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...GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is out on home release ON MONDAY????

Looks like I'm making a diversion to the nearest outlet on the way to work, then.

Also: new boots ordered. It's nearly Patent Saturday, so what better way to celebrate (apart from the now almost traditional get-away)...?


Dec. 5th, 2013 11:59 pm
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(or "Breakfast At Swarti's" ;-) )

That's me "back to normal", after a very satisfactory Patent Saturday excursion, during which I watched, or attempted to watch, a whole bunch of movies in the lap of luxury. They were:-

Rise Of The Guardians
Super 8 (rewatch, fell asleep near the end)

World War Z
Snow White And The Huntsman
Captain America - The First Avenger (rewatch)
Hansel And Gretel - Witch Hunters
GI Joe: Retaliation (rewatch, fell asleep near the end again)
The World's End (also fell asleep)

Now, hopefully, the world is going to take things easy for the rest of the year, and the latest batch of exams will not be a pain in the arse, like the last two times...

And finally... Looks like we dodged a bullet, weather-wise. Almost everywhere else seems to have had it shitty, to varying degrees, whilst we pretty much just had some wet wind to wake up to, before it all sodded off. A "yay" is, I think, in order.

And finally finally... Hmmm - Starbound...
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I'm actually thankful that yesterday (AKA Saturday) is over. It's been a fairly shitty day - a mod crash took my Minecraft save with it, and four days' worth of Season Three development... including *sob* all that oil, and the fuel I produced from it.

So I cheated in an expensive piece of equipment, and a bunch of diamonds to fuel it. I'm not going to apologise for that, not for one second...

Now, let's see how Sunday and Monday go. PLEASE let's have the rest I've earned...
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Before I forget... Oh, yeah - Happy Thanksgiving, USA.

And The Rest... Been relaxing with Minecraft on my "day off" before The Big Weekend kicks off. Tomorrow - almost today, in all honesty - will most likely be a lot like today, but with added packing (which I haven't even begun thinking about yet!). At some point in the next 24 hours, I will be a bit rushed off my feet...

Oh dear, looks like we're in danger of racing ahead of the US as far as Agents of SHIELD is concerned, as the show takes another "week off". So far, the show has done pretty well, given that it can't really stray into "big guns" territory, unless it's following up on a recent movie, such as THOR - THE DARK WORLD, as it has done these last two weeks. They really should have a "big name" (of sorts), floating in and out of the background, not exactly racing to the rescue all the time, but... well, reminding you that this IS The Marvel Universe. Several names would spring to mind if I put some thought into it - it's so much fun to spot a reference and go "Yeah...!"
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If I'm counting down through one week to Patent Saturday, I should at least start at the right time. It was one week to go on SUNDAY, dumb-ass...

On the same subject, it appears that, briefly, I was charged twice for the hotel, but that was swiftly rectified... I hope. The hotel had TWO bookings on record, and one was cancelled, although I only received one acknowledgement...

Ah, crap. Now I'm worried.
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A big day for incoming post - that's a big bit of Christmas shopping done... and I am now in possession of a pretty sweeeet new pair of boots, in prefect timing for Patent Saturday. Excellent!

Yeah, it's been another thin week on the blogging front, but The Stargazer Project - Season 2: The Edge Of Chaos has been getting, and holding, the majority of my attention. It doesn't help that the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special is TOMORROW, and that next week - and the week following - will be dominated by "PatSat"...

Excellent viewing last night: An Adventure In Space And Time, dramatising the origins of the phenomenon that has been - and, I am certain, continue to be - Doctor Who.

What's that? A Gravity review? Oh crap, I have rather dropped that ball...

...ok, a quick one: A good reality-based space disaster movie, that makes the silence of space a character in its own right. Somehow, I was expecting MORE, such as 3D that would genuinely dazzle, but that was not to be. Movie Of The Year? Naaah - a solid 8/10, but all-out space opera (Star Trek Into Darkness!) wins out in that respect.

Look for the tie-in short movie that's going around, which provides an insight into the other end of a conversation in the main movie. It's very effective.

There. Not my best, but it's that or nothing!
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...yup, Minecraft

Meanwhile, it's looking pretty much certain that, this week, I'll be updating my game set-up to 1.6.4, even at the cost of two favourite mods. This will screw up Season Two of The Stargazer Project a good deal, but not totally fnaj it up - I can reuse the "seed" for the map, reproducing the original landscape, and there's a mod that will allow me to reconstruct the "feature structures", one of which I very much want to keep, as it took so much building, and a couple of close scrapes with death...

I'll most likely deal with Patent Saturday as well.
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Let's see how we can fix all this buggeerd-up stuff.

1) I may just adjust my Patent Saturday plans just this once, given that my planned first day of luxury was going to be St Andrews Day, and a Saturday - oh, and booked solid. I won't be getting my special day in its entirety, so I'll just have to take an extra day off to make up for it. Sounds okay...

2) That Minecraft error is, it seems, a side-effect of an outdated version of the game - but to get back up closer to speed will require a small sacrifice, in the form of a favourite mod that seems unlikely to get an update any time soon. *sighs* Oh well, I'll just have to find something else...

The third issue is no closer to resolution, but thankfully, the wind isn't blowing straight into my office window any more - for now. So, all in all, not a particularly inspirational raft of "solutions", but sometimes, you taking seat V8 instead of V7, and tell yourself "sometimes, stuff just doesn't workout quite as planned."
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Not the best day. several things have conspired to screw up my evening, and possibly days and evenings yet to come. These are:

1) My office windows are STILL letting in draughts.

2) I may have waited too long to book my becoming-traditional Patent Saturday hotel stay, missing the opportunity to get one of my usual days. The whole "trip" isn't a complete loss, but some of its significance does get eroded by this - the plan is to have the whole of "PatSat" in luxury, not from lunchtime onwards, or something like that.

Annoying... but probably my own fault.

3) Something is broken in my current Minecraft set-up, in that part of one of the main mods now causes the game to crash. It's not a complete "game breaker", but it does prevent you from collecting a bunch of the materials necessary to really make the mod do what it's supposed to do...

At least I eventually managed to get a seat booked for Gravity on Saturday afternoon... although the booking system seemed to object to me trying to get my usual seat, for some screwy reason.

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Oh yeah - story posts. I have some stuff to type up from Patent Saturday, and the current story will most likely expand to five chapters as a result. I'll be posting the delayed Chapter 4 at the weekend, and the concluding segment when it's ready, which might be the following weekend, clearing the decks for the 2012 Christmas Special... if the exams will allow, that is. Yup, those start next week - not January, which is perhaps a good thing, given how damned awful it can already be going back to work after Christmas...

Take Two...

Dec. 3rd, 2012 03:29 am
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Being what I originally intended to post on Saturday!

- An excellent "in character" breakfast... check.
- A semi-successful attempt to rewatch the last Transformers movie... check.
- A slightly more successful attempt at watching Kung Fu Panda 2... check.
- The "prequel" to The Thing (call it Thing 2011)... check.
- Dinner "in character"... okay, check.
- Ted... semi-check.

Yeah, not my best work, so let's get visual, with some...! )
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So I had a post in draft form for The Big Day, but by the time I was able to fully wake up after my post-dinner movie - the "missed a key scene before the final wind-up"-tacular Ted - midnight had come and gone. Yeah, pretty anticlimactic, but that's how it is.

A very good time was had by all - although dinner could've been better, I must admit - and that's what matters. All that's left now are a hopefully better night's sleep, an "in character" breakfast, and an uneventful departure.

Think I can manage all that.

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Puss In Boots... check.
Shrek Forever After... check.
Cowboys And Aliens... check.
Pizza with chicken, ham, and pineapple... check.
Sticky toffee pudding... check...

...oh, and let's not forget the room - about twice the size of last year's!

To be continued...

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Okay, there's not going to be a story post tonight, and I don't think I'll be able to fit it in before I set off for the hotel. Today has been... problematic, with any prior plans going out the window due to family issues. Said issues shouldn't impact on the imminent outing - hopefully.

I'll do my very best to at least have a paper version of the final section of Seeing Nowhere Through The Eyes Of A Lie by the time I get back (Sunday). I don't want to take hefty technology with me - not after the techno-farce of the London trip...
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"Festivities" commence IN SEVEN DAYS. Whoa - where'd the year go?

Shameful Admission... Well, actually, I do know where 1000 hours of it went. If you, Dear Reader, guessed Star Trek Online, you'd be right. That... that's pretty crazy...

Okay, here's a plan. I start posting the latest WORLDS COLLIDE prequel tomorrow, and maybe "double-tap" on Thursday, and we should be good for that. I can then kick the next Mane-of-Night episode into a higher gear, with a view to getting it out there before Christmas, at which time I'll be starting this year's festive-period special. That certainly sounds doable - I may just make this one a true Christmas Special, in the form of Brighthawk's first Christmas without Darkhawk...

Hmmm - I like the sound of that.

Some Good News... Our planning application for the new windows is "live" at last, so maybe there's a chance of that project advancing sometime soon. I will not, however, hold my breath - breathing is something I don't take for granted right now. My cold has retreated to my chest, sneezes becoming coughs (although it IS clearing up gradually)...
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Less than two weeks to Patent Saturday, and I'm coming down with the sneezes and sniffles. Oh joy of joys...
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Oh holy crap - only TWO WEEKS to Patent Saturday 2012! Hopefully all my outstanding post will 1) arrive in time, and 2) be fully "fit for purpose".

Meanwhile, the Star Trek Online grind-fest continues. All three characters are now either starting the Reputation merry-go-round, or are in the midst of the first round of Tier-building. I think this is all going to take quite a while to get anywhere - but Dilithium rewards for Special Task Force missions have been reinstated, after a fiery tornado of player-rage, so at least the slog for Omega Marks is going to be sweetened a bit. As far as the Romulan Reputation set-up is concerned, the best way to get started seems to be to combine several early missions by doing the "tour" of the transporter sites, unlocking each of them for future use, and doing the first round of "Assist..." missions at each location. Not exactly big or exciting news for non-players, but there you go...

Tomorrow... Question: is the Borg Invasion of Defera worth doing as a source of Omega Marks? This is research I'm going to have to carry out, even though there's no short-cut between Defera and New Romulus, particularly if you're on the Klingon side - but there's a birthday celebration tomorrow, too, so things may be limited. Curse you, real life...!

And finally... Yep. Still no story posts. That plan rather ran aground, didn't it? The story will be live soon, and there will be some kind of "Christmas special" again this year.
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Yeah, yeah, missed another one - but I had the chance to get my Science character in Star Trek Online fully on the road through the new system for Omega Reputation ranks - and it's not easy when the STF queues are bugged, and you're trying to find ways to earn the necessary Marks for that and the Romulan Reputation ranks without making yourself sick of the damn game...

"So, is that another evening of achieving nothing?", I might just hear you say. Technically yes - but then I had a work-alternative engagement to deal with just before lunch, and so the morning was my own up to that point, allowing me to deal with some outstanding business. Yes, I am splashing out on Patent Saturday, which this year actually is a Saturday, and I may just have something dressy to wear this time as well.

Sounds like a successful day to me.
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To my associates in SRG, RAA and RAAM - sorry I missed the cross-guild hunt in Ultima Online last night. It wasn't because of connection trouble, or unexpected patching - although both were involved - it was because I got distracted in Star Trek Online, and lost all track of time. I could've caught up with you, but the patch session when I eventually logged on probably made sure I couldn't. I hope I didn't let you down too much, and it WON'T happen again.

There. Now I feel better. Back to business...

Outstanding Issues... Where's my AVENGERS BluRay refund? Did you actually receive the returned item? I have no idea - and I'm checking it right now.

Ooooohkay... My nephew keeps telling me I can't do things - "you're not allowed to (insert action)", "you've got to stop (insert action)" - maybe because he keeps getting told what he can and can't do, 'cause he's at school now. Hey, buddy, I earned the right to do whatever I choose to do - and live with the consequences sometimes, and maybe I need to assert those rights...

However, I am becoming more and more convinced that I should be exactly who I choose to be, while I still have the time. This was the plan a LOOOOONG time ago, but I never took any major steps along that path. I will give this some thought in the next few weeks and months, especially with Patent Saturday approaching, and perhaps another two-night indulgence like last year.

The Dragon Rises, pehaps...?

Meanwhile... Talking about Star Trek Online, I am now able to easily earn the 8000 Refined Dilithium a day, and more, on the road to earning enough "Dil" to convert into Zen for the Atrox Carrier purchase. 2500 Zen is worth about £16 (Did I mention that before? "Yes, you did." Oh, sorry...), and the going rate is about 160 Dil to 1 Zen, so 8000 Dil is therefore worth... *calculates*

...about £0.32.

And this is how you do it... )

*eeek* Simples.

I Dunno...

Aug. 16th, 2012 12:49 pm
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I'm not "into" this holiday thing as much as I think I should be. There - I've said it. The buggering-around with what was a pretty firm schedule has blown a big hole in my plans (have I already said that?), and fixing that hole... has honestly not happened. I would have liked at least one whole day to myself, but that's not going to happen, no siree Bob. I guess I'm not that much of a "family traveller", which should be no surprise given that I've not had much in the way of opportunities to do that, and this will most likely be the last time.

There's a definite feel of being "dragged around", and I understand there's got to be some "give and take", but... *argh* this isn't the "get away from it all" I'd hoped for. It's more like "more of the same, just in a different place, and with less computers"...

"Jeez, what a selfish bastard" - but it is my holiday too, and both of us need a break from all the hassle since - and during - The Move. I'll probably feel a whole lot more upbeat when 1) we get to the airport, and 2) I get to crash out in my room for the first night.

I have one personal event in mind, for one early evening. It needs booking, and I'll probably arrange that tonight - then bar one prearranged night which I'm entirely at peace with, and looking forward to a great deal, the nights are my own, and maybe something will catch my eye.

All in all, the holiday can't start soon enough, hopefully sparking my excitement - and enjoyment - at just the right time. After all, there's a long, drawn-out autumn ahead, between we and Patent Saturday 2012...

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