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Ooooohkay, this seems to be up and running now. There are a bunch of broken video links, to various movie trailers, it seems... *checks links to YouTube stuff* yup, those are broken, too.

Right, let's try a newer vid from the Ace of Thorns Channel:-


Good, that looks okay, even if it goes weird in preview. So, that's essential functionality in effect - but there's some stuff that *sighs* won't be coming back. The huge number of links to (some of) my fiction blogs are broken, 'cause those got closed down, probably for lack of activity - anything with "diaryland" in the link is gone from the online sphere...

All is not completely lost, however. I kept back-ups, and I'm thinking maybe an e-book might be the solution. That means a whole heap of conversion from HTML, and subsequent editing. Hm.

If all that works, I might even get round to finishing the stories I was telling when my writing focus finally expired.
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Yeah, that's the motto for this year: "Must try harder!" - meaning that I have been rather lazy with regards to any projects other than the YouTube channel in the previous twelve months. The "100 chapters in the tenth anniversary year" for Darkhawk/Brighthawk and "family" was a total washout - and that's an understatement. I think I posted THREE chapters in the new blog, and FOUR for Glitterthorn (and WORLDS COLLIDE) in TO BE CONTINUED - that's SEVEN PER CENT of what I had intended...

2014 will be different. WORLDS COLLIDE will be completed this year, WITHOUT FAIL. This is my promise. Expect the latest segment (GHOSTS OF FREEPORT) to be done and posted by the end of the month.
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The final day of the Mission 101 "Gap Year" came and went on Saturday. What was there to report? Not a great deal, in all honesty, as it all just didn't come together. I did make good on my charity penalty obligations after the death of Gerry Anderson, and I nailed my fifth concert when I celebrated Spiritwalk II - but apart from that, nothing really worked out. The whole Mission 101 thing started well, but... *sighs* you know the story already. I have my reasons for failing to make a real "go" in the last year (and now you can make that TWO years) and two-thirds, which I've written about more than once, and going over it again and again won't change anything.

I will, however, be revisiting my old list, with a view to making some of those plans into reality. Some Tasks were started, only to grind to a halt as The Move started to bite, but I can do something about some of that, if I just apply myself...

...and let's not talk about the "+10" Project, okay? My plan to produce 100 story chapters in this year of the 10th anniversary of the first online Darkhawk story really isn't going to reach its goal, given that there are probably half a dozen chapters posted, and we're almost into the final quarter of 2013. I have material that needs type-up, and I may soon have a whole story to post, but I will fall seriously short of my target. And that rather sucks.

I know I can do better. I just have to do, not be distracted.

Meanwhile, a video...

Oh, and this from yesterday Saturday...

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How did it get to be July 2nd already? July 2nd is the anniversary of The Darkhawk Diaries, and this year, that anniversary is the 10th - something of a milestone... and one I intended to celebrate by posting 100 chapters of story this year.

Number of chapters posted in 2013... one.

Or more accurately, make that TWO.

Yup, I managed to write something ALL today, or more correctly this evening. The second and concluding part will come tomorrow.
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Diaryland - host for the Darkhawk and Mane-of-Night story blogs - are plastering adverts over everything.

Update: it looks like THIS...

I am not writing to provide "content" for advertisers, revenue from whom will never reach me. I would have considered "going Gold" to support the service, but not now. Not EVER.

An entire change of plan is now required. I think the Christmas Special may be on hold for now...

Aaaah, fuck you Diaryland. Another dose of hassle at the one time I CANNOT take any more.
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I'm seriously considering taking the early seasons of The Darkhawk Diaries offline, and republishing them in a saleable format. Yeah, that's right - something I can sell. Given the way some people treat the work of others - as something they can just take - I may as well be the monetaristic weasel - "the enemy".

"Anonymatrix" - let's just be honest, and call them what they really are - seem to think of the "copyright wars" as a conflict with two sides; "Them", being the corporations who dare to think they can make people, y'know... *gasp* PAY FOR STUFF; and "Us", the "hacktivists", who're "fighting for a free internet". WRONG. There is a third side - everyone else, who just want to live their lives without hassle, and without the threat of having their finances ruined by a bunch of teenagers with virus-kits on CDs they bought on some auction site. Yeah, the real victims, who suffer while "the big boys" play "War"...

Hello, world - you're "the third side". Get used to it.
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Thought For The Day... Some day soon, I will get organised.

Until then, I'll have to do with creeping onward with whatever project manages to grab my attention - today, it's salvaging hard drives from old computers. I brought two with me from Number 99, and there are three hard drives to recover from them before they can go for scrap. Today, I ordered an enclosure, which I plan to use as Step 1 of this plan.

meanwhile... Damn, is it one month already? Hardly seems like it - but all my immediate needs are met, and I get peace and quiet when I need it. I could even say this place is starting to feel like home...

There. I said it. And y'know what? I actually mean it.

Oh, and there was a Darkhawk anniversary in there somewhere, too. Wow, eight years...
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As promised, some bonus material from

- The "Extras".
Images taken directly from my trusty Notebook of Awesomeness!

Release Notes... This entry was a last minute addition. Seems like a fitting way to wind up Season Six.

Meanwhile... No thanks. I don't want "BBC Alba" on Freeview, if that means losing a bunch of radio channels. The latter are far more likely to be of any interest.

Oh, and there was something of a "whooops" this morning - I flipped the wrong switch on my alarm clock, and it never went off. Still made it to work "on time" - hooray for flexible hours!

It's nearly the weekend, and that means it's time to start marshalling some stuff for relocation. Gonna have to get serious now...
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And finally...

- The Epilogue.
Season Six reaches its conclusion, and those most deeply affected weigh up what lies ahead. Some stories end, others continue - and yet more have barely begun...

Release Notes... And there we have it, boys and girls - The Darkhawk Diaries Season Six - 25 December 2008 to 24 May 2011. Been a loooooong time, and quite a ride.

Now, where do we go from here? Ah yes - Season Seven! Coming this June...

And The Rest... Well, Work Slot 2 is done, and we had the remover round to ascertain the situation... and that was about all for that attempt to push ahead with The Move. Every time we try to forge ahead, it's "let me send you a quote" this, or "someone else needs to see/sign" that. This end of the deal really needs everything done, preferaby without unnecessary delay.

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And at last, we reach the moment...

- some will fall, some will rise. ALL will be changed.

That is all. Tomorrow, the epilogue, and the final conclusion of Darkhawk - Season Six!
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reaches its penultimate chapter
- and as the story says "...the sky is full of gods."

Review: Pirates Of The Carribean - On Stranger Tides... Okay, Blockbuster Season continues, and Jack is back...

Ahoy mateys, these be fine spoilerin' waters! )

The Bottom Line... Enjoyable, but lacking in spectacle. Not exactly sparking the excitement that came in anticipation of "Dead Man's Chest" and "At World's End"... Score: 7/10

Next up... X-Men First Class (June 1st)!
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- and our heroes risk everything.

Development News... And there's a surprise for everyone as Chapter 3 of TDD-701 "A Star Is Rising" draws to a close...

Meanwhile... The Move got a bit more "real" today, with taking of moving vans. Eeeek.
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as our heroes prepare themselves for success or disaster. Friends arrive, bringing hope, whilst others manoeuvre into the positions intended for them - and The Emperor is waiting.

Development News... It's been a busy day, writing-wise, as I complete Chapter 2 of TDD-701 "A Star Is Rising", and break ground on Chapter 3, with the help of some characters from way back. Some intriguing plot-strands are taking shape!

And what about the actual WORK...? All is going fine - and is so much more enjoyable than January. That sh8y weather really did a number on things...

Thoughts on SPIRITWALK... An event requiring Mission 101-based attention is fast approaching - I'm meaning
65 - Celebrate each and every Spiritwalk (May 22) and Patent Saturday (December 1) like they really mean something (which they do!) (1/3, 1/2)
and I have NOTHING in mind that I can feasibly put into effect in time. Again, The Move bites into my plans - or so the excuse goes...

SPIRITWALK 2011 will be the last of these personal events to take place as what is so far my only home, and I'm thinking of just taking things easy, possibly with a modest present that I will have to order VERY soon. It might be an idea to complete a few Mission Tasks, too...
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Okay, I'm back! First of all, the important stuff...

continues - a meeting of minds seems to be the only way to put The Traveller's plan into effect, while inside the Reignforge, Brighthawk and Lord Fh'ane have plans of their own...

Development News... I managed to get some writing done on the "there-and-back", which further defines the post-REIGNFALL "state of play". It'll be very interesting to see how that develops - and that's what "Work Slot 2" will hopefully allow me to work on. Starting tomorrow...

Now, How Was Saturday...? Well, Mission Task 90 is now three fifths completed
90 - Go to at least five concerts (3/5)
- Kiss - Glasgow SECC - 9th May 2010
- Seasick Steve - Perth Concert Hall - 1st August 2010
- Rush - Glasgow SECC - 14 May 2011
and bloody good it was too. A full report will follow tomorrow - I'm still recovering, and I've got photos to sort through. Gimme a break, willya?

Oh, and I just watched Doctor Who - Season 6, Episode 3 - The Doctor's Wife. Best episode this season as far as emotion and background "colour" is concerned! 8.5/10. More in-depth later...
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Okay, it's story post time, as

continues - The Traveller and his companions prepare for their part in the plan to liberate Mystalorn... Brighthawk makes some new friends... and there are some welcome new arrivals on Darkhawk's side of The Emperor's barrier!

Development News... Slow progress again, but a section of Chapter 2 is done. I do have something a little more urgent on my mind right now, namely Operation Rush Hour, and I still have stuff to pack...

Talking of which... According to the latest set-list for the current tour, there are still *gasp* a few songs I'm not familiar with... and once again, that lack of availability for Amazon MP3 download gift cards rears its ugly head. If I have time before the show (and I certainly expect to), I may just check every possible outlet for said cards, and grab a decent-sized one at the first opportunity. I enjoy being able to get music (almost) instantly, and without the hassle of checking out!

However, the balance on my existing card just got almost halved as I tracked down a song from my "Must Track This Down" list - a cracking version of Thin Lizzy's classic "Emerald" by folk-metal band Skyclad...

Meanwhile... Yay - Grandmaster Bushido for Thrax, and all done last night, despite the thankfully brief UO server down-time. That's one landmark of several attained!

Okay, time for more Mission prep. Be posting later to keep the streak alive while I'm out of town!
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And so, we reach the midway point of

- Rhagaan grasps what may just be Mystalorn's last hope... the universe starts to realise what's happening... the crew of Sentinel Station consider drastic measures - and Darkhawk makes contact...!

Development News... "Slow but steady" is the order of the day, at present - I am writing, but only at a fraction of the pace of REIGNFALL. I'm not going to get stressed about that state of affairs, as that story did take eight years to come to fruition.

I will be having some "down-time" (computer-free time) at the end of the week, when I'm travelling to and from Glasgow, and back at the hotel after the show, which I'm hoping to use to thrash out "What Comes Next". Ideally, a whole week like that would be better, but that's not on the cards right now - soon, but not just this minute....

And Finally... Make this damn movie - and make it ROCK.

Dinosaurs. Versus. Aliens. What's not to like?

Oh yeah - the use of "Dominion" in the title...
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Move News... Well, that's another "stop and drop" carried out, as things step up a gear. There are still concerns about total storage space at Site B, but with some juggling, it may just work out - expect some photo-essays on the "recompression" effort as things get crazy(-er)!

Heh heh - Moving Pictures. How oddly appropriate.

Talking of which... The ear-wax thing is a work in progress, which I am very much hoping will be dealt with by, at the latest, Friday night. I seem to have a bit of a history with medical problems almost "the night before" big events - a dose of the "squirties" before my first pre-Christmas London trip, a problem I can't properly recall before a festival, a dodgy knee on the eve of the last time I saw Rush...

And then there's... the next REIGNFALL chapter. Don't panic, dear reader - that gets its own post.

Keeping me out of trouble... some more Ultima Online as Thrax continues the push to Grandmastering Bushido. 98.5 and counting - thinking the Ogre Lords in Despise Dungeon will be quaking in their loin-cloths for at least one night more. 1.5 worth of skill gains is achieveable...

Also, I'm thinking of pushing ahead with my "craft project to finish", and there's the matter of a "wish list" for what needs upgraded/replaced from a Move perspective. Mmmmm - big(ish) TV... aaaaah.
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Okay, now I'm pissed. The ear-drops I've been using received reporachful looks and shakes of the head when I went to make an appointment to get the wax professionally dislodged. These were, oddly enough, drops given to me on prescription last time I needed this done - and the drops that made an existing problem a great deal worse at the weekend...

My appointment is almost a whole week after Operation Rush Hour, so it simply won't help. I have resorted to The Market Leading Product for the problem, and already, it's making a difference. Hopefully, the treatement cycle will see me back to normal before Saturday.

Development News... Progress is rather "stop 'n' go" on TDD-701 "A Star Is Rising", and that shouldn't be much of a surprise, giving that I'm "auditioning" several new characters who're coming to the fore as "the new order" starts to settle into place, over the "trilogy" of TDD-700 "After The Fall", TDD-701 and TDD-702 title tbc - or at least that's the plan I just came up with...

And Then... Holy crap! Last night, we got our first Green Lantern TV trailer! Guess Warner Bros don't want to rest on their Happy Potter final chapter laurels after all...
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No, I didn't forget...

, as The Emperor grants one of our heroes an audience, Darkhawk makes an unexpected discovery, and the plan to liberate Mystalorn advances as The Traveller makes a deal...

Meanwhile... Agh, no - thunderstorms on Saturday??? Please, don't...
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, as we catch up with events inside the mysterious barrier - the crew of Sentinel evaluate their position, and Brighthawk makes a potentially fateful decision - whilst Rhagaan tries to make sense of the "gift" that's heading his way...

Meanwhile... A short and quick Doctor Who review this week - I give "The Curse Of The Black Spot" a 6 out of 10, as the underlying concept has been used before, and to better effect. This episode just seems like marking time before the season arc continues, I'm sad to say - and the overwhelming music, blotting out big chunks of dialogue, didn't help. Must do better!

And so, my catch-up is complete. Oh, except that Saturday's Move-slot didn't achieve a whole lot, 'cause I didn't get much time to get much stuff ready to shift to Site B - the F1 qualifying was still on when we were heading out the door...

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