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Marvel Studios Announces "Captain Marvel," "Black Panther," "Avengers: Infinity War"

- or more correctly, the announcements are:-

28 July 2015 - Ant-Man
- which we already knew about, but it's still on schedule...

6 May 2016 - Captain America: Civil War
- which we also knew about apart from the full title. What we DIDN'T know is that it will FULLY feature a character getting his own movie the following year...

4 November 2016 - Dr Strange
- Also expected, but still not official word on a star. And then, onward into less explored territory:-

5 May 2017 - Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
- Anticipated, but moved up the schedule a bit, to allow for...

28 July 2017 - Thor: Ragnarok
- Apparently as momentous as Winter Soldier, but in a different part of the universe...

3 November 2017 - Black Panther
- That solo hero movie previously mentioned! Yes, that's THREE movies in 2017!

6 July 2018 - Captain Marvel
- Carol Danvers lives! In which costume, remains to be seen.

2 November 2018 - Inhumans
- Easter Eggs soon, we're told. Agents Of SHIELD Season 2 soon, perhaps...?

May 2018 - Avengers: Infinity War Part 1
May 2019 - Avengers: Infinity War Part 2

- A two-part epic, as The Big Purple Guy gets his... hand on The Prize!

I am SO HAPPY I caught word of the event containing these announcements, just before the news started to filter through from Hollywood, at a special event for press and select fans. THIS IS IT - the road-map we've been waiting for, the gauntlet before The Gauntlet.

And now, I have five years worth of stuff to talk about. Blog paradise...!

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Why? Because of THIS:-

"I've Got No Strings" will NEVER sound the same again.

Tomorrow, things get even better, 'cause AGENTS OF SHIELD returns to UK screens at last! Wheeeeeee....!
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*sighs* Not been such a great summer, with my back messing up, and all this Snoopers' Charter sh8 - and it's been so damn hot recently that I struggle to stay awake sometimes. It should therefore come as no surprise that blogging has taken a definite back seat of late - so, what's new(-ish)...?

ITEM! The current series of Star Trek Online videos on my channel continue to be the biggest draw of views I've had since the DaveChaos "tutorial". This probably means that the remaining "Stargazer" videos won't now appear, unless I receive more response to what's already been posted. It could be that the "market" is already saturated - or that I've completely misjudged my marketing methodology.

I'm thinking of posting a VLog at some point - with Tera Online as a backdrop. I have plans there...

ITEM! Saw Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes at the weekend. It was pretty damn good, but I struggle to find the time, or energy, to give it a full review. Probably good for a 8.25/10, with my only criticisms being:

1) Caesar looks too human (but Andy Serkis is still an absolute master of performance capture).
2) The humans seemed a bit lacking in "substance", their characters perhaps lacking in development, where the same couldn't be said for the lead apes.
3) Just stop with the 3D conversions where it simply ISN'T needed!

ITEM! I am all booked up for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Plans previous associated with this movie viewing have had to be shelved following my recent infirmities - but I may just do something along the planned lines for AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON next year!

ITEM! Josh Brolin... James Brolin... who care so long as he rocks Thanos? We'll soon see...
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Struggling to get into a blogging mood. Maybe I should try and do it at the start of the evening, INSTEAD of the end...

News, news, news... is there any? Oh yeah: we ARE getting Thanos in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (57 days to go), played, or at least voiced, by James Brolin - but how big a part that will be remains to be seen. In the meantime, there's one less big movie between then and now, as Jupiter Ascending slides from July to next February, apparently to allow more work on the SFX (probably some tinkering with 3D conversion (sighs)...?). It could be that the makers are afraid that the "not a franchise" tag is going to hurt their product, like it seems to have impacted on Edge Of Tomorrow (unfortunately).

Meanwhile, and this may be hard to believe, I appear to be finding my way back into Star Trek Online, at the cost of any serious involvement in Minecraft. Crazy...
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I always seem to be a day behind with these...

Elsewhat... This weekend, I managed to start and complete a series of new videos, involving the game Long Live The Queen. It may seem a bit "girly", but it's actually a pretty complex RPG-cum-Fighting Fantasy arrangement, as I hope the videos will show...

Also, holy crap, are snippets of phone footage and photos pretty much pouring from the various sets for AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON - we actually managed to see two "new" characters in those images BEFORE their on-screen debut in the mid-title sequence for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, a movie that does seem to have pleased the great majority of those going to see it.

And rightly so!
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ITEM! Didn't remember to mention it yesterday, but '60s heroine and icon Alexandra Bastedo died. She came to my, and many others' attention as Sharon Macready, one of '60s super-spy team The Champions... and so, the roll of legends lost continues into 2014. Fondly remembered, never forgotten.

ITEM! Hmmm - looks like Season 4 may be saved. What I suspected was some kind of bizarre mod error may be a simple case of wildlife reacting to a change in the "natural order", in that the "meteor impacts" I've had trouble with could be down to interspecies aggression: scorpion versus creeper. The scorpions are/were/may yet be again hostile to absolutely everything around them, be they an actual threat or otherwise - sneaky, invasive and fearless.

Worthy opponents...

ITEM! More information about the first of Marvel Studio's "Phase 3" movies is starting to come together, as we learn more about Ant Man - and I am rather liking what I am hearing. A bit of Marvel history is being "retooled" a little, but yet again, it seems to be

ITEM! Heeeheee! Little Inferno shouldn't be so much fun - but it is!
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By the time I wake up these past few days, it's past midnight, and I go "Not much point in blogging now".

Naughty boy.

Anyway, this is an extended weekend, as I'm taking Monday off. I'll probably be working to clear my stuff from other rooms, where it's either been since The Move, or has been TEMPORARILY relocated, and building up a bigger stock of Dungeon Master videos, so that I can post something every week.

So, without any further ado, let's get the weekend going...!

Holy crap, how could I forget...? Yeeeeeesssss! Channel 4 is going to show the new Agents Of SHIELD series, having won the rights out from under satellite TV's noses!

Also... Ben Affleck is our next Batman (as in Superman/Batman, coming 2015)? Interesting... and, it seems, not entirely popular. Could be a classic case of "wait and see".
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Is tomorrow "W-Day" for my "office"? Well, it's been long enough...

I didn't post last night 'cause the thunder was right overhead - or so it seemed - as the day expired. So, what's happened in the meantime (and since the last time a blog-post was remotely coherent)? Well, preparations are well in hand for Spiritwalk II (19 days to go...), AVENGERS 2 has the official byline Age Of Ultron (interesting...), and I bought several games and DLC packs during the just-ended Steam sale... including modern world supernatural MMO The Secret World, which is rather interesting, and quite different from other such games I've been playing...

Oh, and there has been *gasp* WRITING. Just not very much, mind you. I could be reviving things once the office is sorted - just wonder how long THAT will take.

PACIFIC RIM Watch... Total UK box-office in two weeks: £5.14m. US Gross (as of 22 July) $70,334,709 (USA). Budget $180,000,000.

Come on people.
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*bonus points for recognising the source of that title!*

It's been a hard few days, staying awake-wise, 'cause of THE HEAT! It's great to have something approaching a d-e-c-e-n-t s-u-m-m-e-r, if only for a couple of weeks, but something a little less intense for August 12th would be welcome. Sooooo, what else has there been of note this post-deficient week...?

THIS JUST IN...! Holy crap - a Batman/Superman movie???? Did DC jump, or were they pushed? Sounds like a bit of a rash move - kinda like a Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode...

Personally, I'm still reeling from how PACIFIC RIM seems to be struggling to make a mark. Is the world INSANE?

I will continue to stand up for this movie. It deserves to be massive. Now, if only my local cinema would put it on the big screen, even just for ONE NIGHT...

Time to buy the soundtrack.
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*pastes in embed code...*

"invalid URL"? *sighs*

Okay, this won't embed, so let's try it this way...

Failing that, just employ your scrolly-wheel on this...


Episode VII


It is a time of "clever" scrolly text employed by TV news reports, in an attempt to tap into the STAR WARS "vibe" and try to look "geek-cool" in the wake of the Disney-Lucasfilms deal.

Each news item will surely include some half-assed reference to "The Force is with them", or "In a galaxy far, far away", and will generate the same facepalm reactions you get when the news covers STAR TREK, and has the presenter "beamed up" by third-rate effects, or a DOCTOR WHO story insists on overusing the word "Exterminate", or someone or something does a TARDIS dematerialisation...

The time had come for rebellion.



...and no, that came from STARCRASH.

I mean, wow, Caroline Munro, man. CAROLINE MUNRO.

2015 is going to be a VERY busy year for blockbusters. Oh, and if they use this blog post title, I want a cut of the gross.
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I freely admit to being a Marvel fan of long standing, but that doesn't mean I don't want to see a DC Comics movie do as well as AVENGERS, or even better (and The Dark Knight Rises came pretty close). If the film's good enough, then the accolade is justly deserved... but I just feel that Justice League won't work.

A BIG opinion piece follows... )

P.S. Beasts Of The Southern Wild looks rather interesting...
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Oooooh-kay... we are reported to be getting a Justice League motion picture in 2015, now that the dispute about the rights to Superman appears to have been resolved.

Nice idea, buuuuuut where's the universe-building? So far, ALL the DC Comics-based movies have stood alone within their respective series - apart from that one time in one of the previous series of Batman movies that The Bat says "This is why Superman works alone." Sorry DC, but AVENGERS and the Marvel Cinematic Universe utterly NAILED IT, and any rush-job will look like a desperate attempt to cash in.

And that would be a BIG shame...

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