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Marvel Studios Announces "Captain Marvel," "Black Panther," "Avengers: Infinity War"

- or more correctly, the announcements are:-

28 July 2015 - Ant-Man
- which we already knew about, but it's still on schedule...

6 May 2016 - Captain America: Civil War
- which we also knew about apart from the full title. What we DIDN'T know is that it will FULLY feature a character getting his own movie the following year...

4 November 2016 - Dr Strange
- Also expected, but still not official word on a star. And then, onward into less explored territory:-

5 May 2017 - Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
- Anticipated, but moved up the schedule a bit, to allow for...

28 July 2017 - Thor: Ragnarok
- Apparently as momentous as Winter Soldier, but in a different part of the universe...

3 November 2017 - Black Panther
- That solo hero movie previously mentioned! Yes, that's THREE movies in 2017!

6 July 2018 - Captain Marvel
- Carol Danvers lives! In which costume, remains to be seen.

2 November 2018 - Inhumans
- Easter Eggs soon, we're told. Agents Of SHIELD Season 2 soon, perhaps...?

May 2018 - Avengers: Infinity War Part 1
May 2019 - Avengers: Infinity War Part 2

- A two-part epic, as The Big Purple Guy gets his... hand on The Prize!

I am SO HAPPY I caught word of the event containing these announcements, just before the news started to filter through from Hollywood, at a special event for press and select fans. THIS IS IT - the road-map we've been waiting for, the gauntlet before The Gauntlet.

And now, I have five years worth of stuff to talk about. Blog paradise...!



Dec. 6th, 2012 11:27 pm
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And then, THIS - the Japanese version for a very good reason...

2013 looks pretty sweet, movie-wise - and we're not even talking IRON MAN 3 or THOR - THE DARK WORLD yet...
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Yup. Late. So let's not delay...

ITEM! With some more behind-the-scenes material emerging for THOR - The Dark World - and here's even more - next pre-Christmas is going to be pretty awesome!

ITEM! Talking about Christmas - and this Christmas this time - I think I can confidently say that this year's Doctor Who Special will kick the ass of last year's not entirely stellar offering. It actually looks like FUN.

ITEM! This time next week, CSI Miami will be history. Unfortunately, this final season really hasn't shone as you might have thought it would.

ITEM! And Star Trek Online still has me as an active player, thanks to a great fleet. I will not be such an asshole again.
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Tonight's Viewers' Choice: THOR, as the build-up to AVENGERS gathers pace.

Meanwhile... Not a fun day at work - a whole bunch of stuff needed packed for the relocation of our office on Monday. I did experience the occasional flashback, but I countered that with getting what I needed to do done as quickly as possible. Thirteen boxes of done. Monday (also known as AVENGERS -3) should go a lot smoother.
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It really wasn't that much of a surprise that there wasn't much work to do, so I had an early finish. Not that I had much chance to capitalise on that, courtesy of the end-of-week shopping...

However, there was a bit of a surprise waiting for me at home this afternoon; a package from Amazon - but I wasn't expecting anything - until I remembered that I pre-ordered the triple-pack BluRay of THOR.

And that was the whole evening dealt with in one padded bag. except for putting a bit more work into my Mission 101 bookbinding Task (85). I could have the Task down for a *SCORE* by the end of the month...!
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, as The Emperor reveals himself at last, and a planet trembles in the wake of the unthinkable as blood is shed...

Meanwhile, the situation changes for Rhagaan Tyrho, in quite unexpected terms. Does he have friends in unexpected places...?

Release Notes... The Emperor is "played" by Sir Patrick Stewart.

Last Night... So, THOR was brilliant - again. I got the opportunity to enjoy several sequences all over again - the Hawkeye sequence, the battle with The Destroyer, that kind of thing - but I'm buggered if I could spot The Infinity Gauntlet in the relic chamber, and I was watching out for it each time that room featured. Guess that'll be a fun pasttime when the DVD comes out - "Spot The Gauntlet"...

And so, back to today...

Development News... I have broken ground on the latest episode: TDD-701 "A Star Is Rising", and things start to take shape for our "new arrvial". Already, things look promising!
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"My, President Obama, what an unexpected present..."

US forces kill Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan

I'm sure people will be outraged about his burial at sea, but it'll be really hard for wannabe terrorists to make a pilgrimage to the bottom of the sea, and what would people rather see? His body turned into a public pinata in Times Square...?

The conspiracy freaks are causing the internet to explode right now, with their wacky ideas. Yes, we do need to see evidence that they got him, and I'm sure that'll be forthcoming, if Obama has any sense, and so far, he's certainly shown he has plenty of that. Oh, and he made good on an election pledge - any chance I can vote for him on Thursday?

Meanwhile, on birthday... day... Not "pushing the boat out", but I am getting a VIP seat for THOR tonight. Yup, I'm going to see a movie on the big screen twice for the first time since X-Men, and I only did that 'cause I missed the very start on the first viewing.

Development News... I'm not currently doing any serious work on anything, but I am doing some pre-writing development, sketching out some of the faces and events that will shape things to come - and I may just have the perfect "new recruit". It's time for Dominion to stand on her own two feet...
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It's a bit weird today - I'm still energised by yesterday, but when I sit down, boy am I tired. THOR gets a full big-screen week starting Friday, so I might just go and see it again on my birthday... :)

The Weekend Of Madness may be over, but where to go from here? There are certainly a good crop of blockbusters still to come, but what else can I cram into the summer? Are we looking at a Summer Of Madness?

I have craft things in mind - I made a set of Emotional Spectrum "prayer beads" in preparation for Green Lantern (June 17), and there is still a couple of Mission tasks along those lines...
51 - Create something to sell, and sell it!
52 - Complete some craft projects I've started
84 - Learn to make my own paper...
85 - ...and make my own books!
91 - Create a "personal goddess"
94 - Make a PD-worthy pair of boots from scratch!
97 - Build a diddley bow
Still got Rush in three weeks, remember (Task 90)... oh, and no CLAN to fanny things up!

Development News... There's every chance I might just have TDD-701: After The Fall finished before REIGNFALL even starts posting! There wasn't a great deal of writing done today - I actually managed to do more yesterday - but progress is progress, and the rest of the story is pretty much writing itself on the scaffolding of pre-planned story threads. A bit more work tonight will push things ahead, maybe even reach completion...
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In Today's Episode... The Pandemonicum Symphony: Final Movement continues, as Darkhawk blazes a trail of fury across Mystalornan space - and maybe cracks are at last showing in The Pandemonicum...

Release Notes... TWO chapters to go...

Move Review: THOR...

Watch out - this could get spoiler-y... )

The Final Verdict... Some day, all super-hero movies will be made this way. Awesome, in almost every way. Majestic. Oh, and give The Warriors Three their own movie! 9.5/10
98 - See each of the "Avengers" cycle of movies on opening day! (Iron Man 2 (2010), Thor (2011), Captain America - The First Avenger (2011), Avengers (2012) (2/4))
My only complaint? Some people will insist on fannying about with their sodding phones during the movie, and those little brightly lit screens take me out of my illusion; an illusion I have paid good money for. Next time I see it happen, I will expedite with prejudice...
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I think I just worked out who River Song (in Doctor Who) is...

Massive spoiler potential! )

Watch the show. See if I'm right. Meanwhile...

Development News... Strong progress continues on TDD-701: After The Fall. I'm powering through Chapter 3 - it should be done very soon, and Chapter 4 will pretty much write itself. A good chunk of Chapter 5 is already done - could be all finished by week's end!

TDD-701 will post mid-late June, with a view to getting a regular, hopefully monthly posting schedule in place. If I can keep that up, I could probably declare Mission Task 45
45 - Make regular progress on current and forthcoming "projects"
a done deal!

Could do with some substantial Mission progress about now - at least I have a few days before the end of the month, and the next update report. There's plenty to do, but a whole summer just ahead...

Tomorrow... The THOR trip!
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Some Interesting, Amusing, or Otherwise Noteworthy Stuff... Firstly, the most poignant Elisabeth Sladen tribute of them all...

On a lighter note, even dyed-in-the-wool THOR fans have got to love this...

And then there are some thoughts on the true identity of River Song...

1) She's the daughter of Susan (Foreman), The Doctor's grand-daughter from the Hartnell era...
2) she's the daughter of renegade Time Lord Omega, who's been heavily tipped by fans as the being most likely to be responsible for the TARDIS going *FOOM*...
3) she's the daughter of Jenny, from Season Four episode "The Doctor's Daughter"...
4) she's a regeneration-of-sorts of Jenny...
5)... and finally, one old nugget from the Donna Noble stint - she's The Rani...

And finally, one last REIGNFALL teaser - before it becomes obsolete:

MAY 2011
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..."I love it when a plan comes together!"

Received... Rush ticket!
Booked... THOR seat for Bank Holiday Monday!

Aaaaaand relax - a step closer for each of Mission 101 Tasks 90 and 98!

Development News... Strong progress for TDD-701: After The Fall again today, with another event I've had in mind for... years finally committed to hard drive.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for the first step on the last leg of the journey to REIGNFALL...
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Development News... I've incorporated an existing half-finished interlude into TDD-701: After The Fall, which is pretty much where it ought to be. Chapter 1 is just about a "done deal", and I have a big chunk of Chapter 6 as well, in the form of the incorporated interlude material. The forecast is promising!

Weekend of Madness News... Looks like Monday might be on again - there is another cinema to go to within a reasonable distance that should have a THOR preview on a decent screen. Seems like I'll be having a day off, then - wonder how much I can cram into the day?

At the very least, I'll have another part of a Mission 101 task to cross off my list - wonder how many more I can polish off soon? I am rather falling behind... :(
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Looks like The Weekend Of Madness is falling apart. Yes, the local cinema is doing a Monday preview of THOR, but it's not on the big screen. There doesn't seem to be a showing anywhere else that's easily accessible, so there's a definite impression that the idea's getting torpedoed. Grrrr...

I will take a day off to see this movie on opening day (the 27th) in the best format I can possibly get, if that's what it takes. I just want the maximum "bang for my buck", especially when the "buck" actually has an exchange rate of £13.50 to B1.

Development News... I'm continuing with TDD-701: After The Fall, but in a slightly different way to my original plan. Each "character thread" now gets its own chapter, and the first of these is moving along nicely, with a thread leading from, and back into someone else's chapter - some plot development is required to tie it all together, but at least I have plenty of time to work on it all.

And after that, I have a whole Season to think about...
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Development News... I have broken ground on the first story of Season Seven - TDD-701: After The Fall! I pretty much had to, given that it's an "as the dust settles" wind-down with some genuine consequences for the future.

"Weekend Of Madness" News... Ah. So the Royal Wedding isn't 'til next week. So that means it's not quite as much of a WOM as I'd anticipated. No biggie, though - actually, it makes life a little easier.

Watching the local cinema listings for signs of a preview showing of THOR - that would comfortably count towards Mission Task 98, which is
98 - See each of the "Avengers" cycle of movies on opening day! (Iron Man 2 (2010), Thor (2011), Captain America - The First Avenger (2011), Avengers (2012) (1/4))
although the official opening day of Wednesday 27th would still suit me fine.

Talking about the Mission, I'm rather needing to score some more success now that I'm closing in on, at or just past the halfway point. My "complete some craft projects" task (52) would fit, and I could probably fit in a couple of episodes of The Prisoner some time (Task 96) every now and then...

Summer is approaching, and I must make some progress!
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Development News... This just in - Chapter 9 of TDD-612 REIGNFALL is DONE. I shall be continuing work shortly - trying to avoid The Malaysian Grand Prix right now...

Meanwhile... I'm trying out some decoration options for Site B, and I'm about to follow up on some items I wasn't able to source yesterday. I wasn't able to get glow-in-the-dark beads, but I have spotted some on EBay.

Oh, and I was overcharged for my buss to the movies yesterday, but when the trailers rolled before Sucker Punch, I forgave that. We got THOR and the somewhat notorious original Green Lantern trailer - but even that looks better on the big screen!
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This Just In... That's work pretty much guaranteed for another year, at least!

Development News... Whilst TDD-612 REIGNFALL Chapter 9 is continuing, there does seem to be something of an intangible barrier in the way of completion - another case of that "half the distance with every step" phenomenon, which means you will never actually reach your destination...

I will just have to fire up the "Push" thrusters, and force my way through to the conclusion. I want to be breaking ground on the final chapter on Monday.

Meanwhile... Easter looks like being fun this year, even if it doesn't include the conclusion of The Move. Easter plus a highly-anticipated Doctor Who season-opener PLUS a possible Easter Monday THOR opening! Should be fun.

In the meantime, Saturday looks more and more like it will feature an out-of-town cinema trip to see Sucker Punch. I've hit a rather tricky point in the release of this movie - do I keep waiting for it to appear here, or go and see it while I still have an open slot? I don't want another Star Trek - Nemesis...
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And The News Is... I should be getting a "cost of living" pay rise!

...but... even though the pay-rise is back-dated, it'll struggle to make a dent in the prices rises brought about by the January 2.5% hike in VAT, and the now 4% inflation. I'll probably eat up my rise in one modest shopping trip... but still, I worked for it.

Development News... I've looked again at the current state of Chapter 2 of TDD-610 ...Third Movement, and as far as I can see, all is well. I'm going to run with it as is, and address any issues as they occur, rather than cripple the Chapter 3 effort by trying to pre-empt them.

Talking of Chapter 3 - I started that this morning, when I yet again woke up before my alarm clock. I'd rather use my time doing that than roll over and try to go back to sleep, only to wake up again ten minutes later and repeat the whole damn process. I am very satisfied with the results, and the work I managed to get in after my lunch-time type-up. Add to this what's looking like a hassle-free weekend (pleeeeeease?), and we could be looking at another "push"...

And Finally... Wheeeee - another THOR trailer!

Okay, so that's THREE pieces of good news. Mustn't grumble. ;-)
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Thoughts On The Big Game...

Look away if you don't want to know the score... )

Now comes the wait - today marks the longest time before next season. If we actually get a season this year. C'mon, guys, let's sort out this new d upcoming financial settlement, and get back to the game.

Sadly, the majority of the British media seems to think that "Xtina" screwing up the anthem was the biggest story of the night. Yeah - riiiiiight.

And finally, on this subject... Oooooh looook, new blockbuster trailers/teasers, hot from the Super Bowl - a not exactly fresh THOR offering (which is still not a bad thing); some more action for Transformers - Dark Of The Moon - looks like we've got some large scale invasion-type business going on; interesting glimpses of Cowboys And Aliens (wacky comic-based antics, possible double-header material), Battle: LA (king-size Skyline, coming NEXT MONTH), and the mysterious Super 8 (Cloverfield prequel...?)... but the big one has to be the very first glimpse of Captain America - The First Avenger! I think I'll be watching all of these again tonight.

How about this...? Link between THOR and Captain America - the Asgardians hand over to humanity a token of peace and friendship - Cap's shield! Nick Fury asks "Where did you find this?" and Thor answers "To the north..." Fade to the Arctic wastes, and an icy monolith with a human figure inside, his shirt open to reveal a white star on a blue background and red and white stripes...

Development News... Got a chunk of on-paper TDD-609 ...Second Movement typed up, and expanded. The "lead-in" to the conclusion of this Episode is stretching a bit, and I'm going to need to clamp down on it a bit. Just the facts, man...

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