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No... sorry... I can't do it. Today's news broadcasts deliver good news for a change, but the real headline has to be...


- and Blockbuster Season 2014 gets its first salvo in early.

In other news... Following on from last night...

The Grangemouth petrochemical plant is staying open, after workers and unions came to an agreement with management - an agreement that jobs, and the welfare of the workers, are more important than trying to score cheap political points...

Meanwhile... Errrr, I can't remember what else I was going to write tonight. It'll come to me eventually, I suspect. In any case, it'll give me material for tomorrow...

...oh yeah - Sunday sees game 2 of the two NFL fixtures in London this year; 49ers "at" Jaguars. Maybe not as compelling a game as the first, Vikings/Steelers game, but hey, it's LIVE FOOTBALL.

Also, we get THREE games next year. Pity no Redskins.
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There's been quite a substantial industrial dispute in Scotland this past week or so, and it could all be coming to a head. It looks, however, as though someone found some common sense, and decided that their job, and the jobs of the colleagues, were way more important than trying to "stick it to The Man" - their bosses, and the government - when the company, apparently trying hard to keep the plant open, announced the facility was to shut down for good.

Given how screwed up the economy STILL is, everyone should be thankful for what they've got.

meanwhile... Holy crap, only one week to go to THOR - The Dark World... but will my local cinema manage to show it on Opening Day? The cinema that gets the majority of my film-going business has been disturbingly "art-house" of late, although they report on Twitter that both T-TDW and potential double-scoop of awesome Gravity, TILL be showing...

C'mon, people - Blockbuster Season 2014 may be seven months away, but it's showing signs of being just as intense as the last few years...

And finally... I just finished reading Wicked, one of the first books I bought in my attempt to fulfill a Mission 101 Task, what almost seems like a lifetime ago. A very interesting fresh, if dark, take on the "merry ol' land of Oz" - and there are, it seems, three more books in the same vein. Wonder what the musical is like, beyond snatches that once featured in Ugly Betty...
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A few things have come to my attention over the last week, but I never got round to commenting on them. So, here goes...

ITEM! The death of a child is a horrible thing, and the murder of a child perhaps the greatest crime there is, that an individual can commit. Society wants to do something to at least try and prevent such things from happening in the future - but pressuring the number one search company in the world to "block the pr0n"...? Oh please.

Did such crimes suddenly spring into existence with the advent of the 'net? NO.

Will this kind of action stop those who are hungry for child-abuse material from finding it? NO.

Go after the monsters who MAKE this material, and those who make a business out of distributing it. Anything else is like finding a dead car-crash victim in the middle of the road, and expecting them to return from the dead when you put a plaster on a graze on their elbow.

ITEM! And to make matters worse, web-wise, there is a move to bring in the previously scrapped "snoopers' charter" on the grounds that it "might stop another Woolwich (the murder of a serving soldier, not long after he left the barracks there, by two religious extremists)". Care to go and use that man's grave as a toilet while you're at it? 'Cause you're already pissing away the freedoms he fought - and DIED - for.

And whilst you're tearing down everyone's rights to privacy, please tell me who's going to pay for all this technology, and storage media? The general public, the vast majority of whom are law-abiding - and they'll pay twice, as the Government puts taxpayers' money into this, and the ISPs charge more to cover their side of it all.

The police already have all the powers they need to deal with "fundamentalist terrorism" - they go to a judge, present their case for a surveillance effort, and they can dig for whatever they need. And don't give me that "Nothing to fear if you've nothing to hide" crap...

ITEM! ...or worse still, maybe you'll leave it all in the *cough, splutter* capable hands of your buddies, Anonymous. Yeah, the "hacktivists" who "outed" a bunch of people as members of a particular right-wing "political party" - and just who will they pass judgement on next? Will they ever apologise if they get it wrong...?

And will those who think these masked clowns are so great be so supportive when they discover they're not on Anonymous's list of prefered users for THEIR hacker-paradise internet?
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Just thinking that any attempts to disrupt Maggie Thatcher's funeral this time next week would not go down so well. If anything, it would show that the "socialists" have no respect for the dead, and their families. Go on and have a street-party, losers, but go no further, 'cause I'm sure some police officers will have very clear instructions on dealing with perceived terrorist threats...

Just sayin'.

Meanwhile... Oh holy crap - on Friday we will be just TWO WEEKS from IRON MAN 3!
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The teams are being introduced as I write (right now Cameroon and Canada), and the whole opening ceremony for the Olympics has been a pretty impressive show, avoiding the predictable and providing some memorable scenes - a countryside replaced by industry to produce a fifth red-hot Olympic ring in particular. I'm hoping all the nay-sayers have been shut up by now - if they haven't, we will surely hear from them again when the slightest slip-up occurs.

Hey, even the rain took a break.

In a related issue, I had the best laugh in a looooong time as I discovered the latest Twitter hashtag - #AmericanBorat. Quote:

"Mitt Romney isn't even qualified to represent the US as a tourist"...
Aaaaw. Poor Mittens...
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ITEM! "Japanese "Avengers" Trailer Showcases Hawkeye, Helicarrier"

Okay, they can call the movie "Fuzzy Bunny-Boo-Boo and The Search For The Singing Cupcake" for all I care. It rocks TOO DAMN MUCH to get pissed off over a title change.

ITEM! Why the hell is John Carter getting such a hard time? Yes, the trailer campaign wasn't exactly stellar, and YES, the movie may have cost $250 million to make, but all the nay-sayers seem to have in their arsenal is crap about copying Avatar and Star Wars. As far as I'm concerned, this film can count me as an unreserved supporter - roll on "Gods of Mars"!

ITEM! Oh, so the "Archbishop of Canterbury" is quitting, is he? What, is he disappointed that the public no longer worship the ground he, and others like him, walk on? Guess he must be getting out while the getting's good - the top candidate to replace him doesn't exactly sound thrilled by the idea of taking over!

ITEM! And finally... You could laugh so much, you'd SHIT - thousands have fallen for the "Anonymous operating system", which is apparently packed with malware. I feel my sides splitting...
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In Today's Episode... and Brave New World concludes as Mane-of-Night faces her "try-out", and gets Witchraven's opinion on her abilities - and for her efforts, Mane-of-Night learns that there's far much more to this "Brave New World" than she ever imagined.

Release Notes... And so, "Episode 1" reaches its end. Stay tuned for the next step on the road to WORLDS COLLIDE - the "clock" is ticking...

Meanwhile... I really struggle to achieve any degree of enthusiasm for anything on the news these days. There are, however, several issues that "grind my gears". Here's some "rant-bursts" on...

"Dole slavery": Oh, so all of a sudden, the unemployed aren't "lazy, feckless scroungers"? They're the latest victims of "teh ebil Torys", and somehow worthy of support, just to flip the bird to the Government?

The seething fury about bankers' bonuses: Okay, let's just scrap ALL businesses, and run them as ethical collectives with rotating "chair-persons" - then kiss what's left of the economy GOODBYE.

Aborting babies for being the wrong gender: Anyone who demands this is a murderer. Anyone who carries out such an abortion is a murderer. Plain and simple.

Syria: Pick a recent conflict. Watch the seething rage as the UK gets involved. Now see Syria. We're staying out of it... and watch the seething rage again. Why don't the hippy peaceniks go there and use their "passive resistance"? I'll tell you - they won't because holding hands and singing "All You Need Is Love" won't stop a fucking tank.

And I'm done.
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In Today's Episode... and Brave New World continues, as Mane-of-Night gets used to Freeport, and some of its... "myths" while she gets ready to show The Phantasia what she can do...

"Grrrr..." - why? 'Cause I've been trying to do someone a favour since after dinner, and it's been nothing but a pain in the arse. I have subsequently given up on the whole thing - and my attempt to watch some more of The Prisoner. I'm not in the best mood right now, so please excuse me while I go and try to relax.

UPDATE! Better now. Favour dealt with. Sean "I know fuck all about the Falklands" Penn is officially a dick. The new series of Being Human has started off strongly - and yeah, two weeks delayed. Oh, and poor fucking Rangers. Huh.
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The news can be pretty damned tedious these days, with the micro-analysis of every twist and turn in the economic woes of the world, and in particular Europe. Today, a dash of pee in the already sour yoghurt, as the UK become the European "supreme bastard" for messing up their treaty changes - but it really does seem as though someone (*cough* Merkozy *cough*) was spoiling for a fight with Britain, and got exactly what they wanted, even though they could have got their face-saving Euro-package through without it. Right now, David Cameron must know what it's like to be targeted by The Westboro Baptist Church (the "GOD HATES (insert anything here)" bunch).

In an ideal world - please take note: IDEAL - a single world-wide currency wouldn't just be desirable, it would be essential. We are not living in that world - just look at Syria. Egypt, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan (the list goes on and on), and see the current economic state of things. This is the acid test the Euro has so far avoided, but its time of testing has come, and the single currency has been found wanting. Kicking Britain out of the EU won't change that.

If this new treaty/agreement/whatever the hell it is doesn't affect Britain, only the "Euro-Zone" countries (according to one German MEP), then why does Britain have to sign up for it...?

And all of a sudden, the Euro-crisis gets interesting. Who will be proved right in the end? Will any of this matter? Stay tuned, True Believers!

(I just hope Stan Lee hasn't copyrighted that...)

And finally... How's this for wind-power...?
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I'm really pleased to see that Londoners have come forward to start to reclaim their streets as "Riotwombles". In almost the same breath, I'm deeply saddened by the pathetic excuses, the apologists crying "unemployment", "lack of social mobility", "the widening gap between rich and poor", and "the police don't care 'cos we is black"...

These are not "protests". This is lawlessness; theft, vandalism and violence, just because there's a good chance they'll get away with a nice big TV, a Blackberry (for organising more crimes), or like one dick posing for the camera, a brace of Macbooks. It's smash and grab, not social justice. Stop painting it as anything other than WHAT IT IS. I suppose the next excuse will be that it's because "the police cancelled the footy" - an England match with Holland later in the week has been cancelled...

And now, right now, Manchester is getting a dose of this...

What do we do about this? Allow the police to do their damn jobs, for a start - and provide ARMY escorts for all ambulances and fire engines, with instructions to open fire if the crews are in any way threatened. "Too extreme?" Tough.

And what the FUCK are "the poor" doing with Blackberries anyway...?
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Thursday: BBC NEWS: Man dead and police officer hurt in Tottenham shooting.

Today: BBC NEWS: London riots: Dozens injured after Tottenham violence.

If the police do anything in situations like this, they're denounced as being "heavy-handed". If they show restraint, that means they "don't support this community" or "just want to stand back and watch the community burn". They simply cannot win.

Almost makes you wish we have Judge Dredd-style Judges patrolling our streets. That, or The Comedian from Watchmen (saw a big chunk of that last night - and surprised myself by actually enjoying it!).

Why didn't the locals stand up to the influx of thugs and looters? Why didn't they link arms and form living barriers to protect their local businesses? Of course people are entitled to demand answers for deaths in their community, and they're even entitled to protest, but with every protest comes the thug element, dedicated to kicking up a sh8t-storm, stealing what they can and burning what they can.

They're the ones who walk away with their pockets full. They're the ones who really don't care about Tottenham.

And as for the rest of the public... well, we're finding it very hard to give a damn. especially when a BBC News interview on the streets of Tottenham has the unwelcome contribution from a young female who is far more interested in mucking around and getting seen on "telly" by her "mates". I'll get branded racist whatever I say (I'm automatically assumed to be just that, "because I is white"), so why not close with this: Did someone steal that phone for you from one of the shops that got burned out last night...?

*rolls saving throw vs no longer giving a crap...*
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, as Darkhawk and The Unified Response try to overcome The Emperor's impossible barrier - and the past offers an intriguing potential solution. Meanwhile, Mystalorn struggles to come to terms with what they've lost - and what they're going to do in response...

Meanwhile... Oh, holy crap - there's another Green Lantern trailer, and they're not holding back. Kilowog speaks, we get our first glimpse of the Guardians of The Universe, the symbol of The Yellow Light appears prominently - at this rate, we may just have seen everything before the movie actually gets released!

Oh, and there are character-related mini-trailers for X-Men First Class, which is increasingly looking like a bunch of fun. Gonna be such a busy summer!

Now, was there something else...? A semi-imminent Episode 3 for Doctor Who, Season Six? Incoming "self-pressies"? Oh wait - there was some kind of election today...

The big news about that is that we're not just voting for a new Scottish "parliament", we're voting on switching to a different system of voting in UK-wide elections. The proposed system would do more harm than good, I'd long ago decided - what we need is "first past the post" as we presently have, but with compulsory voting and a "none of the above" option. A damn sight more simple, and far fairer, than the "alternative" on offer, with which an unpopular incumbent can cling to power by cannibalising votes from extremist parties...
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"My, President Obama, what an unexpected present..."

US forces kill Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan

I'm sure people will be outraged about his burial at sea, but it'll be really hard for wannabe terrorists to make a pilgrimage to the bottom of the sea, and what would people rather see? His body turned into a public pinata in Times Square...?

The conspiracy freaks are causing the internet to explode right now, with their wacky ideas. Yes, we do need to see evidence that they got him, and I'm sure that'll be forthcoming, if Obama has any sense, and so far, he's certainly shown he has plenty of that. Oh, and he made good on an election pledge - any chance I can vote for him on Thursday?

Meanwhile, on birthday... day... Not "pushing the boat out", but I am getting a VIP seat for THOR tonight. Yup, I'm going to see a movie on the big screen twice for the first time since X-Men, and I only did that 'cause I missed the very start on the first viewing.

Development News... I'm not currently doing any serious work on anything, but I am doing some pre-writing development, sketching out some of the faces and events that will shape things to come - and I may just have the perfect "new recruit". It's time for Dominion to stand on her own two feet...
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Development News... It's the final lap for TDD-701: After The Fall as some essential ground is broken on Chapter 5. A key piece of story is underway - one of those that has been quite literally years in the making - and it could all be done in time for "That Wedding". Not that that's a target I'm specifically aiming for, mind.

In the meantime, I'm putting the final touches to a number of extra sequences, extended pieces of what was going to be the original conclusion to REIGNFALL. Look lively, people - the omens keep on comin'...

Now Here's A Laugh... The new aircraft carriers - cost £5 billion - are now going to cost an extra £2 billion. Why's that? Well, the Ministry of Defence have gone for the cheaper aircraft option - regular take-off capability instead of VTOL - and the carrier design needs to be altered to accommodate them - but does that just swallow up the savings?

Meanwhile... I made good on my officially completed Mission Task 67 - Start a new personal tradition, and launched another year's anxieties hurtling into the sea. Felt good!

Tomorrow... Wedding? What wedding? Oh riiiiight, that one - the one that's earning me a day off, and a nice lie-in. Good luck to the happy couple, though.
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There. Don't anyone say I'm not engaging in serious pre-Move activities...

The wooden rectangle is the 10x8" wooden frame to go on the back of my painting. That's five pairs of boots on their way to Site B - the rest (the "active wardrobe") will go in the trunk I got for Patent Saturday, as the final shipment to leave Site A...

Maybe report on how things go when I get back. I hope the rest of the prospective Site B personnel will show a bit more enthusiasm now.

And finally - Political News Fuck this "alternative vote". Get EVERYONE to vote, not just the 40% that turned out at the last election. Make it mandatory, and watch the current system work. Update Oh, and include a "none of the above" option on the ballot paper.
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I was going to post this yesterday, but events rather diverged from their planned course. Anyway, here goes...

Here's a laugh... Wales assembly debates tighter sun bed laws. People are still freaking out about Fukushima, a genuine disaster that's still a LONG way from being resolved, yet more people will die of cancer caused by sun beds and "a bit of holiday sun" in this country alone in about a week than are ever likely to die from radiation exposure in Japan because of the recent earthquake and tsunami. Fourteen reactors shut down safely and properly when the earthquake hit, but the Fukushima reactors had to face the tsunami as well - a seven metre wall of water, with only a five metre sea-wall standing in its way.

Staying out of the sun is a heck of a lot easier than avoiding an on-coming tsunami...

And another... I can't wait to hear people crying out "human rights violation" when the next protest march comes along, and people are FORCED to show their faces. At the weekend, there was an entirely peaceful, and legal march against the upcoming cuts, but some bunch of commies/anarchists/losers decided to use it as a stepping stone for a rampage off the designated march route, smashing up shops and banks as "direct action against tax evasion", or what most people would call "out and out jealousy". These "activists" KNOW they're breaking the law - why would they hide their faces if that wasn't the case? - and it's time they faced the full force of the law. They should be grateful they're not living in Libya or Bahrain, where protesting gets you shot by the government...

Development News... I may be missing out on early-morning writing sessions, but that isn't slowing things down much. TDD-612 REIGNFALL Chapter 7 is now on the "completed" list, and I almost have an important insert ready for earlier in the story, which I'll complete and deploy later today.

I'm considering posting TDD-611 on the first Saturday of April, so that the way is clear for REIGNFALL when TDD-611 is done. I could arrange things so that the two stories run one after the other, and meet the promised REIGNFALL launch date. I can do that if TDD-611 starts on 21st April...

In Today's Suckage News... Meh. No Sucker Punch this week coming at the local cinema. Disappointed.
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This Just In... The Move could be a BIG step closer by this time tomorrow...

In the meantime, there's some Development News... as TDD-612 REIGNFALL Chapter 6 gets some solid progress typed up from this morning. Really heading into "nearing the end" territory, now.

Things To Make You Go "Hmmm"... Japan is worrying about radioactive contamination of water and food supplies - but for YEARS, they have been hunting dolphins and porpoises for food, lying to the public when they label it "whale meat", and that meat, because of Japanese industrial pollution, contains very dangerous levels of mercury. Crazy, yeah - but nothing can be allowed to get in the way of tradition, and according to Japanese science, the same science used to justify their blatant whale-hunting scientific expeditions, if we don't kill the whales, they'll eat all the fish.

Gotta call "bullsh8" on that last one. If that's the case, why didn't the fish get wiped out before humanity stuck their harpoons in...?

And finally... Okay, let's try that again, shall we...?
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Development News... And there it is - TDD-612 REIGNFALL Chapter 5 is DONE. Chapter 6 is also underway, albeit in a "several paragraphs" fashion - but still, that's another step down the path to this season's conclusion...

...and that's about it for today. The Budget wasn't at all painful for this workin' man, and last night, the latest comic order went in with a little pruning - it's bad enough having titles at $3.99, but when there are TWO issues a month, that becomes an expenditure too far.

Thrilling, I know. In the mean time, ponder this: why has the Japan reactor crisis STOPPED being news...?
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Development News... There we almost have it: TDD-612 REIGNFALL Chapter 5 is almost "in the can" - and would be if I could stay awake...

Meanwhile... You. Have. GOT. To. Be. KIDDING.

Bernie Ecclestone stands by Formula 1 'fake rain' plans

Is Ecclestone that desperate for his dear chum Michael Schumacher to be a contender again that he'll have the track sprayed with water "because wet races are more exciting"? What's next - split F1 into "F1 Smackdown" and "F1 whatever the other 'faction' of WWF is", and stage a "feud"...?

Eccleston = joke. The same goes for "That Glamour Model" who's so upset that Frankie Boyle's telling jokes about her and her "differently-abled" son. You want to protect your boy, "lady", stop being such a goddamn "celebrity" whore.

And finally... Naaaah - not even going to try and rant about the Libya situation.
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Development News... A quiet session today, with Ultima Online interludes like yesterday, but TDD-612 REIGNFALL, Chapter 3 is now under way, and the plot "thickens", as various elements begin to slot into place. So far, things are developing as planned, with just one diversion from the "plot-stream" which ups the drama a bit, and I am satisfied with how it's all going. I just have to remember to make sure that The Darkhawk Diaries actually feature Darkhawk more than in recent "Movements"...

Meanwhile... Okay, so Outcasts reaches the end of its final first season, and the question is "will this show finally live up to its potential?" There have been glimpses of something greater, and a good dose of foreshadowing, but how much of that will pay off in the end?

In The News... The Japanese situation isn't getting any better. Towns have been quite literally wiped out, with thousands missing, but the big scare now is the nuclear issue, as three power stations on the affected coast are now showing signs of difficulty - but communications are so badly hit, there are facts, suppositions and downright fabrications, all jockeying for position and credibility. Oh, and experts contradicting each other every ten minutes...

It's going to be months before we get any sense out of this, and the power-cuts will probably kill more than any radiation that might escape.

And finally... Oh look *feigns excitement* - The Event continues tomorrow night, after a three month break. So, what was that about again...?

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