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Oh fuck off, Apple. For the price of your latest toy, I could buy a new desktop PC and possibly a laptop - which will probably have the "lovely, shiny new" Windows 8 on it. That, clearly designed for the pea-brained ApplePhone market, looks like one of those old plastic telephones with big buttons that have pictures of animals on them - pick up the "receiver" (oh, sorry - it's "handset" now, isn't it?), press the button, and hear some tinny American voice say "The cow goes 'Mooo'", "the pig goes 'oink'"...

Of course, we're all being prepared for the day when you can do without a computer, mouse and screen altogether, and get AppleTosh "apps" beamed directly into your Swiss-cheese brains. The Almighty Steve will live on forever, in your Apple-copyrighted dreams.

Sod all this. Give me a Raspberry Pi. And I'm no programmer!

It's that or wait for the fucking magnetic poles of the planet to flip, and turn all these pretty shiny devices into so much plastic and silicon scrap...

Just had to get that out.
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In Today's Episode... and Brave New World concludes as Mane-of-Night faces her "try-out", and gets Witchraven's opinion on her abilities - and for her efforts, Mane-of-Night learns that there's far much more to this "Brave New World" than she ever imagined.

Release Notes... And so, "Episode 1" reaches its end. Stay tuned for the next step on the road to WORLDS COLLIDE - the "clock" is ticking...

Meanwhile... I really struggle to achieve any degree of enthusiasm for anything on the news these days. There are, however, several issues that "grind my gears". Here's some "rant-bursts" on...

"Dole slavery": Oh, so all of a sudden, the unemployed aren't "lazy, feckless scroungers"? They're the latest victims of "teh ebil Torys", and somehow worthy of support, just to flip the bird to the Government?

The seething fury about bankers' bonuses: Okay, let's just scrap ALL businesses, and run them as ethical collectives with rotating "chair-persons" - then kiss what's left of the economy GOODBYE.

Aborting babies for being the wrong gender: Anyone who demands this is a murderer. Anyone who carries out such an abortion is a murderer. Plain and simple.

Syria: Pick a recent conflict. Watch the seething rage as the UK gets involved. Now see Syria. We're staying out of it... and watch the seething rage again. Why don't the hippy peaceniks go there and use their "passive resistance"? I'll tell you - they won't because holding hands and singing "All You Need Is Love" won't stop a fucking tank.

And I'm done.
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Oh great - here come the "human rights" brigade again. This time, the "rights" being infringed are the "rights" of "travellers" to choose which laws they obey, and which they do not. However, I got really riled by all this "back and forth" in the courts about whether the Dale Farm evictions were legal or not when some arse-particle decided it was all "ethnic cleansing".

You have got to be fucking kidding.

And the police are yet again being accused of being "heavy-handed"- and what about the "protestors", and their heavy-handed techniques, throwing bricks at police officers? The police are using tasers? Good. About bloody time too.

Latest: The Travellers won't accept alternative accommodation because it's not "culturally appropriate". What IS "culturally appropriate" then? A site with a fucking CASINO on it? A five-star hotel???

"Bet you wouldn't talk this way if it was YOUR protests in support of YOUR cause that were being so brutally suppressed", whine the protestors. My response:-

Point One: If any protest I was involved in dissolved into violence against the police as an act of "anarchy", I'd be gone. Outta there. It would cease to be "my cause".

Point Two: Dale Farm isn't "your cause". You're just there to take a shot at the police, and maybe get some hard-working police officer fired or jailed, whilst you rake in the compensation - and the hits on YouTube...

Point Three: Shouldn't you be at college? If you're skiving off, your tutors should have the right to kick you off the course, and allow someone who's willing to do the work to take a shot at getting the qualifications they need - they deserve.

Shouldn't you be out looking for a job? If you're on Jobseekers Allowance, the Jobcentre would be within their rights (there's that word again - not so cool when someone else uses it, right?) to take your beer and fags dole money off you. It's about time The Fucking System made good on their threats.

(Been a long time since I last used that term...)

Here endeth the rant.

P.S. Took the day off. Ongoing work heating malfunctions.
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Just watch the panic. It's sad, isn't it? No two news reports, and no two experts have the same things to say about the situation at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan - oh, sorry, that's not strictly true; the "green" brigade are universally delighted...

And the rant begins - includes 'adult concepts' )

End rant transmission...
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Students - Stop bloody whining. It's clear you won't be shelling out to the tax-man to pay for all the extra policing, and all the repairs needed after your "peaceful protests". If you can afford flares and paintball guns, you can afford to pay for your education.

Did you vote at the election? If not, then just shut the fuck up.

Anonymous - You're not big, and you're not clever. How much intelligence does it take to click a bloody mouse on "Yes, I am prepared to let you install malware on my computer so that I can 'stick it to The Man'". Stop trying to ruin Christmas for everyone.

Do you actually pay for anything? If not, then just shut the fuck up.

****leaks - Are you TRYING to start a freaking war? Stick to revealing "secrets" about flying saucers, willya? Funny how you've not released any of that - waiting for a juicy movie deal, perhaps?

Just shut the fuck up.

99% of the world either don't give a toss, or very shortly will stop giving a toss. That or they're waiting with bated breath for your precious "voluntary botnet" to blow up in your faces.

Planning to "hack" me for my "traitorous talk"? So much for your oh-so-precious "internet freedom" - I guess that means "freedom to agree with us, on pain of hacking". I am FREE to disagree with ALL of you - and guess what...? I disagree.

I voted Liberal Democrat. I got a grant for my degree course, and came out IN THE BLACK at the end of it. I didn't get the £30 a week "training allowance" school pupils get now. Sure there's injustice, but I'm seeing it on ALL SIDES.

Live with it, and don't be a cry-baby. You want respect? EARN IT.
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I'm glad I've done a big chunk of my Christmas shopping already, because Nice Mister Hacker has decided to "fight for our freedoms" by trying to crash the credit card companies and Paypal. In the run-up to Christmas. Yeah, that'll really build support for A Certain Website, won't it?

Rant continues...! )

Meanwhile, the Dole Pogrom continues as some clever dick suggests that "the unemployed should get out and shovel snow", and Hacker Nation do absolutely BUGGER ALL about a real injustice. Hey, why should they when they can still embarrass America some more...

End rant.
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You only have yourselves to blame. And blame you we do.

You keep complaining about how the Liberal Democrats aren't keeping their promise about abolishing student tuition fees - how can they, when they DIDN'T WIN THE ELECTION? If you lot had gotten off your sorry drunken asses and VOTED, not only would the Lib-Dems have to make good on their promise to you, as the new Government, they would also have had to make good on their policies concerning unemployment, which were a whole bunch more positive than Iain Duncan Smith's dole slavery - which was why I voted for them.

You held the balance of power, my dears, and you squandered it. Now shut up, and suck it up.
The Patent Dragon has spoken.
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The Student Fees "Protest"... "Demo-lition". Speaks volumes, doesn't it? That's the banner a good deal of these "students" were marching under when they stormed into Conservative Party HQ at Millbank yesterday.

Oh, so it was all down to "anarchists", was it? The University Anarchists Society, perhaps? Let's be honest; this was never going to be a peaceful, civilised protest, and the "rent-a-mob" will be happy for the publicity, as the head of the Students' Union condemns them, then goes home, cracks open a bottle of "Bolly", and toasts them for nearly killing a police officer by throwing a fire extinguisher off the roof of the building.

"Why didn't the police do something?" What, and get pillioried AGAIN 'cause some hippy got a bump on the head, and a police officer happened to be within ten feet of them? If I was working in that building, I'd probably sue both the NUS and the police for the respective action/inaction... and don't anyone give me that "heavy-handed policing" bullsh8 - how heavy-handed can fifteen police officers be when they're pinned against a building by twenty thousand baying "students"?

Don't think for one moment that we've seen the last of this kind of action, 'cause I get the feeling the JobCentres will be next (and that's NOT an incitement to criminal action, MI5 - it's an entirely valid observation)...

WARNING - rant bomb, enhanced with 'colourful language', ahead! )

Ah, screw all this - I'm starting to hear the Red Lantern oath inside my head...
With blood and rage of crimson red,
Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,
Together with our hellish hate,
We'll burn you all--That is your fate!

—Atrocitus, Green Lantern (vol. 4) #32 (June 2008)
And finally, this: Mr Nick Clegg, I voted for the Liberal Democrats in May on the basis of what appeared to be an enlightened and positive policy on the unemployment situation - a policy you have ditched for a sniff at power. I will not vote for your gang of scum again.

Rant channel closed.
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This week sees the release of another big movie - Inception - one of a shocking low number of movies this summer that I'd even quite like to see. I haven't been to the cinema since Ponyo, the Saturday before Kiss, and before that, it was April, and Iron Man 2. What the hell is going on?

Last year, we had: Monsters vs Aliens; X-Men Origins: Wolverine; Star Trek; Terminator Salvation; Transformers Revenge of The Fallen; Potter 6; G.I. Joe, District 9...

...and whenever something halfway interesting comes our way, my local cinema, which I try SO HARD to support, insists on sticking the movie in question on one of the smaller screens, which are okay, but DAMMIT, when I go to the movies, I demand the BIG screen experience. Guess what's happening with Inception this week...?

Okay, I understand that Twilight and Shrek are bringing in the big bucks, and this particular week, there are a whole heap of visitors in town, some dragging children to town 'cause Dad's watching the golf. Thankfully, there were no conflicts during the World Cup - on previous occasions, it's been all "chick flicks" to entertain the wives and girlfriends while the entire male population are enslaved by "the beautiful game", meaning there's nothing to see for the non-soccer-addicted portion of the male population...

I've just been told by the local cinema, on Twitter, that if I want to see Predators - hell yeah, I do - I may have to go to Dundee to do so. That just about doubles the cost of the whole experience, and if I get the chance when I'm on the way home from Perth, I might just do that, as my route passes through the city.

About the only other film I'll get to see in my preferred format will probably be Toy Story 3 - and that will probably be on when CLAN are in town, and their "Young Adults" will probably talk all the way through the movie, just to chip the points off my rack...

Here's the low-down on what was on release, how it fared and/or my feelings on the movie in question (Excuse me, this will take a while)... )

...and relax. In bed. Imminently.

/ rant
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My, how convenient: BBC's "The Big Questions" - a religion-oriented discussion programme on Sunday mornings covering various topical matters has a technical outage halfway through, cutting the live show short. Their first, and most interrupted subject? The Cumbria shootings, and the "need" for tightening up the gun laws in the UK. Most vocal on the show, a woman almost rabid in her desire to see all guns banned - or was that "all men emasculated"?

There was no logic to her "cause", just the good old "bulldozer to drive in a single nail" approach, which conveniently ignores, COMPLETELY, a fundamental issue that is NEVER addressed. If this was a woman shooting twelve people dead, we'd be all over her mental state, the pressures of society, finance... all that jazz. But the perpetrator was A MAN, and that is, apparently, all we need to know - man + gun = slaughter. According to her and her allies, that's how simnple it is.


I refer readers back to my previous article - four days on, and still the matter of men's mental issues and "unmetabolised anger" has not been addressed. You don't need a "Flash Forward" to know such an incident will happen again - it's guaranteed as long as we treat men as mindless automatons, switched to "Kill" mode the moment a gun is placed in their hands. Any time a man shows any emotion - just remember several disappointed soccer players at recent competitions - they're lampooned, told to "get a grip" and "stop being such a girl"...

If the World Cup is going to be good for anything, it'll be to remind us that that's just how it is. England will fail, the players will cry, and they will be condemned for it. It will happen, but the denial of men's emotions has to stop. Save men from despair, you save lives by averting "massacres" - all it takes is a listening ear, and the support of someone else who cares.

It's not too late to stop the next outrage, and we can't do that if we waste any more time trying to "ban all guns". Hungerford, Dunblane... and still teenagers are shooting each other every weekend. According to the "anti-gun nuts", those crimes should already be impossible, because of the laws already in place.

Guess again, ladies.

/ rant

Meanwhile... It's time. In a couple of days, i-Resist 2010 will be set in motion, should we receive no adequate response from the Council about the lack of residents' consultation about the CLAN Gathering. An e-mail is being prepared, I will be working on flyers this week - very soon, everyone in the neighbourhood will know about what's coming at the end of July. And there will be protests...
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Work News... Kinda thinking I'm becoming indispensible at New Work - my more recent qualifications finally paid off, and I was able to correct a data input deficiency, much to the delight of my boss. Next week (and half of the following), of course, I'm working elsewhere, apart from Friday - a curious state of affairs, effectively having TWO jobs at once, but as the boss is happy with it, that's cool.

Meanwhile... We've got a government (of sorts), but people are still bitching. Do they really want another election? What part of "lost the Election" don't they understand? Do they need someone to draw them a freaking picture? If you voted New Liebour, your guys lost. It's that simple. They lost over ninety seats, people - if they were that great a Government (which they weren't), they would have won. They screwed things up royally, and they were punished for it...

Does this mean I'm a whole-hearted supported of the "Con-Dem Nation"? Hardly...

Rant-flavoured political analysis ahead - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! )

The Verdict... There's simply not enough detail to get a clear impression of what The Con-Dem Nation intends to do for, or to, the jobless. Real help, not harrassment, is very much needed - does "new politics" mean "a new approach"? Let's hope so...

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
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This Just In... IRON MAN 2 booked! That's Friday evening sorted, then...

Get ready to tick a box for Mission 101, Task 98!
Development News... Yes! That's Chapter 3 done for MoN-204 "Mane-of-Night And The Day At The Races" at last. Netbook issues haven't helped, but a concerted effort has nailed down the "Race" itself; the "Main Event" that isn't the whole story. No "end of the world" stuff this time, so enjoy this more laid-back adventure - featuring a bit of long overdue partying - while it lasts...

Meanwhile... I am starting to assemble a "Wish List" of sorts - external hard drive, flat-screen monitor(s), that sort of thing... now, let's see - sensible-heeled boots...

In The News... A prospective Tory MP gets canned for say that homosexuality "isn't normal". Almost everything humans do "isn't normal" - talking in real time to someone on the other side of the world, travelling long distances without intense exertion of the leg muscles, flying, inhaling poisonous smoke for fun - shall I go on? "Not normal" doesn't mean "wrong" - show me one person who is "normal"!

The last thing anyone needs is politicial correctness closing off legitimate channels for intelligent discussion. Gods, no.

/ rant
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Yup, I'm off again. Tomorrow, I'll be talking to my boss about my pay situation - and I hope I'll not need to go on strike again. Ever.

Meanwhile, I've completed the semi-mammoth task of "link-wrangling" the Glitterthorn profile at To Be Continued. I chose to remove all those instances where "The Big G" is merely mentioned, and halved the amount of work for the final update. Now that that is done, I can concentrate on the next story, MoN-204 "Mane-of-Night And The Day At The Races". That shouldn't take too long, or require an awful lot of creative energy, as it has a fairly "low-impact" storyline - which can't be said for almost everything else that's on the cards for the rest of the year...

In The News... Oh, here it comes - the smack in the mouth for the unemployed in this general election. So anyone unemployed over two years will have to "take the job they're offered, or lose their benefits", will they? I'm thinking that the people writing this crap do not realise that the Jobcentre does not offer you a job - they do a Jobsearch, and offer you information on a vacancy, which is not a "job offer". Actually being offered or given a job at the "Jobcentre" would make a HUGE amount of difference, but that simply Does. Not. Happen.

Fix it. If it's going to be "a future fair for all", remember the meaning of the word "all".

/ rant
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Absolutely the LAST thing this country needs is for the General Election to be decided by the newspapers whining on about some Lord or other who may or may not be entirely whiter-than-white. One side's just as bad as the other - the one engaged in the sh8-flinging just happens to be The Government.

The economy is already on life-support, and the threat of a hung Parliament is making things even worse. I shudder to think what we'll wake up to as the dawn breaks after Polling Day. Britain looks weak, the Argentinians take another shot at the Falklands (and don't say THEY aren't kicking up a storm because of the oil), our armed forces are overstretched to breaking point...

I feel sick.


Meanwhile... I'll be typing for the rest of the evening, with a view to getting the final chapter of TDD-605 "She Returns" finished (highly likely), and maybe even posted (a little less likely). Stay tuned for the next progress report!
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I'm not in the best of moods, so I'm gonna bitch about something for a bit.

Meanwhile... BBC discussion programme Question Time is a right laugh, every now and again, particular when someone dares to suggest that "Global Warming" isn't the untouchable Holy Grail "the experts" would like it to be. Dissent, and you're as bad as a Holocaust denier. Personally, I accept that climate change is happening right now, because it always has been - I'm sure I've already ranted about the last Ice Age, and how it couldn't have been cavemen in their gas-guzzling people-carriers, leaving their TV sets on stand-by that cause the climate change that melted the glaciers covering half the freakin' planet.

Evidence? You want evidence? How about the fossil coral reefs halfway up mountains, and Arthropleura - 300 million years ago, my neighbourhood was crawling with them; giant millipedes as long as an estate car. How come we don't have those any more? Simple - back in the Upper Carboniferous Period, the oxygen content of the air was significantly higher, allowing invertebrates to grow substantially larger than they do today. If that isn't "climate change", what is it...?

It was good to see at least someone ask just what we're doing to ensure humanity survives the impending climatic chaos - what if we can't fix it overnight with all your bloody windmills and "carbon off-setting"? Shoddy thinking, people - just plain shoddy.

And finally.. ...and just to piss me off, this is going to have a Friday posting date, again messing up my attempts to post as close to an entry-a-day. Grrr...
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In Today's Episode... All the pieces are at last in place - including a piece no-one could have predicted - and battle is finally joined...

Development News... There isn't any. Today just went straight down the plughole, pretty much before it really got going. Must find a way out of this kinda thing...

Meanwhile... Oh, this is freakin' rich: Secularism 'means fall in births' - the chief rabbi in the UK says that Europe is "dying" because secular "attacks" on religion by "neo-Darwinism" somehow equate to a reduction in the birth rate...

...and this is bad how, might I ask? The planet is already overpopulated, and that is what's killing the planet, as all those excess humans want food, shelter and energy - and what is religion doing about that? Encouraging people to have MORE children so that the High Priests have all the cannon fodder they need for their next "god"-inspired round of genocide. Oh, and plenty of people to "pray" for the souls of the murdered.

Ideally, the truly enlightened among us could climb aboard our fleet of space-ships, and settle on another world, a world based on civilised reason, whilst the religious nutters battle each other to extinction on the slowly charring remains of our former homeworld. Yeah, like the cockroaches are going to appreciate the heaps of curiously unnaturally-shaped boulders that used to be your holy places...

Here endeth the rant.

In Other News... Oh great - here come the hippunks, looking for another scrap with the police thinly disguised as a "legitimate protest" against the planet-murdering G20... and this time, they're in my home town. I'll just stay at home, if you don't mind, and amuse myself with the news coverage.
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Stephen Fry considering quitting Twitter isn't major news. Does it have to be a major feature of the BBC News pages for half the day? Not really, no.

So, to the key issue for some people: does Twitter matter? Does anything, if you really want to be so bloody picky? It all fries in the solar supernova in ten billion years anyway - starvation, world debt, soccer, shopping for shoes, "The Cess Factor", "Strictly Old-Fashioned Prancing About With Self-Absorbed Non-Entities" - and all the people who seem so curiously desperate for EVERYONE to know that they've never used Twitter, and think it's for "sad people". If you're lucky, you'll have been extinct for millions of years anyway, and all you ever thought of as "mattering" has been dust and less than dust for millennia...

Depressed now? What are you gonna do about it? Go on Twitter and bitch about it...?

Ah, screw it. In trying to sound so bloody superior, the Smug Brigade are the only ones making a really big deal of it all - and weren't you the ones telling Twitter users to "get a life"? It's like "goldy" and "bronzy", except it's made of iron, y'know.

I wonder what fabulous, life-affirming experience in your full and varied "(Get A) Life" you had to postpone to "share your wisdom" with the "sad people"? Getting stoned to dull the pain of the stark realisation that, despite your dreams as a six year-old, you've not managed to become a pop star, or millionaire soccer-player after all? Trying to impress the "chicks" with your ability to get blind drunk and collapse in the street in a pool of your own vomit?

Okay, I'm done giving a damn now. And so are they, most likely, now it's "Get Drunk Time". And Stephen Fry hasn't shut up shop yet. The world just keeps on turnin'...
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Didn't get a lie-in today either, when I wanted and needed it most. Okay, now I'm pissed. I wanted to stand back from this issue, but now you'll get the fullness of my outrage...

The BNP Show... If anything is going to drive people into the waiting arms of the "racist, fascist" British National Party (and that's the LAST time I refer to them by name here), I can name three things...

1) A bunch of unwashed Lefty students trying to tell me I'm too stupid to make up my own mind, as seen outside BBC TV Centre on Thursday night. Please find a dictionary, and look up the definition of the word "fascism". Can't be bothered? Well, here it is (from

fascism (noun)

"a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism."

May I draw your attention to the part about "forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism"? Five hundred aggressive protestors certainly sound like "force" to me!

2) An orchestrated attack on a single individual, masquerading as a serious TV discussion programme - any attempt to make the programme seem "legitimate" appeared to have been tacked on as an afterthough, and one of the most important issues of the day, the postal workers strike, was not even mentioned!

3) A black AMERICAN intellectual doing her very best to lay out her case as a "British Denyer", namely one Bonnie Greer, Deputy Chairman of The BRITISH Museum (Question Time, BBC 1, Thursday 22nd October 2009, starting at time index 39:15 onwards)! For a self-acclaimed historian, she has a yawning gap in her knowledge, namely the meaning of the word "indigenous" - look, here it is...

indigenous (adjective)

"originating in and characteristic of a particular region or country; native (often fol. by to): the plants indigenous to Canada; the indigenous peoples of southern Africa. "

By this definition, I, having been born in Britain, am actually indigenously British; actually indigenously Scottish, even though my parents were both born in England. If this had been "N.G." and his party, denying The Holocaust, or anyone else denigrating (oh, am I still allowed to say that word?)... say black people, the outrage would have been mind-blowing - hold on a minute, let's take a look at yet another dictionary definition:

racism (noun)

"a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.. "

hmmmm, no mention at all of racism being purely white against black - but Greer quite gleefully tried to dismiss the British as a people. Clearly, her definition of a "person" is quite narrow, given that she discounted Neandrethals as people too.

If British people don't actually EXIST, Ms. Greer, then neither can our Museum, and you're out of a fucking job! As far as I'm concerned, she's a racist, and therefore a fucking hypocrite. I do NOT want your "revisionist anthropology" contaminating our Museum.

Guess that's me on the Anti-Fascist League death-list now, all because of that. Hey, bring it on.

Message ends.
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Sometimes, you just can't be bothered watching the news. I go through phases of not caring, but sometimes there are stories you just get sick of hearing about - today, it's Barack Obama's "shock" Nobel Peace Prize. Hey, he's done a whole bunch more for world peace in less than a year than Dubya did in two terms - that's got to be worth something.

The same can be said for NASA's latest attempt to move forward on exploration, and one might say exploitation of the Moon. Crashing a probe into the surface to "prospect" for water ice doesn't light up the sky, and the media brand the whole mission a failure. Shortly thereafter, they're talking about NASA "bombing the moon", and not long after that, the usual "nothing better to do" netheads are decrying NASA for threatening to bring about Armageddon (yes, just like the movie). Oh please.

Yes, I'm frustrated too. I want cool star-ships and shit like that, but unlike Star Trek, these things actually 1) cost money, and 2) take DECADES to develop. We need to master the Moon as a first step, to Mars and beyond - please let's not set things even further back by convincing the Powers That Be that we are too stupid to take a genuine interest in the future. Apollo, and all that came before it, gave us so much - micro-computers, for example, without which there'd be no laptops, no mobiles, NO FREAKING INTERNET. If humanity's curiosity is good for anything, it's encouraging innovation - the wheel, the sextant, mechanical clocks - need I go on...?

There'll be plenty of bangs, flashes and big shiny things for everyone - just don't push it back another generation, please? I would very much like to share something truly wonderful with my nephew.

Meanwhile... Oh, and to make matters worse, there's going to be a "G20" meeting in town next month. Cue an invasion of "eco-warrior" hippies and anti-globalisation hypocrites, all looking for an excuse to start a fight with the Police, and score some news screen-time and a big wad of compensation because they broke a fingernail, boo hoo. Get ready for sightings of that rarest of creatures, the police officer on foot-patrol - and I better not get stopped by them for going about my rightful business. If I do, some random hippunk is getting shouted at...

At least I got something approaching the "quiet day" I wrote about last time. If I'd knowing Ultima Online was going to be a pain today, though, I could've done some writing instead.
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In Today's Episode... Ravani tries to unravel the mystery of the "shard-bearer" in the latest chapter of "Songs In The Key Of Fate". Also, learn some interesting facts about Mystalorn...

Release Notes... Delayed a little more than anticipated. See below.

Development News... I was about to say that there isn't any (development news), but I did get a couple of paragraphs MoN-203 "Mane-of-Night And The Wayward Child" typed up from notes, and followed up on those. Beyond that... well, I was pretty pissed off about the bullshit the Yanks are talking about us and the NHS...

Now, I don't give a flying sh8 if the Yanks come bottom in every meaningful survey of worldwide health-care, and they gleefully use their oh-so-wonderful "health insurance" to tax their poor out of all treatment in the name of Deep South eugenics, but when their right wing start making shit up about us and our health-care system, they can just go fuck themselves. I've seen as much of "FOX News" as I can possibly stomach, and by that I mean the slander (libel, whatever) that suggests the NHS is a breeding ground for terrorism, because of all the "foreign doctors".

The NHS isn't perfect - right now, this family knows that all too well, and I've had my share of negative experiences - but it's substantially preferable to the Yanks' "system". Yes, I would much rather trust my life and health to an "embryonic Jihadi" than a profit-driven Redneck, pissed off that he's now has to salute a black President...

Ah, fuck all this. I hope the electorate who voted that Britain-hating bastard in the European Parliament now call for him to be removed for daring to represent them.

And... some good news. The CLAN Backlash continues, as my response to last week's "reply" goes to print. Linkage as soon as the letter goes online...

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