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I was going to blog earlier, to fill in some gaps concerning recent events, but that just didn't happen - and that's something I'd like to rectify in the year to come. I'll post a review of the year (or somesuch) sometime in the next month...

So here I am, waiting for the turning of the year, in the semi-dark now that my light-bulb just blew, and I'm NOT going to replace it right now. My back is screwed up again, and my expensive office chair is jury-rigged to not drop me to floor-level and aggravate my spine any further...

Ah, t'hell with it. Back to work - and normality - soon enough.

Have a good one, people.


Sep. 30th, 2014 10:24 pm
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There it goes again - surprised it didn't catch fire.

Time to start shopping for a new PC. And find a repair place that actually does the FUCKING WORK.
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Yeah, it takes this to get me posting again - but right now, what else is there...?

Whether they're fine to begin with, only to take a seriously sh8-ty turn on a Sunday - like last week - or are a suck-pit from before they even start, such as this week, we got weekends to meet all your sh8-ty weekend needs...!

The laptop has let me down, apparently overheating twice last night and leaving me without critical hardware just when I needed to do stuff. I am, therefore, significantly pissed off, and lacking the urge to do anything major. I would have posted anyway, following this week's momentous events surrounding the Scottish independence vote, but... well, meh.

You are most definitely NOT finding me at my best. Let's hope the laptop returns from the workshop fully operational, 'cause I've had more than enough stress lately, especially within the last seven days...
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Not the best day. several things have conspired to screw up my evening, and possibly days and evenings yet to come. These are:

1) My office windows are STILL letting in draughts.

2) I may have waited too long to book my becoming-traditional Patent Saturday hotel stay, missing the opportunity to get one of my usual days. The whole "trip" isn't a complete loss, but some of its significance does get eroded by this - the plan is to have the whole of "PatSat" in luxury, not from lunchtime onwards, or something like that.

Annoying... but probably my own fault.

3) Something is broken in my current Minecraft set-up, in that part of one of the main mods now causes the game to crash. It's not a complete "game breaker", but it does prevent you from collecting a bunch of the materials necessary to really make the mod do what it's supposed to do...

At least I eventually managed to get a seat booked for Gravity on Saturday afternoon... although the booking system seemed to object to me trying to get my usual seat, for some screwy reason.

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Tomorrow, it all ends: the final two episodes of CSI New York get their airing - and the proportion of decent TV available free-to-air decreases yet again. Most of the recent Big Shows end up on satellite TV - 24, Lost, Game Of Thrones...

It's true that things have improved from "the bad old days", and shows like Under The Dome, Homeland and of course Agents of SHIELD are there for all to see, but it is still a royal pain that one company... *sighs* I'm not one of those people trying to justify downloading illegal copies of US shows, let's get that straight, and I fully believe in paying for my entertainment, but paying through the nose 'cause one company can buy up everything, including the rights to live Formula 1 - nope, not doing that.

Digital TV with its heaps of channels, the majority of which are free, has helped, but it's only a matter of time before something big, and awesome, ends up out of reach... and why bother with preventing spoilers when "everyone" is watching...?

Or alternatively, you could not give a sh8, and instead of shelling out thirty pounds or more a month more than you'll ever watch, or want to watch, and buy the boxed set for £10. Sounds like a plan.

And the same could be said for not worrying about blog-posts not making the midnight "deadline". Hey, I was watching The Final Destination, and the time just got away from me. Three days of posts in four days is a damn sight better than I've been managing lately.
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Okay, where is it? WHY can't I book what could just be the biggest (quite literally) movie of the summer? I mean, come on, it's already bleeding over into Minecraft...

(Sweeeet, eh?)

Less than a week to go, and so far there are no booking options from IMAX PACIFIC RIM available in Edinburgh. Seems like only the BFI IMAX in London has showings, and that just sucks big time.


Meanwhile... New video very soon.
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Huh. Trust the local cinema to make things difficult. Blockbuster Season is due to kick off next week with IRON MAN 3... but there are NO Screen 1 showings on opening day. Wonderful. Guess I may just have to head out of town on Thursday, then... and take a day off.

Could probably do with that, now that I think of it. Struggling to recall whether I've actually been out of town at all THIS YEAR.
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It was Gerry Anderson's funeral today.

I think that's all I need to say.

News item link.
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Oh Great... They're saying that RGIII will be back in playing condition for the start of regular season play - after *gulp* knee surgery.

*sighs* Why can't we have anything nice...?

Development News... Better news: Yes, "Wreck Of The Nemesis" is coming together nicely, with writing picking up pace - and Chapter 1 will be "2 of 100" for the 10th Anniversary "masterplan" - it's "post one hundred chapters", and that was a chapter set for a 2013 post.

Guess that's all.
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Ah, SHIT. The Redskins lost. Looks like RGIII's dodgy knee finally took its toll. Pity Kirk Cousins couldn't deliver in his stead.

Elsewhat... Okay, back at work now... and that's about it right now. I'll be winding things up at a sensible time tonight, and maybe some inspiration will come as I get to bed...

And Finally... Holy crap, was that a TWO new Family Guys...?
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Not been a brilliant day. Not even a decent day, actually - but I'm going to try and look on the positive side...

Christmas approaches with every passing day (well duh), and I am actually further along with present acquisition than I thought. I think it's going to be a mainly online shopping experience, given that the exams are in December, not January this time around...

...ah crap, so much for the bright side...

That should be a good thing - starting the year with a dose of exams isn't exactly my idea of a good thing. Unfortunately, I'm stationed at the worst, and busiest venue of all this time, and that's going to eat into various avenues of activity. And I still have some nose-leaking disease. And the cleaning staff at work have decided to start cleaning the toilets at the exact time I arrive...

Enough. I need to get a grip on stuff, and try and get some things done. Sending in the latest comic order would be a start.

In the morning...
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And there goes the FUCKING rain again - and water is now getting through into "The Office" which wasn't in evidence before. Absolutely bloody marvellous.

It might not be a deluge, but the presence of moisture does bugger up the general mood a good deal. At least it's a visible sign of an issue, and that can be traced and dealt with - I hope.

On a more positive note... The first trailer for Dredd is public now, and hey, this looks pretty damned good. Karl Urban does a first-rate Joe Dredd!
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Got about four hours' "sleep". Gave up any thought of going to work. Thankfully, the problem has apparently been sorted, and I get to sleep in my own bed tonight. Meanwhile...

ITEM! It has come to my attention that the recent "summer weather" has not caused the roof work to grind to a halt after all (see 6th June). Various essential preparations have been carried out off-site, possibly meaning that the whole job could be done and dusted somewhat sooner than expected. Yaaaaaaay.

ITEM! Got a BIG download running right now, and it's preventing me doing other stuff (like Skyrim). Hmph - may just resort to watching a movie. Or running Skyrim without online support...

ITEM! Yikes! The new Rush album, Clockwork Angels, is due out NEXT WEEK. Oh, I have it pre-ordered, OF COURSE.
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ITEM! Work on the *cue big reveal* Traveller/Adventurers' Guild of Kraan story continues. The introductions are almost out of the way - now, let's see just how these two sets of protagonists are going to cross paths... if they actually do converge, of course. This story plays an important part in setting out the underlying "whos and whys", so people better be paying attention...

Meanwhile, I have been pondering the possibility of bringing Starbreaker "into the fold", with a Voyager-style series of "lost in space" one-shots. Exactly how the ship and crew get into that situation does however - in Version 1.0 - involve the Borg, the Orange Lanterns and a certain xenomorph...

ITEM! Last week, there was a really good documentary on "The British Invasion" of the '60s and '70s, starting with The Beatles and their contemporaries, and concluding with the mid-'70s, and the impending arrival of punk. Tonight, the second part... and what a po-faced load of crap it was. "The long-haired Americans were just too stupid to 'get' what Britain was producing" was the general message, and completely ignored the HUGE success of Ozzy Osbourne, and the EVEN MORE HUGE success of Def Leppard.

A wasted opportunity.

ITEM! It looks like several "big" movies are getting the cold shoulder at my local cinema. First The Thing last year, then The Darkest Hour, and now I'm getting the impression that Chronicle will follow. Okay, my local can only call upon three screens, and there are a surprising number of major releases around for this time of year - but I'm really hoping I'm not going to have to go "over the river" for Ghost Rider - Spirit Of Vengeance or John Carter (of Mars). I don't mind doing that every once in a while, but travel costs pretty much double the cost...

ITEM! Dammit, that sofa is killing my arse - looks like I might end up heading back to the office before the renovation work is all done, maybe even before the weather turns for the better...
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"Little Jobs" Done: Several, including changing over ANOTHER set of curtains.
Writing Done: None.
Other Personal Tasks Done: None.

So, another typical weekend. But hey - we have some decorations up at last, a slice of festive shopping is dealt with and I started the story posts yesterday. Guess I'll be heading to the bedroom to listen to the football shortly.

Oh, another dose of local "WTF" - the craft shop is closing. Space for another phone shop, I suspect...
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Errands Of Mercy reaches its conclusion, as our heroes explore the magnitude of the task that lies ahead - evacuating a world, with only days to go until disaster strikes. Can Brighthawk and her companions summon up the assistance they're going to need to stand a chance of completing the evacuation of Tol'Celpres - or is there an alternative...?

Release Notes... Coming in December - the concluding story of this trilogy - "Every Silver Lining..."

In today's headline story... Yikes. ONE WEEK TO GO. One week - and I'm nowhere near prepared. In fact, I'm rather "anti-prepared", having just this afternoon whacked a toe against the edge of the shower door, and yes, there was blood. CRAP Thankfully, there doesn't seem to be any lasting damage - or at least any that will cripple me for next week. I hope.

At least I have all my phone calls dealt with.

And finally... It's ONE YEAR since the start of "The Great Freeze". So far this year, there doesn't seem to be any suggestion of a repeat this time. Again - I hope...
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Yesterday, the bank advised me to make an appointment to see a "financial advisor" or somesuch. I did just that, and got an appointment for today. I was early, and sat waiting... and waiting... and waiting...

By the time I actually got seen, I'd been there half an hour, and had been told THREE TIMES that someone would see me in the next five to ten minutes. The "advisor" was little more than a BOY, and he seemed to be struggling to operate the computer - and I wanted out of there, for his sake. He couldn't make the transfer of funds I requested...

CLICK. My switch got flipped. I told him not to bother, and departed as politely as I could manage, but inside I was freakin seething. I don't care how busy they were, or what problems they were having - this was MY TIME that was being wasted.

Boy, was I glad there was a comic order waiting for me at home - when I could finally read any of it.

Elsewhat... What looked like a very promising solution to one of my "props", for Mission Task 88
88 - Create usable stage/screen/cosplay props of three pieces of costume or equipment from my own projects
might not be the ideal option after all. I may already come across a simpler alternative - I shall see how that's going to work out
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Sometimes, I really find myself hating Saturdays. By that I mean those Saturdays when you get geared up to do some household jobs that should take only half an hour, and they take two hours because Someone hasn't thought it through. At all. It's as though something's put on the weekend agenda, and subsequently forgotten until the last possible moment...

Today got messed up a bit because the week's main shopping was postponed due to yesterday's afternoon rain, but that was expected. That, however, seems to have been the highlight of the day, apart from the obvious TV centre-piece.

And here I am, with an iffy laptop that screwed up on me again, and a pretty deep cut on my mouse-button finger that I've been fighting for half the week...

Okay, Doctor Who now...
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Meh. This has been "one of those days". Tomorrow, I have to correct ALL the work I did today. The blinds (new) in my office are stuck. About the only thing that went right was the comic order arriving just as I reached for my door key on getting home - pity there's sign of any sodding comic boxes, though...

*looks up how to remove permanent marker from plastic...*

I'm afraid to pick up my book-in-progress, in case the screw-up streak continues. I'll try and make some progress with that tomorrow. I don't even want to mention other things, as they can still blow up in my face.
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Development News... I'm in the process of working through Chapter 4 of TDD-702 during my "early starts" - the sole positive from this whole annoying business. Pity I seem to be messing my neck up as well, though...

I take the positives when I can get them. I seem to be stuck in a vicious cycle - early wake-up means I get tired sooner, and go to bed earlier, just to wake up early (you get the idea). I either need to get no sleep at all, or go to bed stupidly early to snap out of this - I hope.

Meanwhile, I achieve very little in the evenings, apart from some writing. My plans to make some real progress with my Mission 101 these last two weeks are floundering on the rocks, with one week of this month left to go. The Move has clearly messed a whole bunch of stuff up, and that's probably not going to get any better until... maybe March, when the roof gets fixed...?

I'm sorry for not being "up to speed" on the whole Mission thing, but I am NOT sorry for laying the blame on The Move. It is not some lazy-ass excuse. I uprooted my entire life. It's that simple, and it's still a while away from getting properly fixed.

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