The Move" is another step closer to being FINALLY done, in that we have the first stage of recarpeting completed - and by this time tomorrow that phase should all be finished. About freakin' time...

Yesssss - so much nicer underfoot.

Coming Up... a weekend where much should be happening: The Super Bowl, of course; the final posts for ...Stargazer Season 1, and maybe, just maybe some story chapters go live...!
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That's me just about done with "hols" now, and Sunday becomes Monday, and we detour away from "Easy Street" once again. I can't say I'll be doing that with a heavy heart, as routine is looking rather like a good thing just now. The time off has been MOST welcome, let me make that clear - and especially after the exams stuff - but... well, there has to be something to "grease the wheels", and fully engage "creative mode".

If all goes well, there should be a ...Freeport chapter getting posted - how about that?
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I've been staying quiet in case I jinx things (or at least that's the excuse), 'cause this set of exams has gone pretty well, compared to the last two times, and particularly the same slot last year. I have been writing, typing up some notes and bringing Ghosts of Freeport a good deal closer to completion - it could be done and ready to post for Christmas, but no promises!

Tomorrow is the last day, and Friday may just be my last working day of the year, as I need to keep Christmas Eve (Tuesday) open for family, and why spoil a (hopefully) perfectly good weekend by going in on Monday? Oh, and somewhere along the line I have to fit in Desolation Of Smaug.

One downer... I'm getting a draught from the supposedly energy-saving double glazing, ferfaxache...
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The other day, I found the 2013 edition of my annual "new signature" art-piece, which I sign as the bells ring at New Year. "100 chapters of story in the 10th anniversary year for Darkhawk, or die trying", it reads (or words to that effect)... and boy, have I utterly failed at that. I have become somehow disconnected from writing this year, which I can attribute, without fear of contradiction, to discovering Minecraft.

What do I do about it? Stop playing? That won't solve anything in itself, and will starve my latest, and to date most successful project - the Ace Of Thorns channel - of new material. Better time management is called for, and perhaps a more flexible electronic tool for writing than my phone, which has never been up to the challenge, or my netbook, which doesn't get switched on or even taken out of my working rucksack more than maybe twice a month. A dirt-cheap but efficient tablet, with the ability to turn out rich text documents, seems to be the solution, as the transcription from hand-written to electronic is a time-eater I can't afford these days... and I do still have stories I want to tell.

Tomorrow is a "break day", so I may have some time to think about all this. Making a decision on hardware is a loooooong way away, by the look of things, as the tablet market is so damned congested...
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What to do, what to do...?

Well, there's...

- all that email business I've been deftly avoiding all the last week and a half, for a start. Better get that seen to tomorrow (without fail!).

- and I have *gasp* been writing lately, so maybe a write-up session would be a good idea!

In the meantime, my hopes are taking a pounding concerning getting Minecraft "modded up" again. Oh, there's something REALLY sweet with which I could re-ignite ...Stargazer Season 2, but I just can't get the mod-handling "framework" to run... and that's with a new version of the game heading our way. *sighs* Typical.

And finally... 27th September: the day we get THE FIRST EPISODE OF AGENTS OF SHIELD. Niiiice.
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Tomorrow, it's TWO WEEKS to Spiritwalk II. Crazy.

But before then, I have to fit in another visit to the cinema, for The Wolverine. Would've gone on Friday, but stuff got so messed up, I wasn't in the mood. Wednesday looks a better bet!

And then, there's more exciting news, in that I have managed to do a bit of pen-and-paper writing that may just spark me into full creative mode again. I'll type this stuff up, and see how I go from there!
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Okay, I hear ya.

I somewhat dropped the ball concerning the second part of the "anniversary" Brighthawk story, "A Gift Of A Gift", and my statement that it was coming "tomorrow". Oh, and this is the seventh of my one hundred chapters posted this year, not the third as the last posting might suggest...

It's all been a bit of a mess, to be honest. The whole thing was somewhat hurried, and probably would have been just one chapter long had the imminent "close of play" on the anniversary day not caught up with me. I will most likely be reworking this at some point - and the "director's cut" will not count towards my 10th anniversary total. I really need to get back to work on writing - perhaps that's why several games are screwing up lately...

Meanwhile *sighs*... ...that's TWO windows down, as of today! Hooray!

...and why are cinemas unwilling to acknowledge the imminent release of PACIFIC RIM? I've been monitoring the website for the cinema at which I saw Star Trek Into Darkness IMAX, and there are STILL no hints of any bookings being taken. Is this movie going to get shunted down the list to make way for the Monsters Inc prequel, due out on the same damn day? It's not looking good right now...

Madness, I tell you. Madness.
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How did it get to be July 2nd already? July 2nd is the anniversary of The Darkhawk Diaries, and this year, that anniversary is the 10th - something of a milestone... and one I intended to celebrate by posting 100 chapters of story this year.

Number of chapters posted in 2013... one.

Or more accurately, make that TWO.

Yup, I managed to write something ALL today, or more correctly this evening. The second and concluding part will come tomorrow.
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ITEM! *gasp!* I actually DID SOME WRITING. Not a great deal, mind, but the deadlock may just be broken. I doubt I'll reach my "100 chapters" target for the Darkhawk/Dominion 10th Anniversary, given my limited production so far this year, but interesting things will DEFINITELY be happening!

ITEM! Good to see the Redskins seem to have done okay in The Draft - another event that seemed to worm its way OUT of my field of attention.

ITEM! I'll finalise my Star Trek Into Darkness viewing plans by this time tomorrow. I'm thinking IMAX...
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The Ace Of Thorns/What The &139;? channel continues to take shape, with work underway in Terraria to produce the backdrop for a title video or several - a more formal announcement will be coming soon!

Meanwhile... I am very much needing to get some writing "in the can" - material is in paper form, ready for write-up, so I better find the time to do just that!
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Development News... Okay, that's some new material typed up for Ghosts Of Freeport, forming something of a foundation for the rest of the story. Good - that'll give me something to do while I try to glue and nail something else into some kind of order...

Video News... ...that being the gaming video channel, which *sighs* is being a colossal pain in the ass. So. I go to YouTube, start up a new account with the plans of using that for my channel... and the user name is messed up. Yeah, using an apostrophe - better known as "&139;" - was a REALLY good idea, dumbass. There seemed to be some kind of duplication issue with my planned name, so I tried a "subtle" variation, which I think is now so much like a "proper" name that I very likely can't change it. Well, FUCK.

Guess I just found myself a unique "quirk"...

Now, how about some content?
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Development News... Okay, the next Mane-of-Night story, Ghosts Of Freeport, can now be officially counted as under way. I haven't added much to the rough first few paragraphs, but the foundations are there, and the framework is in place - at least in my head.

I think I'm shaking off the urge for excessive gaming right now, so perhaps the path is clear for something creative. I would say "fingers crossed", but those fingers really should be typing...

Meanwhile... Oooooh dear - it sounds like A Good Day To Die Hard isn't. Good, I mean. Pity. Guess Blockbuster Pre-Season won't be kicking off this weekend after all.
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No Superbowl this time, but I plan on... well, I don't really have any plans, except maybe do a game video or two. I might make some progress on the next Mane-of-Night story, too...

...but I still manage to skip a posting slot. Bad, PD...
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First Things First... The ...Nemesis Epilogue will be ready and posted tomorrow, without fail. There was a whole new Terreria project to get underway, and then I got caught up in getting the special anniversary starship for my Star Trek Online Orion captain.

And the game...? Oh, the Superbowl? The 49ers are generating a lot of buzz, and rightfully so, but I feel the day belongs to Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens. Ravens 35 49ers 30...
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After yesterday's especially successful "push", I had given thought to rushing through the Epilogue for Wreck Of The Nemesis, but that has not come to pass just yet. Some more foreshadowing for WORLDS COLLIDE may be required...

Meanwhile... Oh crap, it's Star Trek Online's third anniversary! Guess I should "get back on the horse", especially when there's some interesting content being teased!
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Could the windows be maybe TWO MONTHS from getting sorted AT LAST? I'll believe it when I see it!

Now excuse me, 'cause I have stuff to clear off my "plate" to allow me to get weekend writing - AND POSTING - dealt with...
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Okay, that WAS supposed to "hit the presses" before midnight, but didn't. It's no big deal, to be honest, 'cause there's a whole bunch of not a lot to report on...

Oh, here's something: this just in - Doctor Who returns March 30th!


Meanwhile... Can I still get Wreck Of The Nemesis ready to begin posting at the weekend? With a two-day posting interval, I'd have most of next week to get Chapter 3 into shape - sounds like plenty, if I get things moving...

At least the cold spell is loosening its grip. Or so it seems...
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But first...

Development News... Oh yeah - Wreck of The Nemesis Chapter 2 is "in the can"! Ground has been broken on the third and concluding Chapter, and we could be looking at a possible posting start at the weekend (but as usual, expect it when you see it).

Meanwhile... Almost a month has passed, and there is still NO sign of any kind of tribute on TV for Gerry Anderson. I'm not impressed...

On a more positive note: Last week, I got a tax refund! Might not be much, but I've never had anything of that kind before, so Wheeeee!

Elsewhat... Damn it, this weather is gnawing away at my enthusiasm. Right now, The Office is *gasp* looking rather tempting.

Don't get me started about "global warming".
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Okay, that ball got loose, and went bouncing down the field, didn't it...?

Too much Terraria - that's why. Damn, is that game addictive. Of course, that's no excuse...

...oh, hold on - I actually have done quite a bit of writing, so much so that I've got a second chapter of "Wreck Of The Nemesis" close to completion, and with a bit of work tonight, I might even get it finished! I need a break from all that damn digging...

Colder tonight. We may even get snow. Damn.

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