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Ooooohkay, this seems to be up and running now. There are a bunch of broken video links, to various movie trailers, it seems... *checks links to YouTube stuff* yup, those are broken, too.

Right, let's try a newer vid from the Ace of Thorns Channel:-


Good, that looks okay, even if it goes weird in preview. So, that's essential functionality in effect - but there's some stuff that *sighs* won't be coming back. The huge number of links to (some of) my fiction blogs are broken, 'cause those got closed down, probably for lack of activity - anything with "diaryland" in the link is gone from the online sphere...

All is not completely lost, however. I kept back-ups, and I'm thinking maybe an e-book might be the solution. That means a whole heap of conversion from HTML, and subsequent editing. Hm.

If all that works, I might even get round to finishing the stories I was telling when my writing focus finally expired.
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Beginning today - And so, the baton is passed, and a new era dawns brightly...

Release Notes... Another unplanned entry, posted to allow me to archive Season 6 properly - and which includes the very first "title page" for a project Season, enabling me to count Mission Task 49 as officially commenced!
49 - Create "covers" for each complete "season" of each project
Meanwhile... F1 qualifying for Monaco... some more Move-ing today... a seriously portentous Doctor Who (or so I'm thinking - has anyone else seen how this might fit in to the greater scheme of things?) - this weekend could be counted as a quiet one.

Next week's going to be a whole bunch busier - and there's a trip to the movies on the horizon, for X-Men First Class. That's the first of two that "bracket" The Move itself...
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Okay, here goes...

There we go - the official "The Move" header icon, depicting the first thing I hung up in my office-to-be. This cheery face represents a heck of a lot - embracing the key event of The Year Of Change, letting go of the only home I've ever known...

Intense stuff. Moving some stuff in has changed the nature of the whole business, but there's still going to be some difficult moments, and a whole bunch of shipping stuff from one place to another. They say "get one room totally sorted before you do anything else", to give yourself some kind of refuge - well, that's not going to be the office, not by any stretch of the imagination. The bedroom is a better option in that respect...

Meanwhile - on the Mission 101 front... Remember
88 - Create usable stage/screen/cosplay props of three pieces of costume or equipment from my own projects
- well, I'll pushing something special into high gear...

This is going to be fun.

And Finally... Purely by chance, I came across an excellent cover version of Frank Marino's "World Anthem" - the anthem of Dominion!
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I only saw the maker's name when I got these home...

Dominion mints???

Sorry, but official Dominion merchandise would be a whole lot classier. These I bought for the tin (but they're still pretty good).

Development News... Craft research has been getting in the way of thorough writing. I need to rectify that - I could have TWO chapters done by this time tomorrow, if I really try.

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