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I had planned to import my LiveJournal, following the change in the TOS there, but when I tried it, the account access failed. Now, my LJ login doesn't work - I'm locked out...

I think LJ is now illegally hosting my material.

Some tinkering later, it has worked, as you can see.
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Just got a few minutes to say Holy Crap, It's Still Working. Logged in and posting in two minutes, not fifteen!

I've got plenty to do today, but a chunk of pressure is off - all I need to do just now is clear stuff around those pieces of furniture that are going up tomorrow morning. I do however get to sleep in "my own bed" one more time, and by then, I intend to be "grief-free".

Okay, I'm just posting to confirm all seems to be well here. It's early, so I better check in again in the afternoon, see if "the coast is clear" then. Watch for an update...

Update: 1157... Yup, things look okay so far. No slow-downs, no frustration, so I'm feeling that peace has been declared - and not a moment too soon. This is, I have discovered, post 1997 - just three to go to the 2K milestone!

I'll post a list of Operation Herculean Task posts shortly, which'll take me one closer to the 2000 Post mark. No idea when I'll be posting that, though...

Update: 1857... Still going strong. Guess LiveJournal must be fixed now :)

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