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In Today's Episode... "Mane-of-Night: Flight 102 Is Overdue" continues, and Mane-of-Night gets involved for real, just in time to hear disturbing news from the desert. Meanwhile, The Traveller continues vital research - but just what does he find...?

Development News... Chapter 18 is growing way bigger than originally expected, but it's all stuff that needs to be covered. I still expect to have the whole thing finished tomorrow, or at least ready for an uninterrupted posting cycle - for that milestone, tune in on the 24th!

And finally... I was going to post a humorous composition, featuring special lyrics for the theme to The Muppet Show, after a phone with that as its ring-tone went off during the afternoon exam - but then I found out it was the phone of one of the other invigilators. Oooops.

Ah, what the heck... )



Feb. 25th, 2010 11:51 pm
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Quick post to hold on to my consecutive posting record! Heehee!

Hint of what's coming up...

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Type-up from Work Slot 3 is 99% done - a small section needs fine-tuning. I have an out-of-town appointment tomorrow, courtesy of TFS... I may be going on a "shopping" trip this weekend. Haven't had time to properly wind down yet - may still be a while before I manage that...

Must almost be time to pre-book for Avatar 3D at the local cinema, if they have their kit in and working.

Almost time for CSI Miami. Must dash.
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Okay, this is Rumour Control - Here Are The Facts: I've been a little under the weather since, and during Work Slot 2, and I get the feeling that I might have picked up something at the time (I hope). This hasn't helped my creative processes, but I have been trying, and today, I have been making progress on TDD-603 Part 4 - not a lot, but sufficient to start things cooking in a more satisfactory way than recently.

I also have several interesting ideas for what may be around the corner, both during and after Season 6. These are just the kind of ideas I've been needing...

Damn, I need to do some work on that "series bible"-thing I bought a pretty red Moleskine for. How many other ideas lie in wait in what's gone before?

Meanwhile... something amusing came to me. Previously, I've been taking issue with reviews of Terminator Salvation - one in particular, and I've not been the only one. The reviewer on Channel 4 teletext received a rebuke from a viewer that I couldn't help but agree with.

"(quote)...I feel such anger at the critics who almost put me off from seeing one of the greatest action movies of the last decade... if cinemas only showed films that the critics loved, 50% of them would probably go out of business within 12 months."

Nothing very amusing about that, but I keep thinking this: just what did the Teletext reviewer expect from Terminator Salvation? A rom-com? A freakin' musical - as I said before, "Willy Wonka and The Terminator Factory"...?

Then I thought of this...

Oompa-Loompa doompa-tee doo
I've got another puzzle for you
Oompa-Loompa doompa-tee dee
If you are wise, you'll listen to me
What do you get if you rely on machines
That aren't as benevolent as they may seem?
When they get up and come after you
What are you going to do?
Form a human resistance...?

Heehee! Wonder if there are any other movies worthy of an Oompa-Loompa interlude...?

Just a thought. I may just come back to this some time.

And finally... Oh dear, Gordon is trying to screw with the electoral system, to try and look like he's focussing on actual politics for a change. Pity (a) no-one is fooled for a second, and (b) what he's planning is just the kind of thing that let "Britain's Shame" get two seats in Europe...

Testify, brothers!
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What... what was that? A big bright shiny thing, in the sky, like a huge ball of fire...

Yeah, I mean S-U-N - enough of it to have most of my lunch outdoors. And that was about as exciting as it gets. Getting paid, so what's to complain about?

Except that that was, quite probably, the sum total of our summer, knowing our luck.

Development News...Okay, that's Chapter One of TDD-603 Part 3 finally "in the can", and Chapter Two is underway, pending a type-up of today's work, coming up after I finish this. Not sure I can get the next story done before the end of the Slot, but I'll do my best. TDD-603, Part 4 - now pretty much official as the next stage of the arc - has a pivotal role to play in several ways; key events, a crossroads for stories to come, that sort of thing...

Elsewhat... I'm seeing some pretty awesome things people are doing with Lego these days, and I feel inclined to experiment. I have a small box of modern Lego, including a fair number of more technical parts - no frogs, though. I do have a transparent blue spider - does that count? Oh, and a scorpion...

And so, the madness begins...
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In Today's Episode... The Cursed have prisoners - will Zerreth and his people learn anything from the captives, or will blood be shed, oiling the wheels of inter-species war?

Development News... Edging forward. And that's being generous. Hoping to advance presently.

Elsewhat... Yes! The first "new" episode of South Park I've seen in years, and the show hasn't lost a step... The trailers for Transformers - Revenge Of The Fallen and GI Joe look pretty ass-kicking. Time to check the release dates...

And finally... Giant Battle Monsters - damn, this is fun. Just try "Hugh Jackman"... oh, and "Wolverine" beats "Hannah Montana".
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Something nice to start with... namely, my latest acquisition - "Akira", taken from the work of fantasy artist Dorian Cleavenger. Clicky the piccy for an enlargement...

And The Rest... Well, things are continuing satisfactorally. I just managed to complete a major quest in ZOMG with lag, but without interruption. Now to give Ultima Online a thorough testing, which should be... exciting at least, and hopefully not frustrating.

"Problem Solved"? Possibly - just hope I haven't jinxed things.

Meanwhile... Whoohoo - my pay for Work Slot 1 may just be in, and if the figures are to be believed, I may just be able to replace my venerable 512K capacity MP3 player at last. The poor thing is on its last legs, but it has certainly served me well.

And finally... More later, perhaps. Gonna try to get on with some writing at some point.
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The whole process of Christmas started with lunch yesterday (and very nice it was too), and reaches its bloated conclusion in... oh, about an hour. So, let's see what the highlights were:-

- No grief, hassle, or soul-flaying inner misery... Hooray! Relaxed and painless, just the way I like it.

- Doctor Who - "The Next Doctor"... Fun, with "well, I never expected THAT" finale. For once, the "second chance" actually works! Roll on Planet Of The Dead (due at Easter, I suspect).

- The new Wallace And Grommit... bugger, missed it. Thoroughly enjoyed Curse Of The Were-Rabbit, though.

Coming Next... Recovery Day. I suspect I'll be having a serious lie-in.

*** Update *** Oh, here's one of the best laughs of the year. The Arch-Bishop of Canterbury issues his "Christmas message", and when talking about the "economic downturn" - better known to the rest of us as "Gordistair's colossal fuck-up" - he comes up with this nugget...

"In the months ahead, it will mean in our own country asking repeatedly what is demanded of us locally to care for those who bear the heaviest burdens in the wake of our economic crisis, without waiting for the magical solution, let alone the return of the good times."

Errr, excuse me - aren't magical solutions what your entire belief system is built around? Loaves and fishes from nowhere, seas parting, women becoming magically pregnant - eternal life in paradise after you die...?

And don't get me started about that foul Nazi troll in Rome...
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...and the Redskins go and lose to the Giants, 23-7. Great - that pretty much kills any chance at the playoffs this season...

Anyway, it's that time of the year again, and I'm hoping to be able to celebrate this year, in some small way. Relaxing with a movie (Iron Man, with a couple of episodes of the Dungeons & Dragons animated series as a supporting feature, being most likely) appears to be the best I can do, particularly if it's going to be cold again.

*** Update *** Okay, that's just past midnight - and I'm doing Christmas shopping. I'd been hoping to get MoN-109 "Mane-of-Night And The Darkening Storm" completed today (Sunday), but that didn't quite happen.

So, I guess it's now "Christmas", officially, after months of "pre-Christmas"...
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Coming soon, courtesy of Gaia Online...

Work in progress...
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In Today's Episode... Mane-of-Night takes a chance amongst some rather unsavoury characters as "A Darkening Tide" continues - have The Darkening, in their rush to exploit undeveloped planets, left something behind that our heroine can exploit?

Development News... Edging nearer to a critical moment, something that's been in the planning stages for a long time...

Meanwhile... Excuse me: Ultima Online business to deal with...

And finally... So I had another banana spilt at dinner - that counts as one of my "five-a-day", does it? Pity about the additional four portions of "anti-fruit" - ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles and chocolate syrup :D
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Made a bit of progress on the broadband acquisition front - but oh no, it's not going to be that easy, or that cheap. Bloody typical.

Some better than average news on the Formula One front: okay, so Lewis dropped out early, but instead we got the next best result; a first win for Robert Kubica, and a third for David Coulthard. Kubica now leads the championship - and that's after the race that, last season, looked like it had terminated the Pole's career in one of the nastiest crashes in years.

A definite smile comes from Sunday Lunch - mmmm, banana split for dessert... *drools*


May. 2nd, 2008 11:27 pm
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In Today's Episode... The adventures of Brighthawk and Charybdis take a darker turn, as they find themselves face to face with a power they'd hoped to avoid...

Release notes... Coming next - the conclusion!

Development news... No development news. Try me tomorrow, maybe Sunday.

Meanwhile... ...or, alternatively, I have to take myself to see Iron Man some other day. Could've done that today, but communication only works if both ends actually connect. Grrrr.

Okay, let's try that again...
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Birthday tomorrow. I'm not expecting anyone to make a major event of it, but people who matter will still treat it as a reason to celebrate, and that's fine by me. Taking me to see Iron Man would be nice, though... *hint hint*
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So, here I am, wondering what to post today... and there's nothing. Guess I'll get back to writing, and wait for tomorrow's Doctor Who. That's definitely topping the "to watch" list right now, and for the next twelve weeks, I suspect.

Ooooh, here's something about how writers work, answering questions about their work environment and habits. Let's see how it works out for me...

Where are you? Where my computer is :P As long as I have the time, and the materials, I can write just about anywhere.

What are you writing with? Currently the laptop. When I'm not going "hi-tech", I currently write in Moleskine notebooks with run-of-the-mill Bic pens.

What's the oddest object in front of you? Action figures. Plenty of action figures. I have an Action Man-sized artist's model thing, and currently hidden behind the laptop screen, there's a Microman action figure that serves much the same purpose, but is much better for posing.

What are you listening to? The TV is usually going in the background when I write. Right now, it's on Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles. There may be music instead from time to time, often Rush, or some of the "inspirational" tracks I've come to associate with my projects.

Is there anyone else in the room? A stunning Indian woman with fabulous long hair, dressed in nothing but thigh-high boots - ooops, sorry, wishful thinking. Nah, it's just me. I'd struggle to get anything done if I wasn't alone.

What time of day is it? 2231 BST - I'm usually doing my "on-screen" writing from about noon onwards. I can stay up really late (for me) if the creative spirit is with me.

What do you look at when you're looking for inspiration? Previous chapters, mainly, but comic books, DVDs and TV can set off a chain of thought sometimes. I try really hard not to take direct inspiration from shows and films, but sometimes something will stick, and I have to work around it.

What is guaranteed to remove your concentration? If I knew, I'd avoid it/them. Sometimes it just happens.

There we go. That was unexpected, and fun. Now, back to work (or more aimless surfing)...
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In Today's Top Story... I liked the BBC's flying penguins. Hope they didn't dip into Doctor Who's SFX budget to make the clip, tho'.

Meanwhile, or "Here's The REAL News"... We may just have "lift-off" for MoN-107 "A Darkening Tide" - going back to our heroine's "roots" appears to be helping this story along, AND we have an interesting new "character" to complicate things...

Stay tuned for the latest developments!

Also... Hooray! New CSI resumes next week!

And finally... Is Mugabe on the way out? Let's hope so.
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A good time was had by all - even the trip there and back was pleasant enough. Heaps too much to eat, though. No time at all for story development; last night was a complete bust. I think I'll head to bed, and put on something better than Fortress II...
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Leap Year Day! Had a little celebration of sorts for Bonus Day - chocolate, rice crackers, that sort of thing. TV had a bunch of overlap, but nothing I couldn't live with.

Development News... TDD-508 "-title withheld-" isn't quite there yet - a couple or three paragraphs should do it!

Hmmm - doesn't look like I've been paid for January yet. Sloppy.

And then it was March - oh well.
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...(with the exception of Torchwood - see below) here's a few of those exam questions I mentioned a while back. Enjoy.

"Mike Myer's characters have, at best, a two-movie lifespan" - discuss the validity of this statement with reference to Wayne's World I and II and the Austin Powers and Shrek movies.

"Gwen Stefani should reunite with No Doubt as soon as possible" - present an argument supporting or countering this assertion, with reference to how her solo material sucks. Except for "Hollaback Girl".

"Some films should just NEVER be remade" - support or refute this argument, with examples. There's certainly plenty to choose from.

And finally... Today's only real saving grace - another good episode of Torchwood, with some long-awaited background on Captain Jack. Hands up everyone who thought the invaders much be something more... familiar? Missed opportunity, perhaps...
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In Today's Episode... Faces new and old cross Darkhawk's path as she tries to come to terms with her condition - and one is especially welcome!

Release notes... Stay tuned for the first shared chapter, which continues "The Fire Within" and also happens to kick off the next story for Mane-of-Night.

Meanwhile, TDD-507 continues development, and looking back on existing material, I see that there are one or two things that absolutely have to be brung into line for events in motion and events to come to come to pass, so I guess I better pull together some of that earlier material (namely the "Avatar" stories) into more easily accessible format. Just not right now, as I don't want to lose my grip on the current creative spark - I haven't been able to work this well for too long.

In Other News... By the time I've finished writing this, I'll most likely have made a concrete decision on a trip to the cinema tomorrow. The general national weather picture isn't so good, but it looks like my area is getting the best of it. I'd prefer to see Cloverfield before spoilers become inescapeable...

And finally... TWO days to Superbowl XLII!


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