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Ooooohkay, this seems to be up and running now. There are a bunch of broken video links, to various movie trailers, it seems... *checks links to YouTube stuff* yup, those are broken, too.

Right, let's try a newer vid from the Ace of Thorns Channel:-


Good, that looks okay, even if it goes weird in preview. So, that's essential functionality in effect - but there's some stuff that *sighs* won't be coming back. The huge number of links to (some of) my fiction blogs are broken, 'cause those got closed down, probably for lack of activity - anything with "diaryland" in the link is gone from the online sphere...

All is not completely lost, however. I kept back-ups, and I'm thinking maybe an e-book might be the solution. That means a whole heap of conversion from HTML, and subsequent editing. Hm.

If all that works, I might even get round to finishing the stories I was telling when my writing focus finally expired.
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Back on the exams again, and do I have these mini-deja-vu kinda things that make it feel like it's the lead-in to Christmas all over again... Same venue, same team. I'd go into more detail, but I'm behind on a bunch of things as it is - I'm uploading what should've been TUESDAY'S video right now!

Tomorrow (almost today) - GODZILLA. Yeeeeeesssssss...

One negative: it's a day off, but I don't get a lie-in.

Tomorrow, I'll post the links to the last week's videos, and present a movie review on Saturday - hopefully.

And Finally... Brace yourselves: I have been writing. I may have actually FINISHED something that's taken over A YEAR to do. "Back on the horse"? We'll have to see...
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"The Move" is another step closer to being FINALLY done, in that we have the first stage of recarpeting completed - and by this time tomorrow that phase should all be finished. About freakin' time...

Yesssss - so much nicer underfoot.

Coming Up... a weekend where much should be happening: The Super Bowl, of course; the final posts for ...Stargazer Season 1, and maybe, just maybe some story chapters go live...!
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I've been staying quiet in case I jinx things (or at least that's the excuse), 'cause this set of exams has gone pretty well, compared to the last two times, and particularly the same slot last year. I have been writing, typing up some notes and bringing Ghosts of Freeport a good deal closer to completion - it could be done and ready to post for Christmas, but no promises!

Tomorrow is the last day, and Friday may just be my last working day of the year, as I need to keep Christmas Eve (Tuesday) open for family, and why spoil a (hopefully) perfectly good weekend by going in on Monday? Oh, and somewhere along the line I have to fit in Desolation Of Smaug.

One downer... I'm getting a draught from the supposedly energy-saving double glazing, ferfaxache...
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The Ace Of Thorns/What The &139;? channel continues to take shape, with work underway in Terraria to produce the backdrop for a title video or several - a more formal announcement will be coming soon!

Meanwhile... I am very much needing to get some writing "in the can" - material is in paper form, ready for write-up, so I better find the time to do just that!
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Development News... Okay, that's some new material typed up for Ghosts Of Freeport, forming something of a foundation for the rest of the story. Good - that'll give me something to do while I try to glue and nail something else into some kind of order...

Video News... ...that being the gaming video channel, which *sighs* is being a colossal pain in the ass. So. I go to YouTube, start up a new account with the plans of using that for my channel... and the user name is messed up. Yeah, using an apostrophe - better known as "&139;" - was a REALLY good idea, dumbass. There seemed to be some kind of duplication issue with my planned name, so I tried a "subtle" variation, which I think is now so much like a "proper" name that I very likely can't change it. Well, FUCK.

Guess I just found myself a unique "quirk"...

Now, how about some content?
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Development News... Okay, the next Mane-of-Night story, Ghosts Of Freeport, can now be officially counted as under way. I haven't added much to the rough first few paragraphs, but the foundations are there, and the framework is in place - at least in my head.

I think I'm shaking off the urge for excessive gaming right now, so perhaps the path is clear for something creative. I would say "fingers crossed", but those fingers really should be typing...

Meanwhile... Oooooh dear - it sounds like A Good Day To Die Hard isn't. Good, I mean. Pity. Guess Blockbuster Pre-Season won't be kicking off this weekend after all.
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No Superbowl this time, but I plan on... well, I don't really have any plans, except maybe do a game video or two. I might make some progress on the next Mane-of-Night story, too...

...but I still manage to skip a posting slot. Bad, PD...
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Diaryland - host for the Darkhawk and Mane-of-Night story blogs - are plastering adverts over everything.

Update: it looks like THIS...

I am not writing to provide "content" for advertisers, revenue from whom will never reach me. I would have considered "going Gold" to support the service, but not now. Not EVER.

An entire change of plan is now required. I think the Christmas Special may be on hold for now...

Aaaah, fuck you Diaryland. Another dose of hassle at the one time I CANNOT take any more.
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"Festivities" commence IN SEVEN DAYS. Whoa - where'd the year go?

Shameful Admission... Well, actually, I do know where 1000 hours of it went. If you, Dear Reader, guessed Star Trek Online, you'd be right. That... that's pretty crazy...

Okay, here's a plan. I start posting the latest WORLDS COLLIDE prequel tomorrow, and maybe "double-tap" on Thursday, and we should be good for that. I can then kick the next Mane-of-Night episode into a higher gear, with a view to getting it out there before Christmas, at which time I'll be starting this year's festive-period special. That certainly sounds doable - I may just make this one a true Christmas Special, in the form of Brighthawk's first Christmas without Darkhawk...

Hmmm - I like the sound of that.

Some Good News... Our planning application for the new windows is "live" at last, so maybe there's a chance of that project advancing sometime soon. I will not, however, hold my breath - breathing is something I don't take for granted right now. My cold has retreated to my chest, sneezes becoming coughs (although it IS clearing up gradually)...
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2500 posts? Wow.

Development News... Figured it was about time I did a report on my writing projects, and right now, I have broken ground on the next Secret Adventure of Mane-of-Night - which may not be the best idea, given that I already have something in progress, namely the next piece of the puzzle leading to WORLDS COLLIDE.

I'm really thinking a tablet might be a worthwhile purchase, given how my new(-ish) smartphone has been a big help in getting me back into writing, even if it's just a paragraph or two at a time. Something that's pretty much a scaled-up version of my phone will do just fine, particularly if it'll do video playback and some light WiFi 'net - it just needs to run the same text editor, and that shouldn't be a struggle. As far as prices go, well... I just happen to have some holiday pay coming my way. About two years' worth...
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In Today's Episode... PIRATES OF FREEPORT concludes, as Mane-of-Night saves a life, makes a... "friend", and begins to realise that Freeport isn't quite going to be the safe haven she'd expected after all...

Release Notes... Expect a bonus "meanwhile" chapter to make up for the delay. If PIRATES OF FREEPORT doesn't stand up to scrutiny for some reason, expect a "director's cut".

Elsewhat... Started my Klingon faction STO character!
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Can't put this off any longer - I won't have the final chapter of Pirates Of Freeport done before midnight. I don't want to push just for the sake of a space on a calendar, when I can finish the story better by taking one more day at it. Of course I should have had this all done weeks ago, but that hasn't quite worked out. Maybe next time, I can get back into my proper writing rhythm.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible...
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In Today's Episode... PIRATES OF FREEPORT nears its conclusion, as Mane-of-Night takes the battle to her recent employers, with unexpected and potentially disastrous consequences for her, the city, and a mysterious "someone else" on the ship...

Release Notes... TWO days to go - time to get serious on finishing this...

Meanwhile... Take a good long look at BaneFyre here, 'cause it's all over for DC Universe Online. The laptop had its first "scary moment", failing to start up Window properly, and in order to recover from that, it had to restore from an earlier point - before I downloaded, and installed - and downloaded - the game. I'm not doing that again. Sorry, girl.

And I am now so glad I wasn't able to buy any "game-cash" for it.

It could, however, have been far worse. Until the error was cleared (I'm praying permanently - I'm thinking it was something to do with a Windows Update session), Star Trek Online seemed to be stuck in some kind of error-loop. That needs to be confirmed as sorted now, so I better go blast some more Romulans...
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It's JUNE, and I have the fire on. I've managed to avoid doing that for the great majority of the current year - probably because we had roof slates then. I don't know how much work has been done, but the brief dose of wind and ongoing rain don't seem to have complicated matters at all. Pity, we had a decent run of fair weather going 'til today.

It's the weekend (almost), so (much of) my time is (supposed) to be my own, but how that works out remains to be seen. I have writing to do, and an ongoing story - Pirates Of Freeport - to complete in time for posting - Chapter 5 tomorrow, and Chapter 6 on Sunday...!

Highlight of Friday has to be the new Rush album, Clockwork Angels. The title track is breathtaking, and very reminiscent of "classic" Rush, but the album as a whole is going to need another listen, beginning to end. Oh, and I am led to believe that they're touring again in May 2013 - quite a wait, but they're still doing "Time Machine" shows, I think. Premium seats this time...
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In Today's Episode... PIRATES OF FREEPORT continues, and Mane-of-Night can kiss her new "quiet life" goodbye, as our heroine is called into action to recover the mystery artefact - but she and Marishanna very soon find they have competition...

Release Notes... Just gettin' the job done. I should be able to complete the story in time for posting, with a little effort...

In The Post... the new Rush album, Clockwork Angels - aaaaah yes, something to listen to over lunch tomorrow!

Annoying Stuff... today, the phrase "get a life". Sorry, but everyone has one - you get them by being born, and surviving the experience...
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In Today's Episode... PIRATES OF FREEPORT continues, as Mane-of-Night undertakes some employment outside of her usual work-place... but just what does she discover, and who else wants to know...?

Release Notes... And now I have SIX DAYS to complete this story, if I'm going to stick to my schedule...

Elsewhat... Contact lens check time again, and today the checks were done by a rather charming Asian lady. "You're short-sighted, but that's great - your eyes are going to get better over time!" - if that's the bad news, what's the good news? Even the recommended procedure to seek medical attention for an eye cyst was delivered in a bright and bubbly fashion that was completely disarming. If only all appointments could be like that.
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In Today's Episode... PIRATES OF FREEPORT continues, and Mane-of-Night gets more "up-close and personal" with her audience, and some of them have more than watching dancers on their minds. Our heroine may have a more complicated job to do than she expected...

Release Notes... I would've had this blog post in "under the wire" if I hadn't wanted to get the story post in on time. Oh yeah, and the stupid spelling checking in Open Office. How do I tell it just to use the UK dictionary?

Elsewhat... I really, really hate this stupid split-season of Formula 1 coverage. Canada is one of those races getting full coverage on what I would NOT call a public channel, and not only did I miss the start of the "highlights" package, I barely saw any of the race. Why can't the satellite channels take the sodding European soccer championships instead? That's going to be wall-to-wall for about a month, on TWO of the "terrestrial" channels. FFS...

And Finally... I may just have lost interest in DC Universe Online. I took on a different, lower-level mission, but here we go again - an "end-mission" than I can't beat. That gets "old" very quickly - especially when you're having to run away to get gear repaired - and PAY for it - after three attempts. Just TOO frustrating.
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In Today's Episode... our heroine's adventures in Freeport continue as PIRATES OF FREEPORT begins! Mane-of-Night gets into "the swing of things", and a number of individuals get very interested as she takes to the stage...

Release Notes... So pissed off by stupid games downloads, and their total bogarting of my broadband that I decided to start posting the next story, which is still to be completed. *sighs*

Elsewhat... DC Universe Online better be absolutely mind-blowing. It's taking a whole day to download and install... in fact, I may not bother after all. This is just fucking stupid. 25Gb of downloads and it's STILL NOT FINISHED - and to make matters worse, I can't play anything else while it's doing it?

*kills the download* Right. Back to Skyrim, and/or Federation Space... and then, at some point, to bed. Hopefully a dry one this time.
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Development News... YES. PIRATES OF FREEPORT is making progress. Work Slot 2 is starting to pay off - now, can I make it to bed before "stupid o'clock"...?

Other incredible news... Yesterday, the TV remote slid into null-space. Today, it was found. It was almost literally right under my sodding nose.

Thrilling, is it? hardly - but it's this or... you know what.

THIS JUST IN... AVENGERS just clocked up ONE BILLION DOLLARS WORLDWIDE. Oh. My. Freaking. Whedon.

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