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Well, things are looking a bit better, now that another weekend is in the offing. The Laptop appears to be functioning A-OK at present, after three days back at base, and several sessions of Star Trek Online and Minecraft (albeit more of the former). Plans to modify my set-up to prevent future back trouble haven't solidified yet, but I hope to have something in place soon. "Hope", however, so often depends on several other matters either taking place or not taking place...

...and almost as though it wants to celebrate the one-week anniversary of fxxxing me around, things start to act screwy. I get the feeling this machine may not last much longer.

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Yeah, it takes this to get me posting again - but right now, what else is there...?

Whether they're fine to begin with, only to take a seriously sh8-ty turn on a Sunday - like last week - or are a suck-pit from before they even start, such as this week, we got weekends to meet all your sh8-ty weekend needs...!

The laptop has let me down, apparently overheating twice last night and leaving me without critical hardware just when I needed to do stuff. I am, therefore, significantly pissed off, and lacking the urge to do anything major. I would have posted anyway, following this week's momentous events surrounding the Scottish independence vote, but... well, meh.

You are most definitely NOT finding me at my best. Let's hope the laptop returns from the workshop fully operational, 'cause I've had more than enough stress lately, especially within the last seven days...
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Yesterday's video offering - and a sad one at that:

Not been the most productive of weekends, as both the month and the season seem to take a simultaneous turn. Lovely, eh? At least I'm getting to know how the windows are handling the wind (much better than before).
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Stuff has been shifted, but there's still plenty to do - and I haven't gotten very far with packing for Monday, and other related business. I think an early night may be necessary...

I am in NO WAY ready for Monday, so far.
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Hmm. So much for having a relaxing couple of days leading up to Monday.

The redecoration of "The Office", aka "Ace Labs", is due to commence on... (you guessed it) MONDAY, so said facility needs to be cleared as much as possible beforehand. Beforehand meaning, of course, Saturday and Sunday...

*sighs* Well, the work does need doing - but why does it feel like the universe is doing all it can to impede Spiritwalk 2? The last few days, I've been terrified of messing up my ankle any more...
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So, the embedding for videos (see yesterday) is bugg(er)ed now, just like Star Trek Online and Marvel Heroes, for some screwy reason. I've also spent much of today doing a virus check to see if that's anything to do with the gaming issues (it isn't), and... yeah, I've really had my fill of all this crap.

I should be in a better mood. On Friday, the new desk for "Ace Labs" (aka "The Office") arrived, less than ONE DAY after it was ordered, AND I was told it would be next (very shortly to be THIS) week. Now that is service! Hopefully, our window-fitters will be able to lift the mood as we go into another week of hopefully final upheavals...

Ah screw it. I'll watch some more videos, then maybe head to bed early(er)...
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...there is NO news. This hasn't been much of weekend, with the outstanding exception of the Doctor Who finale - oh, and maybe the hot-off-the-presses news that STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS has opened very strongly in the States.

The only personal headline is that my second Minecraft video has just this day gone live!

So, maybe not such a bad "weekend" after all - just truncated.

Next weekend will be back to normal. Either side of that, we have Spiritwalk to observe on Wednesday, and the Rush show the following Thursday as my proper celebration. Should be good...
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Yeah, now it's the weekend again, and I only posted ONE entry since this time last week. The number of times I notice it's almost midnight, then look up again and see that it's suddenly past midnight, and say to myself "Well, bugger that then - better luck tomorrow"...

The reason for this, for pretty much the whole month, has been Minecraft, and its associated recordings that have once again filled up my hard drive again. I mean, I went and bought a 3TB external drive, and it's not been out of the box yet...

Well, it's almost midnight again, and I haven't even tried to compose a Doctor Who review, let alone post it. I also have to juggle staying warm and staying awake...

I'm posting this, however it looks. I don't think I've ever had this long a gap when blogging.
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Okay, that could've been... better - the weekend, I mean. I haven't even managed to post a game video, and I've had a go at several over the last few days. There are a few questions I need answered, mainly about how best to compress the damn things for uploading, and what format to use - it's actually rather tricky to work out WHAT questions to ask...

...and I discovered another game. Titan Attacks is a Space Invaders clone, yet far more than that, with added special features and bright, shiny up-to-date graphics. Oh dear, another time-eater...
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Errrr... well, the day kinda vanished up its own arse, as I went into semi-hibernation mode because of the current "nippy" weather. Writing was achieved, but not enough to get the current chapter finished...

Perishing cold stopped play, I guess.
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*sighs* This hasn't been the most productive weekend. Yes, I have managed to get some stuff cleared up, and The Dominion Chronicles blog is in better order, but I could still have done more with my time.

I can accept this as "the first work-week weekend of the year", but I can't allow this to happen again. I need to get stuff done. Stuff that matters.

I'll listen to the last of this week's playoff games, and get some writing done.
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Sorry, it's "Show-Down At The House Of Blue Leaves" time...

Yup, Kill Bill Volume 1 is on right now. Not an awful lot is getting done at the moment, as a result, or today as a whole - at least I don't have errands to run, and normality to resume on Monday, for those few days until the Christmas break.

On the writing side, I'm creeping forward with the final part of the current WORLDS COLLIDE "pre-sode", which I had hoped to have done by today, but... *sighs*, well, this week started badly, and just about managed to get marginally better before the Diaryland business.

Huh. And now it's "Weekend Part 2".
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Hm - hardly been the most productive weekend, has it? I have achieved part of my Star Trek Online, with one character now in possession of the full Borg equipment set after some serious mission grinding - the other... well, that's not looking very promising, with an additional dozen missions to complete, and me feeling very much "ground out". There are a few things I had wanted to do this weekend, and they didn't get done - which is happening a bit too often for my liking.

I'm not going to allow myself to use the "Weekend Malfunction" tag again this year. It's too easy. Tonight, however, I'm going to do some more Skyrim house-building, then make my way to bed. Hopefully, I can refresh myself enough to get stuff done tomorrow.


Oct. 20th, 2012 10:30 pm
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Well, that's my weekend fucked. AGAIN. Got next to nothing done due to a failed computer start-up, then further family interruptions... and now my wrist is giving me RSI-style grief.


I'm stopping here. My enthusiasm is rock-bottom right now.
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ITEM! Oh, how wonderful - we just had a gas-leak alert this evening, screwing a whole bunch of stuff up, and I'm still smelling... something despite the all-clear. If you don't see me post again, well, there you go...

(A thought: maybe something died and fell down the chimney?)

ITEM! AARRGGHH - and there's that sodding poker website advert, with a guy strolling around the streets playing poker on his phone... and he DOESN'T fall flat on his front, arsing up his ankle and elbow, as happens IN REAL LIFE. According to the statistics in a trailer for a Channel 4 cancer benefit show coming soon, you stand a ONE IN TEN chance of tripping whilst texting.

ITEM! Oh fucking brilliant, and just to make the day complete: RGIII picked up a minor concussion courtesy of the still-unbeaten Falcons and a really shitty playing surface at FedEx Field.

Update ITEM! But there is a plus - I have actually remembered which email account stuff from eBay, and found that I have actually received my refund - just a few days after the item was sent back. Sorry. Criticism retracted, effective immediately.

Update ITEM! And another minus: I missed a ITEM!UO event because of the "gas leak", and there was a possibly valuable item given away (I think)...
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Oooohkay. Today hasn't exactly gone according to plan. I had hoped to rearrange my book storage in my bedroom, and maybe clear up holiday stuff, but the opportunity hasn't arisen to address those issues. I have been useful around the house, getting another promised job done - with a dose of help, and a quite literally smaller dose of mild hindrance...

*cue some zZzZzZz's and about an hour's gap - the length of an episode of CSI Miami or thereabouts...*

(...) guess I know another Mission 101 Task I can mark as a *SCORE* this time next week.

Yeah, in a week's time, my Mission will have reached its end, and I really don't know how I'll feel when that time comes around. Not long to go, though.

*yawns* Hmmm. Hard to navigate the "ragged edge" between too cold and too warm. Maybe tomorrow will be more productive (please?).
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The weekend dawns - but urgh, do I feel... "iffy". Not conclusively "ill", but possibly likely to go that way, probably at the worst possible time. There are things to look forward to, however - the British Grand Prix, and Andy Murray in the men's final at Wimbledon... both on at the same time. If Paul di Resta does well at the GP, and Andy wins, it'll be a great day for Scottish sport...!
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MISSING: One Saturday, slightly used, answers to the name of "Oi, YOU! Where the f**k did you go to?" I mean, it's already 9pm, heading into CSI - New York territory, and I've achieved nothing, apart from getting the latest comic order away, and digging up a bunch of treasure maps in Ultima Online...

...oh, right, that explains a lot.

Had I known in advance, I'd probably be in Liverpool for the Sea Odyssey street-show. Just one day after hearing about Machines de l'Ile, this highlight of the Titanic 100th anniversary events comes along. What makes it event more annoying is that such events have happened before, in the last few years - where is the damned publicity????

Sometimes, ya gotta have Cosmic sodding Awareness.

In the meantime, a warning - get ready for...


- the future is f[!q]ed up.
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Mission 101 Update... SCORE! Done it!
96 - Watch the original version of The Prisoner in its entirety (17/17)
Pity the same can't be said for tonight's CSI New York - fell asleep AGAIN.

Anyway, back to The Prisoner, and boy did that finish with a huge "Huh?" The last few episodes go off on a bit of a tangent, compared to the fairly solid "mind-****" of the earlier part of the series, pretty much completely abandoning The Village for outside settings that always end up leading back to Portmerion in the end, and several times without the classic title sequence, complete with "That Dialogue Exchange". It's almost like watching a different series - or watching the two seasons of Space: 1999.

If I was counting this as a serious review, I'd say that the last few episodes drag the series as a whole down from being "mildly classic" to, say, "interesting, but not entirely enthralling". A 7/10, I'd say.

Meanwhile... I'm nearly done with the Brighthawk "interlude". If I can just complete the final sequence, I could start the week with a clear slate, and an opportunity for that writing break I'd had in mind before I started this "Episode"...
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Well, that's half a weekend gone, and no Prisoner. I also blew watching Taxi Driver with minutes to spare - and the laptop still hasn't finished its virus scan...

Update - Four bloody hours. It took FOUR hours...

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