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I'm still around, but I just went through a month that has eroded some of my enthusiasm. Minecraft troubles (now resolved pretty much), back pain (still an issue)... that kinda thing. So, what can I talk about today?

The big news would have to be that GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY has become the most successful film in the US this summer, and perhaps this year. If you include international box office, the latest Transformers comes out on top, but a month on, GUARDIANS is still packing them in - and quite right too!

Talking about the year's blockbusters, you have to mention that the home releases are starting to come out, most notably CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, which still looks awesome on a small, non-3D screen, and I imagine GODZILLA should be out by Christmas.

Last, but by no means least: the return of DOCTOR WHO, and the start of the Capaldi era. He's more Pertwee and Eccleston than Smith and Tennant, but that's no bad thing. Two episodes in, and both highly enjoyable, but we're waiting with bated breath for his defining episode...

Oh, and FOOTBALL SEASON is imminent!!!
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Weird title that, yeah. All I'm saying is that you can tell someone is lying when they say they knew how Super Bowl XLVIII was going to go.

Meanwhile... the last batch of ...Stargazer Season 1 has been delivered:

...and Season 2 is now in the initial stages of post-production. I have new software to learn before I can really make that happen though...
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The lady sings, and we are ready to go... Super Bowl XLVIII...

Kinda wanting the Seahawks to win, but hey, just give us a game worthy of The Big Game!
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"The Move" is another step closer to being FINALLY done, in that we have the first stage of recarpeting completed - and by this time tomorrow that phase should all be finished. About freakin' time...

Yesssss - so much nicer underfoot.

Coming Up... a weekend where much should be happening: The Super Bowl, of course; the final posts for ...Stargazer Season 1, and maybe, just maybe some story chapters go live...!
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"Team Rice" versus "Team Sanders"? What the hell is happening to the NFL Pro Bowl? Okay, so the "All-Star Game" isn't that much of a draw these days - but didn't messing around with the dates of the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl probably didn't help. The Pro Bowl used to be AFTER the Big Game, so you at least stood SOME chance of seeing players from the two finalists one last time before the off-season, but now you can guarantee none of the Confederence Champion big names will show up for a meaningless game the week before what could be their one and only chance for eternal glory, and the most stunning jewellery in sports...

This "reality TV" kind of thing, reminding me a lot of a certain singing competition, seems just so... "anti-NFL", but it did apparently result in something approaching a competitive game, instead of the kind of massive, or wildly lop-sided scores you almost never see in the regular season. Could it be that this "fantasy football" set-up might actually work?
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Heading towards a (spoilers!) Season I finale...

Kinda thinking we'll hit the final episode on Super Bowl Sunday - that's one week from today! Pro Bowl today - but WTF have they done to that game??? It's not even Conference vs Conference any more...

(Link for music on this post...)
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No... sorry... I can't do it. Today's news broadcasts deliver good news for a change, but the real headline has to be...


- and Blockbuster Season 2014 gets its first salvo in early.

In other news... Following on from last night...

The Grangemouth petrochemical plant is staying open, after workers and unions came to an agreement with management - an agreement that jobs, and the welfare of the workers, are more important than trying to score cheap political points...

Meanwhile... Errrr, I can't remember what else I was going to write tonight. It'll come to me eventually, I suspect. In any case, it'll give me material for tomorrow...

...oh yeah - Sunday sees game 2 of the two NFL fixtures in London this year; 49ers "at" Jaguars. Maybe not as compelling a game as the first, Vikings/Steelers game, but hey, it's LIVE FOOTBALL.

Also, we get THREE games next year. Pity no Redskins.
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Terrific. Minecraft is getting another patch, which will probably break the game as far as my Season 2 mods are concerned - and just as things are getting interesting... although I did have a serious scare earlier, when my experimental Nether-ship - in development in the "surface" world, experienced a horrendous bug-out, and for a few minutes, I was seriously worried that my character was completely stuck, and the whole project - the whole of Season 2 - was heading down the toilet. Thankfully, I was able to rectify some of the problem, saving the map at the cost of dismantling version 1 of the "Dauntless" - and I may just open a fresh Nether portal to make a test-flight in operational conditions just a bit more comfortable.

On other matters... well, there's very little to report. Damn, it's unexpectedly warm right now...

...and the Redskins are 0-3. Great.
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New video!

I would most definitely NOT wish to go to Glastonbury. Not becausde of the camping, or the mud, or the drunken teenagers - it'd be because of all those FnajING idiots with huge flags RIGHT UP AT THE FRIGGING FRONT. If I'm paying several hundred pounds to stand in a sodding field and watch bands, I want to SEE them, not your frickin' flag... and I simply could not stop myself from dealing with the matter in no good humour...

Out of the whole bill, I'd probably want to see The Stones, and of course The Ol' Dog Hisself, Seasick Steve. If I were paying out hundreds to see either or both, it would have to be at a top-of-the-line venue, not Swamp Central.

Hard to believe so much stuff is happening in one weekend - Glasto, Wimbeldon, The British Grand Prix... all it needs is the early release of PACIFIC RIM and the universe would implode.

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ITEM! *gasp!* I actually DID SOME WRITING. Not a great deal, mind, but the deadlock may just be broken. I doubt I'll reach my "100 chapters" target for the Darkhawk/Dominion 10th Anniversary, given my limited production so far this year, but interesting things will DEFINITELY be happening!

ITEM! Good to see the Redskins seem to have done okay in The Draft - another event that seemed to worm its way OUT of my field of attention.

ITEM! I'll finalise my Star Trek Into Darkness viewing plans by this time tomorrow. I'm thinking IMAX...
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There's definitely something wrong with the world when wrestling, a sport that has been part of the Games from ancient Greek times, gets canned from the Olympics, and golf gets in. Also, WHY is A Good Day To Die Hard only on the local big screen late evening? Why is snow so pretty until it gets ever so slightly wet? Why is the bizarre, and brilliant Tokyo Jungle only on Playstation? Why does the trailer for imminent blockbuster contender Jack The Giant Slayer do absolutely NOTHING for me...?

Yes, it's been THAT slow a day.
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The Superbowl Autopsy... Sorry, 49ers fans, but the only people who robbed your team of a Superbowl victory were your own players, who fell behind by 22 POINTS just after the half.

We seem to be in something of a golden age, with a string of really good games. Can it last? Or will the Redskins break the pattern with an old-fashioned thrashing next year...?
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Today - the epilogue for The Secret Adventures of Glitterthorn: Wreck Of The Nemesis, in which our hero, and his companions, take some well-earned down-time before planning the future...

Release Notes... Maybe not as portentous as it might have been, but there you go. The stage is now set for the second half of the run-in to WORLDS COLLIDE! (Oooops - already past halfway...)

Talking of "second half", the Ravens very nearly had an 18-point lead, going into halftime...
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Baltimore get the coin-toss, and defer possession to the start of the second half. 49ers to receive...
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First Things First... The ...Nemesis Epilogue will be ready and posted tomorrow, without fail. There was a whole new Terreria project to get underway, and then I got caught up in getting the special anniversary starship for my Star Trek Online Orion captain.

And the game...? Oh, the Superbowl? The 49ers are generating a lot of buzz, and rightfully so, but I feel the day belongs to Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens. Ravens 35 49ers 30...


Jan. 27th, 2013 11:59 pm
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Next weekend - the Superbowl!

This weekend - not so super. I haven't really done anything creative. Unless you count rethinking my plans to build a whole new base in Terreria. Maybe an "early" adjournment to bed will give me an opportunity to remedy the shortfall.

So, what else is there? Oh yeah - J.J. Abrams, current helmsman of Star Trek, is to direct Star Trek Episode VII - a curious turn of events given that Abrams recently made it clear he was dedicated to the Trek franchise. I really hope this doesn't hurt future Trek movies, like Christopher Ecclestone quitting Doctor Who after one season could have hurt the revitalised show, when news came out almost on the eve of the first episode...
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Urgh. A "distracted" Sunday, with no writing done so far - but the AFC Conference Championship Game is on right now, and well into the night, so I might get something dealt with before bed.

Add to that the damned COLD, and the threat of snow, and the lack of inspiration does, I hope, become a whole lot less of a surprise.

Okay, time for some writing. excuse me for a bit...
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Development News... Made decent progress on Wreck Of The Nemesis this lunchtime. That momentum didn't carry over to this evening, however, but if I can make use of every lunchtime for writing, the +10*100 Plan may just succeed!

Oooh - football highlights shortly...
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*sighs* This hasn't been the most productive weekend. Yes, I have managed to get some stuff cleared up, and The Dominion Chronicles blog is in better order, but I could still have done more with my time.

I can accept this as "the first work-week weekend of the year", but I can't allow this to happen again. I need to get stuff done. Stuff that matters.

I'll listen to the last of this week's playoff games, and get some writing done.
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ITEM! Yay! I managed to catch up with one of MetalCanyon's live streams, if only for about half an hour. There's not a whole lot on TV, so maybe I'll have better luck next week.

ITEM! Dammit - did I "break" Terreria? I killed the last boss of the pre-"Hard Mode" world, and now things are getting nasty. All of a sudden, I'm not so tough - a serious rethink may be in order. Bloody skeleton archers...

ITEM! Looks like Ravens @ Broncos, currently at half-time, has the makings of a good game. No coverage, though. :(

ITEM! Looking at ways to expand and enhance the new story-blog. Kinda thinking I picked a poor sub-domain name; "chronicles" would have been better than "diaries", but there you go. Maybe a redirectable domain name might be of use here...

I really should try to get a chapter done this weekend, but I can't guarantee anything. I'll see what I can manage, either here or at bed-time.

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