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So much for me being more regular with blogging.

Anyway, on to something else: new video series...!

Elsewhat... Toilet Bat was safely returned to the roost, I'm told - but not before another two bats had a similar problem, and one did not survive. A shame, but hopefully that issue is now fully dealt with, and the colony is now secure.

Other Elsewhat... All isn't entirely going to plan on the Star Trek Online front, as the special gear I was working towards (see video above) has turned out to be a bunch more expensive than anticipated. Bugger.

And finally, on a brighter note, I have received the main part of my recent "special present" order. I had thought to do an unboxing video, but I don't really have the proper setting for it. I will, instead, take a photo, and share it here...
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Huh. I really struggle to even consider blog posts right now. It hasn't helped that I've just had a week and a half of messed-up schedules, and that was all a bit more screwed-up than usual (yes, exams, I'm talking about YOU), due to some management issues. All in all, the whole exam period went by with absolute NO conflicts of personality OR procedure - but *sighs* there were other matters, such as unexpected additions to my timetable, and a sore heel that messed with my down-time...

Yeah, I just seem to be running into a stream of "negative input" at the moment - the early mornings, the long work-days, the heel pain, a domain host that has given me grief with making payments for as long as I've been with them, Stargazer Season 5 doesn't really have a direction - and I really don't feel like fighting the current just now. I still have to post a review for X-Men Days Of Future Past (which was really good - and sadly the only thing about Spiritwalk '14 that worked out), but that, and other stuff, will just have to wait for the right moment, probably another couple of days down the line.

I need to change down several gears after the exams, and get back into my previous routine for a full week, I think.
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Exams are all done (for me at least), and I can at least try to relax for a bit. A shopping/cinema trip tomorrow, in celebration of Spiritwalk (1). It may rain tomorrow, and I have a bit of a sore foot :(, but I shall try and make the most of that, and the subsequent extended weekend. Hooray!

Just hope X-Men - Days Of Future Past is worth the early start...
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Back on the exams again, and do I have these mini-deja-vu kinda things that make it feel like it's the lead-in to Christmas all over again... Same venue, same team. I'd go into more detail, but I'm behind on a bunch of things as it is - I'm uploading what should've been TUESDAY'S video right now!

Tomorrow (almost today) - GODZILLA. Yeeeeeesssssss...

One negative: it's a day off, but I don't get a lie-in.

Tomorrow, I'll post the links to the last week's videos, and present a movie review on Saturday - hopefully.

And Finally... Brace yourselves: I have been writing. I may have actually FINISHED something that's taken over A YEAR to do. "Back on the horse"? We'll have to see...
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That's me just about done with "hols" now, and Sunday becomes Monday, and we detour away from "Easy Street" once again. I can't say I'll be doing that with a heavy heart, as routine is looking rather like a good thing just now. The time off has been MOST welcome, let me make that clear - and especially after the exams stuff - but... well, there has to be something to "grease the wheels", and fully engage "creative mode".

If all goes well, there should be a ...Freeport chapter getting posted - how about that?
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I've been staying quiet in case I jinx things (or at least that's the excuse), 'cause this set of exams has gone pretty well, compared to the last two times, and particularly the same slot last year. I have been writing, typing up some notes and bringing Ghosts of Freeport a good deal closer to completion - it could be done and ready to post for Christmas, but no promises!

Tomorrow is the last day, and Friday may just be my last working day of the year, as I need to keep Christmas Eve (Tuesday) open for family, and why spoil a (hopefully) perfectly good weekend by going in on Monday? Oh, and somewhere along the line I have to fit in Desolation Of Smaug.

One downer... I'm getting a draught from the supposedly energy-saving double glazing, ferfaxache...
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Yeah, yesterday got mildly crazy, and I went into "weekend coma" mode last night - a day too early, 'cause right now, and against all the laws of common decency, I am AT WORK!

Saturdays at work are not much fun, but at least I got to buy myself a fun lunch *BURP*, and I have plenty of time to relax(-ish) over the lunch break. Thankfully, it's one of the easiest days in a pretty gruelling schedule.

So, what else is there...?

ITEM! It's mid-season finale time for Agents of SHIELD, and could we be about to learn The Shocking Truth about our man Phil Coulson? Given the identity of The Big Bad in AVENGERS 2 (Age of Ultron), I have a strong feeling my suspicions may be about to be proved correct...

*Maybe SPOILER* Coulson isn't just an LMD (life Model Decoy), he's going to be The Vision - remember "Doctor Phineas Horton's Synthetic Man" from the fair in the early stages of Captain America - The First Avenger? That was the World War 2 Human Torch, later used by Ultron - in mainstream continuity - to create the android assassin and later Avenger, The Vision. Plus, with The Scarlet Witch appearing in AVENGERS 2, there's the love of The Vision's life... *end Maybe SPOILER*

ITEM! The 2014 blockbuster trailers are coming in quicker now, with Amazing Spider-Man 2 now hitting our screens in teaser form. The first one of the reboot movies was pretty good, but I get the feeling Sony Pictures are pushing too hard for the big-spectacle AVENGERS audience, totally missing the fact that AVENGERS was the pay-off for a multi-picture arc, not a once-every-two-years blow-out. This movie looks like fun... but maybe TOO MUCH fun?

ITEM! Oh great - Minecraft is being a laggy bitch right now, and that was directly responsible for my last in-game fatality. I may have to slim things down, even though I'm running on a high-memory allowance set-up, and I suspect some unused or non-performing mods may have to go. Or maybe flying around in airships too much is the cause, as my graphics card may be running rather hot recently. I may need a powered external USB hub so that I can fire up (hmmm, bad choice of words) my laptop cooler again...

And finally... Oh lovely; the exam room has been punishingly hot at times, with heating on to combat a cold snap that never fully materialised hereabouts a couple of weeks ago, but now the weather seems to be turning... turning cold and VERY windy. Yuck.
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Yup, exhausted again, and it took just one day to wipe me out. Yup, the exams are on again.


Dec. 5th, 2013 11:59 pm
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(or "Breakfast At Swarti's" ;-) )

That's me "back to normal", after a very satisfactory Patent Saturday excursion, during which I watched, or attempted to watch, a whole bunch of movies in the lap of luxury. They were:-

Rise Of The Guardians
Super 8 (rewatch, fell asleep near the end)

World War Z
Snow White And The Huntsman
Captain America - The First Avenger (rewatch)
Hansel And Gretel - Witch Hunters
GI Joe: Retaliation (rewatch, fell asleep near the end again)
The World's End (also fell asleep)

Now, hopefully, the world is going to take things easy for the rest of the year, and the latest batch of exams will not be a pain in the arse, like the last two times...

And finally... Looks like we dodged a bullet, weather-wise. Almost everywhere else seems to have had it shitty, to varying degrees, whilst we pretty much just had some wet wind to wake up to, before it all sodded off. A "yay" is, I think, in order.

And finally finally... Hmmm - Starbound...
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Gods, what a hopeless week, blog-wise. Probably the worst I've ever managed, actually...

Truth is, I've been been stuck in that "oh, it's gone midnight, so I may as well not bother" frame of mind. I've also been digging various tunnels through The Nether, fretting about whether I managed to get myself a dose of DVT (arse was just numb from a poor seating arrangement) blah blah blah...

Yup, not been doing an awful lot other than the ol' Minecraft right now. It hasn't really helped that it's been really hard to make any progress at lately, and through no fault of my own. Like at any time, if you're not given the right information, there's fnaj all you can do about it.

So, now it's the weekend, and time to recharge, and hopefully get sh8 sorted. Stay tuned to see how badly I suck at THAT.
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That's me "back on the horse", after the post-exams break - ow, shouldn't have said "back", 'cause mine has chosen NOW to bother me for the first time in ages...

I think I'll be recording games videos straight to external hard drive from now on. I've been testing the technology this evening, and all seems to have gone well - I'd rather not keep on thrashing the laptop's drive, filling it with raw footage then copying it over to external storage when the "disk space left" gauge goes red. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, I'd prefer (but still much rather avoid completely) to trash an £85 peripheral than a near-£700 main machine.

In other news... I'm "clearing the decks", pre-Rush. Appointments have been made, comic orders sent in - hmmm, I have a Minecraft video to upload...
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Done: watching over the exams!
Done: received my Rush ticket!
Not Done: Star Trek Online patching. It's "Legacy Of Romulus" Day, but I haven't had the chance to play yet. maybe before LOR-Day becomes LOR-Yesterday...?

There's no real hurry. The next three days are intended to be seriously laid-back, especially tomorrow - which just happens to be personal "sacred day" Spiritwalk...

Later, Dear Reader...!

Update: Patching done! Let's go (or very possibly crash in a heap of binary soup)!

Update on the Update: "Unable to log in for an unknown reason" - America is AWAKE, maybe? Gods, this is like Ultima Online's "Age Of Shadow" expansion all over again, but in stead of necromancers and paladins, it's Romulans...
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A full morning, and the latest batch of exams is done - hooray! After last Tuesday, however, I'm quite happy to take the rest of this week off, and prepare for my latest concert excursion. And that's about it - come tomorrow afternoon, I actually get to sit and think about impending stuff for a bit.
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I hate working on Saturdays - buuuut the money is better. Not quite the "fair trade" it might seem, but there you go...

Meanwhile... it seems that two hundred and ten American Doctor Who fans are to be congratulated for their restraint, and not one peep of secret information has leaked out concerning tonight's Season finale. A secret about The Doctor has been revealed - maybe NOT what was expected - but we did discover the truth about The Impossible Girl...

...and something more, that we DIDN'T expect, and which is clearly planned to feature BIG in the 50th anniversary continuation of this story. I'd say this episode is the best of this "demi-series", which has had several nice ideas, but a bit of a lack of "Ooooooh!" Splitting a season like this stops you from getting the absorbing "grand arcs" of previous years - although I would like to see more of Vastra, Jenny and Strax (Strax's weekend off in Glasgow was a good laugh).

Season: 7.5/10
Episode 8.5/10

Anyway.... that's Saturday dealt with. Now - at last - for Sunday, and two straight lie-ins.
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PLEASE tell me we're not going to have to wait FOUR MONTHS to get the go-ahead for deploying the equipment necessary to fit these damn windows. We will be into the THIRD YEAR since The Move, and I am so frigging sick of it all.

Please let's just get it all finished, and start LIVING again.

That's pretty much it, and the major feature of the last couple of days. Work is a great deal better right now, with a human being running the show, not a fnajing Dalek. Three days to go, the next being Saturday... and what a Saturday: tomorrow, we may just learn the biggest secret in British TV history...

...The Name Of The Doctor...?

Unless that's being kept for November, and the 50th Anniversary Special...

In the meantime, THIS.

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Day 1 of the exams, and a very relaxed business it was. Just the way it should be - and I managed to get a good deal of writing done, for the first time in TOO long! A chapter that was due for comepletion MONTHS ago is pretty much "in the can", and a decent chunk of the next is on paper, for write-up at lunch tomorrow.

By the time I get home, some old furniture will have been cleared, and the stage (hopefully) set for getting those damned windows in!

I am, however, not holding my breath.

In the meantime, the internet isn't exactly the safest place to be if you're a Doctor Who fan, 'cause someone in the US screwed up really badly, and sent out Season 7 Part TWO DVDs, due for release not long after the season finale shows at the weekend, and the episode "The Name Of The Doctor" is now "in the wild". Please, people, let's not ruin that landmark story for everyone else, okay...?
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The next batch of University exams is just over the horizon, and yes, I am putting the pre-Christmas debacle behind me, and keeping my employment options as open as I can. Thankfully, I have a nice easy schedule, which slides gracefully into the even more relaxed Spiritwalk "season". I have half a week off before returning to my regular work... until another of my Thursday excursions comes around, and there's another two days of not being at work. Ah, the joys of flexible working...

Meanwhile... I have another video posted!

It's annoying that I can't make use of a custom "thumbnail" - effectively a title screenshot - but there it is: the first of my series of Minecraft videos!
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Hard drive space concerns have been dealt with*, even though that ate a chunk of the last day of my "long weekend" I *gasp* did manage to get some writing done - as in finally typing up a chunk of the latest Mane-of-Night story. I really need to do more writing, but I'm just not in that groove right now. PLEASE can we get these damn windows sorted so I can FINALLY get organised? It's nearly TWO YEARS since we moved!!!

(*I was going to place a reservation on a 3TB desktop HD at Argos, but noooo, it's not in stock, 'cause it's "discontinued". Oh great - too late on the deal that made this item cheaper than two of the 1TB portable models I just got for video management. Typical...)

Elsewhat... Yay - the Budget has something for me! Income tax will only be charged after the first £10,000 sooner than previous planned! Probably means I won't be getting many more refunds, though.

Also... there's a new Doctor Who trailer. A week and a half to go!
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But first...

Development News... Oh yeah - Wreck of The Nemesis Chapter 2 is "in the can"! Ground has been broken on the third and concluding Chapter, and we could be looking at a possible posting start at the weekend (but as usual, expect it when you see it).

Meanwhile... Almost a month has passed, and there is still NO sign of any kind of tribute on TV for Gerry Anderson. I'm not impressed...

On a more positive note: Last week, I got a tax refund! Might not be much, but I've never had anything of that kind before, so Wheeeee!

Elsewhat... Damn it, this weather is gnawing away at my enthusiasm. Right now, The Office is *gasp* looking rather tempting.

Don't get me started about "global warming".
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Development News... Made decent progress on Wreck Of The Nemesis this lunchtime. That momentum didn't carry over to this evening, however, but if I can make use of every lunchtime for writing, the +10*100 Plan may just succeed!

Oooh - football highlights shortly...

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