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Heh - MARVEL PUZZLE QUEST is my go-to mobile game right now, and I just had some serious luck. Nailed the Deadpool Daily Taco token, which got me 1000 Hero Coins, of which I used some to buy a cut-price Heroic Recruit Token, and out of that came a Power for Marvel NOW! Thor. That 2-star hero is maxed out, and was just assigned Champion status - so that Power earns him a new level, above his normal Level cap... and THAT nets me another Heroic Recruit Token as a reward. Now THAT Token nets me a Power for Ms Marvel Captain Marvel, who I've been desperately trying to level up...

...errrr, not that that'll make sense to a bunch of you, but hey, its news, and has made my day. Smile for me, okay?
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"...a brand new gaming PC!" - or at least that's what I'm now researching. Yeah, I got the laptop back yesterday (with a new fan in it), and following some advice from Ultima Online associate Aurelius (thanks, my friend), I searched online for any indication that this laptop's issues might be something others have encountered, and perhaps solved without any additional expense - only to learn that a whole bunch of folks have experienced the same overheating. There is an official "solution", in the form of a fan override program that forces the fan to work at maximum speed on request...

I installed it, and it worked just ONCE (so far). I got good FPS and a fairly cool system for a short stint at Minecraft, and Star Trek Online ran pretty well after that... BUT the heat then was definitely on the increase, to what felt like dangerous levels.

This is getting beyond a freaking limit. There may be other things I can do, but I'm now certain those will only be short-term work-arounds. A new desktop gaming machine is becoming imperative.

Time to climb the Mount Doom of computer specs. unfortunately, I don't seem to have a Samwise to share the journey with me...
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Well, things are looking a bit better, now that another weekend is in the offing. The Laptop appears to be functioning A-OK at present, after three days back at base, and several sessions of Star Trek Online and Minecraft (albeit more of the former). Plans to modify my set-up to prevent future back trouble haven't solidified yet, but I hope to have something in place soon. "Hope", however, so often depends on several other matters either taking place or not taking place...

...and almost as though it wants to celebrate the one-week anniversary of fxxxing me around, things start to act screwy. I get the feeling this machine may not last much longer.

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In general, I'm feeling a bit better today, depending on the circumstances. Sometimes, it's almost as though I haven't got a problem at all, and others, I can't even get out of bed, but on the whole I am in less discomfort than previously, so that's a good sign.

Meanwhile, it's New Game Time - I bit the bullet, and took a shot at TERA Online. It's very pretty, but the game system does seem reminiscent of Guild Wars, and that wasn't a path I enoyed seeing MMOs going down. We shall see how things go.
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Okay, so that's my extended Spiritwalk down-time done, and it's back to whatever counts as "normal" these days. However, I've not been in a Minecraft frame of mind, lately, and I've actually been doing a whole bunch more Star Trek Online (such as all this evening, bar the usual Ultima Online). I'm not sure I'll be going back to the level of activity I was at before I discovered "Minecrack", but it's been fun.

The Big Question... ...what next? I'm not entirely sure, but I feel inclined to spend some money, after two rather disappointing excursions where I came home with not a great deal of stuff. I may not have the room for much, but dammit...
patentdragon: (unexpected)'s ME that's leaking. Urgh, I'm ill...

A good opportunity to not only get all my Long Live The Queen videos titled and processed, but also make a start on my Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday planned release schedule...

Yay... *sniffs*... *sneezes*...
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Yesterday... The third of FIFTY (episodes of ...EDGE OF CHAOS that is)...

- complete with nifty customer thumbnail, of which I still have about forty-five to do. Things are genuinely looking more "professional" now - although I 1) need to finish my DUNGEON MASTER series, and 2) find more games to play - I do have Long Live The Queen, which should be fun, and there's a Game Of Thrones game coming sometime soon, too...

Talking of which... Damn, that's FOUR books read now, and there's not one moment where you feel even remotely disappointed, even when long-standing characters get it in the neck... or the gut... I think you get the general idea. Messy - and it really does seem as though NO-ONE is truly safe. Impressive.
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I've been hard at work churning out more episodes for Stargazer Season 2, following on from what was left of my weekend, and Chapter 28 is just now rendering. I'd been thinking I'd be able to round things off at thirty chapters, but it's looking to end up at more like thirty-five, by my reckoning. I'm doing my very best to keep videos around the 15 minute mark, and that sometimes means cliff-hangers...

Meanwhile... Arrrrgh! Everyone on YouTube is doing South Park: The Stick Of Truth play-throughs! This is something I really want to play, but right now, I'm not shelling out £40. Nope, not happening.
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Starbound seems to be saved. Yes, I still lost a bunch of stuff, including a full load of precious fuel, but the game works as it should once more. Chalk one up in the "win" column, I suppose - and right now, that one looks a bit lonely there.

I would follow this news with something about the casting of the next Fantastic Four movie, but all of a sudden, it's gotten late...
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First, this:-

FINALLY... things are coming together with ...Stargazer Season IV: Nightmare Scenario - and that we can attribute to a pair of villagers who were fruitful and multiplied (and several villager zombies who got cured).

Elsewhat... Did some shopping. Ordered some stuff I've been meaning to get, and some imminent essentials. Spent one of my Christmas presents.

Bought Saints Row IV, half price on Steam. Now watching the download crawl by - gonna be a while... but instead of struggling to find something to watch in the meantime...

(Holy crap - is it Conference Championship weekend ALREADY??? Crazy...)

...I can carry on reading A Game Of Thrones. A fantastic read so far, and this is a book I've had for months, maybe year(s) (it was one of my Mission 101 "buy a book a month" books).

Two hours to go...
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ITEM! Didn't remember to mention it yesterday, but '60s heroine and icon Alexandra Bastedo died. She came to my, and many others' attention as Sharon Macready, one of '60s super-spy team The Champions... and so, the roll of legends lost continues into 2014. Fondly remembered, never forgotten.

ITEM! Hmmm - looks like Season 4 may be saved. What I suspected was some kind of bizarre mod error may be a simple case of wildlife reacting to a change in the "natural order", in that the "meteor impacts" I've had trouble with could be down to interspecies aggression: scorpion versus creeper. The scorpions are/were/may yet be again hostile to absolutely everything around them, be they an actual threat or otherwise - sneaky, invasive and fearless.

Worthy opponents...

ITEM! More information about the first of Marvel Studio's "Phase 3" movies is starting to come together, as we learn more about Ant Man - and I am rather liking what I am hearing. A bit of Marvel history is being "retooled" a little, but yet again, it seems to be

ITEM! Heeeheee! Little Inferno shouldn't be so much fun - but it is!
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Back to work Monday, but I still want to squeeze every last moment of relaxation - a.k.a Minecraft and excellent space exploration sandbox Starbound - out of my time off. Also, I'm shopping for essential equipment, and maybe setting things up for Blockbuster Season, so that I can make the most of my Christmas cinema gift-card windfall...

Writing? Not just yet, but this weekend, there WILL be progress. I still have some type-up to do from last month (and last year).

Also, Ultima Online - the first hunt of the year!


Dec. 5th, 2013 11:59 pm
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(or "Breakfast At Swarti's" ;-) )

That's me "back to normal", after a very satisfactory Patent Saturday excursion, during which I watched, or attempted to watch, a whole bunch of movies in the lap of luxury. They were:-

Rise Of The Guardians
Super 8 (rewatch, fell asleep near the end)

World War Z
Snow White And The Huntsman
Captain America - The First Avenger (rewatch)
Hansel And Gretel - Witch Hunters
GI Joe: Retaliation (rewatch, fell asleep near the end again)
The World's End (also fell asleep)

Now, hopefully, the world is going to take things easy for the rest of the year, and the latest batch of exams will not be a pain in the arse, like the last two times...

And finally... Looks like we dodged a bullet, weather-wise. Almost everywhere else seems to have had it shitty, to varying degrees, whilst we pretty much just had some wet wind to wake up to, before it all sodded off. A "yay" is, I think, in order.

And finally finally... Hmmm - Starbound...
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Yup, it's that time of the week again; time for...

Note to self... "record the final leg of the game!"

Minecraft Update Watch... So, I did an audit of my mods in Minecraft, and found out this:

Total "Headline" Mods: 10 (counting several inter-connected mod "modules" together, if that makes any sense)
Mods currently OK in Minecraft V1.6.4 : 7
Mods discovered during analysis that are worth adding to my "suite": 8, probably 9
Mods from original list that can be replaced by newer, perhaps better mods : 2
Favourite mods that are either unlikely to be updated, or are known to be skipping V1.6.4: 2

Story is, I can do the update, and still have a thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience, but I will be losing two elements of the existing set-up that I will miss... so, do I take the plunge, knowing this but bringing myself closer to being up-to-date, even though it may knock a hole in my plans for "Season Two", in that I will have lost a mod that's a key part of the intended storyline?


Coming Up... A movie review for Gravity.
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Let's see how we can fix all this buggeerd-up stuff.

1) I may just adjust my Patent Saturday plans just this once, given that my planned first day of luxury was going to be St Andrews Day, and a Saturday - oh, and booked solid. I won't be getting my special day in its entirety, so I'll just have to take an extra day off to make up for it. Sounds okay...

2) That Minecraft error is, it seems, a side-effect of an outdated version of the game - but to get back up closer to speed will require a small sacrifice, in the form of a favourite mod that seems unlikely to get an update any time soon. *sighs* Oh well, I'll just have to find something else...

The third issue is no closer to resolution, but thankfully, the wind isn't blowing straight into my office window any more - for now. So, all in all, not a particularly inspirational raft of "solutions", but sometimes, you taking seat V8 instead of V7, and tell yourself "sometimes, stuff just doesn't workout quite as planned."
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Gods, what a hopeless week, blog-wise. Probably the worst I've ever managed, actually...

Truth is, I've been been stuck in that "oh, it's gone midnight, so I may as well not bother" frame of mind. I've also been digging various tunnels through The Nether, fretting about whether I managed to get myself a dose of DVT (arse was just numb from a poor seating arrangement) blah blah blah...

Yup, not been doing an awful lot other than the ol' Minecraft right now. It hasn't really helped that it's been really hard to make any progress at lately, and through no fault of my own. Like at any time, if you're not given the right information, there's fnaj all you can do about it.

So, now it's the weekend, and time to recharge, and hopefully get sh8 sorted. Stay tuned to see how badly I suck at THAT.
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Hey, look at what I did today (and about five months ago)...

Hoping to keep to a three video-a-week schedule from now on. I'd like to get through all my existing "n00b" Minecraft vids out of the way so I can get to work on Stargazer Season 2.

Also, I must remember to complete my Dungeon Master play-through...

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Terrific. Minecraft is getting another patch, which will probably break the game as far as my Season 2 mods are concerned - and just as things are getting interesting... although I did have a serious scare earlier, when my experimental Nether-ship - in development in the "surface" world, experienced a horrendous bug-out, and for a few minutes, I was seriously worried that my character was completely stuck, and the whole project - the whole of Season 2 - was heading down the toilet. Thankfully, I was able to rectify some of the problem, saving the map at the cost of dismantling version 1 of the "Dauntless" - and I may just open a fresh Nether portal to make a test-flight in operational conditions just a bit more comfortable.

On other matters... well, there's very little to report. Damn, it's unexpectedly warm right now...

...and the Redskins are 0-3. Great.
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It's video time again - and not all my own!


...followed by a dose of Minecraft, ...Stargazer-style...

...and finally - hey, Mom, I'm famous!

I'm very seriously considering posting ...Stargazer vids on Wednesday as well, to get through my early recordings a bit more quickly. Season 2 pre-production is going VERY well so far, and I could be recording some time VERY soon!
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I was going to post a widget for my latest Steam purchase, but it wouldn't work, so I'm now stuck for something to post tonight. Yeah, I'm that desperate...

...well, not really, but I have little to report, beyond the ongoing preparations for ...Stargazer Season 2, and of course there will be more videos posted tomorrow - I'll be "double-timing" the Season 1 videos just to clear the way for the imminent new material.

Oh, hold on, here's something...

(Marvel's) Agents of SHIELD - 8pm, Channel 4... in ONE WEEK.

Drop-everything TV, I'm thinking.

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