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...GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is out on home release ON MONDAY????

Looks like I'm making a diversion to the nearest outlet on the way to work, then.

Also: new boots ordered. It's nearly Patent Saturday, so what better way to celebrate (apart from the now almost traditional get-away)...?
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A big day for incoming post - that's a big bit of Christmas shopping done... and I am now in possession of a pretty sweeeet new pair of boots, in prefect timing for Patent Saturday. Excellent!

Yeah, it's been another thin week on the blogging front, but The Stargazer Project - Season 2: The Edge Of Chaos has been getting, and holding, the majority of my attention. It doesn't help that the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special is TOMORROW, and that next week - and the week following - will be dominated by "PatSat"...

Excellent viewing last night: An Adventure In Space And Time, dramatising the origins of the phenomenon that has been - and, I am certain, continue to be - Doctor Who.

What's that? A Gravity review? Oh crap, I have rather dropped that ball...

...ok, a quick one: A good reality-based space disaster movie, that makes the silence of space a character in its own right. Somehow, I was expecting MORE, such as 3D that would genuinely dazzle, but that was not to be. Movie Of The Year? Naaah - a solid 8/10, but all-out space opera (Star Trek Into Darkness!) wins out in that respect.

Look for the tie-in short movie that's going around, which provides an insight into the other end of a conversation in the main movie. It's very effective.

There. Not my best, but it's that or nothing!
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It's interesting to hear Annie Lennox speaking out about the sexualisation in pop videos, 'cause I always though THIS was pretty mindblowing...

Glimpsed briefly at about half-way, but I love the classic thigh-high boots. And guess just who made short hair sexy...?
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Okay, I've been promising to cover the more personal angle concerning Monday's adventures in Glasgow. Let's tell the tale in pictures...

So, there was a concert...

...and this time, I dressed for the occasion, wearing my sexiest boots, facing the world and all it had to throw at me...

...not knowing that, come kicking-out time, I would find myself halfway up THIS slope...

Forty-five degree angle + five-inch heels = a bit of a predicament, yes? About as bad as it could be, truth be told. The shortest climb was up, so that's the way I went - but the street at the top, whilst level, was basically a building-site, with no through traffic, and at the other end, nowhere to go but down. Forty-five degrees down...

Sometimes, uncomfortable decisions have to be made - and so, the boots had to come off. Challenges are what Spiritwalks are all about, even if accepting them seems to go against the whole concept.

In the end, everything worked out. I found my way back to the main street, found somewhere to grab a bit of dinner and get properly dressed again. Maybe it would've helped to know the venue better, but sometimes, your situation will, it seems, try to get the better of you.

The secret is to know when to bend, and not to break.

-o O o-

And so, another special date goes on the calendar... August 12th.
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ITEM! I think last night's... high spirits were someone's birthday celebrations. Still probably a student brithday, so :P

ITEM! I'm commencing experimentation with The Foundry, the Star Trek Online player-created mission system. There are some useful videos for starters, and I'll be checking those out, probably this evening after the Mage-Poker in Ultima Online. At least I come to this with some experience of toolkits like this, from back in the Neverwinter Nights days... and I have a story-line. The mystery of VaaQ'tis will at last be unravelled...

More coverage at The Clan Tyran blog.

ITEM! Ooooh - a chance encounter with janitorial staff has provided me with some valuable test materials for the sole units of my Mission/Gap Year boots (Task 94)! I will be pushing ahead with this project as I assemble the rest of my materials - all I really need now is contiguous work-space, but that's the real "choke-point" for this one, given that we are STILL waiting for painters, let alone clearance to fit those fnajing new windows...

ITEM! One more day to pay-day! *drools*
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Talking of boots... a fortuitous eBay purchase has given someone something to wear at last...

...looks like she's demanding some attention. (All courtesy of Triad Toys)

Meanwhile: back on the "grindstone"... Vice Admiral Walks-With-Storms has now built up three days' worth of raw Dilithium - in the last twenty-four hours. The 8000 unit refinement limit doesn't mean that "Atrox Day" is coming any sooner, however - and this is what all the fuss is about.

Development News... Yes, I am still writing, and the Shadow City episode of the run-in to WORLDS COLLIDE continues to take shape. Yes, I had hoped to be further along with this story-arc by now, possibly posting WC itself over Christmas, but there's not much chance of that at present. However, we shall see...
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In Case You Were Wondering...

"Decca Chains" = this...

Pity this isn't the right map.

And then, there are the boots I was augmenting the zips on yesterday (and successfully). They're the ones in my userpic (Pleaser Seduce 4061s, to the best of my knowledge, and hampered by a possibly judgemental web connection), which do have laces (ALL the way up!), but they also have "cheat zips" up the insides, which are more... well, convenient, but do have really teeny zip-pulls that are genuinely painful to use. Until now, of course. ;-)

Also, my elbow is all but healed - which is nice. The ankle is better, too, but maybe 80%.

Pissing Me Off Right Now... This stupid "jumping mouse pointer thing" - it makes quick actions in STO hard to manage, and dammit, I need the Dilithium wherever and whenever I can get it - my Science character needs that Atrox Carrier, and I don't really want to spend Real-Life cash on it if I can earn the Zen by cashing in collectable resources within the game itself. 2500 Zen (worth about £16 real money) at 160 Refined Dilithium a point equals... about 220,000 Dilithium, and given that you can refine 8000 Ore a day, that means 27-28 days of Dilithium grinding. I could be buying Zen with cash, as I've done in the past, but I'd like my characters to be "self-sufficient" these days.

Anyway, back to work... and Saints@Packers on iPlayer.
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Oh-kaaay... Let's try it THIS way. Dunno if "going mobile" is HTML-friendly, but we'll soon see...

I may not have moved ahead with The Gap Year much, but the brain-cells ARE at work on this and other plans. I have addressed a long-standing boot issue, making a particularly problematic pair of zips far easier to operate, and that's a small victory to savour. Time, I suspect, to think bigger...!

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This SHOULD have been posted earlier, like LUNCHTIME, but Livejournal took a tizzy...


Next time anyone mentions global warning, they better be wearing a full-face helmet, 'cause they're gonna need it!

*...deep breath...*

Okay... think of something else. Movies - yes, movies. The Amazing Spider-Man is around the corner as Blockbuster Season continues in the wake of AVENGERS and Prometheus. I'm actually looking forward to this latest installment far more than I first expected, thanks to some pretty sweet trailers... but let's be honest, I'm really looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises...

Catwoman. In thigh-high boots. Book me a VIP seat for opening day.
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Working on the "epilogue" for TDD-704 Every Silver Lining... - an early night should see the whole thing wrapped up nicely, and the way clear to the prep for Operation Funplex! I'm already assembling my wardrobe - which'll include (at least) the two pairs of boots I ordered for last year, but which didn't appear until January...

So far, the weather isn't turning as nasty as it did a year ago. It's not great - the rain is pounding on the window right now, and making me feel even colder than I already am - but the S N O W is holding off, and that's fine. I just hope this damned strike tomorrow doesn't screw things up.

And now, we have wind, and quite a bit of it. My very least favourite kind of weather... I just hope it clears up before my walk to work. I absolutely do NOT want to come down with something with just one day to go.
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Redskins win!

Redskins win!

REDSKINS WIN! Washington 23, Seattle 17. Whoooooo!

Meanwhile... Things are slotting into place for Operation Funplex, as shopping for gear yields TWO successes that plug some yawning gaps. My formal dress option is now pretty much sorted - pity I couldn't do a "dry run" this evening. Tomorrow - the packing begins...

Development News... Chapter 5 of TDD-704 Every Silver Lining... is now into its "epilogue" sequence, and that could be finished if I can focus after the football (Chiefs-Steelers). This epilogue is VERY important to what's coming up, so I better get it right. Thankfully, I'll have some "quality time" to shepherd what comes next (the Christmas Special, and work on The Secret Adventures of Mane-of-Night, Season 3) into some kind of order very soon.

And finally... Packing list, packing list... now, which boots do I take...?
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Just back from watching Knowing, one of those movies that slipped under the blockbuster radar a couple of years ago. One of the better 21st Century disaster movies, albeit with an ending that *Possible Spoiler* rather blunted the "down-to-earth" style of the rest of the movie. *End Possible Spoiler*. Entertaining, and good in HD.

Meanwhile... Haven't done much today, but I have managed to hang a picture in the office today at long last. Also, I've been thinking that this month has been a bit thin on Mission 101 success, which is a bit of a shame when you consider how last month went. The big craft projects are going to have to wait, given that I have a Patent Saturday on my mind right now (and that does have some Mission significance, Dear Reader.)

Got some thinking AND shopping still to do. I may have sufficient options for "PatSat" in my wardrobe already, but if opportunities present themselves, I better be quick to pounce.
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So I didn't go out after all. The jobs I'd planned to fit in before leaving took longer than expected, and that was pretty much it. Couldn't even find a way, or the motivation, to squeeze in a trip to the movies for Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.

This is the first of me switching on a computer "in anger", however, as I've been preparing some recovered notebook paper for my book-making Mission 101 task (Task 85). Cover card - check... cover leather - check... glue - check... pages - check. At least that's one task I've been able to advance in my two week slot.

Highlight of the day was probably catching a chunk of a Smallville episode called "Crossfire", and realising that the prostitute character is actually wearing a pair of boots exactly like ones I just happen to own. Nice.

Updated with mini screen caps... )

Project shopping is nailed down for next weekend, whatever the weather. Annoyingly, this may end up impacting on movie-going plans - unless I can arrange to catch some Apes during the week. Could be the final trip this blockbuster season...

And I am REALLY starting to HATE this screwed-up chair. Almost sitting on the floor right now...
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My, what a lovely "relaxing" Sunday. Okay, the right curtains are up in their proper places, and a bunch more windows now work properly, but all that counted for naught following a "chocolate cake vs. carpet" incident. I'll say no more, expect for "crisis semi-averted" - although I'm sure I'll have a sore neck tomorrow from all that curtain hanging...

Okay, now for some more calm, reasoned bitlets...

ITEM! Got a bit more writing done this morning. Would do more if I could get these sodding blinds to work - I mean, I'm cooking here.

ITEM! I'm thinking the Transformers 3 first-week box office bonanza will be severely eclipsed by HP7.2. Maybe £15-16 million? Saturday 2pm at the NPH was PACKED - and giving applause as the titles rolled.

ITEM! I appear to have been excused my self-imposed "debt" associated with the "new" boiler at Number 99 (see my Mission 101, Task 92). This would mean I'm a good deal better off than I expected to be right now - maybe I can afford a much better PC now. Perhaps a new pair of boots, too.

ITEM! Note to self - COMIC ORDER.

ITEM! Rather amusing to see someone spend credits on a "shoutout" in IMVU, only for it to feature a mispelling of the user-name. Repeatedly.
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Destination - Weekend... Right, that seems to be the DVR operational now - haven't tried recording yet, but I do have playback, so that's half the battle.

So, what else is on the list? for a start, I can also cross off some boot-maintenance, as the heels of the boots that are now indoor-only took a little punishment during Mission Task 100. I'm also thinking of posting the first chapter of TDD-701 "A Star Is Rising" tomorrow...

...and there's work to be done on a chunk of wood that'll be a diddley-bow fairly soon...

...a new monitor to order (there's really not enough room for a big boxy one)...

...and a heap of stuff still to sort out from The Move!

I should be thankful there isn't a movie to go and see this weekend, 'cause I really don't know how I'd fit it all in! Argh, and the British Grand Prix...!
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After The Fall continues, and the mysterious, sudden departure of Mane-of-Night is explained, as Mystalorn gathers, with friends and allies, to remember what they have lost. Meanwhile, Lord Fh'ane's kingdom begins its recovery...

Release Notes... A post a day, as promised. Enjoy!

Today's highlights... Yay - shiny new gadgets! Yay - the ability to actually use them! Can I use my brand spanking new TV as a monitor? Something else to explore - such as just how to hook my DVR up to this new beast...

At least I have a better net connection now, thanks to having my PC on my desk instead of beside it. As far as my boot storage facilities go, my adjustable hanging scheme - explored yesterday - rather tripped over the lack of suitable rail-chain interfaces (hooks or screw-shut shackles, basically). Time to break out the trusty paracord, I suspect...
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Huh? Your bed on fire or something...? Well, I'm awake, and I have a net connection, so I guess I might as well post something.

Proof positive that this place is starting to feel like home...

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All of a sudden, I rediscovered the fun in Ultima Online - training up a samurai, with a view to creating the monster-slaying juggernaut that is a "sampire" (top-of-the-line samurai with added Necromancy). That's not an excuse for reduced writing output - that's really the result of not really knowing where the new Season is going so far. I so desperately want to avoid the "take a deep breath, then back to intergalactic war" kind of thing, and so the way forward doesn't exactly pave itself. A "plotting weekend" may be required - this weekend might work, as there's a Grand Prix coming up, and most likely some limited Saturday Move-stuff.

Next weekend, of course, is right out, 'cause I'll be out of town, on a "Mission mission" - yup, it'll be time for "Operation Rush Hour". I am still working on TDD-701 "A Star Is Rising", as that's "prologue" of a sort - "cool-down" from REIGNFALL, one might say.

There are other stories to tell, which don't depend on anything being written in the form of "bridging" material, but still I need to thrash out a few ideas. Stay tuned for some interesting developments!

Meanwhile... Just ordered myself something I guess could be called a "complete REIGNFALL on schedule" present, and my loooooong search for "street boots" might just be over...
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There. Don't anyone say I'm not engaging in serious pre-Move activities...

The wooden rectangle is the 10x8" wooden frame to go on the back of my painting. That's five pairs of boots on their way to Site B - the rest (the "active wardrobe") will go in the trunk I got for Patent Saturday, as the final shipment to leave Site A...

Maybe report on how things go when I get back. I hope the rest of the prospective Site B personnel will show a bit more enthusiasm now.

And finally - Political News Fuck this "alternative vote". Get EVERYONE to vote, not just the 40% that turned out at the last election. Make it mandatory, and watch the current system work. Update Oh, and include a "none of the above" option on the ballot paper.
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This Just In! Just received the final components of the "Seven Gifts of Patent Saturday"!

Recommended for the adventurous and open-minded only! )

Guess that'll be me finished spending for this year...

...but then there's the VAT hike in January. I may have to do my audio-visual purchases for The Move before New Year. Grrrr...

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