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No response video just yet - it's almost my birthday, and I'd maybe like to get a video uploaded at some point, maybe book Star Trek Into Darkness IMAX, buy myself a present...

Meanwhile... Oh dear, all does not seem to be well in The House Of CLAN. Their "Gathering" this year has mysteriously been cancelled, and there's no explanation on their website, or Twitter feeds - might their funds now be gaining obscene interest in a private account in Venezuela or something? Has the University, which was providing the venues for the events, had a change of heart? Will we mere mortals ever learn the truth...?

One potential source of annoyance gone - maybe we get a decent summer now?
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It just doesn't feel like one week has passed since I got back from holidays. I've gotten back into my usual routine, which I'm pleased to report includes some writing...

...hold on, what's this? Our old friends CLAN are advertising their next Gathering at the University? So just where are all their tents and stuff going to go now? I'm not wanting to pick a fight about this, but it merits closer observation - and they surely don't want to "drop the ball" after two years of events going without protest, and without disrupting everyone around their site.

Big weekend, this: more new Doctor Who, Dredd 3D not long after - and the start of the new football season! Busy days - and I'm not even counting my last three weeks of Mission 101 (although something is already taking shape for next weekend)!
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Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson has Alzheimer's

Ah, damn it all to hell. This is probably my greatest living hero we're talking about here, and that wonderful mind is being eaten away by this disease. There IS no God.

This news, just in (to me at least), pushes this into the "also on tonight's programme" slot...

Elsewhat... We are apparently into the wettest June in the last century, or something like that. Well whoop-dee fucking doo and "How long did it take you to work THAT out?".

Roof Wars continue (Day 24), but hopefully the bedroom will not capsise after all, now that the leak has been acknowledged, and is hopefully being addressed as I write this. It doesn't seem to be raining right now, but we do have a dose of that other regular summer visitor, the great big banks of freaking fog. Oh, and we have heavy rain and thunder warnings for tonight, too...

At least the "skylight" window should be in place today, if not finished off completely. Some things are moving ahead quicker than expected, so we're thankful for what we get.

Tonight, it's the police meeting again, and this time I will be bringing up the issue of our old friends CLAN once more. This year, the "Gathering" starts with a three-stage music event, which seems to be being touted as a stand-alone attraction - so just a) how many people will attend, and b) how loud is it going to be...?

I get the feeling they "test the waters", then take as much advantage of the situation as they can the next year. It'll be interesting to hear the Police reaction - how much do they know?

And finally... Had a net outage last night. I tried to do some writing (*gasp*), but my heart wasn't in it. A whole bunch of evening plans went right in the shitter. Hmph.
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Development News... Aaah, that's better - a bit of writing at lunchtime, fuelled by junk food, has set the current Episode back on track. I've not had to scrap very much, and the general thread remains as previously sketched out, and if I can get back to writing at least something every day, I may just manage to forge ahead.

Meanwhile... Some splendid news, lost in the fog of phone-hacking: last week, it was apparently reported that snow leopards have been found in Afghanistan. "Yay!", says this reporter, but it's really sad that this story, like so many others, hasn't even come to the attention of the majority of the British public because of the blanket coverage of just one headline-hungry story. I mean, the Space Shuttle is now history, for example, and does anyone remember that something was going on in Libya...?

Right; time for some Ultima Online fishing, I think, then maybe some good, old-fashioned "vegging". Yeah...

Additional... Oh, and CLAN kick off tomorrow. Half a home-town away. I hope they have a nice time, and don't bother me - or anyone else - in the slightest...
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This just in... According to one of my fellow CLAN Gathering objectors, Environmental Protection officials have told her that the Gathering will not be happening at the school again. If this is confirmed, and local objections are the root cause, it will make my Mission 101 Task
79 - Protest against CLAN
solid, 24-carat WIN. Yes, it's already marked down as completed, but can I possibly stretch it to a "bonus" SCORE, for totally and completly blowing the objective out of the water beyond all expectations...?

In other news... Today's Move preparations were somewhat curtailed by the unexpected heat - it was too glorious an afternoon for gardening - but progress has been made. I'm starting to feel more comfortable with the whole situation, as the first round of "Musical Furniture" takes place. Things are starting to get interesting.

So what's next...? Let's see what Tasks I can focus on next. I still have one task on the verge of completion, that being
52 - Complete some craft projects I've started
- one in particular, I'm thinking, and there isn't much more to do to earn a big, juicy SCORE.

Once an additional matter gets worked out, a lot of things should move closer to the launch pad. Just how big things get... we shall have to see.


Aug. 10th, 2010 12:01 am
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Development News... Chapter 4 of the latest Darkhawk story is at last "in the can" - and there's a new title: "The Pandemonicum Symphony", of which the written chapters are the "First Movement". Could be the start of some real progress, now the minor "log-jam" is dealt with. I wonder if I could manage a "writing hour" tomorrow...?

Elsewhat... Pity "The Market" has had rain to contend with - yup, CLAN broke our summer yet again. Their portable toilets are STILL out there, possibly leaking...

Been busy with Ultima Online tonight. The Sword And Shovel rises.

Ah poo - blew my posting deadline again. Back to Square One...
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And. We. Are. FREE.
79 - Protest against CLAN
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In tonight's headline story... It looks as though outstanding financial matters are finally being addressed, and that takes us closer to The Move.

But what about CLAN? Sorry, but I'm not living solely to complain about that bunch. I have bills to pay, work to go to, it's that simple. They've clearly chosen to play the responsible visitors the first couple of days, then they've cranked it up since - and so we've been reporting infractions to the relevant authorities. Just now, one of our "boys in blue" paid our unwelcome guests a visit - right before my very eyes.

I wonder how many calls about the noise there have been so far.

Right now, I am tired. I want some peace, I want time to think. CLAN provides neither.

And what's this about a Task 102? An entirely unofficial, not-for-the-list item... a real one-off swansong. More nearer the time - and it will be soon.

Development News... It wasn't easy to make much progress this lunctime, but TDD-607 The Endless Dance of Light and Shadow IV, Chapter 4 advances as Chapter 3 gets a momentous extension - an event worthy of the inter-chapter "cliff-hanger"-style treatment. "Writing Hour" is a non-starter this week, given our... guests.

Going to check some email, then a good dose of Ultima Online. I have some scrapes and dents to work out from last night...
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Day Four...

I'm really getting the impression that this bunch are taking the piss. "But the letter says events in the main venue will end at 9.30... but we're in the cafe tent, so that doesn't count" will be the lament - but the tents are connected, forming one structure, so up yours, buddy. Don't go dancing on the fine edge of technicalities - you might fall off...

And then I'm thinking... "Why is there never an event of this kinda magnitude in this area for something that actually interests me?" This area is fnajing dead apart from golf and the occasional university tradition - that Japanese culture exhibition at the town hall was a colossal freakin' joke, let's not forget.

Thinking I'm needing to expand my influence a bit more. I'll be looking into such things 1) when CLAN are gone, and 2) when financial matters are in order.

But then, there's... a certain Sunday in Perth, which is coming up a whole lot sooner than I'd prepared for. Saturday is going to be another busy one...

In the meantime... 2011 is very much looking like The Best Year For Movies EVER, with its superhero triple-header, but 2012 just got a LOT more exciting...

Can you say...


Sure you can...
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Day Three...

This afternoon, CLAN turned up the volume a bit. We were prepared to continue in a "live and let live" manner, and view that as a brief lapse...

...and then they overran.

Someone decided to conduct a "little" sing-song, for half an hour after the events were supposed to end, as promised in "The Letter". A good neighbour doesn't make a promise, in writing, then break it - and don't give us any of that "unauthorised activity" sh8, like last year.

The Monday of last year, actually. A pattern seems to be forming...

We are not idiots. You're clearly going to have to learn that. School is now in session.

Development News... That's a provisional "done" sticker slapped on TDD-607 The Endless Dance of Light and Shadow IV, Chapter 3, with ground also broken on Chapter 4 - albeit by the total of about a paragraph. Forgot my bloody clipboard netbook-rest...

Going to need to step things up a bit. Must reinstate "writing hour".

Meanwhile... I could be on course to grab a bonus Mission 101 Task, namely
10 - Investigate laser eye surgery
- got a contact lens check coming up...

But first, a bit of catch-up on the Doctor Who Prom, I think. Yeeeeees.

Day 2...

Jul. 25th, 2010 04:20 pm
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Did the i.Resist 2010 campaign get through to someone who could actually do something about the CLAN noise levels? This weekend has been surprisingly quiet, bar a couple of occasions - Saturday evening, and this morning - and in all honesty, I can't exactly say, on the basis of how things are right now, that my summer has been ruined. Doesn't mean I can't keep monitoring things,courtesy of the upgraded

Let's hope things remain that way. I'm at work until the latest reports are done, then I take a break in the lead-up to clocking up the second of my five Mission 101 concerts. If things stay essentially peaceful, I can declare Task 79
79 - Protest against CLAN
completed, and focus on more meaningful endeavours, like Perth the Sunday after...

Pity Task 66
66 - Get back into the habit of properly balancing my finances
is on slightly rocky ground right now. The latest credit card bill was a little bit surprising. Ooops.

Talking of which...

- my promotional minicards from!

And finally... Felipe Massa was ROBBED.
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Not wasting any effort on other matters when I have a movie review to do...

Movie Review: Toy Story 3 3D

Potential spoilers beyond this point )

The Low-Down... A third movie in a series that doesn't suck? Trust Pixar to deliver the movie that breaks the pattern. Could be the best non-Iron Man movie you could be seeing this summer... 8.5/10 on its own; 9 with "Night And Day"

Oh, and watch out for the TRON Legacy trailer, if you get it. Christmas is definitely a whole lot more interesting now!

Elsewhat... So that's Day 1 over and done, but you couldn't properly call it a full day. Tomorrow will be... interesting - and chronicled in the all-new i.Resist blogosite...!
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CLAN don't apparently pay the Council ANYTHING. The arrangements are with THE SCHOOL, and any monies due goes TO THE SCHOOL. Any damage done, CLAN pay for it.

Interesting how you have to be confronted in the field for taking photos by a CLAN official to find these things out.
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Lovely, isn't it?

That's what I'm looking at right now, and apparently, I'm supposed to feel bad for daring to object to it.

Hey, the Community Engagement meeting got nearly double the attendance it usually gets, and more are, as a result, likely to attend in future. I certainly don't feel guilty about that. If that's the only thing that comes out of this year's protest, then I certainly won't be disappointed.

So, what happened? Well, out of those present, only one household came to raise issue about my references to "the neighbourhood" and "the community", because I hadn't consulted them all before voicing an opinion. That's fine - everyone is entitled to an opinion, and to air their grievances, and I certainly didn't try to silence this particular section of... oh, hold on, should I ask for a show of hands before I use the "N" or "C" word? I don't want to upset anyone...

I can only assume that their part of the town, as in an assembly of buildings, intended for habitation and commerce, and not the population - just so we're clear on that - is shielded from the noise of the CLAN Gathering in a manner that we are not.

Lucky you.

Anyway. Back to the outpouring of indignation. Next up, the "rant"-like nature of my flyer.

Sorry, but you, dear "Indignant" seem to be the only people to feel that way. Apart, of course, from the others in your street whom you consulted, and who apparently weren't indignant enough to show up at the meeting and chew me up about it. "Read your leaflet again", I was advised - okay...

Hold on - I'm reminded of that scene in Iron Man 2 where Tony Stark reads some of his S.H.I.E.L.D profile; y'know, where he says "Textbook narcissism...? Okay."


My response? Like Tony said.

Of course it's a rant, but as far as my rants go, that's pretty damn mild, sort of "PG" rated, compared to some. That's what happens when you go through official channels, and they decide their "closed door" plans are more important than the people they're supposed to represent. A Twitter correspondant - the first to respond to @i_resist - said:
@i_resist you seem to have a real vendetta against these CLAN folk, when from what I read, they've negotiated with the council.
Well, you haven't read very much, and certainly not the responses we've received from that very council. I hope that, one day, the Council doesn't decide to drive a bulldozer through your house because they did some deal behind YOUR back, something of which you were never made aware.

Vendetta? If I have a vendetta against anything, it's the injustice of this whole deal, and the arrogant approach from both sides of the negotiating table. Us "mere mortals" aren't deemed worthy of sitting at "the grown-ups' table" - well, treat us like children, and see what you get in return. I'm not expecting the council to consult the public about every tiny matter - but this is right on our back doorstep - FIFTY NINE YARDS from us. Paperclip orders or putting up warning notices about dog-fouling fines this most definitely is not.

To my critics, I say this: it's called "i.Resist" for a reason. I have given people a chance to get involved, and some have chosen to do so. Oh, and when "Indignant" says "get a prayer book and join in", it does rather seem to give the game away. Was this an attempt to silence the "uppity atheist"...?

It failed.

I'm wearing my Red Lantern ring. It comes off when CLAN go.

The banner goes up soon. It reads "NOBODY ASKED US", and that remains true, no matter what anyone in "Indignant-Land" says, or feels. "Indignant", and the Twitter correspondant, please feel free to wipe your backsides with the flyers. You'll be wiping your rears with 10p of my money.

Just don't give yourselves paper-cuts, okay?
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And it's back to Day 1... *growls*

...3 (and holding)...

The cafe tent needs ANOTHER section bolted on, so... it must be time for the industrial-strength steel securing bolts.

...and who is going to pay to fix THAT, I wonder...?

Also In The News Today... Yes, we have several positive responses to the "call to arms", and I now have my OFFICIAL red flag. All I need now is the opportunity to finish the banner, and start setting up the "Peace And Quiet" camp - which is getting just that little bit more expensive almost every day. Such is the price of fighting for what's right, I guess.

The Mission 101 "skinny" is that if the banner is still up when I emerge from my tent on Saturday morning, then two tasks
23 - Camp outside at least once
79 - Protest against CLAN
will officially be "in the bag."

Development News... More progress has been made with TDD-607 The Endless Dance of Light and Shadow IV, Chapter 3 - it could be finished by Blast-Off Day (that's Saturday). As I was working, I found I had to refer back to pre-Darkhawk Diaries material... and I think I might have found something to occupy myself with during i.Resist 2010; and that's The Archive Project, as in
46 - Continue and complete "The Archive Project"
It's quite a challenge, given that I have about THIRTEEN book-length stories to "archive", but it is all written - it all needs formatting, and someplace to put it. Time for another dose of Wordpress...?

Talking of which, I'm thinking i.Resist is starting to look like it could use a blog format, too.

Tomorrow... The Meeting!
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Here comes "the noise funnel", a good deal bigger than last year...

...and my response...?

Breaking News... Well fakkit. I dropped one.

Stop sniggering at the back. I mean I missed a blog entry on Tuesday, breaking a 200-day continuous posting streak for this year, and a 235-day streak overall.

Fuck you, CLAN.

Yes, I blame you, you pussies. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have had to hand-deliver about 60 flyers, paint a banner, go into the field to take photos of the latest stages of Gathering construction, print out another 30 flyers, cut and fold them, get frustrated trying to send a letter to the local newspaper, only to find their email is broken - I wouldn't have to spend a chunk of my morning delivering MORE flyers, or go to the shops to buy MORE spray paint, and more bungees to secure my flag poles...

At least I went through the midnight barrier helping a friend in Ultima Online, so it's not all bad.

I'm still pissed about it. Just don't push me.
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And so, as the old Vorlon saying goes, it begins...

...and taking a closer look at the above...

So, the "Dwelling Place" is up. Tuesday, I expect it to grow the "parasite" cafe marquee it acquired last year...

So, what now...? I have my paint for my banner, several dozen flyers printed for distribution tomorrow afternoon. Still plenty to do...

Development News... Yikes! I actually managed to write something! TDD-607 The Endless Dance of Light and Shadow IV, Chapter 3 could be done by end of "play" tomorrow!
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i.Resist 2010 Update... Been prepping my flyer for imminent photocopying, confirming a new domain name for the OFFICIAL campaign page - that's

Guess that's the easy stuff done...

Elsewhat... And that's about all for today. Some Ultima Online, some stumbling around in Second Life - oh, and I placed the order for a batch of promo mini-cards for, too.

Interesting times. I hope those mini-cards are worth the hassle it took to get them ready...
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i.Resist 2010 Update...
79 - Protest against CLAN
Things are picking up pace now. I've changed my style of banner, which won't now require me to fiddle about with TWO pieces of sheet, my flyer for local delivery is taking shape, I've even ordered an "add-on" domain to point to the page hosted at - over the next week, I'll be photocopying flyers, buying paint, painting a banner, delivering flyers, setting up my camp, attending the Community Engagement meeting...

Busy busy busy...

Oh, and work, of course. It's been suggested to me that I could take some "time off" as my bosses both find themselves "out of the office" at the same time. Think I might just take them up on that, and have a week to cover both the majority of the protest period AND the aftermath of my Perth excursion.

So that's FIVE Mission 101 Tasks I can either complete, or make solid progress with in the next two weeks:
19 - Visit five cities not on my regular "list"
23 - Camp outside at least once
52 - Complete some craft projects I've started
79 - Protest against CLAN
90 - Go to at least five concerts

Crikey O'Reilly...

And I may just have an idea for another task. More soon!
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Got my "Peace And Quiet Camp" bedding, but that's about all I have to report on the Task 79 front
79 - Protest against CLAN
Remember that letter, and accompanying article last week? This week's response...?


Maybe I should've used the religious angle. People would have at least tried to confront the "hate-filled atheist". My letter this time last year was a bit more geared in that direction, and someone criticised me for "wanting to limit the ways people expressed their faith" - my answer to which was along the lines of "not at all - I don't mind what CLAN do if they're too far away to bother me".

No-one can say I haven't tried. I have received an e-mail or two from another concerned resident, confirming my feelings that the Council have had a very snooty attitude about this whole business...

Listen up, neighbourhood: you better get the most out of me while you can, 'cause this time next year, it'll be YOUR problem, not mine. As long as I'm here, I'll fight. Next time, I'll be in my office with headphones. You have been warned.

At least I'll nail another Mission 101 Task, at the very least, maybe even THREE - Task 79 (see above), Task 52 (craft projects - I'm getting to that), and
23 - Camp outside at least once
Better throw together a pre-campaign timetable - but for now, it's back to the craft projects - one of which may be my "NOBODY ASKED US" banner, if the weather holds...

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