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Played a big dose of Minecraft over the weekend. And there was a family birthday that gobbled up a bunch of my Saturday.

It's been snowing, and pretty heavily for these parts. I either stay warm, and likely to fall asleep, or I end up too cold to bother with anything. So there you have it.
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Okay, there's not going to be a story post tonight, and I don't think I'll be able to fit it in before I set off for the hotel. Today has been... problematic, with any prior plans going out the window due to family issues. Said issues shouldn't impact on the imminent outing - hopefully.

I'll do my very best to at least have a paper version of the final section of Seeing Nowhere Through The Eyes Of A Lie by the time I get back (Sunday). I don't want to take hefty technology with me - not after the techno-farce of the London trip...

I Dunno...

Aug. 16th, 2012 12:49 pm
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I'm not "into" this holiday thing as much as I think I should be. There - I've said it. The buggering-around with what was a pretty firm schedule has blown a big hole in my plans (have I already said that?), and fixing that hole... has honestly not happened. I would have liked at least one whole day to myself, but that's not going to happen, no siree Bob. I guess I'm not that much of a "family traveller", which should be no surprise given that I've not had much in the way of opportunities to do that, and this will most likely be the last time.

There's a definite feel of being "dragged around", and I understand there's got to be some "give and take", but... *argh* this isn't the "get away from it all" I'd hoped for. It's more like "more of the same, just in a different place, and with less computers"...

"Jeez, what a selfish bastard" - but it is my holiday too, and both of us need a break from all the hassle since - and during - The Move. I'll probably feel a whole lot more upbeat when 1) we get to the airport, and 2) I get to crash out in my room for the first night.

I have one personal event in mind, for one early evening. It needs booking, and I'll probably arrange that tonight - then bar one prearranged night which I'm entirely at peace with, and looking forward to a great deal, the nights are my own, and maybe something will catch my eye.

All in all, the holiday can't start soon enough, hopefully sparking my excitement - and enjoyment - at just the right time. After all, there's a long, drawn-out autumn ahead, between we and Patent Saturday 2012...
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Bit of a messed-up day, with a dinner delayed by family matters - but it was DRY, and so more roof work got done. That counts as a win - oh, and you can add some writing on top of that.

Think I might have an earlier night than usual, so I better finish up here, and on The Final Frontier...
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Breaking News! Yay! John Carter (Of Mars) will be showing at my local cinema from Friday! Now, which screen will it be on...? Updated: BIG Screen - double YAY, and BOOKED!

In any case, I most likely won't be able to make the trip on Opening Night, due to a certain 5th birthday party.

Development News... The Traveller/Adventurers' Guild of Kraan crossover, now officially called Sorrow Has The Swiftest Wings, is into its final stages, and those involved try to make sense of what's happened - and some may not quite manage that feat.

But Wait! There's Mo'... I may just have come up with a character of unexpected significance...

And Finally... RIP Ronnie Montrose.
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Development News... Okay, so TDD-608 The Pandemonicum Symphony - First Movement isn't as completed as I'd hoped it would be by now - but there's football later (dunno how much of it I'll stay awake for, mind), and time to fill before then. Next weekend is going to be a "creative retreat" of sorts, in that I should have a fairly "clean plate", writing-wise.

Meanwhile... I hate those fricking Grand Prix that get shown in the wee small hours, followed by a repeat in the usual lunch-time slot - but this time was even worse, 'cause qualifying at Suzuka got postponed 'til early this morning due to rain. I tried Teletext to catch the results of qualifying this morning, and ran slap-bang into the result of the race-proper. Brilliant.

And it wasn't exactly a thrilling race, anyway.

And finally... Yup, it's going to be a busy week - and the weekend after "Operation Carnival" is going to feature another "booked Saturday". I better be properly refreshed for it.
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Remember how last weekend ended up as a complete blow-out, following a last-minute cancellation of Move-related activities?

Consider that delayed mission accomplished. Some good work has been done, with stuff shifted out of the way and prepared for disposal, and to top it all there has been something of a discovery that brought smiles to the faces of all involved. A day well spent - as opposed to the £25 (£30 with batteries) I spent on a radio-controlled R2-D2. Now can I get its sound-chip reprogrammed to play samples of Cleveland from the Star Wars episodes of Family Guy, or have the little guy tricked out with all-terrain tires?

Coming Up, On The "To Do" List... Tuesday is "Two Years To Go" Day on my Mission 101 - not sure I'll have any more Tasks completed by then, but several are getting a boost, one two Fridays from now as I mentioned yesterday. That same trip presents some interesting shopping opportunities, helped by recent good fortune - and I haven't even been paid yet. I clearly have some research and planning to do...
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The Move was supposed to be the focus of attention today - I'd planned for doing some prep well in advance, and I was ready..., why am I online now, blogging, not there, moving sh8 around...?

Plans for today got postponed, by the other party involved. Great.

So, here I am, struggling to get going with anything, 'cause I was all geared up to go to the house and get into that. I set aside this weekend because I wanted some uninterrupted free time, unimpeded by falling asleep at the keyboard at half past ten at night...

It's just not frigging fair. "The other party" is always complaining that stuff doesn't get done, then when we go up there to do something, the effort ends up a half-hearted, half-finished excuse, and a waste of half a day. Yes, I know there have been a string of workmen who absolutely will not stick to their appointments, leading to a heap of familial frustration, but surely that's all the more reason to make the best use of the time available. Grrrrr...

I'm prepared to do what needs done next week. That gets called off, you can wait a month. And bang goes "move by Christmas". Not my fault.
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Am I finding Nacho Libre to be one of Jack Black's more enjoyable films simply because he gets pounded on? He was really good as Carl Denham in King Kong, but everything else... not so much. Is it just the "joke metal" thing? Or is he one of those people who just strike an "off-key" chord somehow, like Mike Myers, and how he seems to wring the life out of the characters he plays? The first two Austin Powers movies were great fun, but the third... naaah; Wayne's World 2 was entirely unnecessary; and four Shreks seems to be too much for just about everyone.

Best thing Myers ever did? So I Married An Axe-Murderer. Total number of films with that character? One.

Yeah, I'm waffling. That's what happems when another weekend crumbles into disarray as what's expected, and what happens follow entirely different paths. Stuff needs done for The Move, but none of it actually manages to happen - and then when you want to sit down and actually do something of your own, all of a sudden that's when the things you'd set time aside for earlier in the day / yesterday / last week has to be done. Last Friday was like that - wasted. It pisses me off sometimes.

I feel like it's "present-time". Oh, and time to decide on another Mission task or two. The first one is
96 - Watch the original version of The Prisoner in its entirety
- that should be interesting...
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Heh - our "visitors" may be homeward bound, and the "Dwelling Place" in the process of dismantling, but I'm going to have to wait a while before I get to "take it easy". Of course, I'm talking about my weekend excursion, beginning tomorrow, during which I'll doing some more points-scoring for my Mission 101, by way of
19 - Visit five cities not on my regular "list"
90 - Go to at least five concerts
I really do want to put the last two weeks behind me, and redirect my energies for trying times ahead. The path should be smoothed some by the phone call we received last night, which seems to bring the most difficult chapter of recent years to a close at last. "The Move" draws closer - it may be sooner than I expect, and that may be for the best.

Tomorrow should be fun. I hope. It'll be a stripped-down operation, with no computer or internet access, but I'm okay with going "low-tech". I may even *gasp* get some writing done...!
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Not a lot to say right now, but I might as well get a post in while I have two minutes to spare. I have been:-

1) doing the "prep sheet" for MoN-204 "Mane-of-Night And The Day At The Races", as part of the updated development procedure - the story is expanding to six chapters from an originally planned three,

2) being a good boy and helping out my wounded mother. "Six more weeks and out...!" :)

3) doing some shopping, buying a piece of kit I've been eyeing for quite a while now. My attempts to print images for my Mission 101 notebook have only been partly successful, so this piece of kit (due for a full review when it arrives) will come in handy, I'm certain.

More later, I'm thinking. Hope the Ultima Online hunt tonight isn't too stressful...
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Development News... I really need to limit the length of my chapters somehow. The final chapter of TDD-605 "She Returns" now totals 11 "screens" - and the event the whole story has been building to hasn't happened yet. I have had to "make room" for something that will be important fairly soon, which has added at least three screens to the whole thing - but this will lead to the answer to one of the biggest questions in Season 6: "why are The Unified Response and The Confederacy NOT on the same side?"

I am still aiming to have this chapter, and this story, "in the can" by Sunday's end. I want a "clean slate" (of sorts) for Monday, so that I can focus on Work, and get to grips with it on the first day. However long this lasts, I want to do it right, and this isn't work that'll allow for extended writing breaks. I may have been paid for Work Slot 1, but the income is ALWAYS welcome.

And then there's the whole "Mum's broken shoulder" thing. That has gotten in the way of creativity this week, but helping her deal with the injury is REALLY important. She's had WAY too much stress this last year, and this is another kick up the arse that she DOES NOT DESERVE. If the universe has been trying to tell her to take it easy, this is NOT the way. Bad universe - BAD!

Mission 101... Hmmm, got a small problem. I could be about to score my first failed task...
28 - Watch one "classic" film a month (1/33+1)
'cause I haven't been able to catch a proper classic, one I haven't seen, this month. A couple of times, there have been suitable movies on, but I miss them, either entirely or in part - I could count Brighton Rock as an official movie for this task, rather than a "bonus". I'd prefer not to squib-kick a task just two months in...

Meanwhile, I could be about to officially kick off another task (or two)
47 - Refresh my art skills
50 - Create "proper" pieces of art, fit to hang, or give as gifts
as I very much have something in mind, amply helped by getting the printer/scanner operational again. With the aid of that piece of equipment, I can take a work in progress that never progressed, and turn into a real hangable painting!

Oh, and now I've been paid, I can seriously consider getting hosting for


Feb. 26th, 2010 05:27 pm
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Yes! At last! January's pay is in the bank, and I can pay my impending expenses (UO sub, big comic order), and survive until my next pay check, which I start earning on Monday! Things would, of course, be better if Maternal wasn't broken, but what can you do?

Development News... Typed up the latest round of writing, bringing TDD-605 "She Returns" that bit closer to completion. More household help will be required tomorrow, but I'll manage (somehow, despite my well-meaning kitchen assistant Damnway, first name Getouttathe). I really want to finish this story before work starts!

But first, cook dinner, wash dishes... do washing, cook lunch, wash dishes...
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Disaster Report! Things are actually getting better - the next few weeks might not be so bad after all. In fact, it's already been good for the Mission:
7 - Learn to cook 12 dishes (1/12)
- sweet and sour stir-fry chicken with noodles
A definite success!

Work Report! Oooops! Just found out at lunchtime that I should've been working today. Boss was understanding about family matters, and I start on Monday - heh, up yours New Deal!

Meanwhile... Tonight saw the first of a series of local community policing meetings, during which I managed to bring up the whole CLAN business - and whilst the audience was smaller than the police representatives had hoped for (probably 'cause of the weather), there was a decent response from the public, and support from the local council rep, who brought some interesting information to the meeting: CLAN appear to have been warned about neighbourhood disruption, aaaaand there is apparently going to be a CLAN/neighbourhood meeting at some point in the near future! Stay tuned for further developments! as Task 79 gets another boost!

Other Mission Tasks... I'm counting
43 - Stop watching so much repeat crap on Dave
as completed. I've definitely broken the cycle of repeat dependence. Another channel is showing South Park from the very beginning - now THAT is a joy to behold!

Development News... Got some important writing down on paper, taking me closer to the end of TDD-605 "She Returns". Printer juggling - trying to print atuff off the laptop for the meeting - took a LOT longer than I'd expected, and rather messed up the early part of the day. Tomorrow is a bit screwed around too, due to shopping requirements - I'd love a quiet, productive weekend...
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Disaster Report! Mum seems to be dealing with her break better than I expected. I'll still be taking over various "higher-load" tasks around the house, but that's okay. I might as well be good for something.

Development News... Yesterday morning was great for writing, but last night wasn't as good, as the events of the day caught up with me. Today's been a bit of a blank, I must admit, probably Chapter 8 of TDD-605 "She Returns" will see more input tonight - it's a "no hassle" evening (I hope) that should see significant progress.

Meanwhile... time to cook the dinner!
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My mother had a fall today, and broke her shoulder. That rather complicates things. A lot.

The contract is in for The New Work, which certainly looks like half-days after this incident. I've managed to make some headway on monthly tasks, and one more day-to-day one:
3 - Complete at least 100 worthwhile walks (at least one hour outdoors) a year (13/100, 0/100, 0/75) - today's racing around counts as TWO walks. DON'T try and argue the case.
9 - Cook dinner at least once a month (2/33) - fish and chips, ice-cream and chocolate sauce
29 - Buy a book a month from an actual bookshop (2/33) - The Light Fantastic

Development News... I got some good work done on Chapter 8 of TDD-605 "She Returns" this morning, which I'll be typing up later, hopefully. This story should be done soon, barring any complications, but subsequent writing may be delayed. Sorry, but that may just be the way of things.

Should've known it was a bad move to buy a brand new Moleskine for my Mission stuff...
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The Meeting... A "sorry you feel that way" rather than "we apologise for screwing up", but what needed to be said was said.

And The Rest Of The Day... A search for project materials was moderately successful, partly due to time constraints. Hollow plastic sphere for Blue/Red Lantern Power Battery project? Nope - couldn't even find a hamster ball. Large jewel for cosplay/prop Mane-of-Night energy-whip (Task 88)? No, but I did get some solid polystyrene eggs that could be used to form a mold for casting the necessary item - now, how about some resin casting supplies...?

Meanwhile... Mission Objective 79: Protest against CLAN continues, as local journalists continue to address the total lack of residents' involvement in the decision to allow 2010's CLAN Gathering. The latest news article featured someone who didn't want their name used, but I personally have no problems in that respect - especially when I'm going to go around the houses surrounding the site, asking for opinions and support. Given the way recent summers have gone, peace and quiet is about all we can hope for - and it's NOT for sale.

Task 55... Took some new photographs of my favourite piece of sculpture in the world - the dragon in Dundee. I even did a video clip this time - something will find its way online soon enough.

Coming Soon... The CSI Trilogy - all three "flavours" contributing to a single story-line. The story starts in Miami on Tuesday on Five - an episode from next season out of sequence...? Hope it doesn't blow anything about last season's cliffhanger.
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Today's Opportunity To Get Dressed Up... If that was "compensation", then the original event must have been hell on Earth - nope, not how I remember it. *sighs* That I built my whole day around? That was my alternative to dinner?

Ah, sod it. Scratch February 5th from my "best days of the year" list.

Update... oh, and in the aftermath, I missed a story posting slot. DAMMIT.
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Last night's TV... Last night, I managed to catch up with the first UK showing of Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland Show, and... well, I wasn't all that impressed. I geninely have no idea why this doesn't seem to work - I do know that no, it's not because of the black main characters, before anyone starts that crap - but I will give the show another go, on the premise that it takes every show a few episodes to find its feet.

It doesn't bode well that, just a few "notches down the dial", a trendier channel is showing Season 1 South Park, and boy is that goooood.

Coming up... Tomorrow sees a rather sensitive gathering - our compensation for the failure of the venue to deliver to our satisfaction on the "tea" after my great-aunt's funeral. We'd expected a lot better than we got, courtesy of a change of management...

After that, the next excursion will be the hospital meeting, with a side-order of shopping. Project materials are my main target, but funds are a little lower than I'd like, so my buying options may be somewhat limited - not that I'm going to be pushing the boat out just yet.

Oh, and Avatar is back on the big screen at my local cinema, but there are no weekend matinee showings. Pity - but at least that leaves the weekend open for some serious writing.
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Development News... Not managed to write at all today (so far), as important preparations need to be made for an important meeting at the hospital about my great-aunt's treatment last year. We're far from happy, and we fully intend to make our feelings known, in civilised fashion.

I will, however, be doing some work tonight - a decent "pushlet" will get TDD-605 "She Returns", Chapter 4 "in the bag".

Meanwhile... There could be an opportunity to knock several Mission 101 objectives on the head in one go, courtesy of The Scottish Deer Centre, not far from me. Objectives 75 and 77, I'm talking about you...!

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