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Marvel Studios Announces "Captain Marvel," "Black Panther," "Avengers: Infinity War"

- or more correctly, the announcements are:-

28 July 2015 - Ant-Man
- which we already knew about, but it's still on schedule...

6 May 2016 - Captain America: Civil War
- which we also knew about apart from the full title. What we DIDN'T know is that it will FULLY feature a character getting his own movie the following year...

4 November 2016 - Dr Strange
- Also expected, but still not official word on a star. And then, onward into less explored territory:-

5 May 2017 - Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
- Anticipated, but moved up the schedule a bit, to allow for...

28 July 2017 - Thor: Ragnarok
- Apparently as momentous as Winter Soldier, but in a different part of the universe...

3 November 2017 - Black Panther
- That solo hero movie previously mentioned! Yes, that's THREE movies in 2017!

6 July 2018 - Captain Marvel
- Carol Danvers lives! In which costume, remains to be seen.

2 November 2018 - Inhumans
- Easter Eggs soon, we're told. Agents Of SHIELD Season 2 soon, perhaps...?

May 2018 - Avengers: Infinity War Part 1
May 2019 - Avengers: Infinity War Part 2

- A two-part epic, as The Big Purple Guy gets his... hand on The Prize!

I am SO HAPPY I caught word of the event containing these announcements, just before the news started to filter through from Hollywood, at a special event for press and select fans. THIS IS IT - the road-map we've been waiting for, the gauntlet before The Gauntlet.

And now, I have five years worth of stuff to talk about. Blog paradise...!

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Yay, it's comic delivery time again, and some pretty major events are either continuing or winding up, as I shall now report...

WARNING! High levels of spoiler contamination ahead! )

Meanwhile, more little snippets are getting out about the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, and there seems to be a concerted effort to talk up the whole project, whilst keeping as many of its secrets as possible. I am still firmly behind this movie, and I cannot see Marvel Studios dropping the ball after SEVEN movies and a TV series. It's going to work - trust me on this - and "I am Groot" will be the catchphrase of next summer.
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Checking the situation. Posting regular blogs at

- visit now for the Captain America review!
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So, What On Tonight...? Well, I'm thinking of sneaking in a viewing of Monsters, after a session of Ultima Online training. After that... who knows? I'm glad for anything approaching "normal", and that's how things are generally going at present - but I do feel the need to address the PC issue sometime fairly soon. I've been meaning to deal with my archaic technology for some time, and I was saving all my tech-spends for The Move, so I guess I should take the plunge.

Meanwhile, it looks like Potter 7.2 is going to be a fixture for quite a while, with 2D and 3D showings for at least the next week. Captain America - The First Avenger opens in the US this weekend, and one week later over here, so maybe - just maybe - the "Pottergasm" (*shudders* - did I just invent something terrible...?) will be subsiding by then. To make way for the surge of anti-American feeling about "another movie in which America wins the war"...

So many people are going to totally miss the point with this. You can be sure of it. I, on the other hand, will take the day off to see "Cap", if I need to go out of town to catch a big-screen showing on opening day.

Concerning NEXT YEAR'S Blockbusters... I just saw the first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, and... well, it looks okay, but why rerun - and retool - the whole origin story? Critics hate them, and surely you can do better than replough old ground...

Maybe material for a double-header. I can't see myself rushing to see this, somehow.

Okay, better head off to Sosaria if I want to get anything done before 9pm.
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Thoughts On The Big Game...

Look away if you don't want to know the score... )

Now comes the wait - today marks the longest time before next season. If we actually get a season this year. C'mon, guys, let's sort out this new d upcoming financial settlement, and get back to the game.

Sadly, the majority of the British media seems to think that "Xtina" screwing up the anthem was the biggest story of the night. Yeah - riiiiiight.

And finally, on this subject... Oooooh looook, new blockbuster trailers/teasers, hot from the Super Bowl - a not exactly fresh THOR offering (which is still not a bad thing); some more action for Transformers - Dark Of The Moon - looks like we've got some large scale invasion-type business going on; interesting glimpses of Cowboys And Aliens (wacky comic-based antics, possible double-header material), Battle: LA (king-size Skyline, coming NEXT MONTH), and the mysterious Super 8 (Cloverfield prequel...?)... but the big one has to be the very first glimpse of Captain America - The First Avenger! I think I'll be watching all of these again tonight.

How about this...? Link between THOR and Captain America - the Asgardians hand over to humanity a token of peace and friendship - Cap's shield! Nick Fury asks "Where did you find this?" and Thor answers "To the north..." Fade to the Arctic wastes, and an icy monolith with a human figure inside, his shirt open to reveal a white star on a blue background and red and white stripes...

Development News... Got a chunk of on-paper TDD-609 ...Second Movement typed up, and expanded. The "lead-in" to the conclusion of this Episode is stretching a bit, and I'm going to need to clamp down on it a bit. Just the facts, man...

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