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There's quite a workload needing dealt with before the end of the month, and so I'm "getting my head down" both there and in my leisure time. The core elements of ...Stargazer Season FOUR are particularly time-consuming - and bloody frustrating a bit too -


- often. *sighs* I also have a bunch of stuff needing sorted out, such as a powered USB hub to make my recording equipment a bit more manageable, AND allow me to run my ventilation set-up, 'cause things may be getting a BIT too hot hereabouts.

The same cannot be said for my bed, 'cause my electric blanket just died, and the tail-end of the American "polar vortex" is swinging our way. Lovely, eh?
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Yeah, yesterday got mildly crazy, and I went into "weekend coma" mode last night - a day too early, 'cause right now, and against all the laws of common decency, I am AT WORK!

Saturdays at work are not much fun, but at least I got to buy myself a fun lunch *BURP*, and I have plenty of time to relax(-ish) over the lunch break. Thankfully, it's one of the easiest days in a pretty gruelling schedule.

So, what else is there...?

ITEM! It's mid-season finale time for Agents of SHIELD, and could we be about to learn The Shocking Truth about our man Phil Coulson? Given the identity of The Big Bad in AVENGERS 2 (Age of Ultron), I have a strong feeling my suspicions may be about to be proved correct...

*Maybe SPOILER* Coulson isn't just an LMD (life Model Decoy), he's going to be The Vision - remember "Doctor Phineas Horton's Synthetic Man" from the fair in the early stages of Captain America - The First Avenger? That was the World War 2 Human Torch, later used by Ultron - in mainstream continuity - to create the android assassin and later Avenger, The Vision. Plus, with The Scarlet Witch appearing in AVENGERS 2, there's the love of The Vision's life... *end Maybe SPOILER*

ITEM! The 2014 blockbuster trailers are coming in quicker now, with Amazing Spider-Man 2 now hitting our screens in teaser form. The first one of the reboot movies was pretty good, but I get the feeling Sony Pictures are pushing too hard for the big-spectacle AVENGERS audience, totally missing the fact that AVENGERS was the pay-off for a multi-picture arc, not a once-every-two-years blow-out. This movie looks like fun... but maybe TOO MUCH fun?

ITEM! Oh great - Minecraft is being a laggy bitch right now, and that was directly responsible for my last in-game fatality. I may have to slim things down, even though I'm running on a high-memory allowance set-up, and I suspect some unused or non-performing mods may have to go. Or maybe flying around in airships too much is the cause, as my graphics card may be running rather hot recently. I may need a powered external USB hub so that I can fire up (hmmm, bad choice of words) my laptop cooler again...

And finally... Oh lovely; the exam room has been punishingly hot at times, with heating on to combat a cold snap that never fully materialised hereabouts a couple of weeks ago, but now the weather seems to be turning... turning cold and VERY windy. Yuck.


Dec. 5th, 2013 11:59 pm
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(or "Breakfast At Swarti's" ;-) )

That's me "back to normal", after a very satisfactory Patent Saturday excursion, during which I watched, or attempted to watch, a whole bunch of movies in the lap of luxury. They were:-

Rise Of The Guardians
Super 8 (rewatch, fell asleep near the end)

World War Z
Snow White And The Huntsman
Captain America - The First Avenger (rewatch)
Hansel And Gretel - Witch Hunters
GI Joe: Retaliation (rewatch, fell asleep near the end again)
The World's End (also fell asleep)

Now, hopefully, the world is going to take things easy for the rest of the year, and the latest batch of exams will not be a pain in the arse, like the last two times...

And finally... Looks like we dodged a bullet, weather-wise. Almost everywhere else seems to have had it shitty, to varying degrees, whilst we pretty much just had some wet wind to wake up to, before it all sodded off. A "yay" is, I think, in order.

And finally finally... Hmmm - Starbound...
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Terrific. Minecraft is getting another patch, which will probably break the game as far as my Season 2 mods are concerned - and just as things are getting interesting... although I did have a serious scare earlier, when my experimental Nether-ship - in development in the "surface" world, experienced a horrendous bug-out, and for a few minutes, I was seriously worried that my character was completely stuck, and the whole project - the whole of Season 2 - was heading down the toilet. Thankfully, I was able to rectify some of the problem, saving the map at the cost of dismantling version 1 of the "Dauntless" - and I may just open a fresh Nether portal to make a test-flight in operational conditions just a bit more comfortable.

On other matters... well, there's very little to report. Damn, it's unexpectedly warm right now...

...and the Redskins are 0-3. Great.
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It continues to be damn cold for the time of year, thanks to a big weather system up North that keeps sucking Siberian air into our neighbourhood. Thankfully, there's no S.N.O.W...

I'm going to bed at a sensible time tonight, to make the most of the heating in my fridge of a bedroom, so excuse me while I post and run, to fit in as much as I can!
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Bloody hell, it's cold.

Doesn't help that my Minecraft masterpiece is taking shape in a snowy land...

Talking of which, I better get back to that. Next week, however, there'll be something else demanding my attention...

...the return of Doctor Who! Finally, the 50th anniversary can finally begin.
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Could the windows be maybe TWO MONTHS from getting sorted AT LAST? I'll believe it when I see it!

Now excuse me, 'cause I have stuff to clear off my "plate" to allow me to get weekend writing - AND POSTING - dealt with...
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Yup. The weather may not be as windy, but my ability to get motivated remains suppressed. Early to bed, I think...
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But first...

Development News... Oh yeah - Wreck of The Nemesis Chapter 2 is "in the can"! Ground has been broken on the third and concluding Chapter, and we could be looking at a possible posting start at the weekend (but as usual, expect it when you see it).

Meanwhile... Almost a month has passed, and there is still NO sign of any kind of tribute on TV for Gerry Anderson. I'm not impressed...

On a more positive note: Last week, I got a tax refund! Might not be much, but I've never had anything of that kind before, so Wheeeee!

Elsewhat... Damn it, this weather is gnawing away at my enthusiasm. Right now, The Office is *gasp* looking rather tempting.

Don't get me started about "global warming".
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Errrr... well, the day kinda vanished up its own arse, as I went into semi-hibernation mode because of the current "nippy" weather. Writing was achieved, but not enough to get the current chapter finished...

Perishing cold stopped play, I guess.
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My wounded ankle is bothering me, as the weather takes a turn, so I decided to look up the spot where it happened (hope this works):

View Larger Map

56.345888, -2.817459 in case the embed fails. That piece of road has clearly been patched before, and in the last three years HAS decayed some. Interesting.

Meanwhile... Grrrr. The Redskins dropped another. RGIII is producing more yardage than a number of his predecessors, but it just doesn't seem to be enough to close the deal. Early days, I know, but you only get so many of those before things get serious, especially in the NFC East.

Also meanwhile... The wind is picking up, it's most likely raining (not that I care to go and find out for certain) - yuck.

Gods, I wish that frickin' janitor would find some other frickin' music to play at lunch-time. He has a play-list of about half a dozen tracks - if I hear "(I Wish I Was In) Dixie" (or whatever it's called) or "Anchors Away (A-Weigh?)" ONE MORE TIME...
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Yeah, I got side-tracked. At least the rain stayed off for most of the day, and allowed things to dray out... well, almost not at all. The office corner got worse, but not "puddles on the carpet" worse...

Would've blogged on the subject earlier, but I couldn't upload the photo I had (thank you, Photobucket...), so that got sidelined. Oh, and I had to redo a bunch of Skyrim stuff. Twice.

Oh, and there goes another participant in the Jon Pertwee era of Doctor Who - Caroline John, a.k.a. Liz Shaw. She may only have been in the show for one "season", but she helped set the tone for the man who is, was, and always will be THE Doctor. Thank you, and rest in peace...

P.S. Thought I missed a posting, but it now seems I didn't. Yay!
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The weekend has been almost wall-to-wall R-A-I-N - so now you know for certain that "summer" has descended upon us. We're not washed out, but there are new small(-ish) leaks...

Damn - in the downpour, a very important anniversary has come and gone: one year since The Move. As you can see, this is not a big deal in the current... *sighs* climate.

Gonna sign off now, and do some Star Trek Online catch-up, maybe even start on a Klingon Defence Force character at last...
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It's JUNE, and I have the fire on. I've managed to avoid doing that for the great majority of the current year - probably because we had roof slates then. I don't know how much work has been done, but the brief dose of wind and ongoing rain don't seem to have complicated matters at all. Pity, we had a decent run of fair weather going 'til today.

It's the weekend (almost), so (much of) my time is (supposed) to be my own, but how that works out remains to be seen. I have writing to do, and an ongoing story - Pirates Of Freeport - to complete in time for posting - Chapter 5 tomorrow, and Chapter 6 on Sunday...!

Highlight of Friday has to be the new Rush album, Clockwork Angels. The title track is breathtaking, and very reminiscent of "classic" Rush, but the album as a whole is going to need another listen, beginning to end. Oh, and I am led to believe that they're touring again in May 2013 - quite a wait, but they're still doing "Time Machine" shows, I think. Premium seats this time...
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And we are now into AVENGERS COUNTDOWN territory...

Meanwhile... Just when you start looking forward to Summer, winter comes back around, and bites you on the arse. We have SNOW coming. TONIGHT...

Oh, and I'm not doing a very good job of "taking it easy" between writing "assignments". The next Mane-of-Night story is, as a result, already underway.
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DAMMIT. More wind = more draughts in the office. Screw this - gonna relocate downstairs and try a dose of The Prisoner, and kick off a Mission 101 task
96 - Watch the original version of The Prisoner in its entirety.
'cause there's bugger all watchable alternatives on "The Box" right now.
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Every Silver Lining... continues - the evacuations progress as Myr'aa attempts to find an alternative, Brighthawk searches for some secret that will give the mission a greater chance of success, and some surprise guests may just swing the balance. If they can be trusted...

Release Notes... Keeping things on track.

Meanwhile... Missed the football. The power was switched off a couple of days ago, and a certain individual who will remain nameless neglected to make it clear that it had happened, and certain devices might needs resetting. Such as my PVR...

And to make things worse, there's two more bouts of stormy weather on the way; tomorrow and the end of the week. Think I'll go and watch Captain America now that I have the time...
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Working on the "epilogue" for TDD-704 Every Silver Lining... - an early night should see the whole thing wrapped up nicely, and the way clear to the prep for Operation Funplex! I'm already assembling my wardrobe - which'll include (at least) the two pairs of boots I ordered for last year, but which didn't appear until January...

So far, the weather isn't turning as nasty as it did a year ago. It's not great - the rain is pounding on the window right now, and making me feel even colder than I already am - but the S N O W is holding off, and that's fine. I just hope this damned strike tomorrow doesn't screw things up.

And now, we have wind, and quite a bit of it. My very least favourite kind of weather... I just hope it clears up before my walk to work. I absolutely do NOT want to come down with something with just one day to go.
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Errands Of Mercy reaches its conclusion, as our heroes explore the magnitude of the task that lies ahead - evacuating a world, with only days to go until disaster strikes. Can Brighthawk and her companions summon up the assistance they're going to need to stand a chance of completing the evacuation of Tol'Celpres - or is there an alternative...?

Release Notes... Coming in December - the concluding story of this trilogy - "Every Silver Lining..."

In today's headline story... Yikes. ONE WEEK TO GO. One week - and I'm nowhere near prepared. In fact, I'm rather "anti-prepared", having just this afternoon whacked a toe against the edge of the shower door, and yes, there was blood. CRAP Thankfully, there doesn't seem to be any lasting damage - or at least any that will cripple me for next week. I hope.

At least I have all my phone calls dealt with.

And finally... It's ONE YEAR since the start of "The Great Freeze". So far this year, there doesn't seem to be any suggestion of a repeat this time. Again - I hope...
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Funny day, this one - work was so damned cold that I had to come home early for the second day in a row, then the usual Tuesday break for CSI Miami became a two-and-a-half hour stint to accommodate the premiere of Alphas - "CSI meets Heroes", you could call it. Not bad...

I've been visiting the local craft shop every day lately, picking up bits and pieces whenever I see them, and those components, combined with a couple of purchases at a local fashion outlet, have enabled me to complete some "sub-assemblies" for my Mission 101 Task 91 "personal goddess". I was hoping to get more on Saturday, during an out-of-town excursion, but the weather looks like it'll be sh8, and that could get cancelled.

The month is getting eaten up before my eyes. I may struggle to complete any Tasks in October at this rate... and the bloody cold doesn't help any. Please, let's not have another frozen-solid winter.

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