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I've not been posting as many videos lately because... well, the current Minecraft series is getting ZERO views, whilst the new(-ish) Star Trek Online stuff is in fact generating a whole bunch more traffic: Episode 1 now has 233 views, as I write - the only thing with more views is the "how to farm Blazes" video I created in response to the trouble DaveChaos was having a while back, and that's responsible for the vast majority of my views...

I'm scaling back for a bit, and hopefully the STO stuff will keep people interested until I can launch something else - "Ace In The City", anyone...?

Meanwhile, THIS is awesome...

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Oh, so Metallica aren't "chilled out" enough to play on a certain night at Glastonbury, eh...

Oh, hold everything: Francis Matthews, the voice of Captain Scarlet, has died. Damn it. There goes another piece of a glorious TV past we will not see again...

WTF? Casey (Shaggy) Kasem, too? Holy shite.

Now, where was I...?

Jarvis Cocker has called heavy metal band Metallica an "interesting choice" to headline Glastonbury, but has raised fears they could be "a bit abrasive".

The Pulp frontman told BBC 5 live that fans were often in a "fragile" state.

Awww, boo sodding hoo. That's what you get when you attend the same old "festivals" headlined by the same half-dozen groups every friggin' year. Oh, the stories I could tell from my festival-going days - one day of those - and that was all you got - and it would kill these little darlings stone freakin' dead...
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Heading towards a (spoilers!) Season I finale...

Kinda thinking we'll hit the final episode on Super Bowl Sunday - that's one week from today! Pro Bowl today - but WTF have they done to that game??? It's not even Conference vs Conference any more...

(Link for music on this post...)
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It's interesting to hear Annie Lennox speaking out about the sexualisation in pop videos, 'cause I always though THIS was pretty mindblowing...

Glimpsed briefly at about half-way, but I love the classic thigh-high boots. And guess just who made short hair sexy...?
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I've had a chain of days where I think about posting, then I get distracted, and before I realise, it's past midnight, and I give up on the idea. Now that is just sloppy. I need to get my act more "together" than it is right now...

Meanwhile... I've just been introduced to a new (to me) source for royalty-free music that may be of use for future video projects - and here are the links to the tracks in my Music "slot": Queen Of The Night and The End Of Mankind. Niiiice - and some of the other material I recognise from other videos, particularly Sjin's "Let's Build" series for The Yogscast.

Oooops - distracted again. Yup, it's THAT easy. Better luck tomorrow?
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Things seem to be going a whole bunch better right now. The work on the windows should be continuing soon, the weather is nice (mainly), with Friday at the errr, apoapsis of our recent hot spell yeah, someone's been playing Kerbal Space Program, Star Trek Online seems to be working again, Minecraft is starting to look like its old self again (and boy did I have some splendid luck!)...

Pity that some concert-going plans aren't moving so smoothly. I may just have missed a golden opportunity... but then there MAY just be a chance to remedy things when I'm in Edinburgh on Friday for PACIFIC RIM.

Can. Not. Wait.
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New video!

I would most definitely NOT wish to go to Glastonbury. Not becausde of the camping, or the mud, or the drunken teenagers - it'd be because of all those FnajING idiots with huge flags RIGHT UP AT THE FRIGGING FRONT. If I'm paying several hundred pounds to stand in a sodding field and watch bands, I want to SEE them, not your frickin' flag... and I simply could not stop myself from dealing with the matter in no good humour...

Out of the whole bill, I'd probably want to see The Stones, and of course The Ol' Dog Hisself, Seasick Steve. If I were paying out hundreds to see either or both, it would have to be at a top-of-the-line venue, not Swamp Central.

Hard to believe so much stuff is happening in one weekend - Glasto, Wimbeldon, The British Grand Prix... all it needs is the early release of PACIFIC RIM and the universe would implode.

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Shelling out for a "Hot Ticket" package, I found myself with a pretty sweet seat, (18 rows from) front and centre. The band hit the stage pretty close to the official curtain-up, with Subdivisions, but it took Limelight to get the first big crowd response of the night, and for the SECC to find full voice. It was good to get to hear The Pass live for the first time - for this correspondant - and the songs I didn't recognise, due to niggling gaps in the collection, are already having me on the hunt - Grand Design, Territories - where are you, now...?

As far as more recent albums go - that's Vapour Trails and Snakes And Arrows to the uninitiated - there was little to be heard, just a quite explosive (literally) Far Cry from the latter, and no Workin Them Angels (a personal favourite), but you can't please everybody every time. Not that I'm complaining, for the best was yet to come...

After the now customary mid-set break, it was time to roll out the new material - almost all of the Clockwork Angels album. The previous two tours have been done along similar lines, with much of Snakes And Arrows dotted around that set, and the full anniversary performance of Moving Pictures on the Time Machine tour. Caravan got a strong welcome, but that was easily surpassed by the reaction to Clockwork Angels, with the multiple video screens "flying" in the light-rig, and present throughout the new material. This part of the set, featuring the "Clockwork Angels String Ensemble" as the first performers to share the stage with the band for an extended period, was the most spectacular I'd seen from them in the four shows I've attended - the end of Carnies came very close to surpassing Kiss for pyros! Even so, the real highlight of this set-within-a-set had to be the anthemic Headlong Flight - surely this will feature in sets to come for quite some time!

Next, a return to the classics and semi-classics: Dreamline, with a nice video-screen tribute to Neil Armstrong; a pleasant surprise in the form of Red Sector A, the now almost obligatory YYZ - and no Rush show can truly be complete without The Spirit Of Radio. For encore material, another standard - the glorious Tom Sawyer - and a bit more of 2112 than usual: Overture, Temples Of Syrinx and the highly appropriate Grand Finale to conclude the evening... and a good time had very much been had by all!

Messers Lee, Lifeson and Peart have been in the business for decades, but they were on top form on Thursday night, and show little sign of flagging. It may be something of a challenge to match the recent studio material, but their shows continue to impress. A job well done, gentlemen, and I salute you!

The Final Verdict... An excellent show, maybe just slightly lacking in older and newer material, but showcasing the band's first true concept album in fine style. 8.5/10

Oh, and there was a fantastic surprise in my special package goodie-bag...

Just one more concert, and my "Gap Year" Task 90 can be crossed off the list - B52's, anyone...?
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That's me "back on the horse", after the post-exams break - ow, shouldn't have said "back", 'cause mine has chosen NOW to bother me for the first time in ages...

I think I'll be recording games videos straight to external hard drive from now on. I've been testing the technology this evening, and all seems to have gone well - I'd rather not keep on thrashing the laptop's drive, filling it with raw footage then copying it over to external storage when the "disk space left" gauge goes red. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, I'd prefer (but still much rather avoid completely) to trash an £85 peripheral than a near-£700 main machine.

In other news... I'm "clearing the decks", pre-Rush. Appointments have been made, comic orders sent in - hmmm, I have a Minecraft video to upload...
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Oooohkay. Seems like I have a tendancy for finding things to do on Thursdays, and I don't mean Ultima Online. In three week's time, I'm heading out of town again, 'cause I just got me a Rush ticket! It's kind of a Spiritwalk thing, but not an "all-in" arrangement - although I could go to dinner after...

Meanwhile... I'm waiting for Star Trek Online to patch in readiness for a chance to test the new Romulan content before the launch in a week and a half. Whilst that's going... and going... and going... I'm gradually making progress with my latest acquisition, the quirky and brilliant Don't Starve. Ah, the joys of "indie" games...!
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I was stuck for anything to post. Then, I saw this.

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I am not as sick as I was at the start of the weekend. That's about all I can report right now...

Oh, apart from the utterly redundant "New Generation" edition of the classic Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds. The original was one of the first albums I ever heard, and the first I ever bought - but now it "apparently" needs a 21st Century revamp, with "new stars". Is nothing fucking sacred?

Exchange sick in the body for sick in the soul. Are we just going to erase Phil Lynott from history completely, now...?

Update... I have listened to thirty seconds of this "new offering". That is about twenty-five seconds too much...
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Not A Surprise... Hmph. Some painting was needing done in the work office this morning, so I decided to come in to work later, closer to lunchtime... but apparently the work isn't actually done, and needs continued tomorrow. Tomorrow morning? Tomorrow afternoon? When? If I hadn't spoken to one of the janitors, I wouldn't have known all this wasn't over and done.

Frustrating. I'll do a late start again tomorrow, in the hope that it will all be done by then. Grrrr...

And half my blinds have been taken down, meaning that I am now bathed in unhindered sunlight, unless I hide from it, which isn't always easy.

At least I was able to do some Star Trek Online catch-up this morning, 'cause I was up late (also facilitated by my deferred work-start) pre-loading X-COM Enemy Unknown, the new version of the glorious classic UFO/X-COM series. Downloaded the demo, played the demo, and knew at once that I had to have this... ooooh, the misson zone view rotates!

Currently Listening To... The fantastic Bat For Lashes in a live session for Radio 6. A new album is semi-imminent, and I hope that "stripped-down" doesn't mean that Natasha Khan's music loses its undeniable magic in the process. This is someone I'd very much like to see live - and maybe a new album means a tour... Update - AGH! BFL touring THIS MONTH, and I just don't have the time to make arrangements. Dammit! (And if there are gigs next year, they better not just be bloody festivals!)

Grrr... This sun is really getting to me. It's a lovely day outside - but I'm not outside, am I...?

I might just take tomorrow off - pity it's not the 12th, 'cause I know I could spend a whole day playing X-COM. Failing that, I can always rack up a whole bunch of raw Dilithium for Walks-With-Storms.

I have about three days' worth stockpiled for refinement right now...
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Operation Haphazard Update... Well, fuck me - the one event left on my list for my holiday has been buggered up splendidly. For almost the entire duration of the trip, the "in the round" show of The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe is doing a "kids week", and all their performances are mid-afternoon - all except for Thursday evening, and d'y'know what? There's something already booked for that slot (War Horse)!

Well, that's it. I'm screwed. I officially have NOTHING of my own to do, except go to the zoo - and probably find that their aardvarks have moved to Brighton or something (and so long, completing Mission 101 Task 72)...

Two weeks to go, and I'm wondering if it's worth it. I'm considering grabbing an opportunity that's come to my attention for next year - a fancy Rush concert package. Yeah, note to self: if you're going anywhere, book it all yourself, and go solo.
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Jon Lord, legendary keyboard player with Deep Purple and Whitesnake, has died from pancreatic cancer.

I'm going to date myself pretty seriously with this, but I don't really care right now. I saw Jon Lord perform on three occasions, twice at Donington with Whitesnake, and at Knebworth for Purple's triumphant return in the rain and mud. His work was a fundamental component of so much great music, which will with any luck outlive us all...

Jon, thank you.
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It's JUNE, and I have the fire on. I've managed to avoid doing that for the great majority of the current year - probably because we had roof slates then. I don't know how much work has been done, but the brief dose of wind and ongoing rain don't seem to have complicated matters at all. Pity, we had a decent run of fair weather going 'til today.

It's the weekend (almost), so (much of) my time is (supposed) to be my own, but how that works out remains to be seen. I have writing to do, and an ongoing story - Pirates Of Freeport - to complete in time for posting - Chapter 5 tomorrow, and Chapter 6 on Sunday...!

Highlight of Friday has to be the new Rush album, Clockwork Angels. The title track is breathtaking, and very reminiscent of "classic" Rush, but the album as a whole is going to need another listen, beginning to end. Oh, and I am led to believe that they're touring again in May 2013 - quite a wait, but they're still doing "Time Machine" shows, I think. Premium seats this time...
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In Today's Episode... PIRATES OF FREEPORT continues, and Mane-of-Night can kiss her new "quiet life" goodbye, as our heroine is called into action to recover the mystery artefact - but she and Marishanna very soon find they have competition...

Release Notes... Just gettin' the job done. I should be able to complete the story in time for posting, with a little effort...

In The Post... the new Rush album, Clockwork Angels - aaaaah yes, something to listen to over lunch tomorrow!

Annoying Stuff... today, the phrase "get a life". Sorry, but everyone has one - you get them by being born, and surviving the experience...
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Got about four hours' "sleep". Gave up any thought of going to work. Thankfully, the problem has apparently been sorted, and I get to sleep in my own bed tonight. Meanwhile...

ITEM! It has come to my attention that the recent "summer weather" has not caused the roof work to grind to a halt after all (see 6th June). Various essential preparations have been carried out off-site, possibly meaning that the whole job could be done and dusted somewhat sooner than expected. Yaaaaaaay.

ITEM! Got a BIG download running right now, and it's preventing me doing other stuff (like Skyrim). Hmph - may just resort to watching a movie. Or running Skyrim without online support...

ITEM! Yikes! The new Rush album, Clockwork Angels, is due out NEXT WEEK. Oh, I have it pre-ordered, OF COURSE.
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And yet again, I trip over the result of today's Grand Prix, courtesy of the damned BBC news feed on my bookmarks bar. Consider that feed consigned to a folder, to make sure that NEVER happens again!

Holiday News... A very good suggestion has been made that will take several stages and a chunk of hassle out of the whole holiday "game-plan". Now, I need to sort out my passport - that's next on the list...

Elsewhat... Another year, another slap in the face for KISS from the "Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame". How long will it take for the blinkers to come off? Does every band that came into being AFTER Kiss have to be inducted before they get a sniff? Deplorable.
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Breaking News! Yay! John Carter (Of Mars) will be showing at my local cinema from Friday! Now, which screen will it be on...? Updated: BIG Screen - double YAY, and BOOKED!

In any case, I most likely won't be able to make the trip on Opening Night, due to a certain 5th birthday party.

Development News... The Traveller/Adventurers' Guild of Kraan crossover, now officially called Sorrow Has The Swiftest Wings, is into its final stages, and those involved try to make sense of what's happened - and some may not quite manage that feat.

But Wait! There's Mo'... I may just have come up with a character of unexpected significance...

And Finally... RIP Ronnie Montrose.

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