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I had planned to import my LiveJournal, following the change in the TOS there, but when I tried it, the account access failed. Now, my LJ login doesn't work - I'm locked out...

I think LJ is now illegally hosting my material.

Some tinkering later, it has worked, as you can see.
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"...a brand new gaming PC!" - or at least that's what I'm now researching. Yeah, I got the laptop back yesterday (with a new fan in it), and following some advice from Ultima Online associate Aurelius (thanks, my friend), I searched online for any indication that this laptop's issues might be something others have encountered, and perhaps solved without any additional expense - only to learn that a whole bunch of folks have experienced the same overheating. There is an official "solution", in the form of a fan override program that forces the fan to work at maximum speed on request...

I installed it, and it worked just ONCE (so far). I got good FPS and a fairly cool system for a short stint at Minecraft, and Star Trek Online ran pretty well after that... BUT the heat then was definitely on the increase, to what felt like dangerous levels.

This is getting beyond a freaking limit. There may be other things I can do, but I'm now certain those will only be short-term work-arounds. A new desktop gaming machine is becoming imperative.

Time to climb the Mount Doom of computer specs. unfortunately, I don't seem to have a Samwise to share the journey with me...


Sep. 30th, 2014 10:24 pm
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There it goes again - surprised it didn't catch fire.

Time to start shopping for a new PC. And find a repair place that actually does the FUCKING WORK.
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Well, things are looking a bit better, now that another weekend is in the offing. The Laptop appears to be functioning A-OK at present, after three days back at base, and several sessions of Star Trek Online and Minecraft (albeit more of the former). Plans to modify my set-up to prevent future back trouble haven't solidified yet, but I hope to have something in place soon. "Hope", however, so often depends on several other matters either taking place or not taking place...

...and almost as though it wants to celebrate the one-week anniversary of fxxxing me around, things start to act screwy. I get the feeling this machine may not last much longer.

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Yeah, it takes this to get me posting again - but right now, what else is there...?

Whether they're fine to begin with, only to take a seriously sh8-ty turn on a Sunday - like last week - or are a suck-pit from before they even start, such as this week, we got weekends to meet all your sh8-ty weekend needs...!

The laptop has let me down, apparently overheating twice last night and leaving me without critical hardware just when I needed to do stuff. I am, therefore, significantly pissed off, and lacking the urge to do anything major. I would have posted anyway, following this week's momentous events surrounding the Scottish independence vote, but... well, meh.

You are most definitely NOT finding me at my best. Let's hope the laptop returns from the workshop fully operational, 'cause I've had more than enough stress lately, especially within the last seven days...
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Fucking marvellous. My primary Ultima Online account is having billing problems. I should've expected something like this, now that my back is getting better...
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Crap. The gas-lift on my expensive office chair has given out on me, making doing pretty much anything difficult and/or frustrating... and topping off my messed-up weekend-plus just PERFECTLY.

However, for the price of a few pounds, and some physical exertion, I can rectify the whole matter. Tomorrow. Hooray for the ingenious folks of Deh Interwebz!
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Oh well, that's another birthday come and gone, and this year, no movie to go and see on the day. Shame, that - but next year may just be different...

In the meantime, videos - of the Minecraft variety. Episode 14 (from Friday):

Episode 15 (from Sunday):

Tomorrow, Day 4 of a four-day weekend. Considering how Friday and a decent chunk of Saturday were taken up by sorting out a fairly substantial Minecraft malfunction, I very much feel I'm owed the Monday, bank holiday or no.
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Sorry for the silence, folks, but YES, I am still alive, and just about functioning. So, what's new...?

Well, for a start, there are another two videos. From Thursday (which I'll from hereon make a Friday)...

and yesterday...

As I mentioned above, I've tweaked my schedule, and the plan now is to post videos on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday, to minimise disruption to anything else I might be doing online at the time. Hopefully, I'll manage to do an update post here on the same day.

Meanwhile... technical issues. My TV is still screwed up, despite getting a new aerial, and now the laptop is making unhealthy fan-related noises. Oh, and I'm a bit stuck, room-lighting-wise - an expensive new LED bulb isn't quite cutting it...

*sighs* I hate crap like that.

Still Sick.

Apr. 3rd, 2014 03:42 pm
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Yup, still coughing and sneezing and generally feeling sh8 right now - and to make matters worse, I may just have broken Minecraft as well. I went to take on the fabled Ender Dragon, and *boink* no sound in game, before, during or after...

Wonderful. I've posted an enquiry on the MC boards, but 99% of the time, my requests for help get ignored there, so I'm not holding out much hope. Update - sorted by a relog. Weird, that.

Meanwhile, I stick to the schedule...

Sunday, Tuesday AND Thursday, as planned...!


Mar. 8th, 2014 11:53 pm
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Is something screwy happening here, to do with Dropbox? I'm a bit nervous, given that my blog page now seems most unwilling to finish loading when I fire up my browser... and the same goes for any other page on this site. Some kind of Ukraine-related DDoS - bet mentioning something like that gets this blog closed down for absolutely no reason...

And all I was going to do was post the heads-up for the latest Stargazer Project video.

Update: Uh oh. This...
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Minecraft Crisis report... Situation semi-fixed. I have a work-around in place that takes a bunch of stress off my system, and makes Minecraft fully playable again. Pity no-one could be arsed to respond to my help-request thread(s)...

What else? Oh yeah - this from yesterday...

Now, I really have to get around to laying down some ...Stargazer Season 2 vids. I am at least further along the path to my ideal recording environment, in that I finally got the perfect desktop timer. Yay!
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Let's Do The Time Warp Again... Yeeeeeah... *sighs* I am no closer to a solution to my Minecraft tribulations. I have been able to track down the approximate source of the issue - having both 32- and 64-bit Java on my system, both of which now seem to want to run when Minecraft starts up. I kicked the 64-bit Java out, and the game wouldn't start, so I restored the 64-bit software and yes, the game runs, but with the same problems I had at the beginning - hence the Rocky Horror (Picture) Show references...

I turned to the game community for help, but so far, the problem just doesn't seem "sexy" enough to merit anyone's attention. This is a real pain in the ass... but it does give me time to do a bunch of Star Trek Online stuff, such as get the 4th anniversary starships for my Science characters all fully equipped with their Special Episode reward components. Just one rerun of the mission left to do now...
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Things aren't going as I'd like them right now. I have graphics problems of some kind (update: seems like processor overheating), and I have NO IDEA what to do about them. I had thought something I'd done in Minecraft - namely, a particular structure I'd spawned in - was to blame, and I destroyed that (completely), but the difficulty isn't limited to that game, as I've experienced slow-down in Star Trek Online too.

It doesn't help that I'm hopeless at the technical side of computers...

Meanwhile... shitty weather helps to make a decision for me: no, I'm not going to see the rebooted Robocop. I'd seen nothing in the trailers that really made me want to go and see this particular movie, and I'd much rather spend my time, and money, on a production I actually care about, not someone rehashing one of my all-time favourite movies, thank you very much. You have to try MUCH harder than that.
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There's quite a workload needing dealt with before the end of the month, and so I'm "getting my head down" both there and in my leisure time. The core elements of ...Stargazer Season FOUR are particularly time-consuming - and bloody frustrating a bit too -


- often. *sighs* I also have a bunch of stuff needing sorted out, such as a powered USB hub to make my recording equipment a bit more manageable, AND allow me to run my ventilation set-up, 'cause things may be getting a BIT too hot hereabouts.

The same cannot be said for my bed, 'cause my electric blanket just died, and the tail-end of the American "polar vortex" is swinging our way. Lovely, eh?
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I was trying to post before midnight, but nooooooo, the Interwebs decided to intervene, and break my streak. Thankfully, all I have to report is a disappointing shopping excursion (I managed to net the BluRay of The Wolverine... and that's about it), and I actually got some writing done! Yeah, it's type-up, but it counts, and once I've cleared that, I can get to work on fresh stuff...
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Knackered. Expect sense from me maybe tomorrow...

Note to parties concerned... High-tech communications only work if the person on the other end is actually LISTENING.
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I'm actually thankful that yesterday (AKA Saturday) is over. It's been a fairly shitty day - a mod crash took my Minecraft save with it, and four days' worth of Season Three development... including *sob* all that oil, and the fuel I produced from it.

So I cheated in an expensive piece of equipment, and a bunch of diamonds to fuel it. I'm not going to apologise for that, not for one second...

Now, let's see how Sunday and Monday go. PLEASE let's have the rest I've earned...
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If I'm counting down through one week to Patent Saturday, I should at least start at the right time. It was one week to go on SUNDAY, dumb-ass...

On the same subject, it appears that, briefly, I was charged twice for the hotel, but that was swiftly rectified... I hope. The hotel had TWO bookings on record, and one was cancelled, although I only received one acknowledgement...

Ah, crap. Now I'm worried.
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Not the best day. several things have conspired to screw up my evening, and possibly days and evenings yet to come. These are:

1) My office windows are STILL letting in draughts.

2) I may have waited too long to book my becoming-traditional Patent Saturday hotel stay, missing the opportunity to get one of my usual days. The whole "trip" isn't a complete loss, but some of its significance does get eroded by this - the plan is to have the whole of "PatSat" in luxury, not from lunchtime onwards, or something like that.

Annoying... but probably my own fault.

3) Something is broken in my current Minecraft set-up, in that part of one of the main mods now causes the game to crash. It's not a complete "game breaker", but it does prevent you from collecting a bunch of the materials necessary to really make the mod do what it's supposed to do...

At least I eventually managed to get a seat booked for Gravity on Saturday afternoon... although the booking system seemed to object to me trying to get my usual seat, for some screwy reason.


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