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Right: time for some catch-up. Esssential if I'm going to get back into this blogging business...

Movies: Since last time I reviewed any movies, I saw Interstellar and The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies. Both merit a worthy 8/10. The former had hints of 2001 to it, but they didn't impede the story at all, whilst the latter entertained, but lacked a sense of conclusion - proimarly because it leads straight(-ish) into the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

I actually saw fewer movies this past year than in 2013, partly because some never got to us here, or had decent screenings, and three movies on the list either got postponed (Jupiter Ascending) or ended up with a 2015 release date over this side of The Pond, those being Monsters: Dark Continent and surprisingly Big Hero 6, which could have been a Christmas hit. Guess Disney surrendered to the power of The One Ring...

This year, however, is starting to shape up VERY nicely. There are two Marvel movies, of course, and a Star Wars. There was a "15 Movies To See in 2015" list somewhere, but some of those just didn't "float my boat", or feature on my radar. Oh, there's also a Jurassic Park in there somewhere, which might be fun. I'll throw together a "must-see" list if I happen to have nothing better to post about.

TV: 2014 was the Year Of The Twelfth - Doctor, that is - and Peter Capaldi did a pretty fine job of sweeping aside the "pretty boys" of the past: he really COULDN'T have been any more different (unless, of course, he'd be a Diversity Darling*, of different gender and ethnicity). The scripts had their ups and downs, but there was some really good stuff in amongst it all. Even the Christmas Special got pretty cerebral!

The other Big Deal on TV in 2014 was the return of Agents of SHIELD, for the first half of a second season - and boy did it turn things around! Now that Marvel Studios have Phase Three all planned out, the show can stretch its legs a bit, and grab some much-needed room to breathe - as in breathe [SPOILER] Terrigen Mist [END SPOILER]! The second half of this season will be "must-see" - as will mid-season "special event" mini-series Agent Carter. If the buzz (ahem) surrounding Ant-Man is anything to go by, the "glory years" of SHIELD will have a significant part to play in how things shape up from here!

Also worthy of note:
- Gotham: a different take on the Bat-world. Some liberties may have been taken, but hey, it's been worth seeing just to see where it'll go next...
- The 100: a show that didn't seem to have much potential, but which has since proven me wrong. Season 2 is due to commence on Tuesday, and that cliff-hanger certainly got my attention...
- Homeland: You'd have been justified in querying whether this could go any further after the final events of Season 2, but the recently ended Season 3 actually managed to keep things going... except for the last, and rather anticlimactic episode. I think a Season 4 is on the cards, and I'm happy to give it the benefit of the doubt when the season premiere comes around!

Okay, that was a bit longer than I planned, but sometimes, that's how these things go

* Oooooh, bit risky there, but I do hope that 2015 isn't another year of making creative types feel guilty for not pushing non-males or non-whites to the fore. This is something else I need to address on it's own...
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Why? Because of THIS:-

"I've Got No Strings" will NEVER sound the same again.

Tomorrow, things get even better, 'cause AGENTS OF SHIELD returns to UK screens at last! Wheeeeeee....!
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Next year's Fantastic Four movie sounds more and more like a freaking train-wreck the closer it gets to release. Just read recent news material...

Miles Teller Promises a Less ‘Kitschy’ ‘Fantastic Four’

‘Fantastic Four’ Costumes Aren’t ‘Cheesy Superhero Outfits, Michael B. Jordan Says

People have been pretty brutal about Ben Affleck playing Batman in Superman v Batman - Dawn Of Justice, but THAT movie already looks and sounds several degrees of better than the Incredible Suicidal Fantastic Four movie, which hammers another nail into its own coffin every time one of its cast opens their mouth online.

Instead of supposedly giving people the "realistic" movie the filmmakers have convinced themselves "people" want (which people?), they will instead be eating a huge slice of humble pie come next August - several months AFTER Joss Whedon and AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON show them - and all of us - how it SHOULD be done...
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I'm still around, but I just went through a month that has eroded some of my enthusiasm. Minecraft troubles (now resolved pretty much), back pain (still an issue)... that kinda thing. So, what can I talk about today?

The big news would have to be that GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY has become the most successful film in the US this summer, and perhaps this year. If you include international box office, the latest Transformers comes out on top, but a month on, GUARDIANS is still packing them in - and quite right too!

Talking about the year's blockbusters, you have to mention that the home releases are starting to come out, most notably CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, which still looks awesome on a small, non-3D screen, and I imagine GODZILLA should be out by Christmas.

Last, but by no means least: the return of DOCTOR WHO, and the start of the Capaldi era. He's more Pertwee and Eccleston than Smith and Tennant, but that's no bad thing. Two episodes in, and both highly enjoyable, but we're waiting with bated breath for his defining episode...

Oh, and FOOTBALL SEASON is imminent!!!
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I saw GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY again this evening, and that gave me a chance to compare the two viewings. It seems as though regular scale 3D movies deliver a somewhat better 3D experience compared to IMAX 3D, at least for me.

Also, it appears that IMAX audiences like to laugh a whole bunch more, although the lack of laughter may be down to the fact that we have had a bunch of rain today...

...and one reviewer (I'll post a link when I relocate the video) was quite right: the soundtrack IS a character in its own right.

P.S. It looks as though GoTG is on course for a $95-98 million dollar US opening weekend, a spectacular record for an August movie. Yay!
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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is THE movie of the summer, if not the whole damn year. I honestly don't think I can do a proper review that DOESN'T have spoilers in it... but I shall try. Tomorrow.

Then the day after, I'll go see it again.
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*sighs* Not been such a great summer, with my back messing up, and all this Snoopers' Charter sh8 - and it's been so damn hot recently that I struggle to stay awake sometimes. It should therefore come as no surprise that blogging has taken a definite back seat of late - so, what's new(-ish)...?

ITEM! The current series of Star Trek Online videos on my channel continue to be the biggest draw of views I've had since the DaveChaos "tutorial". This probably means that the remaining "Stargazer" videos won't now appear, unless I receive more response to what's already been posted. It could be that the "market" is already saturated - or that I've completely misjudged my marketing methodology.

I'm thinking of posting a VLog at some point - with Tera Online as a backdrop. I have plans there...

ITEM! Saw Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes at the weekend. It was pretty damn good, but I struggle to find the time, or energy, to give it a full review. Probably good for a 8.25/10, with my only criticisms being:

1) Caesar looks too human (but Andy Serkis is still an absolute master of performance capture).
2) The humans seemed a bit lacking in "substance", their characters perhaps lacking in development, where the same couldn't be said for the lead apes.
3) Just stop with the 3D conversions where it simply ISN'T needed!

ITEM! I am all booked up for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Plans previous associated with this movie viewing have had to be shelved following my recent infirmities - but I may just do something along the planned lines for AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON next year!

ITEM! Josh Brolin... James Brolin... who care so long as he rocks Thanos? We'll soon see...
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I was back at work this afternoon. All went well. I think I may have forgotten my meds at dinner-time, though, so maybe we'll learn for sure what pills are doing the job (I know what my money's on).

In equally upbeat news, Saturday lunchtime will be cinema time again, with more Transformers. Oddly enough, I've been kinda feeling like Jetfire from the second one this week past...
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Ah, sheeeeeet...

My back has rebelled, and in a big way. Cue sizable intake of medication, and a reduced desire to blog, amongst other things. So much for my brave (!) attempt to "get regular" again - and this could really mess up my remaining summer plans, including going to see GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.


UPDATE: This...

I feel better now.
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Three movies in three weeks? I'm pretty sure I've never managed that before, but here we are with barely a week in May not dominated by a trip to the "pictures". This time, something a little unexpected: Edge Of Tomorrow...

WARNING: Possible spoilers ahead! )

The Final Verdict... A non-franchise, and a "done-in-one", but still an enjoyable experience - and yes, you can watch Tom Cruise die a whole bunch of times... ;-) 8/10
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Thursday was May 22nd, the day I annually celebrate as Spiritwalk, and I usually try to do something (semi-)special for it, such as buy myself a special present, or go to the movies. The plan was to do both this time around, but the former simply didn't happen. The latter, however, was set in stone - a viewing on a decent-sized screen for the latest X-Men offering: ...Days Of Future Past.

Here's what I thought of it...

WARNING: Spoilers! )

Angel...! Noooooooooooooooo!

Ahem... sorry about that. Back to business... )

Angel...! Noooooooooooooooo!

Uhmmm... yeah. On with the review... )

The Final Verdict... It could have been an awful train-wreck, but Bryan Singer delivers a worthy successor to both his two X-movies, and X-Men First Class. The future, I hope, is in his hands - or at least the 80s. 8.25/10

This Just In... And finally - Doctor Who returns in August! Yes! Now, if only the weather was to be as goooooood...
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Huh. I really struggle to even consider blog posts right now. It hasn't helped that I've just had a week and a half of messed-up schedules, and that was all a bit more screwed-up than usual (yes, exams, I'm talking about YOU), due to some management issues. All in all, the whole exam period went by with absolute NO conflicts of personality OR procedure - but *sighs* there were other matters, such as unexpected additions to my timetable, and a sore heel that messed with my down-time...

Yeah, I just seem to be running into a stream of "negative input" at the moment - the early mornings, the long work-days, the heel pain, a domain host that has given me grief with making payments for as long as I've been with them, Stargazer Season 5 doesn't really have a direction - and I really don't feel like fighting the current just now. I still have to post a review for X-Men Days Of Future Past (which was really good - and sadly the only thing about Spiritwalk '14 that worked out), but that, and other stuff, will just have to wait for the right moment, probably another couple of days down the line.

I need to change down several gears after the exams, and get back into my previous routine for a full week, I think.
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Exams are all done (for me at least), and I can at least try to relax for a bit. A shopping/cinema trip tomorrow, in celebration of Spiritwalk (1). It may rain tomorrow, and I have a bit of a sore foot :(, but I shall try and make the most of that, and the subsequent extended weekend. Hooray!

Just hope X-Men - Days Of Future Past is worth the early start...
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I was seriously tired when I got home last night, so this review - and yes, the linkage to another Ace Of Thorns video - have been delayed a bit. But first, and regretfully belatedly...

Legends We Lost... Dammit. Another inspiration passes from this increasingly bland world, this time the eldritch genius that was H. R. Giger. Taken from us by, of all things, a fall down the stairs at his home, he was truly unique, and impossible to replace. I mean, how many generations of special effects artists have channelled his work since Alien...?

Guess I may have to get my Harkonnen chairs second-hand, now...

And so, to our main feature...

Review: GODZILLA...

So here it is - quite possibly, and literally, one of the BIGGEST movies of the year, and one with SO MUCH to prove...


The Final Word... So long, G. I. N. O. - the real King is in town! Our faith has been well repaid! 8.25/10
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Back on the exams again, and do I have these mini-deja-vu kinda things that make it feel like it's the lead-in to Christmas all over again... Same venue, same team. I'd go into more detail, but I'm behind on a bunch of things as it is - I'm uploading what should've been TUESDAY'S video right now!

Tomorrow (almost today) - GODZILLA. Yeeeeeesssssss...

One negative: it's a day off, but I don't get a lie-in.

Tomorrow, I'll post the links to the last week's videos, and present a movie review on Saturday - hopefully.

And Finally... Brace yourselves: I have been writing. I may have actually FINISHED something that's taken over A YEAR to do. "Back on the horse"? We'll have to see...
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Yay, I have my seat booked for GODZILLA - and that's just about the sole glowing highlight of the last week. The weather on Thursday better be good, and the shopping, too.
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But for today, or more correctly the day before yesterday, a new video:

Now, about that Amazing Spidey 2 review... I have really fallen behind on that one, for which I have to apologise. I don't really have the time to do anything about it tonight, unless I really cut back to the bare minimum - kinda like this (spoilers "whited out")...

Amazing Spider-Man 2 - The Potted Review

- An improvement on the first, now that the obligatory retelling of Spidey's origin is out of the way
- The 3D actually WORKS this time, although it's still more of the "DUCK!" thing rather than the Avatar "added immersion" deal
- They really are piling on the pain for our hero!
- Thankfully, this one isn't overly "villain-heavy", as one of the expected bad guys (SPOILER) only appears in full at the very end of the movie, in an fight scene that is truncated by the rolling of the credits (END SPOILER)
- Negative points: 1) a villain's "previous life" is such an awkward misfire, harking back to the rather regrettable Superman III era of superhero movies; 2) (SPOILER) did Uncle Ben just get written out between movies? Hardly a fitting end for Spidey's greatest inspiration, unless I'm not remembering the first movie correctly (END SPOILER), and 3) the use of an X-Men - Days Of Future Past teaser was a bit misguided, as it seemed to suggest a "shared universe" that Fox now say wasn't ever going to happen (careless!)
- Final score 8/10 for a much more worthy addition to the Spidey reboot than this writer expected.

Hmm - not too cut-down after all...
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Okay, I admit it - I have been pretty piss-poor at posting entries recently. There's been a bunch of crap screwing with my routine, and I will try to sort that out, over the Easter weekend.

For now, there's more from the Ace Of Thorns channel. Tuesday's video...

...and tonight's...

I'm also due readers another movie review - Amazing Spider-Man 2, from Wednesday. Short version: better than the first offering from the "reboot", worthy of a solid 8/10.
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Guess I didn't post a short entry late last week, then. Oh well, suppose I should make up for lost time, now that I'm approaching normal health again...

First, videos. Yup, plural - from Sunday AND tonight!

Next: great news for Marvel Studios, as CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER does very tasty box-office on its US opening and its ongoing international run! Also, we learn that a third solo movie for the star-spangled Avenger is going to go head-to-head with the Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman follow-on from Man Of Steel - so that's Cap AND ANT MAN for 2016 then...

And finally... Had the TV aerial engineers in, to address my annoying channel drop-outs lately. New aerial, new connecting cable... and the same problem remains. Great...
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I always seem to be a day behind with these...

Elsewhat... This weekend, I managed to start and complete a series of new videos, involving the game Long Live The Queen. It may seem a bit "girly", but it's actually a pretty complex RPG-cum-Fighting Fantasy arrangement, as I hope the videos will show...

Also, holy crap, are snippets of phone footage and photos pretty much pouring from the various sets for AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON - we actually managed to see two "new" characters in those images BEFORE their on-screen debut in the mid-title sequence for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, a movie that does seem to have pleased the great majority of those going to see it.

And rightly so!

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