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YES! REDSKINS 31 - Eagles 6! The Eagles are pretty much toast, and the 'Skins' season can still have a good finish, especially if we down the Cowboys at Thanksgiving. Even the Giants are still within reach - preferable to rolling the dice in what's clearly going to be a convoluted NFC wild-card race...!

Meanwhile... Trying to watch the US Formula 1 race (in highlights form), but finding it a bit underwhelming - like most of this season. Right now, Vettel looks like he's on course to score the (I think) 15 points he needs to secure a third driver's title - deserved, but it's not particularly inspiring to see the same faces on the podium...

Think I better start paying more attention to this race, cause RIGHT NOW it started getting interesting...
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ITEM! Finally catching up with the new football season, just in time to see my team go 1-2. Just like I caught up with the games deciding who plays in the AFL Grand Final, only to discover that the Magpies lost to the Sydney Swans - shame that doesn't feature on mainstream TV any more.

Huh? I'd heard that the Monday Night Football was getting covered on the BBC, but it's in iPlayer too? *looks* Yup. There it is... pity that iPlayer kinda prevents me doing other substantial net-stuff, or I'd be seriously looking forward to running the replay through the big TV. Might try some light STO...

ITEM! Next week features another milestone, above and beyond my Mission 101 conclusion; that being the final appearance of the Ponds in Doctor Who. The impact is going to have to be significant, as this split-season format is rather limiting the series, and preventing it from developing any interesting story-threads at present. The Dalek one was good, the following episode sneaked in a Silurian connection, which was intriguing, but nothing has really wowed yet. I suspect, however, that Saturday will deliver - last year's mid-season break managed to do that particularly well. In Moff We Trust.

ITEM! My elbow is gradually improving, my ankle is *shrugs* stable, I guess. I hope I'm ready for Patent Saturday.

ITEM! Considering my 2013 travel options. Could I be Monaco Grand Prix bound...?
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The weekend dawns - but urgh, do I feel... "iffy". Not conclusively "ill", but possibly likely to go that way, probably at the worst possible time. There are things to look forward to, however - the British Grand Prix, and Andy Murray in the men's final at Wimbledon... both on at the same time. If Paul di Resta does well at the GP, and Andy wins, it'll be a great day for Scottish sport...!
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In Today's Episode... PIRATES OF FREEPORT continues, and Mane-of-Night gets more "up-close and personal" with her audience, and some of them have more than watching dancers on their minds. Our heroine may have a more complicated job to do than she expected...

Release Notes... I would've had this blog post in "under the wire" if I hadn't wanted to get the story post in on time. Oh yeah, and the stupid spelling checking in Open Office. How do I tell it just to use the UK dictionary?

Elsewhat... I really, really hate this stupid split-season of Formula 1 coverage. Canada is one of those races getting full coverage on what I would NOT call a public channel, and not only did I miss the start of the "highlights" package, I barely saw any of the race. Why can't the satellite channels take the sodding European soccer championships instead? That's going to be wall-to-wall for about a month, on TWO of the "terrestrial" channels. FFS...

And Finally... I may just have lost interest in DC Universe Online. I took on a different, lower-level mission, but here we go again - an "end-mission" than I can't beat. That gets "old" very quickly - especially when you're having to run away to get gear repaired - and PAY for it - after three attempts. Just TOO frustrating.
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Okay, so I missed the start of Homeland in the post-Ultima Online chaos - hooray for "+1" channels...and a repeat start in EIGHT minutes, so I better be quick!

Development News... That's more like it - sort of. Pirates Of Freeport is almost at the end of Chapter 2!

And finally... Congrats to Paul di Resta on grabbing a career-best equalling 6th place at Bahrain!
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And yet again, I trip over the result of today's Grand Prix, courtesy of the damned BBC news feed on my bookmarks bar. Consider that feed consigned to a folder, to make sure that NEVER happens again!

Holiday News... A very good suggestion has been made that will take several stages and a chunk of hassle out of the whole holiday "game-plan". Now, I need to sort out my passport - that's next on the list...

Elsewhat... Another year, another slap in the face for KISS from the "Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame". How long will it take for the blinkers to come off? Does every band that came into being AFTER Kiss have to be inducted before they get a sniff? Deplorable.
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Holy crap... some household reorganisation ACTUALLY GOT DONE. One of those weekend-eating tasks - weekend-eating in that the whole weekend is shaped around providing time for the job, which then never gets done (not MY fault) - is "in the bag", and whilst there is still stuff to sort through, it's not longer constantly on show. I just hope that doesn't mean it gets left and ignored (probably my fault if it happens).

Other than that, a rather uninspiring day - the last Grand Prix of the season failed to engage my attention, although it was nice to see Mark Webber get a win, even if it was only 'cause Vettel had an iffy gearbox. That closes out the last season I fear we lowly terrestrial viewers get to see live - next year, satellite TV gets to show half the races. Grrrr...

Now, let's see if I can get some writing done as the football (Patriots-Eagles) plays on the radio. Good news this week - the Redskins haven't lost this time round... yet.
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Given that I'd spent the last two Saturdays "on myself" - Edinburgh Zoo, then my double-header at "the pictures" last week - I'd been expecting a bit more "housework" would be requiring my attention, but yesterday was quite quiet on that front, and there was only a very small follow-up job today, and that was it. I was going to take the laptop to be looked at on Saturday, but that rather fell through, and will now be a necessary diversion for another afternoon, weather permitting.

So, what else is there? Oh yeah...

Sports News... Whooohooo! Vettel out at the second corner, and Hamilton cruises to the win at Abu Dhabi! A few more slip-ups from the Red Bulls, and maybe we'd have had a more rivetting season.

Oh great - the Redskins flop to a fifth straight loss, this time against the sodding hopeless Dolphins. That's the season entirely knackered now, whichever quarterback we end up with as starter.
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Sent in the comic order. Didn't make that big purchase - it actually worked out a bit more expensive than I'd thought. Oh well, I can spend that on a laptop instead...

Development News... The final part of the current Brighthawk "trilogy" - TDD-704 "title tbc" is moving towards its conclusion, as I find myself "back on the horse" writing-wise. The whole story is going to do a good deal of scene-setting for the post-Pandemonicum/Emperor universe, and NOTHING is going to be as easy as it first appears.

Expect TDD-703 to start posting next weekend!

Mission 101 News... I'm seriously considering taking myself to the Zoo on Saturday to hopefully address several animal-related Tasks - at least I can expect to get some good photos, and do some uninterrupted shopping. I just hope the phone call relating to last weekend's semi-successful outing doesn't come before then... Uh oh - think I may have jinxed things...

Tonight, I've been getting to grips with the one obstacle to my easiest Mission *SCORE* - the long-neglected jeans-to-skirt conversion, associated with Task 52 - Complete some craft projects I've started. I have FIVE days to complete this and get it "under the wire" for October - without annoying interruptions, I can achieve this small victory.

I'll take all the wins I can get. Unlike the 3-3 Redskins.

And finally... A New Jersey F1 race? Sweet.
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Right - now I'm pissed off.

English Indy Cars former champion, and two-time winner of the Indy 500, Dan Wheldon crashes at the final season race in Las Vegas and dies in hospital... is that what it takes to get noticed in this sorry country?

This news was THE SECOND STORY on the morning news. The biggest headlines any motor racing outside of Formula 1 has had since... oh, Nigel Mansell won the title, back in the last century. Oh , and Dario Franchitti won his fourth title as teams and drivers decided to stop the race on hearing the news about Wheldon's death - even less coverage of that. It really doesn't pay to be Scotiish...

This is just SO utterly UNFAIR. And so fucking typical of sports reporting in the UK. You can guarantee that the "news" will be all "huh, American sports can't cut it outside of the US" if next week's Bears/Buccaneers game at "the home of 'real football'" isn't a sell-out.

Rest in peace, Dan - sorry that your home country seemed to care so little when you were alive.
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Sucky Sports News... So, the Redskins drop a must-win against the Eagles, and Vettel streaks away from pole-sitter Lewis Hamilton to win the Korean Grand Prix easily...

Weather News... More sodding rain coming, and rumours of SNOW some time this week. Oh. Joy.

The only brightspots today: apple crumble for pudding (mmmm...), and a rare drop in Ultima Online. So not all bad, then.
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So much for the heated bedroom. The heater we got won't operate safely in such a small space. I get the feeling we'll be looking at swapping the office and bedroom - ANOTHER impediment to anything like a normal, constructive life. I just can't concentrate.

"Captivating Japanese Grand Prix"? Like hell it was. It was pretty much a foregone conclusion, with Vettel just needing to drive sensibly to score the one point he needed to clinch the title, and pretty much no-one else had a chance to even come close to being competitive. Don't think I'll be missing much when the BBC splits the Formula One races next year.
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Destination - Weekend... Right, that seems to be the DVR operational now - haven't tried recording yet, but I do have playback, so that's half the battle.

So, what else is on the list? for a start, I can also cross off some boot-maintenance, as the heels of the boots that are now indoor-only took a little punishment during Mission Task 100. I'm also thinking of posting the first chapter of TDD-701 "A Star Is Rising" tomorrow...

...and there's work to be done on a chunk of wood that'll be a diddley-bow fairly soon...

...a new monitor to order (there's really not enough room for a big boxy one)...

...and a heap of stuff still to sort out from The Move!

I should be thankful there isn't a movie to go and see this weekend, 'cause I really don't know how I'd fit it all in! Argh, and the British Grand Prix...!
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Beginning today - And so, the baton is passed, and a new era dawns brightly...

Release Notes... Another unplanned entry, posted to allow me to archive Season 6 properly - and which includes the very first "title page" for a project Season, enabling me to count Mission Task 49 as officially commenced!
49 - Create "covers" for each complete "season" of each project
Meanwhile... F1 qualifying for Monaco... some more Move-ing today... a seriously portentous Doctor Who (or so I'm thinking - has anyone else seen how this might fit in to the greater scheme of things?) - this weekend could be counted as a quiet one.

Next week's going to be a whole bunch busier - and there's a trip to the movies on the horizon, for X-Men First Class. That's the first of two that "bracket" The Move itself...
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Yay! New Family Guy! (Followed by the "classic" episode (AKA repeat) with James Woods and "Oooh, piece of candy!") Unfortunately, that's about it, apart from another dose of Ultima Online, and an F1 Grand Prix that failed to capture my attention - sorry, but missing the end of the qualifying somehow sucked the excitement out of it. Guess I'm starting to get a buzz for next weekend...

Holy crap - it's a freaking Family Guy vs James Woods marathon...!
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, as we catch up with events inside the mysterious barrier - the crew of Sentinel evaluate their position, and Brighthawk makes a potentially fateful decision - whilst Rhagaan tries to make sense of the "gift" that's heading his way...

Meanwhile... A short and quick Doctor Who review this week - I give "The Curse Of The Black Spot" a 6 out of 10, as the underlying concept has been used before, and to better effect. This episode just seems like marking time before the season arc continues, I'm sad to say - and the overwhelming music, blotting out big chunks of dialogue, didn't help. Must do better!

And so, my catch-up is complete. Oh, except that Saturday's Move-slot didn't achieve a whole lot, 'cause I didn't get much time to get much stuff ready to shift to Site B - the F1 qualifying was still on when we were heading out the door...
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All of a sudden, I rediscovered the fun in Ultima Online - training up a samurai, with a view to creating the monster-slaying juggernaut that is a "sampire" (top-of-the-line samurai with added Necromancy). That's not an excuse for reduced writing output - that's really the result of not really knowing where the new Season is going so far. I so desperately want to avoid the "take a deep breath, then back to intergalactic war" kind of thing, and so the way forward doesn't exactly pave itself. A "plotting weekend" may be required - this weekend might work, as there's a Grand Prix coming up, and most likely some limited Saturday Move-stuff.

Next weekend, of course, is right out, 'cause I'll be out of town, on a "Mission mission" - yup, it'll be time for "Operation Rush Hour". I am still working on TDD-701 "A Star Is Rising", as that's "prologue" of a sort - "cool-down" from REIGNFALL, one might say.

There are other stories to tell, which don't depend on anything being written in the form of "bridging" material, but still I need to thrash out a few ideas. Stay tuned for some interesting developments!

Meanwhile... Just ordered myself something I guess could be called a "complete REIGNFALL on schedule" present, and my loooooong search for "street boots" might just be over...
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Development News... This just in - Chapter 9 of TDD-612 REIGNFALL is DONE. I shall be continuing work shortly - trying to avoid The Malaysian Grand Prix right now...

Meanwhile... I'm trying out some decoration options for Site B, and I'm about to follow up on some items I wasn't able to source yesterday. I wasn't able to get glow-in-the-dark beads, but I have spotted some on EBay.

Oh, and I was overcharged for my buss to the movies yesterday, but when the trailers rolled before Sucker Punch, I forgave that. We got THOR and the somewhat notorious original Green Lantern trailer - but even that looks better on the big screen!
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No writing so far today, except for a bit of post-REIGNFALL idea wrangling. It's Grand Prix day, with the opening race of the season coming from Australia, so a sizeable chunk of the day was spoken for.

And now I'm falling asleep in my chair, so I guess that's Sunday over and done with. There's probably enough time to squeeze in some South Park repeats before bedtime - and I find myself awake enough to dig out writing gear, only to crash out before I actually write anything...

Bah - try me again tomorrow.
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Development News... There we almost have it: TDD-612 REIGNFALL Chapter 5 is almost "in the can" - and would be if I could stay awake...

Meanwhile... You. Have. GOT. To. Be. KIDDING.

Bernie Ecclestone stands by Formula 1 'fake rain' plans

Is Ecclestone that desperate for his dear chum Michael Schumacher to be a contender again that he'll have the track sprayed with water "because wet races are more exciting"? What's next - split F1 into "F1 Smackdown" and "F1 whatever the other 'faction' of WWF is", and stage a "feud"...?

Eccleston = joke. The same goes for "That Glamour Model" who's so upset that Frankie Boyle's telling jokes about her and her "differently-abled" son. You want to protect your boy, "lady", stop being such a goddamn "celebrity" whore.

And finally... Naaaah - not even going to try and rant about the Libya situation.

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