Jun. 5th, 2012 10:33 pm
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At bloody last...

And so, it begins - the view better be worth it! I've honestly never been so glad to be woken up by the noise of workmen setting up.

There IS light at the end of this particular tunnel.

Meanwhile... Hmmm - so much for the Diamond Jubilee double-Bank-Holiday. Chewed up and spat out just like *click* that - even missed a £109 million lottery roll-over as the normal order of things went straight out the window. I had intended to post some story this weekend, but that clearly didn't happen.

Got to do something about that. Tomorrow, it's back to work, so maybe I have a chance.
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This time next week will be Day Two of Patent Saturday 2011... but right now, I'm nursing a wounded toe - with no problems arising thus far, apart from an occasional tweak - and adding to my prospective trip wardrobe. Nothing excessive - in fact, one could say it'd be the only thing one could say wasn't of that ilk. :D

In the meantime, work on TDD-704 Every Silver Lining... creeps forward some almost every day, but Chapter 5 is still not quite complete. When I get some time this weekend (huh, some hope), I'll try to push ahead, with a view to having a "clear plate" for next week. I had briefly toyed with the idea of reserving Thursday and Friday night for "fun" and Friday morning and afternoon for the "creative retreat" portion, but there's hardly enough time to do both justice. The Christmas Hols are coming up, and hopefully I'll be able to grab some free time.

Of course, that doesn't mean that I'll neglect any good ideas that come my way...
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I can expect an inflated credit card statement this month. Not insanely so - I've had worse since The Move, and the infamous "TV triple-header" - but a bunch of project materials have gone on it, including most recently appropriate footwear for The Personal Goddess. Today, I got comics AND my triple-Play Blu-Ray/DVD of Iron Man 2, which I'll be watching shortly. Still no comic boxes, so some enquiries will have to be made...

Fnaj knows what caused last night's outage. The broadband probably took a huff 'cause it wasn't getting used while I was working on my craft experiment, but the results were worth it - hooray for cling-film and duct tape!

Okay, that may sound rather odd, but I have found a rather ingenious method for creating sewing patterns for things such as gloves. Last Sunday, I was able to use a disposable glove, cover the hand with duct tape, then draw around the necessary seams, cut around them carefully with scissors and BINGO - a custom glove template! I am now investigating giving a certain "Princess" of my acquaintance a make-over in leather...

...and that's a 16" Princess Jasmine doll from the Disney shop - the closest thing I can get, given my limited means, to a Japanese ball-jointed doll. Confusion defused, I hope. If I can make her a pair of boots, that's a BIG step closer to making my own...

And here she is... )

Okay, time for a drink, then a movie.
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The S-U-N was out again when I left work today. Two days in a row - it can't last, and it won't (beyond three days, it seems). Sadly. Not being "glass half empty"; just tellin' it like it is.

So, what else is there...? A new Windows 7 PC at work, which I'll be getting to grips with tomorrow - hardly thrilling...
- I think there'll be an opening for a story post at the weekend...
- TWO days to the Doctor Who season finale - gonna be fun to see how THIS all works out...

It's a warm evening, perhaps too warm for trying to string coherent thoughts together. Now I know where the time goes - I sleep through a big chunk of it.
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Today started a good deal earlier than I planned with one of those early wake-ups. I decided, rather than lie awake and wait for the day to catch up with me, I was going to try and get some writing in.

Some hope. Quite simply, I had nothing. So I finished reading Equal Rites and waited for the alarm to go off...

Lunchtime saw more success - almost a whole screen's worth! The start of something satisfactory? Something I can continue working on at home?

Yeah, right. I went on a "bug hunt" in the office before dinner, and whilst I found nothing living, there was limited evidence of a previous presence, discovered just as I thought I could declare a provisional "all clear". I therefore did not enjoy my dinner.

There's a spider in the office. Not a huge one, but visible. I've decided that, as long as it stays out of sight, and away from my stuff, it can live, and hopefully feast on any truly unwelcome interlopers.

Think I'll get away from it all for a while - Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes is still showing...
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Done painting for now, so I'm expecting to be back in The Office tomorrow - maybe with a new monitor, with any luck. Missing my new TV a bit, but I won't be enjoying it when I'm breathing paint fumes...

One day, maybe I'll get to see Babylon 5 - Thirdspace again in its entirety, but last night wasn't the night. Dunno what else I can expect to get done tonight - might just call it a night for now, and start fresh when I get back from work...

Some writing would be nice. Got another post to make tomorrow!
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As promised, some bonus material from

- The "Extras".
Images taken directly from my trusty Notebook of Awesomeness!

Release Notes... This entry was a last minute addition. Seems like a fitting way to wind up Season Six.

Meanwhile... No thanks. I don't want "BBC Alba" on Freeview, if that means losing a bunch of radio channels. The latter are far more likely to be of any interest.

Oh, and there was something of a "whooops" this morning - I flipped the wrong switch on my alarm clock, and it never went off. Still made it to work "on time" - hooray for flexible hours!

It's nearly the weekend, and that means it's time to start marshalling some stuff for relocation. Gonna have to get serious now...
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So, I joined the Charloft writing Community at LiveJournal - a start for Mission 101 Task 99, perhaps...?
99 - Find an audience!
Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
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Guess that didn't work out as planned. A hassle-free Saturday? Mostly. Productive? Not so much. Think I must've gotten out of the habit.

Watched Primeval. Missed what was probably a really important moment. Remembered the show was repeated on ITV+1. Watched it again. MISSED THE EXACT SAME MOMENT. Argh!
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Easy alternative route? No it wasn't. More frigging ice.

A nice easy day at work? Some hope. Barely got in the door before I found myself whisked off to a different venue. Being at an "extra time venue" means extra hours and extra pay, but it also means decreased chance of a proper lunch break - unless you get away early. Which I did. A satisfactory balance.

And hey; one of my bosses gave me a lift to Venue 2. Again, some good people to work for.

Writing? I just finished typing up today's input. Most of it went okay, but there was a point when I struggled - that happens when a story is in "live play" sometimes, and the plot develops almost on its own. I think I have that sorted now during type-up, and maybe the way is clear for a push towards a satisfactory conclusion - oh, and postings maybe this weekend.
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So, it snowed.

We're back under the white stuff again, and the sun on the snow makes the world look a whole lot more... comfortable, bright. I just hope it doesn't mean icy pavements. Guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Change of subject... Holy crap...

NFL playoff results ahead...! )

Sadly, it's the usual state of affairs that lowly terrestrial viewers seem to get no TV coverage at this stage. I'd been thinking it might be worth firing up my Christmas pressy DAB radio, and see what I can find on the digital airways... BUT there's Radio 5 Live coverage, and late Monday BBC2 highlights! Yay! Something to look forward to!

Add some Ultima Online - another guild and allies hunt as usual - and whatever writing I can manage, and tonight might be okay. As far as writing is concerned, something post-Reignfall has been altered to open up some opportunities, and I'm satisfied it's a better way to go. Stay tuned for developments as they happen - soon...
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My, wasn't that a bracing and worthwhile excursion? Errrr, well, not exactly. Our sole shopping stop was sorely lacking in computer equipment, so no back-up mouse, but at least we are all set up for New Year - and I did manage to snag myself a two-disk DVD copy of Scott Pilgrim vs The World! Yeah, Amazon does it cheaper, but right now, I'm not exactly trusting them, as I am still a book and a CD short. The shortfall must, I admit, be blamed on Royal Mail - a local newspaper article reports the root of the problem to be new software and delivery practices - and they don't go back to work until tomorrow...

At least I have something else to watch, probably on New Year's Eve.

Slightly more positive is the ongoing thaw. We are at last losing the snow, and temperatures are the right side of freezing for the first time in AGES. We may even see an end to the permafrost that's been heaped on street corners these past four weeks!

Got some Ultima Online to deal with tonight, and maybe another writing session like last night, with any luck. Think I'll squeeze in a movie, too, if the universe is willing.
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Well, here it is - the first proper day of the Christmas hols. A weekday with NO work... and I'm unable to inspire myself, or even summon up the energy to relocate upstairs. It's really NOT good enough, I have to admit. Tonight, I change that.

Today is apparently a "Bank Holiday", and I guess that means that the next postal delivery is likely to be tomorrow. Will I see the missing Amazon consignment, or should I just call it quits on that? It's annoying little things like that - and too many others - that gnaw away on my concentration...

...gaaaah - I'm just not used to this holiday stuff any more. Kenny's dad in South Park pretty much hit the nail on the head when he said "When you're unemployed, weekends are meaningless", and this is like a big weekend. Yeah, I'm working now, but I've only had a couple of extended weekends since I started, and by those I mean May for Kiss, July for CLAN, August for Seasick Steve and October for Doctor Who Live, none of them a proper getaway. A serious lynch-pin for the whole mess is, as always, The Move, and I'm thinking that will be delayed and delayed, and that uncertainty will gnaw and gnaw... and gnaw.

I'm starting to think that, in order to get ANYTHING moving, I may have to make The Move unilaterally, and relocate to Site B even if I have to do it on my own. I think I know the reason for the delay - a promise a certain member of the family is going to have to keep when The Move takes place. A little something to do with a certain health issue that's something of a thorny matter...

Right. I'm going to do a few bits of business once I post this, then I'm logging off until 1) I've completed some writing, 2) I've finished watching last night's football, and 3) I have watched Die Hard 2 in its entirety.
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Right, that's the last hurdle(s) before Christmas dealt with - although it didn't help to have a last-minute grocery/present dash, with only a couple of hours to go to Family Festive Lunch...

Finally the holidays begin. Excuse me if I "veg out" in the meantime - I am most definitely due a proper lie-in (and NO, waking up at 0730 doesn't mean that getting up at 1000 counts as a lie-in!)

Oh, and Royal Mail quite definitely coughed one up for the opposition. No Amazon parcel today means an incomplete Christmas for someone. Happy =/= me.

Meanwhile... Time for vegging, I'm feeling. I also have something in mind for New Year that I should make a start on. Not essential work, and not the special chapter I have planned, but it will be good to get it to work.

Maybe more later...
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What started as a cold and fairly miserable day has continued in similar fashion, and is now a freezing cold and utterly miserable evening. I'm glad I'm not going anywhere - except bed, before long, unless I get my "second wind", and things aren't looking good so far. I got almost a "writing hour" done, meaning I got a good deal of writing accomplished overall...

Nope, sorry - can't do any more. Tired, falling sleep, the wind is rising outside. I'd rarther be in bed. Maybe catch up with things tomorrow.
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- "lie-in knackered" - not really; I was awake early anyway.
- "a good dose of afternoon arse-up" - nah.
- "desperately trying to make up for the start of the day" - hardly.
- "a whole bunch of "fall asleep at the keyboard"... Check!
Today hasn't been that badly compromised - I'll probably make up for that tonight - and I have managed to *gasp* do some writing! Could it be that I need to get my "writing hour" in at the other end of the day from when I'd planned? It might just work - writing in bed fails at the first jump, 'cause I end up asleep anyway (surprised I haven't stabbed myself with a pen yet).

Now, where's that Skylance-X crew list...?

Next week, more moving/stuff-shifting? As long as it's "booked" in advance, that's okay - unless that collides with an afternoon showing of Skyline - now that looks promising, especially after the gods-awful Blockbuster Season we just had...
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Sunday's been something of a day for recovering from yesterday, and so it's not been entirely constructive - BUT a variety of things have been going through my mind, and hands. I've been...
- pursuing some crafting endeavours, using my expanding knotting abilities to equip a new flash drive case with a strap/belt loop (courtesy of the excellent knot-tying blog by Stormdrane)
- finishing off the repairs to a paracord bracelet I had to cut off, replacing the Monkey Fist button with a Celtic Button Knot (that's for the knotting enthusiasts)
- giving serious thought to refreshing my footwear options now that I have a satisfactory storage solution at Site B
- considering the final touches to the craft project that will see me able to put a *SCORE* beside my Mission 101 Task 52 - Complete some craft projects I've started, and
- contemplating an approach to something that could just count towards Mission 101 Task 88 - Create usable stage/screen/cosplay props of three pieces of costume or equipment from my own projects
- so not a wasted day, all in all. Writing hasn't made it out of the starting gate, however, but I'll see if I can get something done this evening. Oh, and I'll be needing to assemble a Mission report for October at some point, too.

I've taken something of a leap forward in the crafting field, mostly thanks to the excellent web resource that is Instructables. I'd looked into its value for my Mission craft tasks, but only now that I became a subscriber, the full potential has been unlocked - ah, the joy of being able to print out customised instructions!
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Moving Matters... I've been busy taking The Move a step closer today, finalising the rough lay-out of my bedroom, and going a good way towards clearing The Office. In the process, I discovered that both rooms I'm going to occupy actually have FOUR power-points each - the observed number in the bedroom went up by 100%! I'll be going to need a fair number of shelf-units, though...

That was the sum total of today's activities, apart from some fun with the new sea-based goodies in Ultima Online. There just hasn't been time to write anything, but there is a Grand Prix (the first-ever Korean GP) tomorrow, and I may just get an opportunity then, if not later tonight.

I'm going to need to do some "prospective shopping", and make a serious effort to investigate the local sales this time round. I might just be able to track down the "treasure chest" I've been trying to find.

Interesting times are dawning...
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Development News... Oooops - I'm going to have to back-pedal a bit on the next Mane-of-Night story. A piece of the prelude is going to have to be reworked after I did a bit of research into events surrounding Bekalth's brief conquest of Dominion - a story that is a key element of one particular Mission 101 task
46 - Continue and complete "The Archive Project"
- which means taking my past writings and converting them into an online archive. In my quest for the relevant information, which revealed that a different character is actually the affected party, I managed to convert the whole story into my standard writing format! Obviously, this turned "lunch-writing" into the equivalent of "coffee-break-writing", and I'll be doing some reworking tonight (if I manage to stay awake) to hopefully avoid using up tomorrow's lunch hour. I have to get this sorted before the weekend, 'cause Saturday's a "Move Special"...

But first, maybe some Ultima Online. I've been thinking about setting up a "Sea Monster Research Institute" guild, now that we have some cool galleons in the game. Hmmm, sounds familiar, right?
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Sorry - got a bit distracted by 300 and Ultima Online. Add to that the Singapore Grand Prix, and that's pretty much the whole day accounted for. Next up is the football, but I'm hardly likely to see much of that, tonight or later in the week - I'm still waiting for the "on-demand" showing of the Colts-Giants game from last week... ...ooops - just gone midnight.

Should've posted earlier, but maybe I thought I already had, 'cause I'd been updating the version of the Mission List, and posting about one Task that hasn't seen any coverage so far:
91 - Create a personal goddess
I'll be cross-posting that stuff on Tuesday, "Two Years To Go Day".

Pity I'm really, really struggling to do any writing at the weekends. Understandable this time round, but next week, I'll be making myself make some real progress.

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