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I was trying to post before midnight, but nooooooo, the Interwebs decided to intervene, and break my streak. Thankfully, all I have to report is a disappointing shopping excursion (I managed to net the BluRay of The Wolverine... and that's about it), and I actually got some writing done! Yeah, it's type-up, but it counts, and once I've cleared that, I can get to work on fresh stuff...
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Did I ever mention my possible alternate title for Gravity...?

*deep breath* ...Kerbal Space Program: The Movie. Haven't actually played that in a few months, after getting pissed off about a continual (hopefully a) bug - wonder if they fixed it?

*gasp* I now have a Christmas list...!

Also... Ooooohkay, so that's Stargazer Season Two done. In about a week. I just came to the perfect moment for a transition to a whole new setting and theme, so *BAM* down go the shutters on Season Two, and Hello Season THREE.

Gonna be fun.
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A big day for incoming post - that's a big bit of Christmas shopping done... and I am now in possession of a pretty sweeeet new pair of boots, in prefect timing for Patent Saturday. Excellent!

Yeah, it's been another thin week on the blogging front, but The Stargazer Project - Season 2: The Edge Of Chaos has been getting, and holding, the majority of my attention. It doesn't help that the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special is TOMORROW, and that next week - and the week following - will be dominated by "PatSat"...

Excellent viewing last night: An Adventure In Space And Time, dramatising the origins of the phenomenon that has been - and, I am certain, continue to be - Doctor Who.

What's that? A Gravity review? Oh crap, I have rather dropped that ball...

...ok, a quick one: A good reality-based space disaster movie, that makes the silence of space a character in its own right. Somehow, I was expecting MORE, such as 3D that would genuinely dazzle, but that was not to be. Movie Of The Year? Naaah - a solid 8/10, but all-out space opera (Star Trek Into Darkness!) wins out in that respect.

Look for the tie-in short movie that's going around, which provides an insight into the other end of a conversation in the main movie. It's very effective.

There. Not my best, but it's that or nothing!
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Guess I know what I'll be watching after Agents Of SHIELD.

Meanwhile, the build-up for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who hits fever-pitch with...

Looking VERY promising. Welcome back, Paul - shame it's been so long, and for so short a time.
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Yup, it's that time of the week again; time for...

Note to self... "record the final leg of the game!"

Minecraft Update Watch... So, I did an audit of my mods in Minecraft, and found out this:

Total "Headline" Mods: 10 (counting several inter-connected mod "modules" together, if that makes any sense)
Mods currently OK in Minecraft V1.6.4 : 7
Mods discovered during analysis that are worth adding to my "suite": 8, probably 9
Mods from original list that can be replaced by newer, perhaps better mods : 2
Favourite mods that are either unlikely to be updated, or are known to be skipping V1.6.4: 2

Story is, I can do the update, and still have a thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience, but I will be losing two elements of the existing set-up that I will miss... so, do I take the plunge, knowing this but bringing myself closer to being up-to-date, even though it may knock a hole in my plans for "Season Two", in that I will have lost a mod that's a key part of the intended storyline?


Coming Up... A movie review for Gravity.
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Not the best day. several things have conspired to screw up my evening, and possibly days and evenings yet to come. These are:

1) My office windows are STILL letting in draughts.

2) I may have waited too long to book my becoming-traditional Patent Saturday hotel stay, missing the opportunity to get one of my usual days. The whole "trip" isn't a complete loss, but some of its significance does get eroded by this - the plan is to have the whole of "PatSat" in luxury, not from lunchtime onwards, or something like that.

Annoying... but probably my own fault.

3) Something is broken in my current Minecraft set-up, in that part of one of the main mods now causes the game to crash. It's not a complete "game breaker", but it does prevent you from collecting a bunch of the materials necessary to really make the mod do what it's supposed to do...

At least I eventually managed to get a seat booked for Gravity on Saturday afternoon... although the booking system seemed to object to me trying to get my usual seat, for some screwy reason.

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THOR - The Dark World has apparently done nine-figure box office internationally, prior to its US release. Sounds like a proper hit, then, and Marvel Studios STILL haven't put a foot wrong.

Next up is Earth-orbit disaster movie Gravity. Maybe a weekend viewing, when a decent opportunity presents itself.

For now, let's see if I can find some cactus, or my Minecraft firework display will be sorely lacking in green...
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Review: THOR - The Dark World One question: can the THOR sequel match the original for quality and entertainment, AND keep Marvel's grand plans simmering away nicely?

One answer: YES. And this is why...

WARNING: Spoilers Abound! )

The Final Verdict... More Asgard, more background, more heavy-duty action - more foreshadowing. An excellent addition to Marvel's grand scheme - and watch for BOTH the "extras" during and after the credits! 8.5/10

Oh, and there's a great Captain America cameo!
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A bit delayed, but here's the round-up of this weekend's video posts: more from Dungeon Master, and a further chapter of Minecraft: Building Stargazer...


More recently... Okay, the local cinema does - sadly - seem to be "losing it". There's no sign of any screenings of THOR - THE DARK WORLD on Opening Day, or perhaps even in Opening WEEK, so I have to go out of town, AND take a day off. And that makes the whole excursion expensive...
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Movie Review: The Wolverine - so, has the ball been dropped just short of the goal-line with this latest addition to the X-Men franchise? Step this way, and find out...

Potential spoilers ahead! )

The Final Verdict... A far better Wolverine movie than we've had before (I'm looking at you, ...Origins), and way better than The Last Stand. Praise indeed, and well earned! 8/10

And that's all he wrote for tonight, suckas.
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Damn. I had ages to prepare for last time. This... this is different. Meanwhile there's still window-stuff to deal with... and I just end up sounding the same, over and over again. That's it - I'm done talking about the sodding windows. I'll report in when they're finished, nothing more.

Oh, and I have booked a seat for The Wolverine, one of the last of this year's summer blockbusters. Opinion seems positive, but since when has that mattered? I see what I want to see, not someone else's recommendations... for that way lies disappointment.

Talking of which... it looks like PACIFIC RIM isn't faring much better. How is that POSSIBLE...?
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Tomorrow, it's TWO WEEKS to Spiritwalk II. Crazy.

But before then, I have to fit in another visit to the cinema, for The Wolverine. Would've gone on Friday, but stuff got so messed up, I wasn't in the mood. Wednesday looks a better bet!

And then, there's more exciting news, in that I have managed to do a bit of pen-and-paper writing that may just spark me into full creative mode again. I'll type this stuff up, and see how I go from there!
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Is tomorrow "W-Day" for my "office"? Well, it's been long enough...

I didn't post last night 'cause the thunder was right overhead - or so it seemed - as the day expired. So, what's happened in the meantime (and since the last time a blog-post was remotely coherent)? Well, preparations are well in hand for Spiritwalk II (19 days to go...), AVENGERS 2 has the official byline Age Of Ultron (interesting...), and I bought several games and DLC packs during the just-ended Steam sale... including modern world supernatural MMO The Secret World, which is rather interesting, and quite different from other such games I've been playing...

Oh, and there has been *gasp* WRITING. Just not very much, mind you. I could be reviving things once the office is sorted - just wonder how long THAT will take.

PACIFIC RIM Watch... Total UK box-office in two weeks: £5.14m. US Gross (as of 22 July) $70,334,709 (USA). Budget $180,000,000.

Come on people.
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*bonus points for recognising the source of that title!*

It's been a hard few days, staying awake-wise, 'cause of THE HEAT! It's great to have something approaching a d-e-c-e-n-t s-u-m-m-e-r, if only for a couple of weeks, but something a little less intense for August 12th would be welcome. Sooooo, what else has there been of note this post-deficient week...?

THIS JUST IN...! Holy crap - a Batman/Superman movie???? Did DC jump, or were they pushed? Sounds like a bit of a rash move - kinda like a Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode...

Personally, I'm still reeling from how PACIFIC RIM seems to be struggling to make a mark. Is the world INSANE?

I will continue to stand up for this movie. It deserves to be massive. Now, if only my local cinema would put it on the big screen, even just for ONE NIGHT...

Time to buy the soundtrack.
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First things first: PACIFIC RIM.

Warning! Spoilers launching in 3... 2... 1... )

The Final Verdict... delivers an elbow-rocket assisted punch to the face of most of several summers' big movies. An absolute thrill-ride. 9/10 (provisional, pending second viewing on a regular screen)

Meanwhile... Yes, you heard me right - Spiritwalk II. August 12th, The B52's in Glasgow - last time, I had years to prepare. This time, almost exactly one month...
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Seriously. It is so very rare to have a film that absolutely, totally does "what it says on the tin".

More in-depth coverage once I've recovered. Movie Of The Year? Very likely.

Next Major Event...?

Spiritwalk II
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Things seem to be going a whole bunch better right now. The work on the windows should be continuing soon, the weather is nice (mainly), with Friday at the errr, apoapsis of our recent hot spell yeah, someone's been playing Kerbal Space Program, Star Trek Online seems to be working again, Minecraft is starting to look like its old self again (and boy did I have some splendid luck!)...

Pity that some concert-going plans aren't moving so smoothly. I may just have missed a golden opportunity... but then there MAY just be a chance to remedy things when I'm in Edinburgh on Friday for PACIFIC RIM.

Can. Not. Wait.


Jul. 9th, 2013 02:17 am
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I think you, Dear Reader, know just what I mean...

Friday can't come soon enough...
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Okay, where is it? WHY can't I book what could just be the biggest (quite literally) movie of the summer? I mean, come on, it's already bleeding over into Minecraft...

(Sweeeet, eh?)

Less than a week to go, and so far there are no booking options from IMAX PACIFIC RIM available in Edinburgh. Seems like only the BFI IMAX in London has showings, and that just sucks big time.


Meanwhile... New video very soon.
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Okay, I hear ya.

I somewhat dropped the ball concerning the second part of the "anniversary" Brighthawk story, "A Gift Of A Gift", and my statement that it was coming "tomorrow". Oh, and this is the seventh of my one hundred chapters posted this year, not the third as the last posting might suggest...

It's all been a bit of a mess, to be honest. The whole thing was somewhat hurried, and probably would have been just one chapter long had the imminent "close of play" on the anniversary day not caught up with me. I will most likely be reworking this at some point - and the "director's cut" will not count towards my 10th anniversary total. I really need to get back to work on writing - perhaps that's why several games are screwing up lately...

Meanwhile *sighs*... ...that's TWO windows down, as of today! Hooray!

...and why are cinemas unwilling to acknowledge the imminent release of PACIFIC RIM? I've been monitoring the website for the cinema at which I saw Star Trek Into Darkness IMAX, and there are STILL no hints of any bookings being taken. Is this movie going to get shunted down the list to make way for the Monsters Inc prequel, due out on the same damn day? It's not looking good right now...

Madness, I tell you. Madness.

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