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Yours Truly is well stuffed, Capaldi is The Doctor, my IMAX cinema-going is paid for for about the next two years or so (thanks family), a Minecraft glitch appears to be a transitory thing...

...Oooooh, unexpected Stargate! The TV movie that ties up the loose ends left when SG-1 ended - now this requires my full(-ish) attention...

Catch you tomorrow, people-folks. It seems that I have a full evening ahead - this, then Troll Hunter. Should be fun.
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Nope, not dead, or anything. Just me trying to slide into Christmas...

Anyway, it's the weekend, so it's time for videos: First, more Stargazer Minecraft:-

...and then, I came up with something festive, and BRAND NEW!

Tomorrow, the last-minute shopping. If I get that in before lunch, all will be well.
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I've been staying quiet in case I jinx things (or at least that's the excuse), 'cause this set of exams has gone pretty well, compared to the last two times, and particularly the same slot last year. I have been writing, typing up some notes and bringing Ghosts of Freeport a good deal closer to completion - it could be done and ready to post for Christmas, but no promises!

Tomorrow is the last day, and Friday may just be my last working day of the year, as I need to keep Christmas Eve (Tuesday) open for family, and why spoil a (hopefully) perfectly good weekend by going in on Monday? Oh, and somewhere along the line I have to fit in Desolation Of Smaug.

One downer... I'm getting a draught from the supposedly energy-saving double glazing, ferfaxache...
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Did I ever mention my possible alternate title for Gravity...?

*deep breath* ...Kerbal Space Program: The Movie. Haven't actually played that in a few months, after getting pissed off about a continual (hopefully a) bug - wonder if they fixed it?

*gasp* I now have a Christmas list...!

Also... Ooooohkay, so that's Stargazer Season Two done. In about a week. I just came to the perfect moment for a transition to a whole new setting and theme, so *BAM* down go the shutters on Season Two, and Hello Season THREE.

Gonna be fun.
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A big day for incoming post - that's a big bit of Christmas shopping done... and I am now in possession of a pretty sweeeet new pair of boots, in prefect timing for Patent Saturday. Excellent!

Yeah, it's been another thin week on the blogging front, but The Stargazer Project - Season 2: The Edge Of Chaos has been getting, and holding, the majority of my attention. It doesn't help that the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special is TOMORROW, and that next week - and the week following - will be dominated by "PatSat"...

Excellent viewing last night: An Adventure In Space And Time, dramatising the origins of the phenomenon that has been - and, I am certain, continue to be - Doctor Who.

What's that? A Gravity review? Oh crap, I have rather dropped that ball...

...ok, a quick one: A good reality-based space disaster movie, that makes the silence of space a character in its own right. Somehow, I was expecting MORE, such as 3D that would genuinely dazzle, but that was not to be. Movie Of The Year? Naaah - a solid 8/10, but all-out space opera (Star Trek Into Darkness!) wins out in that respect.

Look for the tie-in short movie that's going around, which provides an insight into the other end of a conversation in the main movie. It's very effective.

There. Not my best, but it's that or nothing!
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ITEM! So, I finally got that Christmas shopping done, a day later than planned - not that much of a hardship, in all honesty.

ITEM! An issue of concern about one of my net domains has cleared itself up - adding still further to my next credit card bill, which was going to be bigger than normal anyway.

ITEM! I had been thinking of going to Wales to visit The Doctor Who Experience on or before the show's 50th anniversary, but like a bunch of other stuff this year, it simply didn't... materialise. Instead, however, I will be going to the cinema showing of the 50th Anniversary TV special!

All in all, not an entirely unproductive day.
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Sunday comes along, and so does the uploading slot for another Minecraft video...

In the meantime, Season 2 is getting pretty wild. All kinds of crazy crap ensues almost every recording session - and without ANY pre-construction. I haven't built any landmarks, or story-related structures - there just aren't any! Aaaah, the delights of free-form chaos...

Okay - now that's done, it's time for some *gulp* Christmas shopping...

...if the damn site will L O A D before the big day.

Update... So much for my good intentions. The website in question flatly refused to respond, and may just have cost themselves a considerable sale.
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Lonely This Christmas begins, and we pay a visit to Earth, and a hero on self-imposed hiatus. Tony Fulcher is trying to live the life of an ordinary American school student, but his other life still stops by for a visit...

Release Notes... There. On time. And posted to the NEW story-blog at It will take some time to get things properly set up, and its not exactly the best time for the year for such an upheaval, but there you go. I would have been able to avoid this had I continued with Wreck Of The Nemesis as "Christmas Special", but this story just cried out to be told.

Now, if you'll excuse me, there's last-minute wrapping to do, and a festive mood to get into. I get the feeling Chapter 2 of Lonely... will be a "live production", typed up as I digest over tomorrow evening - after Doctor Who.

Have a good night, Dear Reader, and a good tomorrow, whatever it brings you, and whether you celebrate it or not.


Dec. 20th, 2012 11:56 pm
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My work-load is officially CLEAR for the rest of the year, Yay!
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There it is. Not much else to report, beyond seasonal shopping and gift wrapping - but now I'm too cold to do anything more...

Work matters are all sorted.
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And About Time Too... Okay, that's most of Christmas ordered. A small mountain of books and DVDs should arrive by the end of next week...

Oh yeah, about next week... The changes in the exam schedules mean I'm buggered if I can find a sensible time to go and see The Hobbit. There are opportunities after the exams are over, but I would still like to see the movie as soon as possible after it opens - one plus is that I've read the book, so there aren't a whole lot of spoilers to tip-toe around.

Meanwhile... Bloody hell, is the heating getting the better of me...
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In Today's Episode: Tales of Shadow City: Seeing Nowhere Through The Eyes Of A Lie continues, as the exploration of The Spire gets to the "heart" of the matter, and Talona's new pet gets inquisitive...

Release Notes... A little behind schedule, I know, but there it is - the penultimate chapter of this Tale of Shadow City.

Now, to finish the damn thing...
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Not been a brilliant day. Not even a decent day, actually - but I'm going to try and look on the positive side...

Christmas approaches with every passing day (well duh), and I am actually further along with present acquisition than I thought. I think it's going to be a mainly online shopping experience, given that the exams are in December, not January this time around...

...ah crap, so much for the bright side...

That should be a good thing - starting the year with a dose of exams isn't exactly my idea of a good thing. Unfortunately, I'm stationed at the worst, and busiest venue of all this time, and that's going to eat into various avenues of activity. And I still have some nose-leaking disease. And the cleaning staff at work have decided to start cleaning the toilets at the exact time I arrive...

Enough. I need to get a grip on stuff, and try and get some things done. Sending in the latest comic order would be a start.

In the morning...
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Yup. Late. So let's not delay...

ITEM! With some more behind-the-scenes material emerging for THOR - The Dark World - and here's even more - next pre-Christmas is going to be pretty awesome!

ITEM! Talking about Christmas - and this Christmas this time - I think I can confidently say that this year's Doctor Who Special will kick the ass of last year's not entirely stellar offering. It actually looks like FUN.

ITEM! This time next week, CSI Miami will be history. Unfortunately, this final season really hasn't shone as you might have thought it would.

ITEM! And Star Trek Online still has me as an active player, thanks to a great fleet. I will not be such an asshole again.
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In Today's Episode... The Last Ride of House Glitterthorn begins, and the team reassembles, perhaps for the last time. Some business remains unresolved, and the legacy of Overlord Glitterthorn cannot be laid to rest until one lost little bird is brought home...

Release Notes... This story is now OFFICIALLY posting on a 25-12/31-12/01-01 schedule, posting at The Secret Adventures of Mane-of-Night.

Elsewhat... The day is winding down, and all has been going just fine. I'm about to power down,and sit back to watch the rest of Armageddon. Chapter 2 of the Christmas Special will be a major focus of attention tomorrow, situation allowing - and I may just squeeze in a Doctor Who review (what, no teasers?)...

And to all, a good night...
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Final Posting Plan... The Last Ride Of House Glitterthorn will be posting on Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. There hasn't been a chance to write since lunch yesterday, and hopefully I can use this revised schedule to get the necessary work done. Chapter 2 could be done in time to allow a Christmas Eve Chapter 1 posting, followed by Chapter 2 tomorrow, but Chapter 3 would never be ready for its originally planned "go-date" of the 26th at the current pace. Some things are just not meant to be, it seems.

Okay, I'm going to give the last part of Doctor Who: Nornets' Nest another go, and get that writing done while Star Trek is on (again). That should just about take us up to bed-time...
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Yay! Off work 'til next year! meanwhile, there's important business to deal with. First up...

Development News... I'm revising the posting schedule for The Last Ride Of House Glitterthorn. Chapter 1 looks set to be going live on Christmas Day, Chapter 2 on Boxing Day, and Chapter 3 on New Year's Day, unless there are any more complications, in which case Chapter 2 may slip a little. I hope to avoid that, but not a whole bunch of stuff is in my hands - tomorrow has family lunch, and a bunch of Big Day prep...

Let's see if I can get some "down time" in before the chaos starts. Or I would, if I didn't have present tags to write...
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This - Woody Allen Jesus by musician/comedian Tim Minchin - is bloody hilarious...

...and what's even funnier, if it wasn't so desperately sad - is that the channel boss had this song cut from The Jonathan Ross Show because *deep breath* "it might be offensive". Load this up full-screen, turn up the volume, and enjoy!
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Hm. Not been the best of days, starting and ending in disappointing fashion - and the rest didn't entirely go to plan, either. Writing got torpedoed by a computer blue-screen at work, which messed up the Firefox update on my work PC, AND killed a big chunk of the work I've been doing. Still, I managed to earn a hug along the way, and that helped smooth things out. I'll hold on to that happy memory, and let the rest of it slide.

Early to bed, I think, for some pre-sleepybyes writing. I have Saturday covered, now that an extended Chapter 1 of The Last Ride Of House Glitterthorn is "in the bag", but I'd like to have Chapter 2 done before posting begins. I have no idea how much free time I'll get before The Big Day - I was hoping I'd managed to finish the grocery shopping, but there seem to be little things needing bought almost up to the last minute. *sighs*

And relax...
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Story development continues for The Last Ride Of House Glitterthorn, with all the latest writings typed up, and set into some semblance of proper order. Pieces of the story are starting to emerge by themselves (or so it seems), and I should be able to make the deadline for completing this story in time for its festive posting schedule. Tomorrow is the posting day for the last part of TDD-704, leaving everything clear for the Christmas Special's completion.

Right now, however, I'm checking out the start of BBC Radio 4 Extra's production of Lovecraft's epic At The Mountains Of Madness. Thankfully, we're not enduring Antarctic weather at the moment - if anything, it's turning warmer. Write off any White Christmas this year...

Elsewhat... I'm thinking that Christmas shopping can be all but declared completed, at least online. Last-minute delivery options seem to have expired, and local outlets appear to have sold out of anything desireable. I am adding to my "Christmas stocking", however, and "perishable" presents are on my list for the end of the working week, at which time I will be getting some much anticipated time off over the festive period. I'm not entirely certain whether I should "push the boat out", stocks allowing...

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