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That's me just about done with "hols" now, and Sunday becomes Monday, and we detour away from "Easy Street" once again. I can't say I'll be doing that with a heavy heart, as routine is looking rather like a good thing just now. The time off has been MOST welcome, let me make that clear - and especially after the exams stuff - but... well, there has to be something to "grease the wheels", and fully engage "creative mode".

If all goes well, there should be a ...Freeport chapter getting posted - how about that?
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Yeah, that's the motto for this year: "Must try harder!" - meaning that I have been rather lazy with regards to any projects other than the YouTube channel in the previous twelve months. The "100 chapters in the tenth anniversary year" for Darkhawk/Brighthawk and "family" was a total washout - and that's an understatement. I think I posted THREE chapters in the new blog, and FOUR for Glitterthorn (and WORLDS COLLIDE) in TO BE CONTINUED - that's SEVEN PER CENT of what I had intended...

2014 will be different. WORLDS COLLIDE will be completed this year, WITHOUT FAIL. This is my promise. Expect the latest segment (GHOSTS OF FREEPORT) to be done and posted by the end of the month.
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The Ace Of Thorns/What The &139;? channel continues to take shape, with work underway in Terraria to produce the backdrop for a title video or several - a more formal announcement will be coming soon!

Meanwhile... I am very much needing to get some writing "in the can" - material is in paper form, ready for write-up, so I better find the time to do just that!
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Development News... Okay, that's some new material typed up for Ghosts Of Freeport, forming something of a foundation for the rest of the story. Good - that'll give me something to do while I try to glue and nail something else into some kind of order...

Video News... ...that being the gaming video channel, which *sighs* is being a colossal pain in the ass. So. I go to YouTube, start up a new account with the plans of using that for my channel... and the user name is messed up. Yeah, using an apostrophe - better known as "&139;" - was a REALLY good idea, dumbass. There seemed to be some kind of duplication issue with my planned name, so I tried a "subtle" variation, which I think is now so much like a "proper" name that I very likely can't change it. Well, FUCK.

Guess I just found myself a unique "quirk"...

Now, how about some content?
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Development News... Okay, the next Mane-of-Night story, Ghosts Of Freeport, can now be officially counted as under way. I haven't added much to the rough first few paragraphs, but the foundations are there, and the framework is in place - at least in my head.

I think I'm shaking off the urge for excessive gaming right now, so perhaps the path is clear for something creative. I would say "fingers crossed", but those fingers really should be typing...

Meanwhile... Oooooh dear - it sounds like A Good Day To Die Hard isn't. Good, I mean. Pity. Guess Blockbuster Pre-Season won't be kicking off this weekend after all.
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Today - the epilogue for The Secret Adventures of Glitterthorn: Wreck Of The Nemesis, in which our hero, and his companions, take some well-earned down-time before planning the future...

Release Notes... Maybe not as portentous as it might have been, but there you go. The stage is now set for the second half of the run-in to WORLDS COLLIDE! (Oooops - already past halfway...)

Talking of "second half", the Ravens very nearly had an 18-point lead, going into halftime...
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First Things First... The ...Nemesis Epilogue will be ready and posted tomorrow, without fail. There was a whole new Terreria project to get underway, and then I got caught up in getting the special anniversary starship for my Star Trek Online Orion captain.

And the game...? Oh, the Superbowl? The 49ers are generating a lot of buzz, and rightfully so, but I feel the day belongs to Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens. Ravens 35 49ers 30...
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After yesterday's especially successful "push", I had given thought to rushing through the Epilogue for Wreck Of The Nemesis, but that has not come to pass just yet. Some more foreshadowing for WORLDS COLLIDE may be required...

Meanwhile... Oh crap, it's Star Trek Online's third anniversary! Guess I should "get back on the horse", especially when there's some interesting content being teased!
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Today - the conclusion of The Secret Adventures of Glitterthorn: Wreck Of The Nemesis, as our hero and his new allies attempt not only to "refloat" the Nemesis, but save their own hides in a world that's unwilling to let them live, let alone escape...

Release Notes... ...and the story just grew a separate epilogue. This isn't a cop-out, 'cause I just spent THE WHOLE EVENING getting this baby ready - and very satisfying it was, too. I may just make a regular thing of this...

And with that, I'll bid ye all good night.
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Today - Chapter 2 of The Secret Adventures of Glitterthorn: Wreck Of The Nemesis, and Glitterthorn's seemingly Herculean task continues - and there are a bunch of complications just around the corner...

Release Notes... There we go - Chapter 2 on time, and two days to go for Chapter 3. Now excuse me while I clear the decks for the next writing exercise!
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Beginning Today - The Secret Adventures of Glitterthorn: Wreck Of The Nemesis; our hero takes a big chance in order to advance his personal agenda, and not everything goes according to plan as he begins a salvage operation in a deadly alien world...

Release Notes... And the clock is ticking - Wednesday for Chapter 3, or die in the attempt...!

Elsewhat... Looks like Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is taking shape - Doctor Strange is being prepped for some time after Ant-Man in November 2015. Interesting.
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Could the windows be maybe TWO MONTHS from getting sorted AT LAST? I'll believe it when I see it!

Now excuse me, 'cause I have stuff to clear off my "plate" to allow me to get weekend writing - AND POSTING - dealt with...
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Okay, that WAS supposed to "hit the presses" before midnight, but didn't. It's no big deal, to be honest, 'cause there's a whole bunch of not a lot to report on...

Oh, here's something: this just in - Doctor Who returns March 30th!


Meanwhile... Can I still get Wreck Of The Nemesis ready to begin posting at the weekend? With a two-day posting interval, I'd have most of next week to get Chapter 3 into shape - sounds like plenty, if I get things moving...

At least the cold spell is loosening its grip. Or so it seems...
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But first...

Development News... Oh yeah - Wreck of The Nemesis Chapter 2 is "in the can"! Ground has been broken on the third and concluding Chapter, and we could be looking at a possible posting start at the weekend (but as usual, expect it when you see it).

Meanwhile... Almost a month has passed, and there is still NO sign of any kind of tribute on TV for Gerry Anderson. I'm not impressed...

On a more positive note: Last week, I got a tax refund! Might not be much, but I've never had anything of that kind before, so Wheeeee!

Elsewhat... Damn it, this weather is gnawing away at my enthusiasm. Right now, The Office is *gasp* looking rather tempting.

Don't get me started about "global warming".
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Okay, that ball got loose, and went bouncing down the field, didn't it...?

Too much Terraria - that's why. Damn, is that game addictive. Of course, that's no excuse...

...oh, hold on - I actually have done quite a bit of writing, so much so that I've got a second chapter of "Wreck Of The Nemesis" close to completion, and with a bit of work tonight, I might even get it finished! I need a break from all that damn digging...

Colder tonight. We may even get snow. Damn.
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Oh Great... They're saying that RGIII will be back in playing condition for the start of regular season play - after *gulp* knee surgery.

*sighs* Why can't we have anything nice...?

Development News... Better news: Yes, "Wreck Of The Nemesis" is coming together nicely, with writing picking up pace - and Chapter 1 will be "2 of 100" for the 10th Anniversary "masterplan" - it's "post one hundred chapters", and that was a chapter set for a 2013 post.

Guess that's all.
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Remember the Final Fantasy XIV "End Of Days" video? Well, it looks like an updated version is now available, with an epilogue showing the world after the devastation. It's quite uplifting, but the emotion of the original sequence does become a little blunted by the "But then..." - even so, the game could be fun. If it was Free-To-Play, of course.

*looks for a link...* Or... try this...

Meanwhile... I have broken fresh ground on "Wreck Of The Nemesis", the Christmas Special that wasn't, and which is now part of the run-in to WORLDS COLLIDE!
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Just back from seeing The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey 3D. A full report follows tomorrow. The short version? Most enjoyable, but not quite as awe-inspiring as the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Not "Tolkien Episode 1" in any way, shape or form...

Also, this... Change of plan on the Christmas Special front - Wreck Of The Nemesis is being promoted to WORLDS COLLIDE prequel. New story is being fired up tomorrow - and we will be Lonely This Christmas after all.
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In Today's Episode: Tales of Shadow City: Seeing Nowhere Through The Eyes Of A Lie concludes, as Talona shares the truth about the Shadow Folk and the Tall Ones with the group on board The Spire - will turning their world upside down be enough to save the future...?

Release Notes... There it is - one story done, another needing a whole bunch of work before Christmas Eve.

Meanwhile... LiveJournal was down last night, just when I went to post. Huh.
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Development News... Now that is what I call productive - right now, Chapter 5 of Tales of Shadow City: Seeing Nowhere Through The Eyes Of A Lie is pretty close to completion, after some SERIOUS writing last night, and today. I'm not quite "there" yet, but close.

I'll have a more confident position to report this time tomorrow. May even have something to post.

Meanwhile... Ye gods - Redskins win! Holy crap, we are TIED for the division lead!

And finally... Back to work tomorrow. PROPER work.

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