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Is tomorrow "W-Day" for my "office"? Well, it's been long enough...

I didn't post last night 'cause the thunder was right overhead - or so it seemed - as the day expired. So, what's happened in the meantime (and since the last time a blog-post was remotely coherent)? Well, preparations are well in hand for Spiritwalk II (19 days to go...), AVENGERS 2 has the official byline Age Of Ultron (interesting...), and I bought several games and DLC packs during the just-ended Steam sale... including modern world supernatural MMO The Secret World, which is rather interesting, and quite different from other such games I've been playing...

Oh, and there has been *gasp* WRITING. Just not very much, mind you. I could be reviving things once the office is sorted - just wonder how long THAT will take.

PACIFIC RIM Watch... Total UK box-office in two weeks: £5.14m. US Gross (as of 22 July) $70,334,709 (USA). Budget $180,000,000.

Come on people.
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So I dropped another one. It was wet and rainy, and I was so cosy indoors that I fell asleep past midnight. So sue me.

Frickin' janitor hasn't discovered headphones yet, so nyah nyah I'm watching as much as I can of the Monday Night Football (GB@SEA)...

*growls* My ankle does not like sitting in this office - I thought it was the weather, but now the sun is shining, and it's still aching. Is it the way I'm sitting...?

The Mission 101 conclusion draws ever nearer. If I finalise at least half my charity penalties, that'll be a Task completed (Task 82) - provisionally. I can't see anything else getting completed in time.
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On The Outside, Looking In concludes, and things are changing for our heroine. Brighthawk realises that "to imitate the action of the tiger" may be her only choice, with the universe changing around her...

Release Notes... Mission accomplished. Coming next: the continuation of the lead-up to WORLDS COLLIDE!

In Other News... Hm. Raining. Lovely. Of course, an entirely different weather forecast will be the focus of my attention over the next week, and that looks "fair" to "decent". Not feeling 100% right now, but maybe some of that's excitement about the trip - nothing would be worse than going some place for a break, and being "KOed" the whole time.

Most of the packing is done, bar the locking of the cases, and the preparation of my carry-on. An early night remains likely - but that may be due to me waking up at Stupid O'Clock today...

Okay - time to fetch some dinner, then a part-relaxed, part-frantic evening. Not looking forward to getting semi-wet, though. I may be back to wrap things up, then if all goes well, the next post will be from the other end of the journey!
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Big Event... My nephew started school today.

Development News... I am actually making good progress on the latest Brighthawk story, especially when you consider how the plot has JUST taken something of a swerve. Even so, I can still hold to my "before the holiday" posting promise...

...and that's pretty much it for today, except that we got all the rain we haven't had these last two weeks all in a oner about lunchtime. Oh, and thunder - and I swear I felt it was coming. Wierd.
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This Just In... Another "death in the family" for Doctor Who, following the announcement today of the passing of Mary Tamm, who played Time Lord Romana alongside Tom Baker's iconic fourth incarnation of The Doctor.

When a TV show lasts long enough to see its 50th anniversary (next year), I suppose you have to expect these things, but damn it's sad to lose another companion, following Caroline (Liz Shaw) John and Elisabeth (Sarah-Jane Smith) Sladen, and let's not forget The Brigadier, Nicholas Courtney...

Let this be the last, at least until the 50th Anniversary is over.

Elsewhat... Huh. Guess I was more right than I expected, in saying Summer would last only a day. We're back under cloud, but thankfully no rain today - maybe we will get the scaffolding down by next week.

And finally... Ooooooh dear - a flag mix-up at the Olympic Soccer, and there's that chorus of doom-sayers chiming in, often blaming Scotland, 'cause the North Korea match was taking place in Glasgow.

With video materials produced in ENGLAND.

They should be thankful there wasn't an anthem screw-up as well. The theme from Team America - World Police, which notoriously mocked the North Korean leadership, wouldn't have gone down well.

And finally finally... One day to the Olympics opening, two to the start of "CLAN Plus". Will the sound from the latest expansion of "the Gathering" disrupt the lives of those near - and not so near - the venue? We will just have to wait and see - perhaps I should take a look at the site...
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Following on from yesterday, I logged on to Star Trek Online that evening, and found another fleet member voicing the very same concerns about contributions to building the Fleet Starbase. I offered my support, and more senior members of the Fleet did agree that there was something of a problem, and that they might advise players with 200,000 or more Fleet Credits to step back and let others contribute more. Not long after that, a new project came along, and I was able to cash in a variety of resources - not for a great amount of Credits, mind, but it felt good to play what seemed like a more substantial part in the process.

Weather Report... It started nice today... then started to BLOODY RAIN again. Whenever the "weather dollies" start beaming about how "lovely" it's going to be - in all-inportant south-east Englandshire, of course - you can be sure that's the death knell for any decent weather up here.

And finally... The more I hear about it, this time from ComicCon, the more awesome Pacific Rim is sounding. Could it be that I'm about to get the second "movie of my life" in the space of a years and a half...?

And finally finally... Booked The Dark Knight Rises, but couldn't get my usual VIP seat. Next best is fine, but why can you not book a seat that's one clear space away from any other booked seats? I'm not wanting a "buffer zone" or anything - if I did, I'd pay for the adjoining seats as well, but damn...
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Yep, it's raining again, and making up in spades for the last few dry days. The car-park outside my window is turning into a shallow lake. At least the roof will be getting a proper test.

SERIOUSLY hope it passes.

I'm also back to lunch-time blog posts. It's a struggle to fit it in in the evenings, especially with all the new Fleet Starbase stuff in Star Trek Online. Players get to actively contribute to its construction, donating materials to whatever "tasks" are currently active - but almost every time I check on the progress of these, there's very little for me to do, and the only "materials" left to collect are "Fleet Marks", special "credits" only available from certain non-Starbase missions at certain times - as I discovered on Monday, after two and a half hour's "grinding" Tholians for basically nothing. Looking at the "leaderboard" for contributions, I am at the bottom of the second screen of five, but there's one clear leader WAAAAAY ahead with ten times the score - and therefore ten times the Fleet Credits to spend on special ships when the shipyard comes online...

It's nice that someone is dedicating so much effort to the whole project, and they deserve to be rewarded, but what about the rest of us, especially the European players? There's only one "production" server for the game, and it can sometimes be VERY hard to catch the big events when their time comes around - at 2 in the morning. That may be okay at the weekend, but what about the rest of the time? I may have to suggest to the fleet that some kind of "contribution cap" be put in place - I mean, I have very little in the way of Fleet Marks, but TONS of unused Expertise (Bridge Officer XP), and the Starbase is welcome to it...

And finally... it's really annoying to think you've achieved something, such as securing the Optional Objective for the Mirror Universe Incursion fleet action or the Khitomer Accord Special Task Force Space mission, only to find you only have missed something - such as the fact that surviving enemy ships will try to undo your efforts in the former if you don't stop them, and that you also have to destroy both the transwarp conduits within 15 minutes, not just stop any Borg probes going through the time vortex. Dammit!

On the plus side, I found out how to take screenshots without the game HUD. Cue some nice "beauty passes" for my ships!

Elsewhat... Must book the cinema for Saturday, and The Dark Knight Rises - and hope the cinema doesn't float away before then...
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One dry week? Just seven days - that's all it'll take to have the roof finished, and in nothing like the twelve weeks we'd expected (it's actually Day 35, five weeks in).

Once that's all done, things can perhaps get back to some kind of normality. I am in serious need of some writing inspiration, as that well has yielded little of late. I am distracted at present, but I really should set aside the time to move things along. With the new Spidey movies under way, and talk of an impending Batman reboot (again????), might I be needing to carry out something similar...?

And finally - this just in... Oh holy sh8 - here it comes... the start of the serious build-up to PACIFIC RIM...!!!!
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Excuse me - trying to get onto the test server for Star Trek Online. 7009Mb = a late finish tonight, methinks. Anything for a shot at those pesky Tholians...

Today was wet again, with the rain catching up on the week's lack of precipitation. Perfect for my latest trip to the movies for The Amazing Spider-Man (pocket-size review: Not quite "Amazing", but better than the last outing, Spidey 3). I'll put together a proper review for tomorrow.
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Ho hum, more rain, but thankfully no problems seem to have arisen as a result - although a critical point in "Roof Wars" appears to have been reached, and we're rather needing an unbroken stretch of good weather for the next stage.

Some hope...

I am really needing to do some serious writing. Since the last posting, things have stalled somewhat, but ideas are currently cooking in the background, especially those associated with a Brighthawk "Meanwhile" that should be coming next - I haven't touched on that part of the multiverse for a while...
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This SHOULD have been posted earlier, like LUNCHTIME, but Livejournal took a tizzy...


Next time anyone mentions global warning, they better be wearing a full-face helmet, 'cause they're gonna need it!

*...deep breath...*

Okay... think of something else. Movies - yes, movies. The Amazing Spider-Man is around the corner as Blockbuster Season continues in the wake of AVENGERS and Prometheus. I'm actually looking forward to this latest installment far more than I first expected, thanks to some pretty sweet trailers... but let's be honest, I'm really looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises...

Catwoman. In thigh-high boots. Book me a VIP seat for opening day.
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Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson has Alzheimer's

Ah, damn it all to hell. This is probably my greatest living hero we're talking about here, and that wonderful mind is being eaten away by this disease. There IS no God.

This news, just in (to me at least), pushes this into the "also on tonight's programme" slot...

Elsewhat... We are apparently into the wettest June in the last century, or something like that. Well whoop-dee fucking doo and "How long did it take you to work THAT out?".

Roof Wars continue (Day 24), but hopefully the bedroom will not capsise after all, now that the leak has been acknowledged, and is hopefully being addressed as I write this. It doesn't seem to be raining right now, but we do have a dose of that other regular summer visitor, the great big banks of freaking fog. Oh, and we have heavy rain and thunder warnings for tonight, too...

At least the "skylight" window should be in place today, if not finished off completely. Some things are moving ahead quicker than expected, so we're thankful for what we get.

Tonight, it's the police meeting again, and this time I will be bringing up the issue of our old friends CLAN once more. This year, the "Gathering" starts with a three-stage music event, which seems to be being touted as a stand-alone attraction - so just a) how many people will attend, and b) how loud is it going to be...?

I get the feeling they "test the waters", then take as much advantage of the situation as they can the next year. It'll be interesting to hear the Police reaction - how much do they know?

And finally... Had a net outage last night. I tried to do some writing (*gasp*), but my heart wasn't in it. A whole bunch of evening plans went right in the shitter. Hmph.
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And there goes the FUCKING rain again - and water is now getting through into "The Office" which wasn't in evidence before. Absolutely bloody marvellous.

It might not be a deluge, but the presence of moisture does bugger up the general mood a good deal. At least it's a visible sign of an issue, and that can be traced and dealt with - I hope.

On a more positive note... The first trailer for Dredd is public now, and hey, this looks pretty damned good. Karl Urban does a first-rate Joe Dredd!
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Roof Work - Day 2: Work done = zilch.

Yeah, the "Glorious Summer" strikes again. We're back to Deluge City. Oddly enough, I can't remember the actual day of The Move - i think there was a "16" in there somewhere...
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Oh, now it's definitely summer. It was pissing down this morning - and it shouldn't surprise anyone that there was no sign of the workmen. *sighs* Goodbye May, hello autumn, basically...

Elsewhat... Holy crap, I'd forgotten we mere "terrestrials" were due another "series" of Primeval - it's coming up in about a fortnight... and it seems to have spawned a spin-off: Primeval - New World - a rehash of failed US show Terra Nova grafted onto an existing and more successful property?

If they stopped the "monster of the week" stuff and focussed on the doomsday scenario of uncontrolled time-portals popping up all over, threating to trash the planet...

...ah, riiiiiight. Hence the need for a "new world"...

Now excuse me while I grab myself the necessary "cash" for the next Borg enhancements in Star Trek Online...
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Beginning Today... It's a Brave New World for Mane-of-Night as she arrives in Freeport, and barely draws breath before she makes a new friend...

Release Notes... And now, we're on a "Collision Course" - hold on tight, 'cause things WILL get crazy...!

Oh please. Scotland suffers a "big freeze", and it's barely worth a mention. Poor little south-east Englandshire has slippy pavements for one day, and it's a top-of-the-news national disaster. Awww, bless their little cotton socks...!

That's why we had such a shitty time last winter - England just can't hack it. Is this really the same country that suffered the majority of the bombing during The Blitz?

And relax... Anyway...

I hate the scheduling of new CSI New York. Why stick on a CSI repeat in the prime slot, and leave the new story 'til an hour later? This better be a particularly gruesome one...

Easy, now - easy...

Sorry. Anyhoo - about the latest story: the Traveller/Adventurers' Guild of Kraan crossover continues, with some nice, errrr... family moments. Chapter 1 is "in the can", with more to follow VERY soon - I seem to be on something of a roll...
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One natural phenomenon I've most wanted to see for myself appears to be appearing in the skies directly overhead at this very moment - the aurora borealis, the Northern Lights. Pity there's a great big heap of cloud between that and ground level tonight. Tomorrow, the sky may clear up enough to see something...

UPDATE: THIS JUST IN.... Warner Bros say "no" to ELFQUEST movie. After all this time, the studio are dumping the movie 'cause they're afraid of undermining The Hobbit. For Timmain's sake, someone now pounce on this project, and make the movie happen - just to spite WB.

Oh yeah, and I almost managed to watch Beowulf. Missed a small chunk near the end, though...
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Yes! Meaningful progress has been made on Mane-of-Night and The Brave New World - in that our heroine has reached her destination, and is starting to work out what the hell happens next...

Pity the office is so bloody cold right now, and I'm not 100% "back in the groove" yet. This is a short week, work-wise - got to be thankful for small mercies, I guess.

Meanwhile, we have our first political "faux pas" of the year - some good quality hypocrisy from the most high-profile (insert whatever term is acceptable to the PC crowd) MP, who's famous for her stand against racism. Pity she feels that it's okay to be racist against white people.

If she was white, expressing similar opinions about the non-white community, she would be sacked on the spot, not given the luxury of taking it back, or blaming the 140-character limit on Twitter. Diane Abbott should resign.

And finally, let's be honest - "assisted dying" cannot possibly lead to "ethnic cleansing" of the old and disabled (Is that word okay to use these days? You can never tell...) in a country like this. In old Romania, or North Korea, maybe, but here? You have to be joking.

And did I really hear someone from some anti-assisted-dying group say that "people shouldn't be allowed to commit suicide just because they're afraid of death"... WTF?
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...and still no S-N-O-W. We're not getting a repeat of last year - so far - and I'm thankful for it. Packages are getting through without any difficulty, but one person is something of a problem, gift-wise.

Development News... Work continues - slowly - on The Last Ride Of House Glitterthorn. A minor rethink of a sequence has been good for the story, I'm thinking...

Uh oh, falling asleep with a netbook in my lap. Better call it quits. This is the cosy room, signing off...
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The news can be pretty damned tedious these days, with the micro-analysis of every twist and turn in the economic woes of the world, and in particular Europe. Today, a dash of pee in the already sour yoghurt, as the UK become the European "supreme bastard" for messing up their treaty changes - but it really does seem as though someone (*cough* Merkozy *cough*) was spoiling for a fight with Britain, and got exactly what they wanted, even though they could have got their face-saving Euro-package through without it. Right now, David Cameron must know what it's like to be targeted by The Westboro Baptist Church (the "GOD HATES (insert anything here)" bunch).

In an ideal world - please take note: IDEAL - a single world-wide currency wouldn't just be desirable, it would be essential. We are not living in that world - just look at Syria. Egypt, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan (the list goes on and on), and see the current economic state of things. This is the acid test the Euro has so far avoided, but its time of testing has come, and the single currency has been found wanting. Kicking Britain out of the EU won't change that.

If this new treaty/agreement/whatever the hell it is doesn't affect Britain, only the "Euro-Zone" countries (according to one German MEP), then why does Britain have to sign up for it...?

And all of a sudden, the Euro-crisis gets interesting. Who will be proved right in the end? Will any of this matter? Stay tuned, True Believers!

(I just hope Stan Lee hasn't copyrighted that...)

And finally... How's this for wind-power...?

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