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Following on from this missive of frustration last week, I have now determined that my ISP is treated by "SpamCop" sites as a hotbed of spamming, and therefore a whole heap of other customers are equally email-impaired.

Guess I can cross one name off my broadband investigation list. Must try out my back-up ISP, and see what happens with my web-mail woes.

Take THAT!

Sep. 15th, 2006 12:39 am
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At last... The house is now Norton-free (again), and all appears to be right with the world once more, now that that buggy piece of shit is out of my life. My New Toy can now start to be a productive part of my operations. Sweeeet!

Pity I'm not going to have much of a chance to do anything about that tomorrow, due to the latest wizard wheeze from The Fucking System. Here comes another early start... and it could be one day only if things don't go well.

This is the overdue Thursday Report, and good night.
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In Today's Episode: There are potentially sinister developments as the plot thickens in the latest chapter of The Darkhawk Diaries. Is someone harvesting the people of Wyridaen...?

"Lockdown" is still a couple of chapters from completion, but I've already "broken ground" on "- Title To Be Announced -", the next story, and finale for this "season". After that, we go straight into Season 5, Episode 0 - "F Vs D" - and these two stories will set the scene for the thunder to come.

And The Rest... Oh wonderful - The Fucking System has come up with the bright idea of some kind of interview at yet another location, intention and possible outcome unknown. Well, that's Friday screwed up then.

The Norton people don't seem to be taking my laptop virus protection woes seriously. Another case of Indian Call-centre Dependance Syndrome, it appears - quoting out of the fucking manual doesn't change the fact that your frigging software should be scanning EVERYTHING ALREADY, DUMBASS. Looks like Norton is batting 0 for 2...

And Finally... Dammit, the 40th anniversary of Trek came and went - and there wasn't a single mention of that fact in any of the UK media, surprise frigging surprise.
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Sorry I'm late, but it was worth it...

Bye bye Norton - you're outta here! That's one buggy Norton product kicked into touch!

Meanwhile... Not the best start to the season - Redskins 16, Vikings 19. Grrr...

Back later.
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In Today's Episode: Mane-of-Night and House Glitterthorn evaluate their current dilemma, and prepare for trouble as "Lockdown" continues in The Darkhawk Diaries!

Elsewhat... Good News - Nice day for the air display, and a good time was had by all...

Bad News - T.N.T's virus protection is acting up. If it's not doing its job, I just received an alternative, and I'm not afraid to use it. Go on, Norton - make my day.
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In Today's Episode: Mane-of-Night tries to get to grips with Wyridaen's state of emergency in the latest chapter of The Darkhawk Diaries.

Meanwhile... Peeped inside the oldest PC in the house, with a view to exploring the possibility of bringing it up to date. A decent book might be a worthwhile investment, for a start, but not right now. Hopefully this is the last time I find myself in the "Summer Pinch", but relief shouldn't be far off (hopefully).

I was having not too bad a day, enjoying some peace and quiet, but then there was some accidental data loss whilst cleaning up a Desktop. Grrrr...
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Okay, that's UO up and running on the new hardware - and another three hours of patching, taking the whole set-up time to about eight hours. So much for "straight out of the box", eh?

Some other stuff on the shopping list are currently being addressed, such as a good surge protection extension lead, and now a good laptop bag. Kinda need a mouse for laptop UO, but I can address that need locally.

Nearly football season! The Redskins haven't had the perfect preseason, but the only games that count are the games that count...
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In Today's Episode: Darkhawk thinks over how the universe is changing around her as "Trial Of A Legend" concludes in the latest installment of The Darkhawk Diaries - and things aren't over yet...

Creator's Commentary: There was a last minute rewrite of a small section near the end of this chapter, to cover a costume change in "Lockdown". Not the most exciting information, I know, but there you go.

Also... Tried to put together a "trailer" for "The Big Event", which is coming soon, but Windows Movie Maker isn't outputting a good enough quality result. Damn.

I may tinker with it some more, but I'm not hopeful. Guess it's not a good day for stuff (see below).

Personal News... My great aunt, who's been in hospital this last week, may not have long left. She made 99, which I suppose could be counted as a blessing of sorts, but nature appears to have caught up with her. I'm not particularly close to that branch of the family - the two sisters aged 99 and 93 - and so I feel somewhat guilty at not feeling worse on hearing the news.

Elsewhat... It was supposed to rain today, but right this moment is the first of it. There's nothing on TV. The current "war" in Ultima Online is almost impossible to participate in for anyone without broadband, and probably the same for some who do have it.

And Finally... Next time I need a new PC, I'm gonna build it myself. The days of the £900-1000 computer are over for me.


Jul. 17th, 2006 08:51 pm
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It's been roasting today, and plans have been pretty much shelved. I can't get the next Darkhawk chapter ready for posting today, I can't get photos from today's excursion uploaded because I can't FTP anything (and don't get started about these image-hosting things - I don't pay for web-space just to use some ad-laden "free" service)...

I would say "drop in tomorrow" but that's likely to get screwed up too, as The System pick what's possibly one of the hottest days of the year for me to meet with someone to talk about another placement - to be honest, I'd rather not bother at the moment. My holiday plans got fucked up, my laptop plans are no nearer being consolidated.... hell, I don't even know if that's the right word, and I can't be arsed.

Come back tomorrow. Hope for the best.
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In Today's Episode: New at The Secret Adventures of Mane-of-Night - A New York crime scene...

Okay, I've cooled down a bit, so I can focus again, and post some follow-up comments.

Yesterday was the first day of the annual "Gathering" for "The Hallelujah Chorus"...

...and I didn't hear a thing. Ah, the joy of pure peace and quiet - I can even open all my windows and let some air in, without having "Songs Of Praise" pollute my air.

In these pleasant relaxed settings, I continued the set-up of The New PC, and attempted to track down a free FTP client. My usual weapon of choice, WS-FTP, is no longer free, so along comes SmartFTP...

Given the number of panels and windows involved, it would be easier to pilot the frigging Enterprise to the Klingon Neutral Zone if you were just dumped at the helmsman position. Dammit, I just want to upload an image for one of the projects, and I can even carry out that simple task! (*Update* Did it another way, so :P)

Not going to stress about it. It's too nice a day for that.

And Finally... Formula 1 becomes even less watchable, as Juan Pablo Montoya effectively gets the boot. Guess Raikkonnen (Even remotely correct spelling? Nah, who cares?) can't stand having a team-mate who has five billion times more charisma than him.

Kick ass in NASCAR, JPM.


Jul. 10th, 2006 10:53 pm
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Nothing to report, except that this is the first day of the joyful four years until the next World Cup :P

New Computer Update... Okay, it's not much of an upgrade, processor-wise (1.8 GHz), and every half-hour I find myself wishing it had this or that piece of software installed (latest: UO Automap), but boy does this modem leave the one in the other PC in the dust. Not once so far have I logged on at a speed anything less that 45.5Kbps, and sometimes even at 46.6!

May not sound like much, but for me, it's an improvement. No technical troubles to report, so I guess I should be happy. Laptop research is ongoing, with no firm decision expected soon - it doesn't help, nor impress me, that "The Repair Shop" appears to have closed its branch in town.

Guess I better get back to work now. These stories don't write themselves...
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Well, I have the new PC up and running now, and I have UO patched up and operational, so things are stable for the present. I'll pursue the upgrade cycle at a later date, probably after the summer, when financial matters settle down.

I may be back later - so far, things are going fine. Guess something has to screw up sooner or later...
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In Today's Episode: There's something waiting in Darkhawk's "inbox", and the latest chapter of The Darkhawk Diaries has all the details...

I would have pulled something more substantial together, but I spent half the day waiting for a delivery...

...and then... I had to go out to buy a new monitor power cable, 'cause the new PC doesn't have a monitor power port. Set-up has been postponed 'til tomorrow as a result - a bit of an anticlimax, really.

I've been exploring upgrade options in the meantime, and amongst other things, an external sound card sounds promising. The less "intrusive surgery", the better, I'm thinking.

Meanwhile... There goes another load to the sale-room, with the proceeds probably falling right into my summer and hardware requirements. Somehow I don't think I'll be getting a holiday this year, at this rate. :(
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The weather has been much more technology-friendly today, but that didn't get me doing any writing, and I don't want to get out of the habit. Not helping is the anticipation of receiving an important delivery...

I may have to resort to interludes - time to go through the files and see what characters haven't had a lot to do recently...

Time to log off and get to work. I fully intend to have something to post tomorrow!
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There we go - I spend a day indoors, and another Darkhawk chapter is "in the bank". Despite the ongoing threat of a crash, I intend to keep on working - the new PC should be here soon, and this one will be heading back for repairs once that machine is operational.

Next purchase needed - a modest-sized and -priced 2.5" laptop hard drive, as I just won an portable external enclosure on eBay...

More later, possibly. Dinner awaits.
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The library's computers were down. Brilliant. Try again tomorrow, I guess.

I'm shopping around for parts for the upgrade cycle for The New PC - which one shop is selling, with a monitor, for £600, i.e. twice what I'm paying for what I'm getting - but nothing's set in stone right now, as hardware "isn't my bag, baby". I'm receiving hardware advice from one of the UO crew as I write, and I may end up spending more than expected, which could mean bye bye laptop until about Christmas time...

Got more writing done this afternoon - maybe enough for a chapter. I'll try and write that up for posting this evening.

Stay tuned to this channel...
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Okay, so my system did its crash-thing last night, but hasn't repeated the evil deed today - so far - but things aren't at all satisfactory. That buzz is still in evidence, which wasn't there before, and all kindsa stuff isn't updating. A serious downloading session at the library is called for to get the latest versions of those things that can be updated from file instead of direct download...

Meanwhile... Actually did a bit of writing today... well, about two paragraphs. Of course, if I had a reliable creative platform to work with, things would be going a whole lot better.

I'll see how things go. Maybe I'll get somewhere without any technical hitches...
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I have my PC back...

...but the problem hasn't been tracked down. In fact, it appears to have acquired two new problems:

1) a mystery intermittent buzzing sound, and
2) the inability to repatch Ultima Online correctly.

I was pointed in the direction of what could be a very good deal for a back-up / swap-over system, and have placed the order. I hate having no means of getting on with stuff, and lying on my bed reading or watching videos isn't getting anything done.

This isn't the much talked-about laptop order - this is a whole new (bar monitor) desktop system that, with some upgrading, could take over as system #1. We shall have to see, however. Broadband would certainly make things easier, too...

Bad Thanos - bad!

Updates when I have them.
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First things first - if you're watching, hi, Jim the PC Guy - thanks for calling last night. Now, about that...

PC Update! No concrete news so far, except that my computer is getting investigated as I write. I appreciate that computer maintenance and repair isn't a predictable business, but... well, it's frigging annoying for the technology to let you down and to have to wait. It was no fun the last time.

Catch-Up... Okay, let's see how this goes...

In Today's Episode: Revealed in the latest chapter of The Darkhawk Diaries - the "secret mission" Darkhawk "inherited" from Rhagaan!

Keah, that looks ok - could be better at 800x600, but what can I do just now? Answer: Probably more than I think - I'll grab a screenie, and the relevant files, maybe see if I can make some worthwhile use of the current situation!
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Well, it actually did rain - for about three minutes before I went out - and I went out prepared for the worst. It hasn't rained since, in the meterological sense, at least...

- "The System" appear to have arsed things up again, and a return to "work" isn't as certain as it looked. Wonderful. Also, not my fault.

- It's Thursday, and still no news of the computer getting any closer to being fixed - just like last time. I got seriously pissed off with this at Christmas, and I'm not standing for it again. If I don't get word of repairs being undertaken by this time tomorrow, someone else gets my business as far as a laptop is concerned. This "can't be arsed" attitude needs to be punished. Final warning.

Screw it. I'm going home, I'm getting my lunch, I'm getting a bath. Correction - make that "home - lunch - phone computer shop - bath"...

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