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...GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is out on home release ON MONDAY????

Looks like I'm making a diversion to the nearest outlet on the way to work, then.

Also: new boots ordered. It's nearly Patent Saturday, so what better way to celebrate (apart from the now almost traditional get-away)...?
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Marvel Studios Announces "Captain Marvel," "Black Panther," "Avengers: Infinity War"

- or more correctly, the announcements are:-

28 July 2015 - Ant-Man
- which we already knew about, but it's still on schedule...

6 May 2016 - Captain America: Civil War
- which we also knew about apart from the full title. What we DIDN'T know is that it will FULLY feature a character getting his own movie the following year...

4 November 2016 - Dr Strange
- Also expected, but still not official word on a star. And then, onward into less explored territory:-

5 May 2017 - Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
- Anticipated, but moved up the schedule a bit, to allow for...

28 July 2017 - Thor: Ragnarok
- Apparently as momentous as Winter Soldier, but in a different part of the universe...

3 November 2017 - Black Panther
- That solo hero movie previously mentioned! Yes, that's THREE movies in 2017!

6 July 2018 - Captain Marvel
- Carol Danvers lives! In which costume, remains to be seen.

2 November 2018 - Inhumans
- Easter Eggs soon, we're told. Agents Of SHIELD Season 2 soon, perhaps...?

May 2018 - Avengers: Infinity War Part 1
May 2019 - Avengers: Infinity War Part 2

- A two-part epic, as The Big Purple Guy gets his... hand on The Prize!

I am SO HAPPY I caught word of the event containing these announcements, just before the news started to filter through from Hollywood, at a special event for press and select fans. THIS IS IT - the road-map we've been waiting for, the gauntlet before The Gauntlet.

And now, I have five years worth of stuff to talk about. Blog paradise...!

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I saw GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY again this evening, and that gave me a chance to compare the two viewings. It seems as though regular scale 3D movies deliver a somewhat better 3D experience compared to IMAX 3D, at least for me.

Also, it appears that IMAX audiences like to laugh a whole bunch more, although the lack of laughter may be down to the fact that we have had a bunch of rain today...

...and one reviewer (I'll post a link when I relocate the video) was quite right: the soundtrack IS a character in its own right.

P.S. It looks as though GoTG is on course for a $95-98 million dollar US opening weekend, a spectacular record for an August movie. Yay!
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Yesterday, at least two years of waiting came to an end - and blew any doubts about MARVEL Studios's ability to keep the Cinematic Universe going beyond The Avengers clean out of the water.

WARNING! Spoilers ahead! )

The Final Verdict... A cosmic work of sheer GENIUS. Has to be seen to be believed - and you WILL believe a raccoon can cry. 9.5/10
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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is THE movie of the summer, if not the whole damn year. I honestly don't think I can do a proper review that DOESN'T have spoilers in it... but I shall try. Tomorrow.

Then the day after, I'll go see it again.
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*sighs* Not been such a great summer, with my back messing up, and all this Snoopers' Charter sh8 - and it's been so damn hot recently that I struggle to stay awake sometimes. It should therefore come as no surprise that blogging has taken a definite back seat of late - so, what's new(-ish)...?

ITEM! The current series of Star Trek Online videos on my channel continue to be the biggest draw of views I've had since the DaveChaos "tutorial". This probably means that the remaining "Stargazer" videos won't now appear, unless I receive more response to what's already been posted. It could be that the "market" is already saturated - or that I've completely misjudged my marketing methodology.

I'm thinking of posting a VLog at some point - with Tera Online as a backdrop. I have plans there...

ITEM! Saw Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes at the weekend. It was pretty damn good, but I struggle to find the time, or energy, to give it a full review. Probably good for a 8.25/10, with my only criticisms being:

1) Caesar looks too human (but Andy Serkis is still an absolute master of performance capture).
2) The humans seemed a bit lacking in "substance", their characters perhaps lacking in development, where the same couldn't be said for the lead apes.
3) Just stop with the 3D conversions where it simply ISN'T needed!

ITEM! I am all booked up for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Plans previous associated with this movie viewing have had to be shelved following my recent infirmities - but I may just do something along the planned lines for AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON next year!

ITEM! Josh Brolin... James Brolin... who care so long as he rocks Thanos? We'll soon see...
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Okay, movie review time, and I'll make this short and not entirely sweet...

Transformers: Age of Extinction. It was like this...

- Too long.
- For a "semi-reboot", it seemed like just a whole bunch more of the same.
- Did I miss something, or was the main non-human bad guy never actually named?
- And was the same true for the remaining Autobots?
- SPOILER Did we really need a THIRD Transformer faction, and all this "Creators" stuff? Is all that "canon"?
- SPOILER Did the non-beautiful human HAVE to die - and in all things, as part of a Michael Bay signature "run from the explosions" gag?
- SPOILER The Seed. Just when did it suddenly become a non-threat? Sloppy writing!
- And just when did Optimus Prime learn to fly?

It wasn't awful. It just wasn't ground-breaking enough to truly make me gasp with excitement, although there was a small punch-the-air moment when Bumblebee arrived. I'll give it 7/10, and leave it at that, except to say that maybe this franchise has run its natural course - some hope of that when the movie had a $100 million opening day...

P.S. The international GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY trailer lacks OOOMPH, as in "Hooked On A Feeling" and "Spirit In The Sky" OOOMPH. The movie will still rock some, though.
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Ah, sheeeeeet...

My back has rebelled, and in a big way. Cue sizable intake of medication, and a reduced desire to blog, amongst other things. So much for my brave (!) attempt to "get regular" again - and this could really mess up my remaining summer plans, including going to see GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.


UPDATE: This...

I feel better now.
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Struggling to get into a blogging mood. Maybe I should try and do it at the start of the evening, INSTEAD of the end...

News, news, news... is there any? Oh yeah: we ARE getting Thanos in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (57 days to go), played, or at least voiced, by James Brolin - but how big a part that will be remains to be seen. In the meantime, there's one less big movie between then and now, as Jupiter Ascending slides from July to next February, apparently to allow more work on the SFX (probably some tinkering with 3D conversion (sighs)...?). It could be that the makers are afraid that the "not a franchise" tag is going to hurt their product, like it seems to have impacted on Edge Of Tomorrow (unfortunately).

Meanwhile, and this may be hard to believe, I appear to be finding my way back into Star Trek Online, at the cost of any serious involvement in Minecraft. Crazy...
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...and Happy Birthday to Benicio (The Collector) del Toro. What a way to celebrate - with the first full trailer for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Marvel Studios have done it AGAIN.

If I could book an IMAX seat now, I would. Karen Gillan makes a splendid Nebula, Rocket looks great, Starlord just nails the funny stuff... shame about Gamora's outfit, but hey, it's not a game-breaker...
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Yay, it's comic delivery time again, and some pretty major events are either continuing or winding up, as I shall now report...

WARNING! High levels of spoiler contamination ahead! )

Meanwhile, more little snippets are getting out about the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, and there seems to be a concerted effort to talk up the whole project, whilst keeping as many of its secrets as possible. I am still firmly behind this movie, and I cannot see Marvel Studios dropping the ball after SEVEN movies and a TV series. It's going to work - trust me on this - and "I am Groot" will be the catchphrase of next summer.
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Review: THOR - The Dark World One question: can the THOR sequel match the original for quality and entertainment, AND keep Marvel's grand plans simmering away nicely?

One answer: YES. And this is why...

WARNING: Spoilers Abound! )

The Final Verdict... More Asgard, more background, more heavy-duty action - more foreshadowing. An excellent addition to Marvel's grand scheme - and watch for BOTH the "extras" during and after the credits! 8.5/10

Oh, and there's a great Captain America cameo!
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No window news. So, with that out of the way...

Meanwhile... Okay, boys and girls, here it comes - DC's "Hail Mary", namely Man Of Steel, which I am now booked to see on Saturday. Will it be enough to fire up interest in a potential Justice League movie? Will that movie stand a chance against the machine that is Marvel Studios and the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

And... how much more crazy can the talk surrounding Guardians Of The Galaxy get? Doctor Who alumnus Karen Gillan is the latest addition to the cast - and could she be playing one of the more contentious characters around right now, that being Angela, formerly from the Image stable and (very) soon to be slotted into Marvel's continuity? With just over a year to go before the movie's release, things are getting rather... hectic...
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The monthly comics delivery arrived today, and featuring pretty heavily in this consignment was the latest Marvel event "Age Of Ultron" - but three issues in, I'm saying ENOUGH. Please stop with the "put the heroes through the wringer" CRAP. Yet again, their backs are against the wall - quite literally, if you're Captain America. Issue 2 is mostly the silent recounting of Spider-man's tale of woe... and at the end, Cap actually gets up and says something. As issue 3 of this multiple issues a month tale opens, I feel my enthusiasm waning...

Meanwhile, DC's latest Green Lantern epic, "Wrath Of The First Lantern", continues, and whilst it's the most recent in a seemingly continual series of GL events that are increasingly lacking in "wow" factor, this one has a whole bunch more ooomph than what Marvel are doing right now. Yes, our heroes are also, "going through the wringer", this time at the hands of the aforementioned First Lantern, but that wringer is a more psychological dismantling of who the heroes - and anti-heroes - are, and who they MIGHT have been. Only the main Green Lantern title actually advances the main story - combating a potentially reality-altering villain - but the whole thing is a damn sight more intriguing and interesting than "AU".

This is, of course, a personal opinion that some may not agree with - but I think everyone will agree that the new outfit for Gamora of the Guardians Of The Galaxy sucks bollocks. Less "most dangerous woman in the galaxy" and more "generic video-game heroine in a tight space suit".


Now, let's book GI Joe - Retaliation. Saturday lunchtime is looking good...
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Definite Lottery Win Goodies - Four-metre-tall Japanese robot shoots bottle rockets, costs £860k. A robot you can ride around in...

From the same source - - an amusing tale of a French company attempting to trademark the logo and slogan of "hackivists" Anonymous, to which the pushy little cyber-brats respond by "waging war" on the company with one of their "#Ops". Jeez, make your frigging minds up, willya? Are you against trademarks and copyrights or not? Isn't everything supposed to be, well, y'know, like FREE and "open source" for everyone? Hey, apparently no indidvidual is actually ALLOWED to own an idea, a SONG, a GAME or a MOVIE in Anonymous-World - we're all "sharing" (i.e. taking whatever we want for nothing, and crying "corporate imperialism" whenever you get caught STEALING)... aren't we?

Hypocrisy. Oh, and they still hide behind masks. Pussies.

And to think that, instead of his pussy-ism, you guys could've gotten behind my "I Am Groot Day" idea yesterday, to mark exactly two years until the release of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Remember, pop-pickers, this movie is (or has to be) our "in-road" into the legend of THANOS.

I believe. After AVENGERS, how could I not...?
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Let's try it THIS way...

ITEM! Ye gods and goddesses, the next couple of years are going to be FUN...

CCI: Marvel Reveals Titles For Thor, Captain America Sequels... AND the "Phase 2" movies for Ant-Man (be interesting to see how this pans out), and *deep breath* Guardians Of The Galaxy.


The dates to remember:-

THOR - The Dark World - 8th November 2013
Captain America - Winter Soldier - 4th April 2014
Guardians Of The Galaxy - 1st August 2014
(and I now have a new netbook wallpaper for the first time in 18 months...)

Oh, and I WILL go to the cinema to see all of these. Gladly. I will also buy the home releases, when they come around. I am not one of these people who're jumping up and down with glee that Government and ISP attempts to clamp down on "Pirate Bay" and the like have been ineffective. I pay talented people to entertain me, and I expect NOTHING for free except the air I breathe.

It makes me think that maybe I'll stop posting FREE story material, and compile it into "issues" I can *gasp* sell as e-books. The Darkhawk Diaries reaches its tenth anniversary next year, and I haven't seen a single penny back for my efforts. Maybe it's time to change all that. A new system may help the creative process, creating actually books instead of episodic content. The facilities are all there, and in use...

A lot to think about there.

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