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Yeah, that's the motto for this year: "Must try harder!" - meaning that I have been rather lazy with regards to any projects other than the YouTube channel in the previous twelve months. The "100 chapters in the tenth anniversary year" for Darkhawk/Brighthawk and "family" was a total washout - and that's an understatement. I think I posted THREE chapters in the new blog, and FOUR for Glitterthorn (and WORLDS COLLIDE) in TO BE CONTINUED - that's SEVEN PER CENT of what I had intended...

2014 will be different. WORLDS COLLIDE will be completed this year, WITHOUT FAIL. This is my promise. Expect the latest segment (GHOSTS OF FREEPORT) to be done and posted by the end of the month.
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Okay, I hear ya.

I somewhat dropped the ball concerning the second part of the "anniversary" Brighthawk story, "A Gift Of A Gift", and my statement that it was coming "tomorrow". Oh, and this is the seventh of my one hundred chapters posted this year, not the third as the last posting might suggest...

It's all been a bit of a mess, to be honest. The whole thing was somewhat hurried, and probably would have been just one chapter long had the imminent "close of play" on the anniversary day not caught up with me. I will most likely be reworking this at some point - and the "director's cut" will not count towards my 10th anniversary total. I really need to get back to work on writing - perhaps that's why several games are screwing up lately...

Meanwhile *sighs*... ...that's TWO windows down, as of today! Hooray!

...and why are cinemas unwilling to acknowledge the imminent release of PACIFIC RIM? I've been monitoring the website for the cinema at which I saw Star Trek Into Darkness IMAX, and there are STILL no hints of any bookings being taken. Is this movie going to get shunted down the list to make way for the Monsters Inc prequel, due out on the same damn day? It's not looking good right now...

Madness, I tell you. Madness.
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How did it get to be July 2nd already? July 2nd is the anniversary of The Darkhawk Diaries, and this year, that anniversary is the 10th - something of a milestone... and one I intended to celebrate by posting 100 chapters of story this year.

Number of chapters posted in 2013... one.

Or more accurately, make that TWO.

Yup, I managed to write something ALL today, or more correctly this evening. The second and concluding part will come tomorrow.
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Still working my way back into normality, with a side-order of Director's Cut for the finale of the Christmas Special. I reworked the last part, and added a mini-epilogue, "wrapping up" stuff for a character whose "arc" hadn't been properly concluded. Things seem better now - and I'll post the update when I'm done here.

I am thinking about other stuff, beyond writing and Terreria (yes, my nemesis has a name...). I want the office sorted and operational by my birthday - but that is kind of out of my hands, and depends on when those sodding windows get replaced...

Update... The "Director's Cut" of the last chapter of Lonely This Christmas is now live!
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Lonely This Christmas concludes, as Brighthawk gives the Fulchers a taste of Captain Dominion's world, and Tony grasps an opportunity to make this Christmas his family isn't likely to forget.

Release Notes... Done at last - with potential for a "director's cut" to tighten things up, should a reread reveal any short-comings. As most of this chapter was written THIS year, I'm counting it as the first of this year's One Hundred Chapters, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the beginning of The Darkhawk Diaries.

Elsewhat... Listening to the Redskins playoff game, with a return to work coming up in the morning. Let's see if I can pull things together now.
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Lonely This Christmas continues, as the Fulcher family Christmas takes an unexpected turn, with an unplanned guest - and elsewhere in Tony's world, the effects of this unanticipated arrival are felt by someone else...

Release Notes... There we go - the OFFICIAL release of the final version of Chapter 2. Only four days late, but at least it's out there, and work on the final Chapter will commence today.

Gaming takes a definite back-seat until Tuesday night. I thought I had hit a "game killer" last night in Terreria, accidentally triggering the "end-game" well before its time, but consulting the gaming community has eased my mind some. Even so, I am very much in need of a break from all that digging...
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Chapter 2 of Lonely This Christmas is going to be late. The first few paragraphs are up as a taster, but the official release will have to be tomorrow.

Hey, it's Christmas, and I've had to deal with that, change plans on which story to write, AND find a new blogging solution...


I had to include this...

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Lonely This Christmas begins, and we pay a visit to Earth, and a hero on self-imposed hiatus. Tony Fulcher is trying to live the life of an ordinary American school student, but his other life still stops by for a visit...

Release Notes... There. On time. And posted to the NEW story-blog at It will take some time to get things properly set up, and its not exactly the best time for the year for such an upheaval, but there you go. I would have been able to avoid this had I continued with Wreck Of The Nemesis as "Christmas Special", but this story just cried out to be told.

Now, if you'll excuse me, there's last-minute wrapping to do, and a festive mood to get into. I get the feeling Chapter 2 of Lonely... will be a "live production", typed up as I digest over tomorrow evening - after Doctor Who.

Have a good night, Dear Reader, and a good tomorrow, whatever it brings you, and whether you celebrate it or not.
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"Festivities" commence IN SEVEN DAYS. Whoa - where'd the year go?

Shameful Admission... Well, actually, I do know where 1000 hours of it went. If you, Dear Reader, guessed Star Trek Online, you'd be right. That... that's pretty crazy...

Okay, here's a plan. I start posting the latest WORLDS COLLIDE prequel tomorrow, and maybe "double-tap" on Thursday, and we should be good for that. I can then kick the next Mane-of-Night episode into a higher gear, with a view to getting it out there before Christmas, at which time I'll be starting this year's festive-period special. That certainly sounds doable - I may just make this one a true Christmas Special, in the form of Brighthawk's first Christmas without Darkhawk...

Hmmm - I like the sound of that.

Some Good News... Our planning application for the new windows is "live" at last, so maybe there's a chance of that project advancing sometime soon. I will not, however, hold my breath - breathing is something I don't take for granted right now. My cold has retreated to my chest, sneezes becoming coughs (although it IS clearing up gradually)...
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On The Outside, Looking In concludes, and things are changing for our heroine. Brighthawk realises that "to imitate the action of the tiger" may be her only choice, with the universe changing around her...

Release Notes... Mission accomplished. Coming next: the continuation of the lead-up to WORLDS COLLIDE!

In Other News... Hm. Raining. Lovely. Of course, an entirely different weather forecast will be the focus of my attention over the next week, and that looks "fair" to "decent". Not feeling 100% right now, but maybe some of that's excitement about the trip - nothing would be worse than going some place for a break, and being "KOed" the whole time.

Most of the packing is done, bar the locking of the cases, and the preparation of my carry-on. An early night remains likely - but that may be due to me waking up at Stupid O'Clock today...

Okay - time to fetch some dinner, then a part-relaxed, part-frantic evening. Not looking forward to getting semi-wet, though. I may be back to wrap things up, then if all goes well, the next post will be from the other end of the journey!
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On The Outside, Looking In continues, as Brighthawk faces two stunning revelations, and Dominion is presented with possibly its greatest challenges ever...

Release Notes... And tomorrow, The Conclusion. You'd have to kill me to stop me.

And the rest... (Take 2 - last time, this got flushed by an accident "page-away"...) So that's work done for... well, this month, actually. However, the weekend isn't going to be that much of a respite, as there is so much to do, and quite a distance to travel. Sunday night, I will probably get what will be for me a seriously early night to make up for it all - but then again, a good chunk of the following week will be fairly laid-back. Hopefully.
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On The Outside, Looking In continues, as Brighthawk and her team begin the latest stage of exploring what lies just beyond Darkhawk's kingdom. Lending a helping hand is another new face - how much help the newcomer is actually going to be remains to be seen...

Release Notes... Still on target! In the meantime, let's see if I can track down my list of known members of Talona's "One-Thirteen" - I may need some more names and powers soon...

Star Trek Online News... It appears that the "mythical" invisible Borg insta-kill torpedo does exist after all, and is not just a figment of my frustrated imagination!
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On The Outside, Looking In begins, and Brighthawk's attempts to find some peace of mind are short-lived as the needs of Dominion loom over her again. Could there be a simple answer to her people's fears, closer than anyone might imagine...?

Release Notes... Yes, this story is complete in off-line format, and barring the most bizarre of circumstances, the whole thing will be posted and live by Saturday.

And Finally... Hey, BBC, just announce the start date of the new season of Doctor Who, and quit the screwing around. Three words: JUST TELL US.
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"Launch Day" -5... Here comes "the final stretch"! I'm thinking I'm just about done with the holiday planning - whatever else comes along is just going to have to be "spur of the moment".

Development News... The next Brighthawk story is approaching completion, and should be posting daily from tomorrow, in order to be all done by "Launch Day". It will fit, even if I have to double-up!

And then, of course, comes the working-out of whatever the hell comes next, 'cause things are changing in a hurry. WORLDS COLLIDE is still on the way, and part of that is next on the list, but... well, just wait and see.
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Words from Under The Mountain concludes, with Brighthawk sending an old friend of Darkhawk's into the "belly of the beast", and his first encounter with the powers walking amongst the stars in the aftermath of Reignfall. Can Ajren Laswerrin hope to learn anything under such conditions - and will Dominion manage to stay "in the loop" as the universe takes another swerve into chaos...?

Release Notes... Coming Wednesday - Chapter 1 of "On The Outside, Looking In"!

Operation Haphazard News... And that's an entertainment opportunity booked for next week, reducing my pre-holiday stress a good deal. Things are now (somewhat belatedly) starting to take shape...
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Words from Under The Mountain continues, as Brighthawk treads a cautious path on the road to helping her friends deal with their tragedy, whilst trying to handle some alarming news from Tai-reh'tara. The old order changeth - or is it "the old order returns"...?

Release Notes... Keeping up the rather congested posting schedule, in spite of everything. Finishing TDD-706 in time could be a tricky proposition, but I don't intend to mess things up just to get a story posted. Everything in its proper place, and time.

Operation Haphazard News... The preparations continue, and things are picking up pace with one week to go. Yikes!
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Words from Under The Mountain begins, and Brighthawk learns that friendship has a hard side, as news arrives of a death in a famous family...

Release Notes... Oh bugger. I've been working on TDD-706, with a view to posting this week... and I find I've had TDD-705 ready to roll for quite some time. This, of course, is a complication I could do without.

I will continue posting 705 on a daily schedule, and I'll have 706 completed, if not posted, by this time next week. I dropped the ball, but it's a new set of downs...
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Sorry I missed posting yesterday, but I was getting some good writing done at lunchtime, and I was engrossed in getting my Science character in Star Trek Online up to Captain last night - oh, and I devised a pretty lethal combat tactic, too*. That, however, wasn't all that transpired yesterday...

Operation Haphazard News... And all of a sudden, Wednesday is free, for the family friend we were supposed to meet for lunch now cannot attend. This was Parental's "must-do" this trip, and now it's not happening, which is a big shame... but this news does loosen up the schedule a lot. I could reinstate a previously planned excursion, but... well, it had fallen rather "far from the tree", so to say, and I really don't feel like putting in the travelling that'll be needed - not if the W-E-A-T-H-E-R is going to be as S-U-M-M-E-R-Y as it looks like it'll be. I still have an IMAX cinema outing to book - must do that this weekend - and I think that will leave me with a satisfactory programme of activities.

Even so, I'm not entirely comfortable with enjoying the "good news" - or even calling it that. It's not exactly "good" that I'm gaining while someone else is losing, so I think I'll stop complaining about this trip, and be thankful I have the opportunity to get away, and be surrounded by somewhere else for a decent length of time. That's the best thing, I think.

Development News... Remember that "duplicated storyline" I was trying to address? Well, although the general theme remains the same, the new Brighthawk story is developing along slightly different lines now, and I feel as though both stories can now comfortably continue in semi-parallel. For an idea of what that entails, keep watching this space, because "On The Outside, Looking In" will start posting tonight!

* Get in close-ish. Tractor Beam your opponent. While they're immobile, dump Warp Plasma over them. Result? A pretty quick KO, even against otherwise lethal targets, such as Romulan/Reman Mogai Escorts and D'deridex Warbirds!

Hung Over?

Aug. 15th, 2012 12:46 pm
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In the past, I've found it rather amusing that there were, in the early days, announcements at the end of each series of Big Brother that line were open for people having trouble dealing with the end of the "competition", given that it was at the time, such a major "social" phenomenon. Right now, I think I'm starting to see what the programme makers were on about - I think I am actually missing the Olympics.

It is therefore not that much of a surprise that I'm finding myself getting back into writing, after several months engrossed in Skyrim, and even more so where Star Trek Online is concerned. However, I am finding myself in a bit of a quandary, with two storylines following uncomfortably similar paths - one is a potential follow-on to the current WORLDS COLLIDE arc, and the other is a storyline that has been a "Coming Soon" since Reignfall (and actually a while before that, if I'm going to be clincally accurate). So, which gets "the top step", so to speak? I recently brought in an entirely different character to feature in a story to avoid using characters with too-similar names, so I know I can change things, and feel satisfied by the results...

It's hard to write about this, and avoid spoilers, but I'll try. Yes, STORY ONE is the core of a potential WORLDS COLLIDE II, but the elements that make it so were something of an afterthought, and STORY TWO is a separate series of events, possibly greater in magnitude, so I think STORY TWO deserves to stand on the top of this particular... podium...

(Hm. There's the Olympics again...)

Replotting the aftermath of WORLDS COLLIDE could be good for the story, and my writing "momentum" as a whole. For Operation Haphazard, I'm hoping to "travel light", but I'll still have the netbook with me, and a dedicated writing notebook I can carry with my dedicated London "Citybook". Now, if only there was something else to occupy my time when I'm away other than what I normally do at home...
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Big Event... My nephew started school today.

Development News... I am actually making good progress on the latest Brighthawk story, especially when you consider how the plot has JUST taken something of a swerve. Even so, I can still hold to my "before the holiday" posting promise...

...and that's pretty much it for today, except that we got all the rain we haven't had these last two weeks all in a oner about lunchtime. Oh, and thunder - and I swear I felt it was coming. Wierd.

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